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Thursday, May 25, 2017

PART 2: Expert Liars: Carnegie global think-tank protects Muslim Brotherhood from terrorist designation

Islam Will Dominate the World
Islam Will Dominate the World

Who are the “experts” who testify against designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group? PART 2 of a 3 part series.

The “experts” who give advice and who testify at Congressional hearings are very devious. One such “expert” compared the Muslim Brotherhood to the Boy Scouts (details below).

Many of the “experts” come from “think tanks” who pass themselves off as educational and research organizations. Often, the “trustworthy” sources that we rely on, take their “background” information from these think tanks, and this is why we often hear the same repeated lies.

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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Like Brookings, Carnegie “experts” often testify at hearings to sway opinions of Congress.

Marwan Muasher is vice president “for studies” at Carnegie, where he “oversees research”. In other words, he decides what information will be passed on to the media and other “researchers” at various think tanks. From 2007 to 2010, he was also senior vice president of “external affairs” at the World Bank.

When the various Arab Spring “revolutions” (i.e. attempted Islamist takeovers) began in January 2011, most all mainstream media quoted Marwan Muasher or had him on their show, spouting him as a Mid-East “expert”. Muasher emphasized that all “Arab Spring” countries must include Islamist groups in a new “democratic” government.

Regarding Syria, Muasher tried to eliminate fears about the Muslim Brotherhood, repeatedly stating that the Brotherhood gave a “very strong message that they want a secular, pluralistic Syria in which religion plays no role.”(6)

That is a lie. The Muslim Brotherhood is all about religion. They do not believe in man-made “governments” that protect a secular society. A secular society is exactly what the Brotherhood in Syria (and Egypt) wanted to oust and replace with Islam.

During the peak of “Arab Spring” transition of power to Muslim Brotherhood throughout the region and the rise of the militant “rebel” groups in Libya and Syria, George Soros hired a new spokesperson: none other than Marwan Muasher of Carnegie. Soros  funded the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, of which Muasher was in charge of.(5)

A George Soros organization called the International Crisis Group (ICG) says it’s a non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) dedicated to preventing and resolving deadly conflict. But ICG was actually promoting protests, opposition parties, and violent unrest. Soros had a hand in creating “crisis”. Soros and Muasher would identify a “crisis”, demand government intervention, and then the government handed out contracts to Soros’ groups.

Terrorist groups such as the White Helmets were recipients of enormous amounts of money via this NGO system. The U.S. State Department, Dept. of Defense, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors all funded NGOs (usually under façades of being “human rights groups”). Some of these NGO’s were set up as intelligence gathering, and others to promote violent protests and anti-government activities.(6)

When Egypt discovered the truth behind the NGO’s that were placed in Egypt, laws were passed curbing their access. “Experts” from Carnegie called this “censorship”, but it was survival, not censorship. The NGO’s often entered disguised as Human Rights groups, but turned out to be aiding terrorism, backing violent unrest, or other such detrimental activity.

Because Egypt has restricted NGO activity, several of the “experts” at Brookings and at Carnegie call this “government sponsored anti-Americanism”. This, too, is propaganda to try to prevent Egypt from protecting itself from facade NGO’s.

Nathan Brown is a Senior Fellow at Carnegie’s “Middle East Program” and a professor at George Washington University. He has an enormous number of publications, books, articles, NPR and TV spots. He is against the U.S. designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. He is introduced as an “expert” on TV and gives “expert” testimony at Congressional Hearings.

On April 13, 2011, Nathan Brown gave testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Terrorism. But before I give excerpts of his testimony, you should know some facts.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s motto is: Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

The Muslim Brotherhood emblem, the double swords and the Quran, has the word: “prepare” under the two swords. The word “prepare” refers to “prepare your swords (your weapons)” for jihad. The primary doctrine of the Quran is that it is the duty of all Muslims to enforce Islamic Law throughout the world — via jihad.

Hassan al-Banna, the creator of the Muslim Brotherhood considered Islam to be a comprehensive system of life, with the Quran as the only acceptable Constitution and source for laws. His manifesto specifically outlined the creation of Youth Groups for jihad and the implementation of Islamic Law. He advocated for a strengthening of the bonds between all Muslim majority countries in order to pave the way for a return to the Caliphate.

Banna wanted to diffuse Islam throughout the existing governments, so that all government employees would feel responsible to adhere to Islamic Law. He believed in surveillance of personal conduct of all government employees (sharia police), and an end to the private and professional realm.

The following are excerpts from the Testimony to Congress by Dr. Nathan Brown:

“In describing the Muslim Brotherhood, it is perhaps best to start with the movement’s motto imprinted on its emblem: “Be Prepared.” The resemblance with the Boy Scouts is far from coincidental. The movement’s founder, Hasan al-Banna, was aware of Scouting and wished to found an organization that was similarly devoted to fostering the personal development of the rising generation.”

“Al-Banna’s genius lay in inspiration and organization rather than in systematic thought. Indeed, from the beginning, it was clear that the Brotherhood model was based less on abstract ideas as on forging tight personal bonds around dedication to a common, but very general, vision of personal and social reform. To this day, the organization is so strong that schisms are rare; yet it is also so flexible that almost nobody is dismissed from the Brotherhood for anything he, or, in the case of associated women’s organizations, she, says or thinks.”

Brown lied about the emblem saying “be prepared”. The photo at the top of this page shows the emblem, which says “prepare”. The photo right says “be prepared”. As you can see, the Muslim Brotherhood emblem does not say “be prepared”. Brown intentionally lied to Congress to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as something is is not.

Sadly, Congress will vote whether to designate the Brotherhood a terror group based on the testimonies of people like Nathan Brown.

Additionally, the Muslim Brotherhood believe in the Quran’s version of women’s rights, which means there is no “flexibility” as Brown tries to suggest. Women are to obey their husbands (or their male family members if unmarried), no matter what women think or feel. The Muslim Brotherhood, like all Islamists, believe in child marriages and female circumcising. There is no “flexibility” in regards to women’s rights.

More from Brown’s testimony:

“In the 1940s, as other Egyptian movements created youth wings that took on a paramilitary aspect, modeled in part on European movements of the left and right during the same period, the Brotherhood formed its own.”

Here we see that Brown tried to brush off the Youth military wing as if it was a trend of the period. The Youth Militia is a primary element of Brotherhood Doctrine in order to implement Islamic Law.

