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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mattis says NO MORE!



North Korea has recently launched two ballistic missiles over Japan before sending them plunging into the Pacific Ocean. Many, including myself, have wondered why hasn’t the US shot these missiles down and that question was posed to Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis.

He said those missiles although they flew over northern Japan, were high enough not to be an immediate threat. Then he did say that the US is prepared to shoot down any missile they deem poses a threat to the US, out territories, namely Guam, and our allies, namely Japan.

These comments were made while President Donald Trump was ready to address the United Nations General Assembly and discuss the threat of North Korea to the entire world.

The U.S. military is ready to take action against missiles from North Korea that pose a threat to America or its allies, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said.

North Korea has fired two missiles over Japan in the past month, both of which landed in the Pacific Ocean beyond the northern island of Hokkaido. Leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to fire missiles into waters near Guam, home to U.S. military bases in the Pacific.

“Those missiles are not directly threatening any of us,” Mattis said Monday when asked why the military didn’t shoot them down. “The bottom line is that, when the missiles — were they to be a threat, whether it be to U.S. territory, Guam, obviously Japan — Japan’s territory, that would elicit a different response from us,” he said…

Mattis has more discretion than I do as I would have shot down every North Korean missile test the moment it left North Korean airspace. Shooting all of them down as soon as possible would accomplish two things – it would have prevented North Korea from knowing if their missile tests were successful and it would have demonstrated our capability and resolve to stop North Korea.

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Berkeley Professors push Free Speech Boycott!!


Citing the threat to the student body’s “physical and mental safety,” 177 professors at the University of California, Berkeley, have signed an open letter calling for a boycott of the campus’ so-called “Free Speech Week.

The speakers scheduled for the week—from Sept. 24 to 27— reportedly include Milo Yiannopoulos, Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter.

The San Francisco Chronicle described the event as “four days of rallies and speeches.”

The report said that—even without the boycott—it is unclear if the event will go through. Organizers did not pay for the facilities, the report said. The price tag for such an event is expected to be exorbitant. It cost $600,000 to secure a recent speech by conservative Ben Shapiro.

The letter from the professors said the event forces some students to risk their “physical and mental safety in order to attend class.”

A spokesman for the school told the paper that faculty members can decide where or when to teach their classes.

The Daily Californian, the student newspaper, reported that only five professors who teach STEM courses on campus signed the letter.

Michael Cohen, a co-author of the letter, said the amount of STEM professors on the letter does not show any differences of opinions. The letter was released last week, and they could still join. He told the paper that the humanities buildings are near where these protests often take place.

Kristie Boering, a chemistry professor, told the student paper that she plans on holding her class as planned.

“I have a job to do,” she said.

Comments were raw and fast!

Unicorn Walker says:
UC Berkeley is mentally abusing its students by stoking irrational fears of ideas and thought. The school cares so much about the mental health of its students it will pass out chalk, coloring books, therapeutic puppies, give excused absences from classes, and offer psychological counseling before and after a student hears scary words. However, they harm these same students by rendering them incapable of analytical thought by trapping them in a bubble.

BuffaloeBonzai states:
Teach the subjects and keep your politics to yourself. Looking forward to attending free speech rallies at Berkeley where the free speech movement began and is obviously ending. Allow students to make up their own minds through critical thinking which the U.C. system stopped teaching many years ago.

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Big Government Is The Faith For People Who Lost Their Religion


With the setting of the sun, this coming Wednesday (9/20) through Sunday, Jews across the world will begin the observance of the “Yomim Noraim “(Days of Awe), a ten-day period that is book-ended by the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. What most people don’t realize (and what liberal Jews will not accept), The theme of the High Holidays is antithetical to the big government principals of liberalism and progressivism. So are the principals of other religions. One might say that big government is the faith for people who have lost their religion.

The Jewish High Holidays are all about personal responsibility. All the prayers and readings are just tools to help us look inward, formulate a personal accounting of our deeds over the past year, good and bad, and to understand what we have learned or need to learn to correct.

Even the method of atoning for our sins goes against progressive values. Jews are taught that our Maker is not a big massive government that will fix everything for us. For earthly type mistakes, we must first approach the people we harmed to request forgiveness and if necessary, make restitution to them. Then we must discover what led us to behave that way and correct the flaw catalyzing such behavior. Only then can we approach God for absolution.

