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U.S. bombs ISIS weapons warehouse holding chemical agents: 100’s die

Syria map
Syria map

U.S. targeted an ISIS weapons warehouse in Deir Ezzor, Syria that held chemical agents: 100’s die

On April 12, 2017, at approximately 5:30 p.m. Syria time, the U.S. conducted airstrikes on ISIS positions in the eastern part of Deir Ezzor city, hitting a weapons warehouse that turned out to also be a chemical depot for the Islamic State.

After the strike, sources say a huge white cloud was formed that then turned yellow. A fire then broke out that lasted more than five hours, spewing toxic fumes into the air.

Hundreds of ISIS members were killed as well as some civilians as a result of breathing toxic air.

This confirms that ISIS owns chemical weapons.

Since chemical agents have also recently been found in Aleppo and Idlib at al-Qaeda warehouses and weapons workshops, this confirms that terror groups have been transporting chemicals across Syria’s border, and storing and using these chemical agents.

Purchasing and transporting these chemicals across borders also means these terror groups would need the help of other countries.

This means that terror groups coordinate with their “sponsor countries” to falsely accuse the Syrian Armed Forces of using chemical weapons.

The Syrian Air Force had conducted an airstrike targeting a terrorist weapons and ammunition warehouse in Khan Sheikhum in Idlib province on April 4th. The warehouse was also being used as a “workshop” for the production of land mines stuffed with poisonous substances. Assad was blamed for using chemical agents, when it was actually al-Qaeda who was housing the chemical’s in their warehouse.

Don’t be fooled by media propaganda.

This is exactly what happened when the Syrian Air Force hit the al-Qaeda weapons warehouse in Idlib. They hit a warehouse that had chemicals and the U.S. blamed Assad, when it was not.

For more background and important information about the Syrian Air Force strike in Idlib, in which the Syrian Armed Forces were falsely accused of using chemicals:

See: The Syrian airstrike targeted an al-Qaeda weapons warehouse which was being used as a workshop for the production of land mines stuffed with poisonous substances

See also: Did the White Helmets create a false flag scenario to create intervention?

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Female entertainer says no sex until you respect the Vag….!


you heard me Janelle Monáe Calls on Women to Withhold Sex Until Men ‘Start Respecting the Vagina’

Singer-actress Janelle Monáe believes the only way men will begin respecting women again is if they are denied sex.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Monáe argues that “until every man is fighting for our rights, we should consider stopping having sex.”

What right have they lost, what rights are threatened? What does she mean by fighting… Im so confused..

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Republican CORRECT again on minimum wage!


Minimum Wage Killing San Diego’s Restaurants

A new review of the restaurant industry in San Diego, California, shows that since its minimum wage hike to $11.50 per hour, the city has lost a whopping 4,000 restaurant jobs.

Just over a year ago, the city of San Diego decided to skip ahead of the state’s rules to raise the minimum wage to $10.25 per hour and went straight to $11.50. But since that decision, a look at the workers most affected by the new wage seems to show it has hurt, rather than helped them.

In most places in the country, those most affected by the minimum wage are in the restaurant industry. In San Diego, for instance, about half of all workers earning minimum wage are food service workers, according to

But since last year’s wage hike, restaurants have shed jobs or ceased expansion to make new jobs at a very high rate. “San Diego has dropped sharply, with perhaps as many as 4,000 jobs lost, or never created in the first place.” Reason states.

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Translational Science of Democracy


In April 2015 my wife and I visited her family members in Denmark. During the visit I was appalled by the number of muslim settlers, not immigrants, settlers, that I saw in Denmark. Repeatedly, I asked the wife’s family members how Denmark came to allow the large numbers of Muslim settlers to move to Denmark, given the violent history of Muslim’s who had already moved to Denmark over the past 20 years? During the past 20 years Muslims living in Denmark have committed murder, rape and honor kills on an appalling level – more than 12X the national average.

I finally teased out of the family members that Denmark, along 26 additional EU countries including Sweden, Germany and France have instituted both community based meetings and online deliberative forums designed by socialist political scientists for selected community citizens called “participants” to engage in discourse that is carefully constructed and controlled by community organizers, academic team leaders and highly trained leftist political scientists. These deliberative forums both community based and online constitute the EuroPolis Project.

The EuroPolis Project leaders go from community to community organizing local and online meetings, called Forums across a given nation. The goal of the EuroPolis Project is to give national political leaders “community input” when making decisions of national importance such as admitting Muslim Settlers, er immigrants into the country.