More from Brown:

“In the late 1940s, it constructed a “special apparatus” that engaged in some violent activity. While that body was disbanded over half a century ago, the damage to the Brotherhood’s reputation has been ongoing. The Muslim Brotherhood has had some radical ideas develop within its ranks. It has largely rooted those out.”

Brown lied. The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Special Apparatus” did not disband. If Brown is indeed an “expert”, he knows this. The Secret Apparatus was used in Syria in the 1960’s and then again in the 1980’s when the Muslim Brotherhood conducted massacres on the Syrian Army.(7)

Brown says the Brotherhood engaged in “some violent activity.” No, the Brotherhood has engaged in ongoing violent activity and massacres throughout their history in several different countries.

As far as his statement that the Brotherhood has had some radical ideas that have been “rooted out”, that is another blatant lie. Remember the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto: the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

Regarding the Secret Apparatus, a 1982 U.S. Intel report states that the Muslim Brotherhood “…began to expand their covert arm for political violence, the Secret Apparatus, in about 1964. This covert arm … was known as The Youth of Mohammad [and] Faithful Youth… The major setback in 1980 led to the removal of Issam Attar as Supreme Guide of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood … The new leadership consisted of Adman Said al Din as the new Supreme Guide … and Adnan Uqlah, Commander of the Secret Apparatus.(7)

Now let’s jump to 2017 and the current bill to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Michelle Dunne, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, who often testifies at Congressional hearings, and who is against declaring the Brotherhood a terrorist organization, said this:

Designating all Muslim Brotherhood groups worldwide, or even just the entire Egyptian Brotherhood, to be terrorists based on the actions of a few might well push the [Brotherhood’s] debate over using violence in the wrong direction… it could actually increase the threat of terrorism … rather than diminish it.”(8)

Did she really say, “Actions of a few” ?

Algeria fought a ten-year civil war with the Algerian Brotherhood who were trying to impose Islamic Law. Syria has battled the Syrian Brotherhood since the 1960’s, with an enormous wave of violence and massacres done by them in the 1980’s, and now, starting in 2011, ongoing terrorism by the Muslim Brotherhood via their creation of the ‘Free Syrian Army’. Egypt has battled Brotherhood violence since 1928, but terror attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood intensified and have been ongoing without relief since 2012.

Like Brookings, Carnegie is filled with pro-Islamist propagandists who are constantly used in mainstream media as “experts”. These liars and propagandists feed the brains of mainstream media, but also our Congress. And now, maybe even Trump.

In April 2012, like Brookings, Carnegie was having an annual conference in which top U.S. officials and media attend. Two of the panel discussions were titled: “Building New Regimes After the Uprising” and “Writing a New Constitution.” Panel members were: Abdul Mawgoud Dardery (Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood); Nahil Alkofahi (Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood); Sahbi Atig (Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood); Khaled Al-Qazzaz (Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood); Osama Al-Saghir (Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood); and, Mohamed Gaair (Libyan Muslim Brotherhood).

Why were members from Islamist parties invited and no members from other political parties — the non-religious parties? Why was it that only Islamists were there to talk to the press and U.S. officials?

Carnegie’s Marina Ottaway said the Islamist parties visiting Washington at the conference were “separate entities”, not one large, unified bloc. She said that Islamist parties in various different countries have “little contact with one another”.(9)

Ah, we have another (expert) liar.

Brown had said in his testimony of April, 2011 that the “International Brotherhood” is a “group of loosely linked, ideologically similar movements” that resemble a “group of college fraternities.”(9)(10)

Brown further testified:

“At a global level … [the Brotherhood] most closely resembles today’s alliances among various like-minded organizations like socialist or Christian Democratic parties. These are tame frameworks for a group of loosely linked, ideologically similar movements… there is no reason to fear it …(10)

Contrary to what Brown wanted Congress to believe, the International Muslim Brotherhood is unified, well structured, and definitely a force to fear. And when Carnegie’s Marina Ottaway said the Islamist parties are separate entities and have “little contact with one another”, she lied.



Originally published at CheriBerens with links to cited sources and additional photo.

Snowflakes, stop blaming President Trump for Obama’s mess!


The United States has never been this divided since the days of the Civil War, as far as I have seen it. It really is a mess with so much hate and violence. I even saw an article on Yahoo about marriages splitting apart. The one thing they have in common… they all blame the new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

A friend from Israel who recently flew into the United States for a visit blamed Trump for all that was seen. Excuse me? Hello! Wake up. President Trump has only been in office for just over 100 days. This build up of hate from the Liberal Leftwing loonies was revealed when President Trump won the U.S. Presidential election. The liberal elite folks from the likes of Hollywood, to the Democrat elected officials, fake news media like CNN and MSNBC, all the way to the regular Liberal Joe Shmoe idiot who just listens to all of it without question are all involved. Riots have broken out from Antifa groups. These folks incite violence calling on “Resistance.” Why? Because President Trump does not fit their globalist agenda. He puts America first and for some reason, Democrats and their minions have a problem with that.

Now as far as who is to blame for all this mess, it was Barrack Obama and his dangerous administration. For 8 years, during the global war on terrorism, which radical Islamists declared, Obama refused to say who we were at war with, along with allowing thousands of Muslim refugees into the country without any kind of vetting.

After Obama won his the first presidential election, he went on an “Arab Spring” tour and apologized to the enemies of America. The result? Anti-Semitism skyrocketed. The media was mainly silent about this cause and effect because they worshiped Obama. He could do no wrong. During the Democratic National Convention, the American flag, as well as the flag of Israel, was burned right outside the event.

Obama did not stand up for law and order but stood with criminals. Not only did he free many convicted felons, but tried to destroy the 2nd Amendment right giving law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves. When isolated incidents like mass shootings happened, instead of going to the source of the problem, he blamed the NRA and other organizations promoting the right to legally carry guns.

Obama never condemned the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which was never about equality or civil rights, but the exact opposite. Race relations are now at an all-time low.

Obama enabled the self-entitled generation to become larger and more self-entitled. Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, who orchestrated the Fast and Furious gun scandal (which, by the way, happened under Comey’s watch) got away with aiding and arming criminals in Mexico. As would be expected, this caused an uptick in crime.

Obama also cleared the pathway enabling sanctuary cities to offer safety for illegal aliens, many of whom had previously been deported for crimes and came back to do more.

It doesn’t stop with Obama. The list goes on and on with his administration, including Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and FBI Director Comey. Even more scandals than listed above happened under his watch, but were never solved. And you wonder why he was fired?