It’s not that God cannot fix everything but his direct involvement would destroy the delicate balance he set up during creation.

The creation narrative in the book of Genesis explains that man is created in God’s image. With those words, the Torah is not teaching us that we are all dead ringers for the “big guy upstairs.” If that were the case, everyone’s driver’s license would have the same picture, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue would seem a bit creepy, and crimes would go unsolved due to the fact that eyewitness testimony would be useless, and everyone would have the same DNA.

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Gender quotas on college panels?


College imposes gender quotas on conference panels to prevent ‘sausage fests’Why not race and class quotas too?

In an effort to enforce diversity and inclusion, George Washington University’s international affairs school will no longer permit any “multi-speaker event” that does not meet a female quota, even if attempts are made to ensure women participate.

“For any panel, symposium, or multi-speaker event (3 or more speakers) held at the Elliott School, there should be no single-gender discussion panels,” Elliott School Dean Reuben Brigety wrote in an email to faculty and staff.

“If a panel consists of a single-gender [sic], please ensure that the moderator is of a different gender,” said Brigety (below), adding: “Non-adherence to this policy could result in cancellation of the event.” Its stated effective date was July 1.

The directive has outraged one professor who, despite not teaching in the Elliott School, is considering making a formal complaint to the university, alleging the gender quota violates universitywide policies and gives short shrift to other marginalized groups.

Flies in the face of academic freedom’

The College Fix obtained Brigety’s message from GWU Law Prof. John Banzhaf, who explained his disdain for the policy – which he deems is designed to ban “sausage fests” – even though it doesn’t affect the law school.

GWU’s Policy on Equal Opportunity states that the university “does not unlawfully discriminate against any person on any basis prohibited by federal law, the District of Columbia Human Rights Act, or other applicable law, including without limitation, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.”

It covers “all programs, services, policies, and procedures” at GWU.

“The equal opportunities policy also refers to discrimination based upon factors such as race and national origin,” Banzhaf (below) told The Fix in an email:

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Happy Constitution Day!


The U.S. Constitution established America’s national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens. It was signed on September 17, 1787, by delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, presided over by George Washington. Under America’s first governing document, the Articles of Confederation, the national government was weak and states operated like independent countries. At the 1787 convention, delegates devised a plan for a stronger federal government with three branches–executive, legislative and judicial–along with a system of checks and balances to ensure no single branch would have too much power. The Bill of Rights–10 amendments guaranteeing basic individual protections such as freedom of speech and religion–became part of the Constitution in 1791. To date, there have been a total of 27 constitutional amendments.

America’s first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was ratified in 1781, a time when the nation was a loose confederation of states, each operating like independent countries. The national government was comprised of a single legislature, the Congress of the Confederation; there was no president or judicial branch. The Articles of Confederation gave Congress the power to govern foreign affairs, conduct war and regulate currency; however, in reality these powers were sharply limited because Congress had no authority to enforce its requests to the states for money or troops.

Soon after America won its independence from Great Britain with its 1783 victory in the American Revolution, it became increasingly evident that the young republic needed a stronger central government in order to remain stable. In 1786, Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804), a lawyer and politician from New York, called for a constitutional convention to discuss the matter. The Confederation Congress, which in February 1787 endorsed the idea, invited all 13 states to send delegates to a meeting in Philadelphia.

On May 25, 1787, the Constitutional Convention opened in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania State House, now known as Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence had been adopted 11 years earlier. There were 55 delegates in attendance, representing all 13 states except Rhode Island, which refused to send representatives because it did not want a powerful central government interfering in its economic business. George Washington, who’d become a national hero after leading the Continental Army to victory during the American Revolution, was selected as president of the convention by unanimous vote.

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ESPN – not interested in equality! at ALL!


ESPN Suspended Linda Cohn, Let Jemele Hill Slide.

Last night Outkick broke the news that Linda Cohn, one of the most respected women to ever work at ESPN and the person who has hosted more SportsCenters over the past 25 years than any other current employee, was called and told by ESPN president John Skipper not to come to work after she went on the radio in New York City this past April and said as follows:

“They definitely overpaid for many of these products, whether it’s the NBA or starting up networks like the Pac-12 Network and SEC Network,” she said on WABC’s “Bernie and Sid Show.” “It’s well documented … They [also] did not see that they would lose all these subscribers [to competitors like Netflix.]

