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Monday, June 26, 2017

Ho’s Deserve Healthcare Too!


Well now, was this an unintended consequence of Obamacare, or something they took into account as a “public service”?

The linked article refers to “sex workers” as a broad category, but for this example, let’s just focus in on prostitutes.

Prostitution is ILLEGAL. It’s doubtful that a “working girl” is reporting her income and paying appropriate taxes from her illicit job.

So what does that mean in terms of Obamacare? Well, you’re not required to report your employment. And if you don’t have a W-2 (right, like “johns” are really give going to send her a 1099 or W-2) then you must be unemployed and therefore eligible for a subsidy. Great! Now we’re subsidizing prostitution!

I guess that’s a good thing. At least they’ll be able to stay healthy while they continue to break the law.

Now, just take it one step further and think of all the other criminals we’ll be subsidizing healthcare for: drug dealers, thieves, etc. Don’t you feel good about making sure all these folks have the healthcare they’re entitled to?

You can read more about this story here.

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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina ~11/5/13

You will eat your government lunch or go hungry


Don’t send sack lunches with your child to school unless you have a doctor’s note.

So now, parents can’t even decide what their own child should be having for lunch? Does the government (because public schools are government entities) think parents are just too stupid to figure that sort of thing out now?

And what happens, as in this parent’s case, if the child is a picky eater and won’t eat the school lunch? I guess he’ll just have to learn to eat it or go hungry. I’m sure that’s much better than having a sack lunch made by Mom… NOT!

Talk about government overreach. If you don’t stand up now and start fighting back, then get used to it. There will be more to come.

See the actual letter and details by clicking here.

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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/5/13 or 11/6/13

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers are a Sham!


New York City’s new Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to provide “city sponsored” space to help open more Planned Parenthood clinics because so much of NYC is underserved. Forget the fact that 41% o NYC pregnancies end in abortion. Apparently, that’s not enough for Mayor de Blasio.

As if that weren’t bad enough, he also wants to eliminate pro-life pregnancy centers. Why? Because they’re “shams.” He’s planning on introducing legislation to wipe them out, or at least make it harder for them to operate.

Do you think the new Mayor has ever been inside a pro-life center and talked to them to actually SEE what they do firsthand? It’s doubtful considering the fact that he calls them a “sham” and says they do not offer “legitimate healthcare.” So pre and post-abortion counseling is not considered “legitimate healthcare?” Isn’t the mental health and well-being of a woman also a form of healthcare?

Planned Parenthood is quick to provide abortive options, but do they also offer grief counseling to women who may need it afterward? Many women suffer from depression and other post-partum issues. Crisis pregnancy centers offer these services. And while they may not offer abortions, they do explain ALL the options so a woman can make the best choice herself.

Mayor de Blasio’s stance on this issue is frightening. Even more frightening is the fact that he was just elected with a 73% vote! He openly says he’s a “democrat socialist.” He violated travel bans to communist countries when it was illegal. He honeymooned, illegally, in Cuba and supported communist causes in Nicaragua. This is who NYC residents relate to and chose to represent them and their ideals.

You can read more about this story here.

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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/7/13

White Male Club Still Exists in Military


According to a military training manual, the “White Male Club” still exists, complete with privileges and advantages that the other sex and races don’t have.

Not only does it still exist, but white people, especially white males, are in denial about it and continually make excuses for the upper hand that they’ve been dealt. Never mind the fact that they may have actually worked hard and earned whatever achievements they have .

I wish I could tell you that this is simply someone’s opinion, but it’s actually based on excerpts taken from a 637-page training manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) and currently in use on military installations all over the U.S. The manual was sent to a reporter from an instructor in the United States Air Force, so we know for a fact that it’s in use there.

Take a look at the linked article. There are numerous quoted excerpts that will blow your mind. As a white male I’m wondering, when do I get my privilege and advantage?