Liberals, I know many of you are afraid of law and order. You may even be afraid of going to work instead of living in your parents’ basement, but enough is enough. President Trump is trying to unite America by putting Americans first. That is not a bad thing, so get over it. Stop blaming President Trump for Obama’s messes.

SABOTAGE! Intel leakers tell media what Trump did NOT tell the Russians

Trump, Shadow Government, Obama, FBI, CIA, NSA
Trump, Shadow Government, Obama, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, IRS

It’s time to call a halt to the leak problem from the U.S. intelligence community.  This is beyond a “leak problem.”  It is spilling over into outright sabotage of America’s national interests, all in the quest to bring President Trump down.

After yesterday’s story by the Washington Post was repudiated by H.R. McMaster, Rex Tillerson, and Dina Powell, McMaster made additional comments Tuesday morning to clarify exactly how false the story was.

The gist of the original story was that President Trump, in speaking to the visiting Russians last week about an ISIS “laptop plot,” revealed highly classified details that would have allowed the Russians to determine what the source of some of the intelligence was.  The WaPo article made reference to the sensitive intelligence of a foreign ally, and to Trump disclosing the city in which the intel was gained. (N.B. — WaPo could only have gained this impression from people who weren’t there, but who are bound by oath to not reveal exactly the sort of intelligence they allege Trump revealed.)

This morning, McMaster stated in no uncertain terms that not only did Trump not make these disclosures — Trump didn’t even know the source of the intelligence, or the city it was obtained in.  Thus, the president could not possibly have exposed the information as alleged

Read the full article by J.E. Dyer at LibertyUnyielding.

Political cartoon courtesy A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect

PART 1: Expert Liars: U.S. think-tank protects Muslim Brotherhood from terrorist designation

Muslim Brotherhood Logo
Muslim Brotherhood Logo

Who are the “experts” who testify against designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group? PART 1 of a 3 part series.

The “experts” who give advice and who testify at Congressional hearings are very devious. One such “expert” compared the Muslim Brotherhood to the Boy Scouts (details in Part 2).

Many of the “experts” come from “think tanks” who pass themselves off as educational and research organizations. Often, the “trustworthy” sources that we rely on, take their “background” information from these think tanks, and this is why we often hear the same repeated lies.

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Brookings Institute

Brookings is considered to be one of the most trusted think tanks in the world. Its “experts” are some of the most quoted on TV, in newspapers, and, its members often give testimony at Congressional Hearings and send recommendations to the President and his staff. But can Brookings “experts” be trusted?

Qatar donates enormous amounts of money to Brookings every year: $14.8 million in 2013 (Brookings has since stopped disclosing its donors).(1)

Brookings holds its annual conferences in Qatar, where global leaders, including our own heads of state, top members in our armed forces, and influential politicians, schmooze and listen to various Islamists and in many cases, with terrorists — such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

On his weekly al-Jazeera TV show, Sharia and Life, Qaradawi has instructed Palestinian women to conduct suicide bombings on Israelis, encouraged suicide bombings on U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and has promoted the crucifixion of Christians.

Qaradawi has been intrinsically involved in several of Qatar’s “charities”, including Qatar’s top two: Qatar Charity and the Qatar Foundation.

Qatar Charity belongs to Qaradawi’s Union of Good, which is a coalition of 57 Islamic charities in 21 different countries. The 57 charities can make financial transfers between coalition members between the 21 different countries.

Ties between Qatar Charity and al-Qaeda date back to a 1995 assassination attempt on former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarek.(1)

Qatar Charitable Society played a major role in financing the U.S. embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998.(1)

Qatar funded the Ahfad al-Rasul Brigade in Syria, which works jointly with Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria). Qatar did the same in Libya when it openly funded and armed jihadists tied to al-Qaeda there.(1)

Brookings “experts” Will McCants, Michael Doran and Clint Watts have urged against classifying Ahrar al-Sham a terrorist group, even though the group at times fights alongside ISIS, and at other times, with al-Qaeda. Ahrar al-Sham is an Islamist mercenary army financially backed by Qatar and Turkey and its founder was a senior al-Qaeda operative.(1)

The Brookings “experts” argue that U.S. policymakers should be flexible with Ahrar al-Sham because they say it is a “lesser of two evils” when compared to ISIS. But if these “experts” were indeed experts, then they’d know that Ahrar al-Sham not only has fought with ISIS, but behaves exactly as ISIS, and has the exact same ideology and desires of implementing Islamic Law in Syria.

Long before the “Arab Spring” the “experts” have been promoting the idea that Islamist groups must be included in the “democratic” process of new governments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Peter W. Singer, co-coordinator of Brookings Institute’s 2002 Conference, wrote in one of the conference papers that “moderate” Islamist parties must be included in the political systems of Muslim countries. He wrote: “In dealing with burgeoning democracies, a general finding is that outside parties should support integration of Islamist parties into [the] political system rather than exclusion.”(1)

Tamara Wittes, Brookings “Director” for Middle East Policy in 2008, stated that she believes that Islamists, including Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood and Moroccan Muslim Brotherhood are different from Hamas or al-Qaeda. She says they [the Muslim Brotherhood] want to transform society and government into something that is more Islamic, but aim to do so below the radar rather than through revolutionary change.(1)(2)

If Singer and Wittes are “experts”, then they would have known that the main goal of the Muslim Brotherhood has always been Islamic Law.

Islamists do not believe in “government” because governments create laws and constitutions that give rights to, and protects, all citizens. The Muslim Brotherhood believe only in the laws of the Quran (which does not give rights to all people). And they believe in jihad to accomplish this goal. That is why the Muslim Brotherhood has repeatedly tried to take down governments in Algeria, Egypt, Syria and so forth.

Wittes had suggested that some Islamists are different that others, inferring that the Muslim Brotherhood are non-violent. But this is untrue. In 2011, Muslim Brotherhood in every one of the “Arab Spring” countries conducted acts of violence and terrorism.

In Egypt, the kick off to the violence was on February 3, 2011, when Hamas crossed the border into Egypt in armored vehicles, broke into prisons, killed guards, and released terrorists — including Mohammad Morsi — who was to become president (in an un-free, un-fair, violent election that refused women and Christians at voting stations).

Syria’s “moderate” rebels (who consisted of Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda members) kicked off their “revolution” with attacks on Christian towns, slaughtering civilians in order to “take territory” for Islam.