But it was more than just that. Politics played a part, as did the network’s move away from strictly covering sports.

I felt that the old school viewers were put in a corner and not appreciated with all these other changes. And they forgot their core. You can never forget your core and be grateful for your core group.” 

As comments go, virtually no one could disagree with any of what she said. ESPN did overpay for the NBA and other sports rights, it’s why they are firing hundreds of employees. And ESPN’s ratings have definitely plummeted over the past couple of years at the same time that they have lost over 13 million cable subscribers. Studies have clearly shown that conservatives have felt alienated by ESPN’s leftward turn and have abandoned the network in droves as well.

Everything that Cohn said was supported by ample data.

But her opinion still wasn’t acceptable to ESPN’s bosses, who have been arguing, and losing the public battle, that ESPN hasn’t adopted a left wing mantra.

According to multiple sources inside ESPN — Cohn declined comment when reached by Outkick — ESPN president John Skipper called Cohn and screamed at her for having the gall to share her opinion in public and told her to stay at home instead of coming to work that weekend. Why was Cohn to stay at home? So, according to an irate John Skipper, she could have time to think about what she had said.

When Outkick reached out to ESPN seeking comment on the Cohn story, ESPN’s PR staff refused to explain anything about the decision, responding via email: “The last time we responded with an explanation, you called us liars.”

Word of Linda Cohn’s suspension raced through ESPN’s corridors with many employees furious over Skipper’s treatment of the longtime legend at the network. Especially when so many at ESPN disagreed with the direction of the network in general and felt compelled to keep their mouths shut lest they also say something that angered their bosses.

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California seems to have a love for Sex Offenders and other criminals!


The LA Times is reporting that after an emotional debate, state lawmakers on Saturday gave final legislative approval to a controversial bill that would end the lifetime listing of many convicted sex offenders on a public registry in California.

The bill, which was shelved then revived, was sent to the governor on the last day of the legislative session with Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego) calling it one of the most difficult votes she has cast.

“It’s not an easy thing to do, but sometimes we have to make hard votes,” Gonzalez Fletcher told her colleagues, adding that being a mom made it difficult to change a system aimed at tracking rapists and child molesters.

The measure by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) would allow, starting in 2021, for the names of those who committed lower-level, nonviolent sex crimes or who are judged to be low risks to re-offend to be removed from the registry after 10 or 20 years, depending on the crime. The offender must petition the local district attorney for a review.

Wiener called his bill “a long overdue reform of California’s broken sex offender registry.”

Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign the bill.

“SB 384 proposes thoughtful and balanced reforms that allow prosecutors and law enforcement to focus their resources on tracking sex offenders who pose a real risk to public safety, rather than burying officers in paperwork that has little public benefit,” said Ali Bay, a spokeswoman for the governor.

Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey sought the change because the current registry has grown to a difficult-to-manage 105,000 people, which reduces its value to law enforcement trying to solve sex crimes by checking those on the list.

Because the registry is public, it also punishes people who have not committed new crimes for decades, including some who engaged in consensual sex, bill supporters argued.

“The only other states that still use this Draconian, outdated, ineffective law are Alabama, South Carolina and Florida,” Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) said during the floor debate.

The Assembly vote Friday was 42-22, with most Republicans, including Melissa Melendez of Lake Elsinore, voting against the bill.

Melendez objected to some of the crimes that would put offenders on a second tier, eligible for removal from the list after 20 years, which include rape by deception and lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under 14.

“We put so many children at risk if we do this,” Melendez told her colleagues.

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Obama spending Million AGAIN of your money!


The taxpayer tab for former President Barack Obama’s travel during two terms in office keeps climbing, according to new records obtained by Judicial Watch.

The conservative foundation announcedThursday that the total for security, airfare, hotels, and motorcades for the Obamas’ trips stands at $105,662,975.27.

Judicial Watch received additional documentation of costs from Freedom of Information Act lawsuits the group filed against the Department of Homeland Security. The tab for the trips has increased more than $5 million since the group reported on Obama’s travel costs in May.

New documents reveal Obama’s campaign rally with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cost over $271,000. The rally in Florida just before Clinton lost the election cost $150,530.99 for hotels; $103,526.96 for airfare and train tickets; $11,588.76 for car rentals; and $5,829 for equipment.