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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/7/13

A dead man walks into the Social Security office…


So… a dead man walks into the Social Security office to prove he’s alive and should still be receiving benefits. It’s not as easy as you’d think it would be.

They KNOW they’re fraudulently paying $130 million to dead people that they shouldn’t be paying. But the reverse is also happening.

According to the Social Security Administration, at least 750 very alive people each month are accidentally entered into the “Death Master File.” Getting out of the “dead file” is apparently much harder than getting into it.

Now, doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy about the Federal government handling your healthcare?

You can read more about this story here.

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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/6/13

Youth Indoctrination or Neo-Nazi Parent?


Do you feel like your child’s teacher is being biased with a political lesson? Be prepared for name calling, cyber-stalking, and other forms of intimidation if you have the gall to question it.

One parent challenged the teacher’s lesson as being “non objective” and “pre-loaded with incorrect premises.” The principal responded, “I take great offense to what you said.” Oh boy!

The parent felt like the questions should have been neutral but were leading.

The teacher said the lesson is about “non-fiction reading skills”, not politics.

Take a look at the questions and let me know if you think they are about “non-fiction reading skills.” Was the parent right on or did he overreact?

Article used in the assignment from the New York Times.

Assignment questions (and photo credit) posted by the parent on Scribd.

Read more about the story here and here.


Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/6/13

Concealed Carry Mom Banned from School Campus


Does this mom have a history of violence? Did she threaten a teacher or the principal? Nope. She’s an Army veteran. Did she have a dishonorable discharge? Nope. Based on the story, none of those things happened.

So why is she being banned from school grounds? Simply because she posted a photo of her concealed weapons permit on her personal Facebook page. Does that mean ALL parents with concealed weapons permits are now going to banned from elementary school grounds?

Last I checked, owning a concealed weapons permit was legal. Not only is it legal, but you have to pass various safety and background checks to obtain one! So what, exactly, did this woman do to be barred from her child’s school?

Read more about her story here.

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Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/6/13

Zombie Voters


More than 200 dead people have shown up to the polls in New York county elections. Investigators say it isn’t significant enough to warrant fraud, so it is simply human error. Nothing to see here people, move along. Not to worry, of the 6000 registered DEAD voters, only 270 cast their ballot.

Just think, how many people have died for our right to vote? Each of our votes should count and not be watered down by dead voters or clerical errors (as they claim them to be). There are ways to clean the system up, we just need to do it!

You can read more about it here.

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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/5/13

Belgium Considers Euthanasia for Children


In Belgium, euthanasia is legal for people over the age of 18 and now they’re considering extending that same “right” to children!

I don’t even know where to go with this one. But the simple fact that they’re even TALKING about allowing children to decide to end their life is appalling.

And, as if that weren’t enough, they’re also talking about extending the “right to die” to adults with early dementia. Because somoene who’s not in their right mind is able to make a sound decision about whether to continue to live or die? I don’t think so.

You can read more about it here.

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via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/5/13

PETA Uses Drones to Spy on Hunters


PETA launches a drone program to spy on hunters in Massachusetts. Hunting is LEGAL in MA. Nevertheless, they want people to use the drones to watch hunters for illegal activity. Apparently the Game Wardens aren’t doing their job.

Is it legal for people to fly drones over private hunting property? Is it legal for them to harass hunters? Can anyone else see where this could go horribly wrong?

If you’re a hunter and spot a PETA drone covering your activities, I want to hear about it. Submit a photo.

Read more about this story here.

And for those of you who just “have to have one”, here’s the link to PETA along with credit for the photo so that you know what one looks like.

Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 11/4/13

Is There Free Speech in Middle School?


An 8th grade student recently decided to distribute flyers at her local California middle school informing fellow students that male students who identify as females are now allowed to use the girls’ restroom because of the new law AB1266.

She was stopped by a security guard and told to report to the principal’s office. That’s never a good sign!