Wittes either made a bad judgement call when she wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood are different than Hamas or al-Qaeda, or was purposefully spreading the pro-Islamist agenda, which is to make the Brotherhood out to be “moderate” and “peaceful”. But did she learn anything after the intense violence and terrorism that occurred from 2011-2013?  No, she did not.

On January 10, 2014, Wittes co-authored an article for the Washington Post with Daniel Byman. Byman was a professor in the “Security Studies” program at Georgetown University and the “Research Director” of the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. They wrote:

“Now that the Muslim Brotherhood is declared a terrorist group [in Egypt], it just might become one …Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist movement, at least not currently. But the move by the military-led government to ban it from politics and declare it a terrorist organization may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”(3)

First, Egypt is not a military-run government. Members of the military are not allowed to run for President, nor for Parliament, nor can members of the military make laws or be judges in Egypt’s judicial system. The words “military-led government” are used to make westerners believe something that is untrue. More importantly, in Wittes and Byman’s 2014 article, they totally dismissed the fact that from June 2012, and for eighteen months straight, the Egyptian people suffered from non-stop Muslim Brotherhood violence and terrorism.

There were continuous attacks on citizens in the streets. There were killings and arson. August 2013 saw horrific attacks on both civilians and police (police stations were attacked and police were disemboweled). Also in August of 2013, the Brotherhood torched more than 40 churches. At their rallies, Muslim Brotherhood leaders told their followers to kill and ‘burn’ all Christians.

Then, in December 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood conducted hundreds of small scale bombings, culminating in a large bombing of the police headquarters in Mansoura. It was then that the Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist organization by the Judicial System and the Parliament.

The decision to declare the Brotherhood a terrorist organization had nothing to do with the army, nor the president, who at that time was Adli Mansour, not Sisi (Mansour was president until June 2014). The decision to declare the Brotherhood a terrorist group was made because the Brotherhood were conducting ongoing terrorist attacks. The decision was made by the Egyptian people, who encouraged their representatives to vote yes.

Wittes and Byman ignored all of these facts. And like so many other “experts” from the think tanks, they promoted the rhetoric that declaring the Brotherhood a terrorist group would make them terrorists. How absurd!

Two weeks after that article, Byman and Wittes published another article, originally posted on their “education/research” page at their .edu website (I can’t believe these people teach our youth). The article was addressed to Obama, and was picked up by the Boston Globe and several other major newspapers to send their propaganda message to the American public.

Byman and Wittes wrote:

By declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, Egypt risks radicalizing the group’s members and destabilizing the region … the Obama administration should engage with peaceful Islamists, push Egypt to allow Brotherhood supporters to participate in legitimate political and social activity …”(4)

“Peaceful Islamists” ?? How can they even use those words?

They also wrote:

“The Brotherhood so far has not called its members to arms, but this could change as the government implements its effort to criminalize the group. In the past, the Brotherhood weathered its exclusion from political power by concentrating on social change.”

The entire article was filled with lies, but my blood pressure skyrocketed when I read: The Brotherhood so far has not called its members to arms.”

The Brotherhood began arming themselves in enclaves in southern Egypt decades earlier. But starting in early 2012, they began openly calling on members to join their armed militia. They posted videos of their militia that was forming in the Sinai in coordination with Hamas. By mid-2012, they were calling on Muslims from other countries to come join their militia in the Sinai.

Also in the 2014 article, Byman and Wittes wrote:

“The Brotherhood’s exclusion from politics could lead its members to give up on peaceful politics, radicalize and return to terrorism …The negative effects could spill outside of Egypt’s heartland to Sinai and beyond its borders to Gaza…”

Exclusion from politics? The Muslim Brotherhood had full control of Parliament and the Presidency for more than a year, until July 3, 2013. They were NOT excluded. And the Brotherhood’s armed militia already existed in the Sinai in coordination with Hamas in Gaza for at least two years. Byman and Wittes, like many others from Brookings, lied and spread propaganda for the Islamist agenda.


Originally published at CheriBerens with links to cited sources and additional photo.

Sicilian Mafia has nothing on the Dems!


The days, and soon to be weeks, after FBI Director James Comey’s firing have really turned up the heat on the Democrats. Some of you have that confused dog look on your face right about now. I say that because up until November 8th, 2016 the Dems were the American Psychiatric Association’s poster child for the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

The so-called “tampering” in the recent presidential election showed emails released by the “Russian” WikiLeaks (according to Mrs. Clinton) disclosing in unfiltered detail how Democrats really felt about their rank and file constituents, those average working Americans. They made fun of Mexicans, blacks, and Jews. We saw firsthand in those emails that, from day one, they had no intention of allowing Bernie Sanders to ever win. They made sure he didn’t get the nomination. Yes, the DNC!

We saw firsthand, after being told questions were never given to candidates in advance of a debate, that, in fact, they had been passed off by the DNC to Mrs. Clinton to give her a leg up. And when Donna Brazile, the Interim Chair for the DNC, was asked if that had happened she emphatically stated that it did not. For added emphasis she said, “As a black Christian woman…” Yup. Every one of the labels that we are never ever never allowed to question. She pulled the race, religion, and woman card all in one breath! But, to my Christian sister, the Bible says the lie will tell on you! And it did. She later had to apologize and recant those words, admitting she gave the questions to Mrs. Clinton in time to prepare for the debate.

Are you following? Lying, cheating, cover up, speaking ill of races, ethnicities, and females. Working against one of their own while insisting that it wasn’t happening. All these issues and who on the Left was outraged? No one. The one in the DNC caught coordinating it all, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, was actually promoted to an organization that could use her skills, Hillary Clintons campaign! And, she’s still a sitting Congresswoman.

Yet, with all this evidence and proof we are told there is nothing to see here. Move along! No one’s feet were held to the fire and simply put, if there was no action taken against these people then the Democrat Party, the Clintons, the Obamas, Senator Chuck Schumer, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat leadership are all complicit in those vile acts.

This same group called many, many, many times for the ouster of FBI Director Comey stating he was untrustworthy, incompetent, and that he compromised the department and our national security. Many of those same Democrats called for his immediate removal. Congresswoman Maxine Watters stated this week that if Hillary were president then the firing would have been OK. But since it was Trump, it had to be a cover up because as we all know The Clintons are stellar Americans with an impeccable record of service, TO THEMSELVES!