As can be expected the forums are highly controlled by the community organizers, political scientists and academic leaders who are leftist socialist. All discussions in the community forums and online forums for the first year are really a weeding process to identify thinking conservatives and remove them from the forum by no longer inviting them to participate.

Once the year long weeding process has been completed, the only participants left are the liberal unquestioning, unthinking and easily manipulated and controlled people are allowed to continue to participate in the forums. The forum leaders make sure that great honor is attached via the national media to forum participants and their unselfish participation in the forum process. Occasionally, forum participants who are deemed disruptive are publically shamed via the media as a means of controlling the narative, as is any non-forum participant who is critical of the forum process and results.

The forum leaders are dishonest as they keep their true agendas hidden. This is done by not ask direct questions that require genuine deliberative responses such as, “Do you want Muslim settlers to come into the country and live here?” The questions being asked by the political scientists, academics and community organizers are questions deliberatively deceiving such as, “What do you feel is necessary to allow Muslims to live in this nation, such as being good neighbors, having good paying jobs, families living with them, etc?” Any forum participant who speaks out against the hidden agenda and final result for the forum will find that the forum will be continued to a future date and they are simply not invited to the next forum where a “final consensus” is reached.

When the forum leaders finally break down resistance to the hidden question being deliberated and reach a “final consensus” such as allowing Muslim settlers into a country when certain requirements are met, then it is reported to the nation’s political leaders that community members throughout the nation want Muslim settlers to come and live in the nation.

Never mind that the forum participants did not reach the announced decision to allow Muslim settlers into the country, they only agreed to allow Muslim settlers into the country if certain requirements would be met. And never mind that those certain requirements were never going to be met or entertained as a condition of immigration and settlement. But once the Muslims are in nation it is too late for forum participants to step forward and articulate the fraud that has been perpetrated by the EuroPolis Project as no one wants to subject themselves to the public humiliation that will result.

American Jew from Israel tells Americans enough: Sean Spicer made a minor mistake

Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Attrib: White House, CC
Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Attrib: White House, CC

I am a Jew, and I would like to tell my fellow Jews, and anyone else, to stop badgering the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer about his Holocaust comments. Spicer made an honest mistake, get over it!

Liberals (and sadly some Conservatives) are over-dramatizing this issue. It has to stop. Sean Spicer is NOT a Holocaust denier. He is NOT an anti-Semite. And he is NOT a white supremacist. I can tell you from my own experience that he is far from all of those things. And quite frankly, he does have a point to his comparison, at least in some respects.

Why is it such a sin for Spicer, a Republican, to make a comment comparing chemical weapons use against Syrians to the Holocaust? After all, Liberals obviously think it is perfectly okay to compare Trump to Hitler. A comparison which could not be further from the truth!

Holocaust awareness is meant to teach history and to prevent it from happening again. It should not be used to further a political agenda, which is what Liberals do. Just because you Liberals disagree with someone does not make them a Nazi or Hitler. If you don’t like the Holocaust or Hitler being brought up, don’t do it yourself. And if you truly want to see a white supremacist in action, visit David Duke’s Twitter page.

My fellow Jews, especially the Liberal ones: we are able to defend ourselves in this day and age. Consider the fact that we have had our own homeland for over 60 years. We are no longer victims. So let’s stop acting like one! We need to stop playing the race card [NOTE: Race? Judaism isn’t a race! It’s a religion and a culture, but it’s NOT a race.] when either the Holocaust or Hitler are mentioned. Instead, we should use our stubborn, righteous anger that God gave us.

Where were all of you when President Obama sent millions of dollars to the Iranian regime? This is a regime who actually wants another Holocaust of our people to happen? Where were you when women marchers had radical Islamic terrorist supporters leading the marches? In fact, one of them actually helped with a terror attack which resulted in two Israelis being murdered. Where were you then?

How about helping Jews defend themselves against anti-Semitism on American college campuses? This is a serious problem on college campuses across the U.S. Jewish voices are actively being silenced and intimidated under Liberal leadership who more willingly sympathize with Muslims.

There is REAL anti-Semitism going on in the world. To play the race card [religion card] over a single misspoken statement by the Press Secretary is just crying wolf. It’s a distraction used to demonize someone you don’t like. If you keep doing that, people will stop listening, just like the boy who cried wolf. There is a very distinct difference between REAL anti-Semitism and someone throwing the race card [religion card] to create distraction and garner media attention. Wake up! And call out those who are trying to use us for their political motives.