The principal told her that it was against the law to distribute the flyers. He also told her that her church should be ashamed for telling her to do that. What?

First, she clearly admitted that it was her idea based on what she heard at church.

Second, did that principal just endorse of a religion (in fact ANY religion other than hers)?

He’s an educator shaping young minds, and he took that opportunity to beat up on her religious beliefs and her church. Coming from an authority figure to a young teenager, that sounds pretty intimidating. What kind of lasting impact with that exchange have on that young lady?

Legally, she did have a right to circulate the flyers. From the accounts, there was no hate speech or opinion on the flyer. Simply the facts about the new law that had been enacted.

The principal has since learned the error of his ways and has allowed her to continue the distribution. Hopefully there was an apology somewhere in there for the way he handled the incident.

I hope she isn’t one to cave to intimidation and that she’s learned about the value of both exercising and protecting the 1st Amendment which protected her in this case.

Read more about the story here.

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via The RealSide with Joe Messina 11/1/13

What’s In a Word? And Who Cares Anyway?


 This week, Obama, Sebelius, and Carney, introduced new meanings to words like “Let me make this clear! and “What he really meant was…” and “It’s the Republicans’ fault.”

This reminds me of my teenage years. Like “The dog ate my homework” and “You never said it was due today!” Only in those days, they were called lies. Plain and simple.

The president gave a speech this week in Boston on the day of a World Series game that the Boston Red Sox are playing in. With this president, it’s all about him. His propaganda had to be pushed on a city that had recently suffered a blow at the marathon and was feeling good about coming into a World Series game with an opportunity to win something they hadn’t won in over 80 years.

The speech from Boston talked about what a success the Obamacare roll-out was (insert cricket sounds here). Seriously? If by “success” he meant the roll-out of a website built to gather information and allow people to sign up for “affordable health care” where 90+% of the people attempting to sign onto it could do nothing, and I mean truly nothing! (Yes, actual use of the word with true meaning.) They filled in information for hours only to get an error message that their information would not be accepted. Many users stated that even when they entered their date of birth in the proper field it was rejected no matter how they entered it, and that there was no example format, i.e “Date of Birth: 01/01/50 or 01/01/1950”.

And yet the president still said, “many of the glitches had been worked out and many people were having no real issues.” Sure they have.

The president stated a few facts about people that signed up for health care and saved “lots of money” only to find out later that at the time he made the speech just under 50,000 people have “signed up.” Come to find out, “signed up” actually meant “registered” to use the site. Most people thought the president meant the folks were signed up for their healthcare. I have registered on many web sites for information without signing up for the product or services. There is a difference.

The president said many have already saved or found out they will be saving thousands on their plans. Sadly, that’s because they are losing their plans and will pay the $95.00 penalty collected by the IRS through their refunds. What if they don’t get a refund? I guess they’ll just have to write a check.

Many of those who were able to use the site, find a plan, and sign up were greeted with a final screen that said something like: Congratulations you qualify for XYZ plan, please call this number 800-###-#### with the registration/confirmation number on the top of this page.

There are two problems here; in almost every case, the registration/confirmation area was blank and the 800 number provided went to a cupcake shop and deli in New York. Well, finally something I could sink my teeth into!

The president said this would be the most open and transparent administration in history. Yet, it seems to literally take an act of congress to get anyone from his cabinet or staff to come and testify. When they do, in half the cases, they plead the fifth. The other half of the time, they speak with disdain and in a condescending tone.

Queue up Kathleen Sibelius who was recently asked to testify in front of congress. At first she refused. But why? What was there to hide? Is there some kind of national security issue on the Obamacare web site? Isn’t she part of the most transparent and open administration ever?

When she finally did testify, simple questions like “who was responsible for testing the web site” were responded with “I am not sure of the exact person.” Apparently this means, I have no clue if it was even tested. When asked, “Did you know of the issues CGI had with the other projects it did?” she replied, “I am sure they met the bid requirements.” Let me translate that for you, that meant “NO!”