Dems are just sure that Comey was getting closer getting some dirt on Trump, as was evidenced by him asking for more money for the investigation. WRONG! According to Acting Director McCabe, they needed no more resources. They have over 160 agents working the case! He was then asked if the firing would hamper the investigation, stop it, or slow it down. His answer again was, NO! Do the Dems really believe that the only guy who could handle this was Comey? With all of those capable agents, the only one who could keep it together was Comey? Do they really believe that we need an “incompetent” leader at the helm of the FBI? Their words, not mine. That’s one of the words they used to describe him. Why would we trust Democrats with our security when they are so willing to allow someone they don’t trust at the helm? Someone who had to come back time after time to correct his testimony. How much dope are they smoking in DC?

Yes, these same Democrats without one shred of evidence want you to believe that Mr. Trump and his team is in the pocket of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government to somehow give Russia the upper hand in American politics. That somehow all this Russian activity started when Trump decided to run for office. They are outraged that Mr. Trump mentioned while he was campaigning that if the Russians hacked Hillary’s email server they should release every document they got. How dare he ask them to get involved!

Yet many of you didn’t know, or forgot, that Mr. Ted Kennedy asked the Russians to get involved in his run for President. And he was to supply them with intel on his opponent, they would release it, and then he would reward them later for a job well done! Dems were good with that.

We are all fixated on Comey and the Healthcare bill and whether or not Trump really got 2 scoops of ice cream to everyone else’s one (yes, that’s a real story CNN covered). But the real story is how dangerous the Democrat leadership has become. How anti-American they have become. Even old-time rank-and-file voters are concerned with how far Left the Party is going and has already gone. Democrats keep the rank-and-file fooled as a good sleight of hand magician keeps his audience fooled.

The most dangerous pilot you can fly with is one who believes he never makes mistakes and believes he knows more than pretty much anyone else. I have had my helicopter pilot’s license for nearly 30 years. And I have seen too many pilots gone too early because of how “smart” they were. Democrat leadership believes they know more than anyone else. They believe they know more than their rank-and-file. Even when polls, their own polls, show the people don’t want it, they vote for it anyway.

Dems have become dangerous because so many blindly follow a leadership that wants more and more power at any cost. They want to be in total control, at any cost. It’s not equality they want, it’s control!

Democrat leadership are the real bullies who tell their fellow electeds, “Do what we say or you’ll end up with all the “crappy” committees and assignments!” or “Vote this way or you won’t get any help in the next election!” Does it happen on both sides? Yes. But the level of thuggery by which the Democrat leadership does it can only be topped by the Sicilian Mafia itself!

Democrats have used the same mantras for years… Republicans hate women, children, clean air, clean water, immigrants, sick people, old people, the Earth, pot smokers, poor people, and anyone in the LGBTQ community. WOW! We are a busy lot of haters aren’t we? And they are just a bunch of fear-mongering bullies who think they can scare you into voting for them. They are the Big Tent Party? Not so much! Only if you are on the inside. Only if you fall in line with their way of thinking. Like a big gumbo, only they got all the ingredients wrong.

Since Trump has been elected, no blacks have been put back in chains (Joe Biden’s claim), women have not had their right to vote or to have abortions taken away, minorities still have the right to vote, schools are still teaching all children, and Al Sharpton and the other MSNBC hosts are still out of jail even though they owe millions of dollars in back taxes.

This is both scary and depressing… Democrats believe Republicans are ALWAYS wrong and Dems are ALWAYS right. And that makes them very, very dangerous!

Long Live Nancy Pelosi!

President Trump, I just need 5 minutes of your time to talk about Israel

Donald Trump, Walking, Thumbs Up
Donald Trump, Walking, Thumbs Up

Shalom from Israel, President Trump. The Holy Land of Israel is prepping for your arrival, You have done amazing work in the first 100 days of your Presidency, including fulfilling many of your campaign promises. I would like to request an official meeting with you to talk about your promises to Israel and especially to the Americans that live here who supported your campaign.

I understand how busy you will be during the duration of your trip. All I am requesting is 5 minutes of your time to give you a quick presentation. A presentation that I, a United States Army Veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan for multiple year-long deployments. With my security clearance, I attended intelligence briefings with the deployed units. I have now lived in Israel for several years and studied the Israeli Arab conflict for quite some time.

I am not a politician and I am not afraid to speak the blunt truth. I don’t have security like the politicians have when they are out in the public. I am just a citizen, with a family, who is concerned for the safety for my family and fellow Israeli citizens are.

Here are my concerns that I believe both need and deserve your attention:

The Israeli Arab conflict and 2 state solution. This conflict existed long before the rebirth of the State of Israel. I am well aware you do have advisors on this hot issue, but they may blame the Settlements or land, and that is far from the truth. Israel has, over the years, given up land for peace and it brought radical Islam closer to harm Israelis. Facts do not lie or care about feelings. I know you want to make the deal of a lifetime, but you must understand the root of this problem. This is a holy war declared by radical Islamists who are intent on wiping the Jewish State off the map. I would like to remind you of the promise you made to us… that you would be neutral and let Israel run itself.

The United States Embassy move to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. This one of the promises you made which many American Israelis counted on as a basis for their decision to vote for you in the election. What a statement this would make. Arab countries have no right or say so as to where the U.S. Embassy should be located, since it is owned by the United States and Israel. Most of the Israeli government officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett, support this move. This would show the friendship between both countries because friendship is not about money or war but a bond that supports each other and stands up for each other.

I truly would appreciate this opportunity to speak with you on behalf of Israeli citizens. I know you care about Israel and I continue to defend the false claims accusing you of being anti-Semitic. I feel that you need to hear this message from the people of Israel and remind you of the promises you made, not only to Make America Great Again, but supporting Israel in making Israel great again. Thank you for your time.

Liberals Tolerant? Not so Much!


In n March, students at Middlebury College disrupted a lecture by the conservative political scientist Charles Murray because they disagreed with some of his writings. Last month, the University of California, Berkeley, canceled a lecture by the conservative commentator Ann Coulter due to concerns for her safety—just two months after uninviting the conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos due to violent protests. Media outlets on the right have played up the incidents as evidence of rising close-mindedness on the left.

For years, it’s conservatives who have been branded as intolerant, often for good reason. But conservatives will tell you that liberals demonstrate their own intolerance, using the strictures of political correctness as a weapon of oppression. That became a familiar theme during the 2016 campaign. After the election, Sean McElwee, a policy analyst at the progressive group Demos Action, reported that Donald Trump had received his strongest support among Americans who felt that whites and Christians faced “a great deal” of discrimination. Spencer Greenberg, a mathematician who runs a website for improving decision-making, found that the biggest predictor of voting for Trump after party affiliation was the rejection of political correctness—Trump’s voters felt silenced.