To Sean Spicer, I want you know that I forgive your mistake. Our people should be a forgiving people and they should forgive you as well. Let’s all move on from this and continue to work to Make America Great Again.

Coulter, Cernovich and Watson are overrated pundits, far from security experts.


Let’s be real. I am getting sick and tired of overrated pundits like Ann Coulter, Paul Watson, Mike Cernovich and others acting like liberals by throwing a temper tantrum when things don’t get their way. Shame on them for jumping off the Trump train after the air strikes in Syria. Ask yourself this. What makes you an expert in national and international American security?

It is bad enough we have liberals, Democrats, and Hollywood trying to derail what POTUS Trump has planned for America. We do not need these so called “experts” screwing things up. People need to realize that the President of the United States has to protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic, which is stated in the Constitution by the way. Do any of these overrated pundits go to secret intelligence briefings to find out why Syria is a danger to Americans? Do people realize there are Americans overseas, and specifically, in the Middle East.

Americans, especially conservatives, acknowledge the danger of radical Islam, about which many of these pundits were supposedly helping to open people’s eyes. Personally, I thought President Trump sent an excellent message to both ISIS as well as Assad about the dangers of using chemical weapons and that America has a new sheriff in town. I also think it is ok for us to agree to disagree on his strategies because this is America, a free country. But to jump off the train which you claimed to be on because of a disagreement, and then try to persuade the public he is wrong and to resist against him like liberals are doing is also wrong.

Let me remind everyone that these people are just overrated pundits, who have no clue about what is really going on. I myself am not an expert. Even having a top secret clearance and having been to the Middle East as a U.S. soldier and now as an Israeli citizen, I can’t say with certainty what is truly going on, and neither can the pundits. We need to use common sense. I trust President Trump. I can tell he truly cares for American safety and has America’s interest as a number one priority. He continues to keep his campaign promises. Give him time to continue Making America Great Again.

Husbands of feminists… be a man, put your foot down!

Womens March, Tolerance
Womens March, Tolerance

In writing about the “Day Without A Woman” protest earlier, I hit on a particular theme that sparked a fair amount of blow back, even from self-professed longtime readers. I said that the husbands of these left-wing feminist women, who decided to abandon their professional and family duties for the day in order to make some vaguely defined political statement, need to show some leadership in their households. Rather than submissively cooperating with his wife’s decision to put her feminism ahead of her family, a man should offer some guidance. I think I really upset people the most when I used the phrases “be a man” and “put your foot down.”

Now, if I had said that women should “put their foot down”…

Read the full article by Matt Walsh at TheBlaze.

Arcadia University flies a “Civility Flag” on campus that is apparently lowered for a full work-week any time an incident of bias or hate is reported.


I guess we dont need the AMerican Flag anymore.. Now its the Civility Flag.

Arcadia University flies a “Civility Flag” on campus that is apparently lowered any time an incident of bias or hate is reported.

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform, the Pennsylvania college recently announced that it would be lowering the Civility Flag for a period of five days after a professor reportedly used “an offensive stereotype” during an interaction with a student.

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Did the White Helmets create a false flag scenario to create intervention in Syria?

White Helmets, Attrib Cheri Berens
White Helmets, Attrib Cheri Berens

If you carefully watch the video released to western media on April 4, 2017, you will note certain very suspicious details. The White Helmets handle the corpses without wearing nerve gas safety gear. They should at least have worn gas masks (not germ masks) and gloves (especially when handling the bodies).

The “opposition” groups in Syria claim Sarin was used by the Syrian Air Force, but it doesn’t matter specifically which nerve agent was used. The CDC says exposure to nerve agents of any kind cause side effects quickly and can be rapidly fatal. (1)

The CDC also says nerve agents cause the same basic health effects regardless of the route of exposure (skin, inhalation, etc.). They cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fluid buildup in the lungs and digestive tract, blood coming from nose and mouth, seizures and muscular twitching. (1)

These side effects can happen just by touching a body exposed to a nerve agent on their skin, or breathe in air where a nerve agent has been released. So why don’t we see members of the White Helmets having any effects from the Sarin?

Also note the pickup trucks at the scene, shown near the bodies. One must wonder why the people who drove the trucks stand around without any protective gear, and that none are affected by the gas.

The location of the incident was a terrorist weapons warehouse and workshop where they made bombs and landmines. The area, Idlib, is an al-Qaeda held region (though other terrorist groups are there and fight with them).

Terrorists control the area and have a headquarters there.