Michelle Obama also appeared at a rally in North Carolina with Clinton, though her appearance cost much cheaper at $26,502.

Judicial Watch also received documents regarding Clinton’s Secret Service protection for three weeks on the campaign trail in 2015. Between April 11 and May 6, 2015, car rentals, airfare, and travel vouchers for security cost $350,237.

Judicial Watch is also keeping track of President Donald Trump’s travel costs, which stand at $4,082,427.71. The majority of costs stem from Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago in February and March, which cost over $3.6 million.

Obama spent $13,207,871.88 per year, according to Judicial Watch’s total documentation received thus far.

“It is troubling to see such massive amounts of money paid out for trips that appear to have minimal value to the public interest,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “And it is frustrating to have to file multiple FOIA lawsuits and engage in long-running court battles to get basic information about the costs of presidential travel.”

I watch the FB warriors in a constant state of “horror” over the amount of money is being spent to protect the current president HOWEVER they never seemed to mind when the Oblamos went on separate vacations and took along 21 of Mrs Obalmos closest friends AKA “assistent” !

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School says “You better not buy any toy guns for your kids”


Milwaukee schools lecture parents: ‘Refrain from purchasing BB guns or toy guns’

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Milwaukee Public Schools is struggling to control students with its current race-based student discipline policies, so it’s offering unsolicited advice to parents to

MPS officials sent a letter home to parents last week as part of a new “See It, Say It” school safety campaign for 2017-18 that asks them to take special precautions to ensure students don’t bring guns or other weapons to class.

“Our intent is to prevent any weapons from coming into our schools. To achieve this, we are launching a new district-wide campaign called, See It, Say It,” the letter read. “Parents and students are key members of the See It, Say It campaign.”

The letter explains that all students are expected to report “anything that makes them feel unsafe,” and are tasked with identifying two school staff they trust to confide in, referred to as their “Trusted Two.”

It also asks parents to participate in the program in a variety of ways.

“Review the See It, Say It pledge with your child(ren) and return it to school,” the letter reads

“Review the school’s Code of Conduct with your child(ren) to make sure they understand the rules about weapons and refrain from purchasing BB guns or toy guns.”

The letter follows a flood of criticism – from students, parents, union officials, teachers and school staff – about a sharp rise in violence in Milwaukee classrooms tied to new school discipline policies promoted by the Obama administration.

Obama’s Department of Education pressured Milwaukee and numerous other urban school districts in recent years to address a “disparate impact” of school discipline policies that contribute to a “disproportionate” percentage of minority student suspensions. As a result, many districts including Milwaukee Public Schools have shifted to a “restorative justice” model for disciplining troublesome students that essentially replaces suspensions with talking circles, counseling sessions and other less severe punishments.

The situation has left students with the correct impression that they’re immune from real punishment, and contributed to widespread chaos in the classroom by ensuring dangerous students remain at school despite their bad behavior.

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Need a “Brave Space?”

Financial success businessman with money, pop art retro comic book illustration. Lottery and cash prize

Harvard pays students to host ‘brave spaces’ for social justice

Harvard University is paying students to facilitate “brave spaces” on “social justice, diversity, and inclusion issues” at the elite institution.

According to a job posting on the school’s website, the university is looking to hire 20 “Diversity Peer Educators” (DPEs), who will be paid $11 per hour to commit to a year-long program for hosting “peer-to-peer dialogues that address a wide range of social justice, diversity, and inclusion issues and topics.”

Created by the Harvard Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (OEDI), the program vows to benefit the university by “fostering brave spaces across campus” where students can “advocate” and “amplify the voices that need to be heard.”

“We believe that every student should have a stake in creating a community to which they have a right to belong,” the website for the program notes.

Successful applicants will attend weekly trainings and staff meetings, and must commit to at least four-to-six hours of work per week in the DPE office alongside their supervisors, who will be Harvard administrators.

While no experience with social justice work is required, applicants must be able to “articulate social justice, diversity, and inclusion issues” while keeping “abreast of current events on campus and the general campus climate.”

Upon completion of their training, students will be dispatched to facilitate events and discussions on various social justice issues.

For example, when OEDI opens its satellite office in Grays, a freshman dorm, peer educators will be required to work at least two “night shifts” per month to promote social justice to their freshmen peers.