When asked point-blank about security of personal information Sebelius replied, “testing occurs regularly” yet she told the congressman she would get back to him on whether any end-to-end security test of the entire system has ever occurred. The congressman produced a department memo from her own department that stated there have been no such comprehensive security tests and that they were aware days before, because of the sites many issues, they were not even ready to test security.

Jay Carney (in the job that just can’t pay enough) started almost every sentence this week with “what the president meant was…” Apparently when the President says “let me be perfectly clear..” he means “let me use some words that Jay Carney will re-word later to say the things we think you will want to hear so you won’t know what’s going on and be mad at me!”

I will never understand why the president and his team won’t own up to anything. They released the website, period. If he would just say, “we released the site, it’s not quite ready, but we will work it out as you use it” that would go a long way.

But I guess it might be a little harder to be completely honest about some parts. Do you think it would fly if he just said, “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. As we moved forward with the Affordable Care Act we decided that substandard healthcare plans (in our opinion) would not be tolerated. We know what’s best for you. Shut up and pay the fee. Ummm tax. You are going to get this healthcare plan no matter what you say or do. So suck it up, be a good comrade, and, oh yeah, it’s the Republicans’ fault.”

Target Bans the Box


Target is dropping the criminal background question from it’s job applications. It’s great that they want to give people a 2nd chance, but shouldn’t they at least know who they’re hiring? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not someone with a violent criminal or sex offender conviction staffing the dressing rooms. Just because the question is on the application doesn’t mean that there is discrimination. But a company does need to manage it’s liability risks, and it can’t do that without complete information.

As a small business owner, I’ve hired people with a criminal past. They listed it on the application and we had an open discussion about it and the expectations of the job. Each time, they turned out to be wonderful employees. It isn’t the past as much as who they choose to be now. But an employer needs to have the full picture to make an educated decision for the safety of his other employees and patrons.

It’s just common sense if you ask me. What do you think?

You can read more about this story here.

California just made a similar move. Click here to read more about that.

And they aren’t the only ones! Several other states, counties, and cities have done something similar. See more information about the Ban the Box Movement.

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Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 10/31/13

Obama Says He Doesn’t Know


When something goes right in the government Obama is well aware of it, ready to hold a press conference, and often even taking credit for it.

But if something’s going wrong, he knows nothing about it. He’s the captain of our ship. If he doesn’t know, he better find out pretty quick. Real leaders trust their people and can get answers quickly. Why can’t he? Maybe he can, and he just won’t do it.

Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS scandal, NSA. How can he know nothing about these issues that are so important to the American people? And why are we still waiting for information months later?

The American people deserve answers and this Administration’s refusal and/or delays to come before Congress just are a symptom of the real problem. If President Obama wanted to be transparent, he could compel the appointees to testify or easily remove them if they refused. But he doesn’t. So either he’s covering for them, or they’re doing what he told them to do. Either way, it’s not good.

What do you think?

You can read more about the issues here.


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Via the Real Side Radio Show With Joe Messina 10/30/13

Own Up! And Apologize If Needed


Professor David Guth, University of Kansas, tweeted shortly after the Navy yard shooting:

#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.

He was suspended from work because of that tweet.

When asked by a reporter about the tweet in mid-September, he replied “Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet,” he said. “I don’t take it back one bit.”

That stance probably contributed to the suspension.

He’s since apologized and is now returning to work, saying that “some interpreted my tweet differently than it was intended” and “I don’t want anyone’s children hurt. The fact my words were misconstrued is my fault.”

I read the tweet. I’m not sure how anyone could misinterpret that. Either he meant it or he didn’t. In the initial interview, he emphatically said he meant it and had no intention of retracting. I guess the threat of losing his job probably weighed heavily on him.

But to say the tweet was “misconstrued” is just ludicrous. He should have just come out and issued an apology for an inappropriate statement about something he felt very passionate about. But instead, he puts the blame on the reader for misunderstanding his intentions. Shameful.