The White Helmets are allowed into terrorist-controlled areas. Whereas, real rescuers, such as the Syrian Red Crescent (i.e. Syrian Red Cross), are never allowed into terrorist controlled areas. Ambulances and other aid workers are never allowed into terrorist-controlled areas either. Humanitarian aid, even medicines and food trucks are fired upon, and also never allowed in.

But the White Helmets were there, immediately on the scene.

White Helmet members live in terrorist-controlled areas because they are usually al-Qaeda members or members of the Free Syrian Army.(2)

Within seconds of exposure to Sarin, even by touching a body with Sarin on it, the muscle and nervous system is affected almost immediately, usually within minutes. There is often an almost immediate release of the bowels and the bladder, and also vomiting. When Sarin is used in a concentrated area, it can kill thousands of people. If the area was exposed from an explosion, as this one was, Sarin would have been released into the air.

But the White Helmets are treating these exposed bodies, and are at a site where there would be massive contamination in the air, yet they show no concern. And are not affected by it. No one shows any symptoms.

And why is a “doctor” in a hospital full of Sarin gas victims, who is reporting this incident to western media via social media, casually tweeting and making video calls? Why isn’t he working, as most doctors would be doing in a crisis such as this? And then make an official statement to the media later?

This is identical to what the doctors the White Helmets use in their videos of child “rescues” do.

Moreover, if anyone has read my fully sourced report on the 2013 chemical attack accusation made on the Syrian government, you will note a major similarity.

In the 2013 case, the children shown in the video were not living in al-Ghouta, where the alleged chemical attack took place. No, the children had been kidnapped and were from a village far away in northern Syria. The children shown in the al-Ghouta attack had been kidnapped and killed by al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army. Their bodies were then transported to al-Ghouta so that their bodies could be arranged and filmed for the propaganda video. (3)

So guess what? About 250 people from the villages of Mahjdal and Khattab were kidnapped by al-Qaeda last week. Local sources say that many of those in the video, allegedly dead from the chemical weapons, were those from Mahjdal and Khattab.

This current film, in all likelihood, used the bodies of the recent kidnapping, just as they used the bodies of kidnapped children in 2013.

The pickup trucks also remain consistent to what local sources have said, that many of those dead in the video were killed by al-Qaeda and transported in pickup trucks.

In 2013, the terrorists were losing, and they created a false flag scenario to receive intervention and support.

Now, on the eve of upcoming peace negotiations, the terrorists once again created a false flag scenario to detour the negotiations, and gain intervention.

The first question everyone should ask themselves is why would the Syrian Armed Forces even do it? Why risk everything they’ve gained in the last twelve months by inviting condemnation and intervention? Though there are still ongoing battles with ISIS and al-Qaeda, the Syrian Armed Forces have made great advances throughout all of Syria. They have recaptured major amounts of territory from the terrorists.

Why would they risk everything? The answer is they wouldn’t.

The Syrian Armed Forces liberated Aleppo in December after YEARS of parts of Aleppo being held captive by the terrorists. The people who lived in the terrorist-held neighborhoods of Aleppo, and who had escaped during the first attacks in 2012, have been returning to their homes after four years!

Aleppo is being rebuilt by its returning residents and members of the Syrian Armed Forces.

The Syrian Armed Forces do not hurt their people, because they “are” the people. Every family in Syria has a family member in the Armed Forces, or who has been in the Armed Forces at some point in time during this long conflict.

Yes, the Syrian Air Force did pinpoint target a terrorist weapons warehouse using Russian-made Su-22 fighter jets. But I’m told the Su-22’s bombs are unique and cannot be filled with chemical substances. But let’s say they could. Why use chemicals on the warehouse when regular bombs would do?

One thing is very clear. The fact that the White Helmets were on the scene, instead of the Red Crescent (who do possess protective suits and gear), proves to me that this was a set up for a propaganda video.

Yes, the death of civilians is beyond horrific and tragic. But to blame this on the Syrian Armed Forces, is even more tragic, because the results could possibly be even more devastating.

See photos at CheriBerens.

(1) From the CDC’s website:
Liquid sarin may cause death within 1 to 10 minutes. Inhaled sarin produces health effects within seconds to minutes; larger exposures may cause death within 1 to 10 minutes. Skin exposure: may produce health effects within minutes.