While it is unclear when Harvard began paying DPEs, the program has existed since at least the fall of 2016. In previous years, peer educators have hosted events on issues such as “Understanding Safe Spaces,” “Homophobia and Heteronormativity,” and “Oppression in the Classroom.”

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Who did Rice really unmask?

UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, Testifies House Committee
UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, Testifies House Committee

Former national security adviser Susan Rice told House investigators that she internally unmasked the identities of senior Trump officials in order to understand why the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates was in New York late last year, CNN reports.

Last December, the crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan, met with three transition team members in Trump Tower: Michael Flynn, President Trump’s first national security adviser; the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner; and chief strategist Stephen Bannon, multiple sources told CNN.

The UAE failed to inform the Obama administration that Zayed was coming to the United States, a contravention of typical diplomatic courtesy that left the Obama White House concerned it had been misled

Rice told House Intelligence Committee investigators that she requested to know the names of the Americans mentioned in the classified report of the crown prince’s visit — a practice known as “unmasking” that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say is common.

Rice has been at the center of the controversy over unmasking.

Normally, when government officials receive intelligence reports, the names of American citizens are redacted to protect their privacy. But officials can request that names — listed as “U.S. Person 1,” for example — be unmasked internally in order to give context about the potential value of the intelligence.

Senior officials have the authority to request the unmasking of names if there is a compelling national security reason to do so.

The House panel’s probe has grown to encompass concerns with the practice, which some committee Republicans consider too permissive for senior officials. The Trump administration as well as several Hill Republicans have previously suggested that Rice may have inappropriately sought to reveal the identities of transition team officials.

But several Republican lawmakers who attended the September interview with Rice have said that they have seen no evidence that she acted inappropriately or illegally….

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Sharpton’s in trouble and cant scream “Racism”!


Oops: Sharpton’s Daughter Arrested, Al Takes 1 Look and Knows He Can’t Cry “Racism”

Al Sharpton, I’m going to assume, loves his family. He also loves telling America whenever some controversy arises between the criminal justice system and an African-American individual (or a group of African-American individuals) that its genesis must spring from America’s intrinsic racism.

So, when Sharpton’s daughter was arrested by police in New York City for attacking a cabbie, it would seem like a perfect opportunity for Rev. Al’s patented shenanigans. However, you’ll notice that the good reverend has been staying awfully quiet over this one.

Why? Well, he took one look at the cabbie and noticed he was black, too

According to the New York Post, cabbie Georges Coly “is so shaken up from the ordeal he broke down in tears outside his Bronx home Saturday.”

The incident happened after Ashley Sharpton’s 30th birthday party. As Coly picked the party up about 1 a.m. Saturday outside of a club in Hell’s Kitchen, he noticed that five people were trying to get into his cab — one more than the handicap-accessible minivan could hold

“I said ‘No, only four people,’ and they argued with me about it,” Coly said. “They were giving me a hard time.”

That hard time continued as the ride went on, so Coly asked them to get out.

“So I just asked them to take another cab and they refused to leave,” Coly said. They didn’t, and Sharpton took the keys from the ignition and started “shaking (them) in my face saying, ‘I have the keys, I’m not leaving.’”

Sharpton then got out and began walking away.

“I followed her for over a block begging for my keys back and I had to step in front of her and ask,” Coly said. Instead of acquiescing, “she swung at my face and ended up punching me in the chest.”

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Kelly NAILS Gutierrez!


Last week Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-Il) launched a vicious ad hominem attack on White House Chief of Staff Marine Corps General (Ret.) John Kelly.  General Kelly has fired back showing more class than Gutierrez deserves.

After A.G. Sessions announced the President’s decision to cancel his predecessor’s unconstitutional DACA order, Gutierrez struck out at Kelly who supported a DACA-type program when he ran Homeland Security.   Gutierrez said the general  “is a hypocrite who is a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear. He has no honor and should be drummed out of the White House along with the white supremacists…

In an email to Fox News, Kelly responded to the Congressman’s attack by saying Congress did “nothing” to help so-called Dreamers when they had the chance.

“As far as the congressman and other irresponsible members of Congress are concerned, they have the luxury of saying what they want as they do nothing and have almost no responsibility,” Kelly said. “They can call people liars but it would be inappropriate for me to say the same thing back at them. As my blessed mother used to say ‘empty barrels make the most noise.’”
(…) “Every DOJ and DHS lawyer says DACA is unconstitutional. Every other legal scholar – right and left – says the same thing. Trump didn’t end DACA, the law did. That said, I worked and succeeded to give the congress another six months to do something. I am not confident,” he said.
He concluded, “The congressman has a right to his opinion.”

