Defund Planned Parenthood Rally DC
Defund Planned Parenthood Rally DC

Thousands of pro-life activists participated in rallies in more than 60 cities and towns around the country Tuesday, where they demanded that Congress defund Planned Parenthood.

Organized by Students for Life of American (SFLA) and its sister organization, Pro-Life Future, the rallies were a response to videos that show senior Planned Parenthood officials admitting the organization harvests and sells body parts from aborted babies.

“We are very conservatively estimating 13,000 participating at all 65 cities with two confirmed babies saved so far!” SFLA president Kristan Hawkins told LifeSiteNews. “Hundreds are showing up at each event and the grassroots are on fire. Every news outlet was at the DC rally, and we are seeing articles in the media from nearly every rally.

“It’s been an incredible day uncovering the truth about Planned Parenthood and making sure all Americans know what goes on behind closed door and how the abortion giant makes money off of women in their times of crisis.”

A rally near the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C., drew more than 500 people and three Republican presidential candidates — Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Dr. Ben Carson. More than a dozen Members of Congress and outside organizations were represented at the rally.  Read the rest at LifeSiteNews

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Tune in tonight 9:30 West Coast. Joe interviews Paul E. Vallely, Major General, US Army (ret) GeneralPaulwho is still very active in foreign military affairs. He reveals 2 breaking news stories that you will hear here first:

1. IRAN already has NUKES and is capable of releasing them. If you want details you’ll have to tune in tonight. 2. Has to do with Hillary and Biden. NO, they are not dating… DONT MISS IT!

More on the General

Iran Deal, John Kerry, Netanyahu, Hands Tied
Iran Deal, John Kerry, Netanyahu, Hands Tied

Does anyone else trust John Kerry and President Obama’s assertion that the Iran Deal is a good deal for everyone? And why is most of the E.U. on board with this lunacy?

A.F. Branco illustrates it perfectly. Netanyahu has to feel completely sold out. I can’t even imagine…

And let’s not forget the 4 U.S. hostages who were just “too complicated” to be included in this “deal” with a sworn enemy of the United States.

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect

Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Jewish, Prayer
Jerusalem, Western Wall, Temple Mount, Jewish, Prayer

The 9th of Av, Tisha b’Av, commemorates a list of catastrophes so severe that it is clearly a day set aside by G‑d for suffering, mainly the destruction of the first and second Holy Temples in Jerusalem. It was also an eventful weekend in Israel with new catastrophes added to the list.

Islamists used the Al Aqsa Mosque, instead of a house of prayer, as a base for attacks on Jews gathering to mourn the destruction of the Holy Temples, barricading themselves inside with stockpiles of rocks, wooden boards, fireworks and other projectiles. The Islamists planned to use their weapons to attack Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount – Judaism’s holiest site – as well as security forces, but police acting on a tip were able to stop them.

A Jewish woman was arrested Friday night for insults about the Muslim prophet Mohammed during an exchange with Arab women on the Temple Mount. The Arab women who were apparently part of the “Morabiton,” a group paid by Islamist groups to harass Jewish visitors to the site, were shouting “Allahu Akhbar” at the Jews who were on their way to the Mount and were seen attempting to get close to the group.

According to Israel National News, Avia Morris was captured on a video made by Arab activists saying “Mohammed is a pig.” Israel Police arrested the woman at her Binyamin home later that night after one of the Muslim women complained. Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir of rights group Honenu filed an urgent request from the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Tamar Bar Asher Zaban, who issued the detention order, to reconsider the decision.

“The Israeli police is used to being two-faced,” Ben-Gvir said to reporters at the Israeli National News. “At a time when hundreds of Arabs are shouting anti-Jewish incitement police arrest a mother and daughter just a few hours before Shabbat. We will demand that the court release her immediately.”

News reports say a police representative claimed at a hearing that Morris shouted “Muhammad is a pig” at a number of Arabs exiting from the Temple Mount, while Ben-Gvir argued that as can be seen in the video, that the answer was a response to Arab rioting.

Judge Bar-Asher Zaban released Morris and wrote that “during the hearing, video evidence was presented to me of what seems to be a full video of a group of young Muslims shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and the remarks were in response to those cries.”

The Judge released Morris with the provision that the woman be prevented from visiting the Temple Mount area for a few days to allow the security situation to calm down.

In the city of Hevron more clashes broke out at The Cave – which is Judaism’s second-holiest site – when the Jewish prayer service was repeatedly disrupted when the muezzin, who is the Muslim man that issues the Islamic call to prayer, began broadcasting the call on loudspeakers despite the fact that it was not the proper time.

After repeated complaints by Jews to police at the holy site went unanswered, dozens of Jewish youths responded to the provocation by barricading the muezzin in his room, preventing him from leaving. At that point border police did arrive – for the purpose of dispersing the Jewish protesters. Several arrests were made during the ensuing clashes, and local Jews say police used tear gas against them.