EYE EXPOSURE: Pain in and around the eye, dim and/or blurred vision, sensation of pressure with heaviness, and nausea and vomiting.
INGESTION EXPOSURE (swallowing or absorbing it): vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain.
INHALATION EXPOSURE: Contracted or pinpoint pupils, bronchial constriction, fluid accumulation within the airways of the lungs. There can be loss of consciousness; seizures; muscular twitching; floppy paralysis; increased fluid accumulation within the digestive tract, resulting in secretions, sometimes profuse blood, from the nose and mouth; cessation of breathing; and death.
SKIN EXPOSURE: Profuse sweating and muscular twitching, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Health effects may appear quickly; 2 to 30 minutes post-exposure. In addition to the above, there can be loss of consciousness, seizures, floppy paralysis, increased fluid accumulation within the airways and within the digestive tract resulting in secretions from the nose and mouth, cessation of breathing, and death.

(2) Detailed information on White Helmets, with sources:

(3) Irrefutable evidence that the Syrian government did not conduct chemical attacks on its people:

OMG! Trump bombed Syria and that’s unconstitutional?


First, for my friends on the VERY far right who think Trump bombing Syria is unconstitutional… well, maybe it’s not! To all you Constitutional scholars, who or what better to look at than some of the people who actually helped write the Constitution?

Second, ONLY Congress has the power to declare war. The operative word being WAR! I would ask you, did President Trump declare or try to declare war on Syria? No!

Let’s look at one of the lessor known fellows who worked on the Constitution, Mr. Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson took action against the Barbary States, you know, those terrorist types that were taking ships hostage and holding them for ransom from the countries of origin. President Jefferson asked and received financing for 6 ships to be equipped to fight to protect our interests. No declaration of war was issued.

Jefferson went a bit further and sent our newly equipped ships to the Barbary coast and told them to “protect our commerce & chastise their insolence – by sinking, burning or destroying their ships & Vessels wherever you shall find them.” Action of war or protection? He wasn’t waiting to be attacked. He took action ahead of time.

Though Jefferson never went for congressional approval, he did keep them informed. The Pasha of Tripoli declared war on the U.S. in 1801. Jefferson sent the U.S. Navy there to protect Americans and American interest, however, he said, “Without the sanction of Congress, to go beyond the line of defense” that Congress alone could authorize “measures of offense also.” What he was saying is that for him to move forward in an “attack” mode, he would need a declaration from Congress.

Wouldn’t he know what the Constitution meant?

Many times in the past “war” or “protective action” has been taken by Presidents on both sides of the aisle. Were they all wrong? Korean War, Vietnam War, and although I wasn’t around, there was the “undeclared” War on France from 1798 to 1800. Just one of 125 more “wars” or “protective actions” that took place.

Though some say bombing Syria was unconstitutional, “The War Powers Resolution of 1973 gives the president the power to commit troops anywhere he likes for 90 days.” Section 2(c) provides that the president’s power to initiate military action is limited to “(1) a declaration of war, (2) specific statutory authorization, or (3) a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.” And it also authorizes the president to introduce military force for up to 90 days for any reason at all. Then he must seek congressional approval to go on!

After 9/11 Congress passed the AUMF (Authorization of Military Force) that allowed Presidents to: “use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.”

This act had no time limits and allowed the President to take action against Afghanistan since they harbored and supported organizations like Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorist groups. Congress updated the act in 2002 and extended the powers under this act to also include removing Saddam Hussein in Iraq and other known supporters of terror.

Bush used these powers over 18 times and President Obama used them 19 times. It has been said that President Obama asked Congress to extend the AUMF to allow him to take action against Syria (even though he stated several times that he didn’t need their approval). Congress refused! He didn’t act. I believe he never had any intentions of going into Syria to help.

Enough with the “legalities” of everything. Let’s get to the “realities.” In 2013 when Obama threatened Bashar al-Assad that if he used chemical weapons there would be consequences. He never really stated what they would be. I guess it was to defriend Assad from his Facebook feed. He did nothing.

Over the years our allies realized under the Obama administration that they could count on zero support nor could they count on Obama coming through for them. Our enemies got used to the fact that they could do just about anything to us or our allies with nothing more than a stern warning from the Obama team. Real effective!

The action President Trump took the other day sent a monumental message.

First, let’s deal with those who said Trump was set up, that Assad didn’t do this, and it was ISIS (or whoever). Let me be clear. I don’t care. Assad has done many things over the last several years that he deserved to be punished for.

Next, think about the fact that as Trump was sitting there with the Chinese president he leaned over to say, we have taken action against Assad for his actions against his people. In one bombing, Trump told China “no more.” We won’t accept your phony islands or your inactivity in getting North Korea to back down.