Gutierrez’s outburst displays the fact that he has absolutely no conception of honor. John Kelly served with distinction over 35 years in the Marines seeing action in both Iraq wars. His Marine assignments included commanding Marines in the invasion of Iraq and in two bloody operational tours fighting al Qaeda in Iraq’s Anbar province, and after he returned to the U.S., as chief military assistant to the Secretary of Defense.

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New IRS scandal?


Built into the Obamacare bill is a provision requiring the IRS by the end of June to notify people who did not have the minimum required health insurance coverage (MEC) that they were non-compliant and to inform them what was available via their state’s exchanges. According to a report released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration on Thursday (report embedded below), the IRS sent the letters late, skipped some people who were supposed to get the letter, and “misled” people about the cost of plans. Note: misled is government doublespeak for lying.

The provision of Obamacare the report discusses (ACA Section 1502(c)) states the following:

NOTIFICATION OF NONENROLLMENT — Not later than June 30 of each year, the Secretary of the Treasury, acting through the Internal Revenue Service and in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, shall send a notification to each individual who files an individual income tax return and who is not enrolled in minimum essential coverage (as defined in section 5000A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986). Such notification shall contain information on the services available through the Exchange operating in the State in which such individual resides.

The purpose of the IRS letter is to encourage Americans to comply with Obamacare’s individual mandate that penalizes them for not having the government-defined appropriate coverage.

When the IRS finally sent the letters for the 2015 tax year,  it stated a monthly cost to purchase the need coverage ($75/month) that was less than half the actual cost ($168/month). The agency attempted to explain the discrepancy by saying that they used numbers provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, adding that the $75 figure was true for “some taxpayers.” But when the inspector general requested documentation of those estimates but did not receive it. 

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Should Muller Go?


Breaking: Mueller Asked to Resign


When Robert Mueller was brought on as the special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, I was hopeful. I should have known better; this is Washington, after all, where decency goes to die and the system is as rigged as a Times Square card game.

You can’t blame me, however. All the signs were on the wall that maybe, just for once, this would be different. Mueller, the FBI director under the Bush administration, was a man known for a certain level of integrity. Surely he’d make sure that the investigation would be a nonpartisan affair that would get to the bottom of what level of Russian interference existed in the 2016 election.

It’s relatively rare that my idealism is disabused by the people at CNN. However, the fine liberals at the Blitzer channel actually managed to prove that Mueller is assembling a team of lawyers openly biased against the Trump administration:

“Three members of the legal team known to have been hired so far by special counsel Robert Mueller to handle the Russia investigation have given political donations almost exclusively to Democrats, according to a CNN analysis of Federal Election Commission records,” CNN reported Tuesday.

“More than half of the more than $56,000 came from just one lawyer and more than half of it was donated before the 2016 election, but two of the lawyers gave the maximum $2,700 donation to Hillary Clinton last year.”

And keep in mind, that’s out of five lawyers Mueller has hired. Only one of the lawyers has donated the Republicans — and that’s the same one who donated over half of the $56,000 to Democrats. His contributions to Republicans — $2,500 to Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz in 2015 and $250 to former Virginia Sen. George Allen in 2005 — were nothing more than two token donations that pale in comparison to what he gave to the Democrats.

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Gun toting Miss Texas wont be bullied!


In case you missed the final round of questioning at this years Miss America competition let me sum it up quickly.  “Contestant, please succinctly and with using as many liberal buzz words as you can, bash the President of the United States, Donald Trump.”

Of the five finalists, 4 answered the liberal dog whistle and regurgitated the equivalent to the MSNBC daily talking points.

Little wonder that the winner was Cara Mundi of North Dakota who apparently read from the Climate Change Cultist manifesto before taking the stage slammed the decision to leave the Paris Accords despite the lack of evidence that the economic cost that the US would front would do ANYTHING to change the climate for the better.

But this article isn’t about Climate Change, or the liberal rigged system of the Miss America contest or even the Miss America contest itself.  It’s about a woman who would fearlessly answer whatever garbage question that the progressive swamp threw at her, whose talent could very well be target shooting, whose poise and affability would make her a great Miss USA because apparently Miss America is now a domain for swamp monsters.