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HS Principal who berated Christians FINALLY RESIGNS!


As I keep saying on my show they get away with it because you conservatives let them!

Stop letting them bully Christians and conservatives! Stand up for what you believe!

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the harrowing story of 16-year old Conner Haines who was publicly and rudely accosted by an assistant principal at his High School.

After school one day in April, Haines and his sister were standing on the public sidewalk in front of the school holding pro-life signs when they were approached by Assistant Principal Dr. Zachary Ruff. Ruff began berating and threatening the pair and demanded that they remove themselves from near the school immediately. Undaunted, Haines replied that they were on a public sidewalk and within their rights to stand their holding their signs. This defiance sent Ruff into a rage and the entire incident was caught on tape

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Comey needed to go! So say FBI insiders!


While the media and politicians from both parties look for deeper reasons for President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James B. Comey, a former Justice Department official says the decision was long overdue and needed for obvious reasons.

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Victoria Toensing told WND and Radio America she and others in the justice and law-enforcement community urged Trump to dismiss Comey from Day 1.

“It just came too late, 109 days too late. Those of us in the swamp knew who the alligators were in the swamp, and we all tried to warn the White House, and they didn’t listen to us,” said Toensing, who also served as a federal prosecutor.
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OBAMA doesn’t eat meat? Well not a lot!


Former WH Chef Blasts Obama for Eating so Much Steak Just After Obama Scolded Americans for Doing Just That
Former President Barack Obama is back (unfortunately) and up to his old tricks.

In his $3 million speech at the “Seeds & Chips: The Global Food Innovation Summit” in Milan, Italy, on Tuesday, the former president wasted no time chastising Americans for how much food they wasted.

He specifically pointed out that meat eaters were contributing to climate change.
In a question and answer segment after his speech with his former chef Sam Kass, Obama explained the issue had to do with cows, claiming that people don’t realize how much cows contribute to global pollution through the amount of methane gas they produce.

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Hollywood cans the second most popular show on the network!


Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face. Hollywood, ABC TV has decided to cancel Last Man Standing. Although its second only to Modern Family (a very liberal show) by 6 points it has been cancelled because of Tim Allen’s comment that he supported Trump after he won the primary.

Conservatives upset and demanding ABC/Disney put it back on need to grow a spine and boycott Disney, drop the channel, stop going to the park and so on….  Its about the wallet.

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Dems use SAME strategy and lose again!


Thank you NAncy Pelosi! Democrats are soooooo out of touch that they really believe they lost due to the Russians. Since the November election they have lost several more elections using the same platform they lost with in November.

Omaha Democrats lose mayor’s race; state party chair faults DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

There’s been a lot of other news lately, so you might not have even noticed there was an election on Tuesday. It had been closely watched for months, and it made national news just a few weeks ago. This time, Democrats don’t have any victories to claim, moral or otherwise.

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Hey Erdogan, Jerusalem is Jewish, get over it!

Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Erdogan, the President of Turkey, is calling for Muslims of “Palestine” to swarm the Temple Mount, the Holiest Jewish site in Israel, because he thinks Israel is apartheid and is illegally “occupying” the Holy Land. He also wants to stop the U.S. Embassy from moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I, a Jew from Jerusalem, Israel, have a problem with this. Here is why…

First thing is first Mr. Erdogan, Jerusalem, and I mean all of Jerusalem, belongs to Israel. Jerusalem is not mentioned at all in your Quran. The TANAKH, which is Jewish scripture that came before your Muhammad was even born, states that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. Just because UNESCO says there are no Jewish ties, it does not mean they are right.

Second, Mr. Erdogan, Israel is far from being apartheid. If you want to know what real apartheid is, go to South Africa or look at your own country as well as your own human rights record. Muslims in Israel are treated better than they are in Turkey. How do you have the audacity to say anything about Israel and human rights when Sharia law itself is a human rights violation?!

The history of Jerusalem proves it has always been Jewish since its founder King David. Jewish Jerusalem has lasted through every invasion. From the Greeks, the Ottoman Empire, and more, it continues to live on. If you actually visited Jerusalem you would see how deep the Jewish roots are in the Holy Land. You can’t always rely on the Pallywood photos because they can be false.

I challenge you to study Judaism 101 and learn about our history and culture. Learn that Israel was invaded by the Arabs and because of politics and previous invasions the name of Palestine came to be. The Palestinians have no culture, no language, no history. Nothing that belongs to them. The Arabs that live in Israel come from different surrounding Arabic countries. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people, get over it.

Lastly Mr. Erdogan, regarding the United States Embassy in Israel, who do you think you are to say that it does not belong in Jerusalem? The United States Embassy belongs to the United States Government and the USA does not take direction from you, nor do they answer to you. Jerusalem belongs to Israel. And Israel does not belong to you. You have no authority or right to have a say so in our land or what we do with it. Does Israel have any say as to how you run your country? And the answer is no. But we should bring all of your human rights violations to the ICC for review.

Democrats: Still trying to sell the same old stuff!

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

The Democrats keep telling us how wrong the Right is. How wrong Republicans are for America. And how Republicans hate illegals, clean air, clean water, and so much more.

I say, it’s the Democrats that have lost their way. It’s the Democrats who hate America. “Elitism” is not only owned by Democrats, but is actually being perfected by them and is shining brighter in their outrages since the election.

Americans as a whole rejected Democrat policies and foundations. Now the first thing my Dem friends will say is that Clinton won the popular vote. I know so what! She won the majority of votes in the very Liberal inner city areas. Large, densely populated, Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country.

This is why the Electoral College works. It keeps a very concentrated group of people from having way to much influence on an election. Americans as a whole, and with EQUAL votes and rights, rejected those policies BIG TIME! shared the following statistics that pretty well paints the picture as to why the Electoral College concept was sheer genius:

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
Trump won 3,084 of them. Clinton won 57.
There are 62 counties in New York State.
Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16.
Clinton won the popular vote by approximately 2 million votes.

In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond.)

These 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.

When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

Yet Democrats feel that the election was stolen from them. Did Republicans also steal 33 governorships, 33 FULL houses of legislature, and ending up with almost 91 partial houses? Did Republicans also steal the over 900 seats lost by Democrats, BY Democrat policies, and the Democrat platform? No!