And then we told Little Kim Jong-Un that he better have deep bomb shelters cause we ain’t going to take it anymore. We told Iran “we know where your plutonium processing plants are” and to stop screwing with our sailors. We told Russia we could now be more flexible, no wait that was Oblamo… We told Russia that we were not sitting it out and letting them run the show anymore.

Most importantly, we told our allies that we are back and engaged and that we were more than willing to help. We told our enemies that we were done allowing them to walk all over us and we reinforced it by presenting a budget that would get our military back to a point where they will have what they need to protect themselves.

Do I care about the Constitution? Yes. Do I care about our position in the world? Yes. Do I care about making America, great and safe again? YES! Do I think this administration will make mistakes like many before them did? Yes.

But frankly since I am not a Constitutional scholar and can only go by what I know and what I read. And since I am completely unaware as to what the administration knows, I would rather err on the side of protecting America and American interests than argue about how much we skirted the Constitution.

Let’s Make America Great Again and keep America safe!

Syria chemical weapons propaganda staged to gain your sympathies

White Helmets April 2017 via Cheri Berens
White Helmets April 2017 via Cheri Berens

Seems around 250 people were kidnapped from a village in a totally different city by al-Qaeda. Locals recognized some of their bodies at the incident site when the video went viral. This is exactly what happened in 2013. Al-Qaeda and Free Syrian Army had kidnapped the children far from the incident site, their bodies brought to al-Ghouta where the alleged chemicals were used. Same M.O.

In 2013: The same bodies of dead kidnapped children were moved to different locations and filmed to make it look like hundreds of children were killed by “chemicals” in 2013. These were faked videos to gain western intervention and to accuse the Syrian Army of atrocities they did not commit. (See photos at CheriBerens)

The same group that made the 2013 propaganda video also makes the fake “rescue” videos for the White Helmets.

Last week: The White Helmets is a propagandist group funded by George Soros and the U.S. State Department under Obama.(a)  Now they are using the same technique to spread similar propaganda through their latest horrendous video.

Similar propaganda, done by the same Islamist Terror group. And Trump seems to have fallen for it.

The Syrian Air Force only conducted an airstrike targeting a terrorist weapons and ammunition warehouse in Khan Sheikhum in Idlib province. The warehouse was also being used as a “workshop” for the production of land mines stuffed with poisonous substances.

The warehouse contained poisonous substances that were also used by militants in Aleppo, which caused the same symptoms as the victims in Khan Sheikhun.

The non-stop Russia/Putin propaganda we have seen since Trump was elected, for four straight months, was a way of preventing Trump from talking to Putin. Trump was put on the defense and was therefore blocked from having any constructive dialogue; and thereby, denied the truth about events in Syria.

The fact that Trump bought this latest propaganda says to me, that our Intel people are lying to him.

Syrian and Russian forces having been winning the battle against the Islamist terrorists since last October. They removed al-Qaeda and ISIS from Aleppo in December; and, in recent weeks have been removing them from Damascus. They’ve been making great strides in Rakka, and also in Hama. They expelled ISIS from Palmyra.

Nine different terrorist groups have recently joined al-Qaeda to create a massive terrorist force. But even that Islamist army has been losing territory over the last several weeks. Guess where this new al-Qaeda army has their headquarters? In the same city where the Syrian Air Force pinpoint targeted and hit their weapons warehouse and where they had their “workshop” to make landmines and other weapons using those poisonous chemicals.

The Syrian Air Force pinpoint targeted a terrorist weapons warehouse. They did not target civilians. Nor use chemical weapons.

Don’t forget who started the conflict in Syria. It is extremely important to know the details of who is behind the propaganda and the actual killing of Syrian people.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood formed the Free Syrian Army in 2011 and the fighting began. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood wanted Islamic Law enforced in Syria and needed to take down the government in order to do so.

In 2013, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was being driven out of Egypt after a failed attempt to force Islamic Law on the Egyptian people. After their expulsion, the Egyptian Brotherhood then rallied with the Syrian Brotherhood to intensify the removal of the Syrian government in order to replace it with an Islamic one. At the time, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood were also working closely with al-Qaeda in Iraq with a future goal of forming an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. (1)

​In 2011, the Free Syrian Army had formed two initial brigades: the Farouq and the Khalid ibn Walid. The ibn Walid brigade was funded and armed by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The Farouq brigade consisted of Salafists (Saudi Arabian Wahhabists), who were armed and funded by Saudi Arabia and were affiliates of al-Qaeda.