I refer to, if the title didn’t all ready give it away, Texan gunslinger Antonia Okafor who is striving to become the next Miss Texas USA.

I had the pleasure of meeting Antonia this summer when we met up in New Jersey to take Joy Villa out to the gun range for her first time shooting.  (That article will be coming once video editing is done).

Antonia Okafor is beautiful, well spoken, talented intelligent and friendly.  If there are more things that a future Miss USA needs to be I don’t know them.  Antonia is also tough as nails and a lover of both this country and the 2nd Amendment that protects the liberties and freedoms we enjoy.  Being a certified Safety Range Instructor and NRA up and comer, her 2nd Amendment bona fides are legit.

Beyond that, Antonia is a success story in her own right and a champion in the empowerment of women.  She is the CEO and Founder of emPOWERed that fights for women to have the right to protect themselves on college campuses around the nation.  As she says: “Real feminism is about empowerment and taking our safety into our own hands.”

Clinton’s Lawyers in Trouble?


ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A Maryland judge ordered the state bar to open an investigation Monday into the three lawyers who helped former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delete her private emails.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. said the complaints lodged against David E. KendallCheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were egregious and the state bar couldn’t dismiss them as frivolous.

“There are allegations of destroying evidence,” Judge Harris said at a hearing Monday morning.

He said the state’s rules require the bar to conduct investigations no matter who raises the complaint and can’t brush aside accusations.

The judge made the announcement a day before Mrs. Clinton releases her latest book, “What Happened,” and begins a monthslong book tour attempting to explain how she lost an election she thought she had secured.

The Maryland bar complaint was brought by Ty Clevenger, a lawyer who has pursued sanctions against Mrs. Clinton and her legal team in several venues and who is also pressing the FBI to release details of its investigation into the former top diplomat.

Bars in Arkansas and the District of Columbia, as well as federal courts, brushed aside requests from Mr. Clevenger, who is seeking to have Mrs. Clinton and her attorneys suspended or disbarred.

But Judge Harris said Mr. Clevenger’s request appears to have merit and that Maryland will have to at least launch an investigation and demand a response from the lawyers, Mr. Clevenger said.

Mr. Clevenger said he won another victory in recent days when the Justice Department agreed that his case met the threshold of intense public interest.

The FBI had denied an open-records request into its investigation on grounds that there was not sufficient public interest to overcome Mrs. Clinton’s privacy rights. Mr. Clevenger appealed to the Justice Department, which ruled that it would expedite his request — signifying it accepts his claims of public interest.

Mrs. Clinton used a secret email account tied to a server she kept at her home in New York to conduct official business while she was head of the State Department, though it was against department policy.

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Blind to 9/11

Forgetting 9/11, Mark Dice
Forgetting 9/11, Mark Dice

Man on the street, Mark Dice, asks people about the facts of 9/11. This video was done on the 11th anniversary. This year is the 16th anniversary. I doubt the general public has improved their knowledge of our recent history and it’s importance and relevance to current events. It’s a sad state of affairs…

9/11 Heroes 16 years later!


On September 11th,  I’m reminded of the great sacrifices others have made for my freedom. Being asked to speak at an event was a great honor, not considering myself heroic by any stretch of the imagination.

I got to thinking… What makes someone a hero? What is a hero? How do you identify a hero? And let’s not confuse Heroism with Bravery!!!! Some say a hero is born and not made. I say a HERO is made, by the examples they see and touch them throughout their lives.

A hero is not someone with extra human strength or special abilities. A hero, in the simplest form, is someone who puts others before themselves. NO MATTER WHAT THE RISK!!!  Or NOTORIETY. Or personal gain.

To steal a phrase from a “geeky” movie, when “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one”. That is the thought process of a HERO.

With the recent an ongoing damage being done by hurricanes in the south we will see many heroes and hear many hero stories surfacing over the coming days, please keep praying for them and their families that those first responders and heroes will not see their families and loved one for days and some will never be seen again!

Most people think of the superhero, the knight in shining armor rescuing the damsel, or the soldier overseas. I want to bring it closer to home as well. Not a larger than life person. Some want to go right to a mother or a father (parental love is very strong). Who comes to mind, for me?? Teachers, public safety officials, healthcare personal, fire fighter, police, military service personnel, hard working and under-appreciated frontline workers.