Be careful what you write. Own up to your statements. And, when necessary, apologize. Nobody’s perfect.

Professor Guth won’t be back in the classroom, at least not this year. He continues to be on administrative duty for now.

This wasn’t the first time he’s lashed out inappropriately. reports “that Guth was also publicly censured by the university on October 8, 2010 for “unprofessional, threatening, and abusive behavior towards another faculty.””

Considering the fact that he’s shaping young minds, let’s hope there isn’t another “incident.”

What do you think? Was this simply his right to free speech? Should he have been suspended or fired or not? Let me hear your thoughts…


You can read more about this story here and get additional background from previous stories here and here.


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Via The Real Side with Joe Messina 10/29/13

Do Students Have Free Speech or Not?


The students were told to write about something that made them angry.

He did that.

He wrote about the football team, the losing season, the coach, and another student (without using any names).

Now he’s suspended for 4 days and off the team for the rest of the season.

Do we have free speech or don’t we? And does it extend to minors?

It was a writing assignment for his composition class. The teacher asked him to read it out loud, otherwise, no one other than the teacher would have seen it. There were no threats. No mention of violence or retaliation. Just sincere expression of frustration.

The school said his poem was “harassment” and “hazing” against the coach and another student (who happened to be the coach’s son).

The superintendent has since overturned the suspension and removal from the team.

Take a look at the text of the poem and let me know what you think. Harassment or not?

For more details on the story, click here.

To read the poem, click here.


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Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 10/28/13


Do Some Costumes Go Too Far?


In 2007 the manufacturer of the “Anna Rexia” costume discontinued production due to negative press. It surfaced again in 2011 but was pulled by the stores selling it.

Well, it’s back again this year.

Anorexia is a serious, life-threatening eating disorder. Some are outraged and consider it to be insensitive and inappropriate. Others say it’s ok to poke fun at something like this. Because, after all, Halloween is all about shock and awe, dark humor, and all things taboo.

What do you think?

Read more about it here and see a photo of the costume here.


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Via The Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 10/28/13

Are Smart Phones Making Us Dumb?


How is it that people are more likely to record an assault on their cell phone than to use that phone to call the police and report it?

What is wrong with people? We have serious problems when someone sees another person being assaulted and thinks the right thing to do is record it rather than call for help.

And it seems to be more than just eliciting really bad judgement, picture this… there’s a guy waving his gun around on a train and nobody notices because they were all in their own little worlds on their smart devices. People finally notice when the gunman shoots a random passenger in the back of the head. I’m not making this up. It really happened.

Are people really so self-absorbed that they don’t even notice something bad about to happen right in front of them?

Put down the cell phone and the iPad and pull the ear buds out of your ears. We need to reengage with society and start paying attention. Maybe then we can figure out why it is that most people won’t go out of their way to help other human beings.

Read more about these reports by clicking here.


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Via the Real Side Radio Show with Joe Messina 10/28/13

Teach your Children well?


From a young age and throughout the years I have heard people say, “teach your children well, you don’t want to raise little monsters, do you?”

These and other comments were about molding and shaping children at an early age. The Bible says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” I guess it’s all about training our children, right? Right!

In Germany, Hitler knew this to be paramount to his success in being the “supreme ruler,” dictator, and “Grand PooBah” so much so that he dictated what would be taught in every school and changed the curriculum to reflect the superiority of the Arian race and people.

At the age of 10 they were grouped by age and taught “German Patriotism”. No big deal right? They were molded and shaped until they were 18 and then inducted into the German Army. After the age of 10 they were not allowed to engage in any outside activities aside from their “group.” They were taught good work habits and ethics, and the learning day had much to do with the great Leader known as Hitler and the Nazi party (socialist).