From the beginning, the Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda worked together in many of their attacks on civilians in their attempt to take control of various cities and towns in Syria.(2) In this way they expanded their territory as they’d takeover an entire town or part of a major city.

But in 2013, the Syrian Armed Forces were winning the battle against the terrorist takeover: they had the full backing of the Syrian people and many thousands of Syrians, male and female, Christian, Druze and Alewite, joined the Armed Forces. So in order to reverse this, the terrorists needed an “intervention” that would support their Islamist armies inside Syria. So they created the faked images of children, allegedly killed by chemicals, in August 2013.

These videos were created by members of the Free Syrian Army. The children were not killed in al-Gouta, a suburb of Damascus, and which was held by the “Free Syrian Army” and al-Qaeda.

The children had been kidnapped from an Alewite village far from al-Ghouta by the Free Syrian Army. They were raped and sodomized, then transported to terrorist-held al-Gouta where they were killed and could be filmed for the propaganda video to outrage Americans and to fake them into supporting the “Free Syrian Army”.

The Free Syrian Army’s Farouq brigade, the Salafi group funded by Saudi Arabia and who are an al-Qaeda affiliate, was extremely knowledgeable regarding media and social networking. The group also had experts who produced videos for the television networks of Qatar (al-Jazeera) and Saudi Arabia (al-Arabiya). Their film crews were skilled at creating fake “docu-dramas” for Qatar, which were used as “real films” for propaganda against Israel and the West. They also are the ones responsible for creating the fake films for the “rebels” accusing the Syrian Army of using chemicals in 2013.

The UN investigated and reported that it was likely that it was the “rebels” (the so-called “opposition”), that used the chemicals. In fact, the UN confirmed that chemical weapons were used on the (real) Syrian Army on several occasions. Also, a UN weapons inspector said the accusations that the Obama administration had made could not possibly be true. (3)

Was Trump not shown truthful Intel?

One thing is more clear. Western media no longer does investigative reporting. Additionally, western media only reports a specific agenda, one that will never report the truth even if it’s given to them.




For White Helmets:

Racism, sexism, ableism, and classism running rampant!


The University of Oklahoma is defending its decision to offer students in greek life a series of “unlearning” workshops on topics such as racism, sexism, ableism, and classism.

OU Student Affairs, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and the Center for Social Justice are jointly sponsoring “Unlearning: Workshops for the Greek Community,” the first of which is scheduled to take place Friday, with seven additional sessions throughout April..

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Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise on college campuses!


“On college campuses, Jewish students have often been subjected to severely intolerant behavior: actions that target them for harm and deprive them of their freedom of expression, as well as hateful speech and imagery that threaten violence against them or portray them as worthy of harm,” AMCHA director Tammi Rossman-Benjamin said in a press release. “In the current climate of increasing polarization and acts of extreme intolerance, we believe that Jewish students, and all students, will be best served when university administrators treat anti-Semitism and other acts of bigotry as forms of intolerant behavior that must be addressed with a single behavioral standard applied equitably to all forms of intolerance.”…

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Just a friendly reminder… God is in control

Hope, God Is In Control
Hope, God Is In Control

We are living in very uncertain times. The past few days have been very tense, whether on social media forums or out here in real life. A world war is one possible outcome that could be on the horizon. But with this article, which normally I do not write about, I want to remind people that God is in control.

President Trump made an unexpected, but much needed move, sending a message to the radical Islamic world. People are concerned war could happen and more lives could be lost. Tensions, even between people of similar parties, are divided on what recently happened. Governments have their own agendas whether or not it will benefit the people or will simply fit their agenda one thing is for sure, God does see all.

Now, I am far from a Torah expert, or any kind of expert in religion, but I do believe in God, the God of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as any Jew would. I know He is watching and helping in His own way. Yes, bad things happen to innocents, children, women, etc. but that does not mean God is not intervening. Even in the darkest of times good came out of it because there was a glimpse of light and hope.

All I am asking is this, let’s clear our heads. We need to stay unified. Remember, no matter who the leadership of any country is, there is a powerful God who is the King of the Universe watching everything. In the end, the people of faith who believe in God, no matter the faith, who love their neighbors as themselves, will triumph in the end.

Ethics complaint against Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff: Will he step down?