Community leaders who also make great sacrifices of time and family for the greater good of the community as a whole. People who make this community, city, state, country, and world… a place you want to be part of. What’s the motive?? Fame, fortune (HA!)  How about to simply help society and others!

Not only the war heroes but their parents, spouses, children, brothers and sisters who in an act of selflessness bid their loved ones goodbye never really knowing if they will ever see them again BUT understanding it’s for the greater good and safety of US all. And ALL of us owe them honor and gratitude.

When you think of those who sacrifice for the greater good who do YOU think of!?!?!?

Abraham Lincoln…fought slavery…   Roosevelt, Truman…dropped the bomb to stop the war…   John Kennedy…the Bay of Pigs…
Who comes to mind, for me…..   Rosa Parks…standing for others…   Martin Luther King… Civil rights… Ronald Reagan .. “tear down this wall..”…  Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi

Those are among the many big ones!

What about the ones around us the everyday, but not ordinary, Heroes…

Today this country will mark what is considered one of our darkest hours next to Pearl Harbor. In that dark hour, we should look at the light that overcomes the darkness… THOSE HEROES… men and women that ran toward when others ran away…

Inside the World Trade Center, there are many hero stories. One man who could have saved himself but stayed until the end at the side of his quadriplegic friend. A beloved priest died giving the last rites to a firefighter. Two office workers, finding a disabled stranger, carried her down 68 floors to safety… these are true heroes.

To the group of moms and dads who get up early on Saturday morning to go out and fix the sports fields their kids play on so that ALL the children can be safe…

And to the parents that spend the time with their children involved and active in their lives even at the LOUD objections of that child for their greater good…

Locally… the police and firefighters who put their lives on the line every day to protect people they don’t even know, a youth counselor staying with a child in crisis averting a possible suicide, the men and woman who deliver meals to the elderly… These are true heroes too.

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, colors, races, religion.

I salute all of you today! Thank you for your service!

I pray daily for your safety and that God’s angels would be camped around and about to protect and keep you, and that He comfort and bless you and your families for the daily sacrifice you make…

Thank you for your service and I thank all of you for your time. Republican, Democrat, Independent, AMERICANS alike…

How do the Dems feel about segregation?


America’s most segregated cities have been run by Democrats for generations.

Republicans, liberals insist, drive people apart whereas Democrats work to bring people together. So why is it that cities that have been controlled by Democrats for decades are so segregated?

A new study by Atlanta Black Star uses a “black-white dissimilarity” score to determine the ten most segregated major cities in the U.S.

In the census maps, red dots represent white people, blue represents black, orange represents Hispanic, green represents Asian, and yellow represents “other.”

Here’s the top ten list:
#1. Detroit, Michigan. “Detroit is the most segregated city in United States with a black-white dissimilarity score of 79.6. Detroit’s inner city is almost all black, beside a little Hispanic community in the southwest called “Mexicantown.” Whites mostly stick to the suburbs like Grosse Pointe, Dearborn, and Ferndale.”

#2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “In Milwaukee blacks are located mostly in the north-central area of the city, white people live on the outer edges of town and in the suburbs and Hispanics stay in the southern inner city near Humboldt Park. Milwaukee’s black-white dissimilarity score is 79.6.”

#3. New York City, New York. “New York City’s black-white dissimilarity score is 79.1. Manhattan is mostly white below 125th street in Harlem, besides Chinatown. South Brooklyn is also mostly white, with a few areas of Asians and Hispanics. Northeast Brooklyn into Queens is mostly black.”

#4. Chicago, Illinois. “In Chicago, north side neighborhoods like Edgewater and the Gold Coast are nearly exclusively white, Black people lodge on the south and west sides. Hispanics dwell in southwest and northwest areas of the city. Chicago’s Black-white dissimilarity score is 75.9.”

#5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “In Philadelphia, white people occupy the South and Northeast Philly and the suburbs. North and West Philadelphia is heavily Black, with some Hispanics. Philadelphia’s black-white dissimilarity score is 73.7.”

#6. Miami, Florida. “Miami has a black-white dissimilarity score of 73.0. In the city, Black people stay mainly in the northern inner (Little Haiti and Wynwood) and Hispanics reside in the south (Little Havana, West Miami, Coral Way) and west (Brownsville).”

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