You did it to yourself. Even Bill Maher has now scolded you several times for going too far Left for not acknowledging your shortcomings. MSNBC host Chris Matthews said the Democrat Party has moved too far to the Left on cultural issues. Former Presidential candidates Jack Webb and Bernie Sanders think the Dems went WAY too far Left, too fast.

Many other Left-wing progressives have come out and scolded you for moving too fast in one direction. In speaking to a young Democrat myself last week he said he had no problem “mandating” some of the Democrats’ platform issues. REALLY?

You guys are still trying to figure out how you lost. You think you didn’t go far enough to the Left. You think you didn’t go far enough with Obamacare or with education or with gun control.

Well guess what? Your items aren’t selling. I think this is why Democrats hate capitalism so much. Capitalism requires that you sell or make a product that people actually want to buy in order for the company become successful. Democrats “product” isn’t selling. The cheap varnish is wearing off. The same old carnival barker lines, “Step right up! This product cures everything from restless sleep to cancer,” doesn’t sell anymore because it’s been proven not to work. Cities run by Democrats are always in debt and deficit spending. Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago are among hundreds, but those are the poster children for how the Democrats run cities.

So the answer for the Democrats? Elect a farther Left DNC chairman who made it clear that if you’re pro-life this is not your party! Then Keith Ellison as DNC vice chair said he will only take the party further Left. And let’s not forget the wonderfully successful Nancy Pelosi. Under Nancy and Obama’s leadership, the Dems lost over 900 legislative seats, more than any other time in Democrat history. And still, Democrat leadership voter her back at the helm! Isn’t that like making the worst player on the team the coach?

Over the last few election cycles I kept hearing from the mainstream media, “The Republicans are through!” I heard from Democrats, “The Republicans are through!” We keep hearing that if Republicans keep doing what they are doing they are through. Democrats are gearing up for 2018 using the same platform, the same playbook, the same war chants with the same leadership. My money is on, “The Democrats are through!”

For a Party that lost its base and direction, who claim to be completely in tune with the American people, they are sure tone deaf.

So please keep selling your same old wares using the same old marketing plan with the same leadership and I will rest easy at night knowing you are living in a delusional vacuum that you somehow perceive to be reality. That will continue to keep true Patriotic, America-loving citizens in power.

Long live Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer!

UPDATED: INSANITY! VA Forces Terminally Ill Disabled Veteran to Move to Another State for Life-Saving Transplant Surgery

Courtney and David Brayton, VA, Veteran, US Air Force, Veterans Administration
Courtney and David Brayton, VA, Veteran, US Air Force, Veterans Administration

UPDATE: Veteran Brayton received a call on Thursday, May 5th from Congressman Steve Knight and the VA that his double lung transplant has been approved to be done at UCLA. Congressman Knight has been working this case with the Braytons for over a year.

THANK YOU ALL who made phone calls, emailed, and shared via social media. EVERY SINGLE ONE made a difference. The VA and leadership in Washington DC felt the pressure. So much so, that they called after the approval and asked us to basically “call off the hounds”! THIS is how we get stuff done! Thank you for joining the effort. We couldn’t have done it with each of you!

We would appreciate if you would send out THANK YOU’s to anyone you contacted on behalf of the Braytons case.

Now the real work begins for David… more testing… get ON the transplant list… get matched to a set of lungs… surgery… and recovery! Please keep him and his family in your prayers for God’s best as his situation is severe and this journey arduous. You can follow David’s progress on his Facebook page David B Transplant.


I am SICK of how our Veterans Administration (VA) is treating our Veterans! U.S. Air Force Veteran, David Brayton, has 2 options: Double lung transplant OR die. It’s that simple. Yet the VA has this family jumping thru hoops for well over a year (I don’t even know how long). Now they’re telling them they have to MOVE to Seattle (from Los Angeles) to even get ON a transplant list (and who knows how long it will be before they actually get a match!) UCLA is around the corner and can handle the surgery. So WHY HASN’T THE VA AUTHORIZED IT???

The stress of caring for a disabled, terminally ill family member is more than most can bear. Forcing them to move to another state in order to MAYBE get the necessary surgery is unconscionable! And to do it to one of our VETS is just PURE EVIL!

These people are personal friends of ours. There are times when David is so physically not well that they can’t even make the 45 minute drive to the VA for doctor visits. Yet, the VA is going to FORCE him to do a medical air transport for “more tests”?? His condition is so severe and concentrated oxygen requirement is SO HIGH that commercial airlines will not allow him to travel! I would be one thing if the medical transport was going to wisk him into life-saving surgery. But it’s NOT. It’s going to take him up for tests, then add him to the transplant list, then wait… until there’s a match… in a hotel room. Are you kidding me?!?!

Folks… this is what government-run “healthcare” looks like.

There are lots of details and minutia accompanying this saga, but suffice it to say, David and his caregiver wife are being told they have to drop everything (life and livelihood) THIS WEEKEND and leave the community where they have backup support systems and a small business, and move to unfamiliar territory indefinitely.

We MUST make noise and make our government take care of those who’ve protected our freedoms. You can read more about it below. Please SHARE this article and ask everyone you know to phone, email, Tweet, Facebook the people who can stop this atrocity from happening and authorize a local transplant for the American veteran. He’s already done so much to preserve our freedoms… it’s the least we can do for him and his family.

Lainie Sloan from PolitiChicks provides additional details and links to contacts in VA leadership who can make this happen!

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the incompetency of the Veterans Administration. President Trump is fully aware of the ineptness of the VA and very recently “created an office at Department of Veterans Affairs to improve accountability” and protect whistleblowers. He added, “…we will never, ever tolerate substandard care for our great veterans.”

Unfortunately, our government bureaucracy moves slowly and while President Obama and Eric Holder were spending more time seeing how they could flood our country with refugees from the Mideast and robbing American taxpayers to support illegal aliens, another one of our valuable American heroes and his family are being subjected to the VA’s inadequacy.

This is the story of Air Force veteran, David Brayton, of Southern California, who is disabled and terminally ill until a successful transplant is completed. Right now his lungs are hardening and he will suffocate if he does not receive a double lung transplant very soon.

In December of 2015, the VA diagnosed David with “end-stage pulmonary fibrosis.” David’s wife, Courtney, has been petitioning the VA for over a year for the transplant surgery to be done locally, because there are only two hospitals in the country who are contracted with the government to perform lung transplants for veterans.