These kids became so loyal to Hitler and the party that they would turn in their own parents for any anti Hitler or anti-party comments. Party indoctrination was so deep that when Hitler declared the Jews were the cause of the German woes, it was not hard to get the Hitler youth to turn on them. You don’t kill that many people, the way they were killed, without brainwashing the youth. They grew into soldiers that carried out the party’s orders without question because they trusted their leader.

Now, let’s look at today. We have education being more and more dictated by liberal America. Many elementary and high school texts have rewritten history to twist the things we hold sacred into something wrong and inhumane.

Recently an elementary school district taught and tested the kids on the evil conqueror, Christopher Columbus, and the millions of Indians (yes, millions) that he and his people slaughtered. If that’s true, why do we “celebrate” Thanksgiving? (That’s just wrong on so many levels.) The curriculum went on to ask the kids what questions they would ask him at his trial.

Textbooks are being changed to down play the Judeo/Christian influence on this nation’s history. Some history books emphasize that our forefathers came her to get away from religion, rather than the actual fact that they came here to practice their own religion and worship God the way they chose.

I guess, based on these new history books, the Pilgrims must have been very confused because they had the first Thanksgiving to actually offer thanks to the Almighty (not mother earth) for all He had given them.

Jefferson must have also been very confused because he used the congressional meeting house to have Sunday service, government paid and maintained, with the Marine Band playing hymns in the government building!

Now, our elementary school kids are learning about how bad these men were because they owned slaves. They had their faults, and it’s appropriate to teach about the wrongs of slavery, but not to the exclusion of the rest of the story. How about teaching our kids about the selfless dedication they had to the freedom of the American people and that what they sacrificed was much more than a new iPod or Sunday football game?

Then there are our institutions of higher learning that seem to teach more about sexual pleasure and how to get as much from the government as possible than they teach about, science, math, and technology, as evidenced by our drop in world standing in these areas.

Numerous college campuses now have “Sex Week.” Many liberals justify this by saying it’s just “part of the college experience” and it helps the kids to blow off a little steam. I highly doubt that Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Jonas Salk would attribute their genius to their pursuit of sex and sexual knowledge in college! More and more colleges have what boils down to “how to have better sex” classes, complete with visual aids, presentations, and nothing left to the imagination. One college provides an introductory comic book to incoming freshmen to help them exploring their “erotic self” and even their “homosexual self.” Really? What if I have no homosexual self or can’t find it. Do I fail?

Politically, students on campuses are being encouraged to embrace communism and socialism and shun conservative values, speakers and teachers.

We are becoming the laughing stock of the world, with our failed economic policies, our mismanaged healthcare law and rollout, and our failing school systems.

Hitler’s lesson was on target. If you get the youth, you have the country. In other words, he trained the youth in the way he wanted them to go and eventually had total control.

Today the progressive left is training up the youth in the way they want to see this country grow and have they’ve been doing so for many years. Take a look around at what’s happening to in our country.

We are seeing the fruits of their efforts now. And we are in a heap of hurt as a nation and a people.

Teacher Fired for Violating Catholic Morals Code


A teacher at a Catholic school in Arkansas was fired for violating the morals code of her employment contract when she married her lesbian partner.

Discrimination? Nope, it’s not discrimination in a religious institution, it’s what they believe, teach, and live by.

The school was up front about their requirements. The morals code requires that staff abide by the Catholic church’s lifestyle teachings. Period.

Teacher, Tippi McCullough, signed a contract saying she would abide by their moral code. Now she’s calling for the school to adopt nondiscriminatory employment practices and is asking for an apology.

An apology? For following the teachings of their foundational belief system? For upholding the contract that she broke?

The school graciously offered her a “glowing recommendation” and gave her the opportunity to resign. It appears that she did not go willingly and instead made the choice to be fired.

She voluntarily signed that legally binding document agreeing to live by Catholic moral teachings. Did she lie? She gave her word with that signature, does her word not mean anything?

Read more about this story here.


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Via The Real Side with Joe Messina 10/25/13