On Thursday, Freedom Watch announced that it had filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.  Citing the U.S. House of Representatives “Code of Ethics for Government Service,” the group accused Schiff of having knowledge of and seeking to cover up “widespread crimes, multitudes of felonies, of warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens within the domestic United States for partisan political purposes and partisan advantage, invasion of privacy, and illegal disclosure of classified information.”

The letter to the House ethics committee, which can be seen here, adds:

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Trump STILL for Dangerous than ISIS?


The highly educated people at Harvard still feel that Trump is more Dangerous than ISIS. Let that sink in. They pay all that money to be made sooooo Dull!

Harvard University. The name is synonymous with the academic elite, but the video below may have you rethinking your opinion of the esteemed institution.
America’s unfortunate liberal revolution has been fomenting in recent months, with college campuses acting as a potent petrie dish for the leftist dissent. Colleges across the nation have been rife with progressive thoughts, ideals, and policies, stemming from the hive mind of the millennial generation. These young people have completely acquiesced their opinion to the left, believing that former President Barack Obama was a deity in man’s form, and that the corrupt Hillary Clinton was somehow the heir apparent to his throne

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CA Is Heading Due Left and You Are Paying For It


The 2016 election is in the books.  President Trump won the vote that counts – the Electoral College vote.  California went for Hillary and its governing politicians are fighting Trump tooth and nail. Indeed, rather than adjust to the rest of the nation, California is headed due left.  Below is a list of just how far Left it is headed and how you – yes, you – are paying for it.

Before we get to the list, we should note how uniquely Left California really is.  Plainly stated, of all the large states in America that regularly cast their Electoral College votes for Democrats, California is by far the most lopsided to the Left.

Washington State votes Democrat each Presidential Election – but it has no income tax.  That is certainly a policy of the Right not the Left.  Oregon reliably votes Left as well – but it regularly lands in the top 20% of states as a place to do business.

Even New York, quite the liberal state in most people’s eyes, is downright balanced compared to California. Not only is there a Conservative Party of New York that matters, the State Legislature is somewhat balanced.  This year, although the Democrats dominate the New York Assembly, working with independent Democrats, according to the New York Times, “has allowed [Republicans] to control the chamber.” Before that, after the 2010 elections, Republicans had outright control of the Senate chamber.

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“Never Again” is happening again in Syria

Crying Angel Statue
Crying Angel Statue

In Syria, once again, a chemical terror attack poured onto the innocents of the country. The sad part about this is, even with video proof, many are ignoring the human responsibility to intervene and “Never Again” has lost it’s meaning. Whether the attack was conducted by Syrian President Assad or ISIS, something needs to be done and it can’t be done by Israel alone, who is calling for chemical weapons to be removed.

I am sick and tired of people calling this terrible cowardly attack from Assad, or who ever it may be from, a false flag. Now I can see why it took a long time for intervention to end the Holocaust, even after 6 million Jews had already been killed. That is where the “Never Again” phrase came from. The non-Jewish world must learn what “Never Again” means to ensure history does not repeat itself.

We are at a point in society where we have the best experts to handle such events and, yet, they are not being used. Genocide is happening all around the world and no one is doing anything about it.

The world has been engulfed in radical Islamic terror and because of the PC culture, innocent Christians, Muslims, and Jews have been victimized because people are afraid to act. Political correctness needs to end now! We need to acknowledge that humanity has an enemy, radical Islam, and it must be dealt with. Round up all the best security experts, find out with certainty who unleashed this heinous attack, and put an end to it. The “Red Line” was crossed when President Obama was in office. And it just happened again. Now is the time to act.

Sadly, “Never Again” has lost it’s meaning because people are afraid of being politically incorrect. Even sadder, the children are the ones who are suffering the most. Nations of the world must come together to once and for all defeat the terror known as radical Islam. Talk is cheap. It is time to act.

Students triggered at Charity dance – Looks like sexual assault!


A fraternity at Washington University in St. Louis has issued an apology after a dance its members performed at a charity event apparently “triggered” some audience members by allegedly replicating sexual assault.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s choreographed dance occurred at a karaoke charity event hosted by campus sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma on March 25. Student Life, the university’s student newspaper, reports some attendees felt “triggered by what they saw as simulations of sexual assault” in the dance.

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Non PC Professor loses his first grant EVER!


Jordan Peterson has a stunningly high “h-index,” a metric for measuring the quality of scientists beyond their publishing count. He taught at Harvard six years.

When he received his last five-year grant for work previously approved by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, a government agency, it was “the largest amount ever awarded to a psychologist,” the National Post reports.

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