Recently, Courtney was told by an administrator at the Greater Los Angeles VA, that she would do everything she could to make sure David could have the surgery locally. Unfortunately, Ann Brown, Director of the GLA VA, who has decision-making authority, has now refused direct communication from Courtney. At this time, the Braytons are receiving calls from the Seattle hospital to schedule David’s processing and medical transport to Seattle, which means Ms. Brown has not approved the local transplant. Ms. Brown still won’t return phone calls and is “unavailable” when Courtney calls her.

David and Courtney live in Southern California where there are two local hospitals who are equipped to do the transplant when the organs become available—Cedars Sinai and UCLA. The problem is that they are not contracted with the government. President Trump has said he wants the veterans to go to any hospital they want; unfortunately, that has not happened yet.

In the meantime, the VA has told them they will have to leave their home by this Saturday, May 6, and move to Seattle to hospitalize David at one of the National Transplant Centers (NTC). He’s not even on the transplant list yet and will need to remain there until a donor match is made.

Courtney asked her congressman, Steve Knight, for help. He, in turn, contacted the Greater Los Angeles VA Director, Ann Brown, only to receive a response back stating that David is not eligible to receive care at a non-VA facility because there are only two VA hospitals in the country who will do the transplant for him. Their heads and hearts are made of stone.

What will the Braytons lives look like if they are forced to move to Seattle this Saturday, May 6, 2017?…

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You can follow the status updates on David’s VA plea on his Facebook page David B Transplant.

Obamacare rate spike is Trumps fault?


ObamaCare co-architect Jonathan Gruber — who infamously said “the stupidity of the American voter” helped get the measure to become law — now blames Trump for rising premium costs.

“Whose fault is this?” Gruber asked on “Fox News Sunday.” “Since President Trump has been elected … premiums are going up and insurers are exiting.”

Gruber, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology economics professor, argued that perceived rising premium costs are really a one-time increase in 2016 to cover “massively underpriced” policies for the first two years of the 2010 law.

He also said the increase “fixed” the problem because insurance companies then showed signs of profitability and talked optimistically about continued participation in the program.

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Moral outrage is self serving!


When people publicly rage about perceived injustices that don’t affect them personally, we tend to assume this expression is rooted in altruism—a “disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.” But new research suggests that professing such third-party concern—what social scientists refer to as “moral outrage”—is often a function of self-interest, wielded to assuage feelings of personal culpability for societal harms or reinforce (to the self and others) one’s own status as a Very Good Person.

Outrage expressed “on behalf of the victim of [a perceived] moral violation” is often thought of as “a prosocial emotion” rooted in “a desire to restore justice by fighting on behalf of the victimized,” explain Bowdoin psychology professor Zachary Rothschild and University of Southern Mississippi psychology professor Lucas A. Keefer in the latest edition of Motivation and Emotion. Yet this conventional construction—moral outrage as the purview of the especially righteous—is “called into question” by research on guilt, they say…..

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Boys versus Girls week canceled NOW Blue versus Pink!


Idaho school ends ‘boys versus girls’ spirit week competitions to accommodate trans students

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – Twin Falls High School is a “battle zone” for transgender rights that’s too hostile for some LGBTQ students, who allege they were harassed during the school’s “blue versus pink” spirit week day.

The student council changed its annual “boys versus girls” spirit week event to a “blue versus pink” day to accommodate transgender students. But some transgender students and their friends decided to wear purple to school on Friday to protest tradition and they didn’t receive the reaction they were hoping for, the Twin Falls Times-News reports.

AFRIKAN Students occupy building until demands are met! School caves!


‘Afrikan’ student group holds UC-Santa Cruz hostage — admin agrees to every demand
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – “Afrikan” students at the University of California, Santa Cruz who commandeered the school’s administration building got what they wanted Thursday after three days of yelling obscenities at local reporters, berating Jewish students and holding out for a list of specific demands.

Students with the Afrikan/Black Student Alliance blockaded themselves inside Kerr Hall in the university’s Stevenson College Tuesday and refused to leave until UCSC officials agreed to a list of demands that included guaranteed housing for black students, a white dorm on campus to be pained in “Pan-Afrikan colors” of red, black and green, and “in-person diversity competency training” for all incoming students, among other things.

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Hate…. is not the answer


When I was a pre-law student, I remember reading a case where a defendant on trial for murder, pleaded not guilty on the grounds of insanity.

I thought about it and at this time, I was interning with the office of The Attorney General, Ken Eikenberry at the Spokane office where I was assigned to do research for all of the attorneys for the Consumer Protection Office and upon hearing this man’s plea,  I thought to myself…

“Is anyone sane when they commit such an hideous crime”?

Can you or me, as a human being, be defined as a sane, rational, stable and well-balanced individual when we commit murder or commit any crime against someone else, or a business or a nation?

Or, for that matter, are we sane when we speak hate?

Can you or I justify disgusting or repulsive character assassination’s spoken into the world through media and the internet because we think the person is hip?

Seems that we can.


There are comedians and men and women in the public eye whose names I will not mention… they have had enough publicity, who say the most vile, despicable and hateful things and sadly there are millions who actually get a kick out of it…

Is that really humanistic?

Where are the principles of human respect?

Not a problem.

Have a different opinion?
Great. Are you intelligent enough to share it without hatred?

Do you hate someone because you want to?

Lead others to hate as well?

Whether we wish to believe it or not, if you do believe in the God of the Bible, we will, whether we also like it or not, stand and give an account of why things were said and we will be responsible for what we said that impacted and turned a respectful heart into a hateful heart; whoever makes those types of remarks will be judged by the statements they make and for each specific and vulnerable impacted  heart.

America was never founded that way. We are a nation, “Under God.”

Go ahead, laugh it off if you wish… but God is not mocked… meaning he can’t be fooled… we will reap what we sow… we will be individually responsible for our lives… and believe me eternity is a much longer ride than what we have in these years on the earth.

If you don’t believe in the God of the Bible… well, then at this time, I guess there will be nothing to worry about…

Until you pass away… because he has never, nor has the bible ever been proven wrong…. Check it out… go prove the bible wrong… not wrong because you don’t agree with it or not right because it doesn’t support your lifestyle.

Truth is a kicker sometimes… but like any discipline, it is beneficial to receive, hold onto it and respect it.

This is Tom Julian, saying thanks for reading.