According to published reports, veteran activist and Hevron resident Baruch Marzel, who was one of the leaders of the Jewish prayers, blamed the incident on “the heads of the security agencies in Hevron, who are trying all the time to appease the Arab enemy in the name of the ‘status quo,’ and to harm the Jews.”

Marzel also laid some of the blame for the incident on the decision to reopen several Arab stores facing the embattled Jewish community in the city, which had previously been closed because they were used as bases for Muslim terrorists to attack local Jews. He warned that the decision threatened “an explosion” of violence “after years of quiet.”

Tisha b’Av is a time of mourning and it is a shame and a disappointment that incidents such as these continue to disrupt peaceful worship. One day we hope and pray as a Jewish nation together that the third Temple will be built and we no longer have to mourn but rejoice.


Reprinted with permission TheConservativeUnderground.

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Obama, Flag, Half Staff, Chattanooga, Rainbow White House
Obama, Flag, Half Staff, Chattanooga, Rainbow White House

A REAL Commander-in-Chief is heartbroken at the loss of ONE military personnel. He is the “Commander” at the top of the chain. Our troops report to him. But his sense of loss seems non-existent. The American Flag at the White House should have been lowered IMMEDIATELY… even faster than the Rainbow Flag lit up the White House after the SCOTUS ruling.

It’s a matter of priorities. And we can clearly see where his lie.

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect

Little Girl, Tutu, Painting Hearts
Little Girl, Tutu, Painting Hearts

Everyone knows I’m not a writer. I’m an editor. I do that for a living–fixing other people’s writing mistakes. I’ve never been good at public speaking no matter how much I practice. My brother is a writer. All his research papers in school were eloquent and he could whip out a 20-page paper in two hours. But it is children who say the simplest things in their own unique way, that sometimes are the most meaningful–and they don’t have to be the best orators or writers.

A group of professionals asked this question to a group of four to eight year olds: “What does it mean to love?” The answers were more profound than any of us adults could imagine.

When my grandmother
got arthur-itis , she couldn’t bend over and paint
her toenails anymore.. So my
grandfather does it for her all the time , even
when his hands got arthur -itis too. That’s love.’

Rebecca- age 8

‘When someone loves you, the
way they say your name is different.
You just know that your name
is safe in their mouth.’

Billy – age 4

‘Love is when a girl puts on perfume
and a boy puts on shaving cologne
and they go out and smell each other.’

Karl – age 5

‘Love is when you go out to eat
and give somebody most of your French fries
without making them give you any of theirs.’

Chrissy – age 6

‘Love is what makes you smile
when you’re tired.’

Terri – age 4

‘Love is when my
mommy makes coffee for my daddy and
she takes a sip before giving it to him, to
make sure the taste is OK.’

Danny – age 8

‘Love is what’s in the room with
you at Christmas if you stop opening presents
and just listen.’

Bobby – age 7

‘If you want to learn to love better,
you should start with a friend who you hate. ‘

Nikka – age 6
(we need a few million more Nikka’s on this planet)

‘Love is when
you tell a guy you like his shirt,
then he wears it everyday.’

Noelle – age 7

‘Love is like a little
old woman and a little old man who are still
friends even after they know each other so

Tommy – age 6

‘During my piano recital , I was
on a stage and I was scared. I looked at all the
people watching me and saw my mummy waving and
smiling. She was the only one doing that.
I wasn’t scared anymore.’

Cindy – age 8

‘My mommy loves me
more than anybody
You don’t see anyone else
kissing me to sleep at night.’

Clare – age 6

‘Love is when Mommy
gives Daddy the best piece of chicken.’

Elaine-age 5

‘Love is when Mommy
sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and
still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford.’

Chris – age 7

‘Love is when your puppy licks
your face even after you left him
alone all day.’

Mary Ann – age 4

‘I know my older sister loves me
because she gives me all her old clothes
and has to go out and buy new ones.’

Lauren – age 4

‘When you love somebody , your
eyelashes go up and down and little
stars come out of you.’ (what an image)

Karen – age 7

‘Love is when Mommy
sees Daddy on the toilet and she doesn’t think
it’s gross.’

Mark – age 6

‘You really shouldn’t say
‘I love you’ unless you mean it.
But if you mean it,
you should say it a lot. People forget.’

Jessica – age 8

And the final one:
The winner was a four year old child
whose next door neighbor was an
elderly gentleman who had recently lost his

Upon seeing the man cry, the
little boy went into the old
gentleman’s yard, climbed onto his
lap, and just sat there.

When his Mother asked what he had said to the
neighbor and the little boy said:
‘Nothing, I just helped him cry’


Be blessed. We need a little more of this in the world!

H/T & Inspiration by Rense

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Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Illinois, Democrat
Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Illinois, Democrat

In watching CSPAN airing one of the House Judiciary Committee Hearings on immigration reform following the murder of Kate Steinle, it became abundantly clear that we are not all speaking the same language.

Occasionally, the term “illegal immigrant” was used. But most of the speakers simply referred to “immigrants” when they were clearly speaking about illegal aliens… NOT people who had come through the legal channels of immigration.

All expressed outrage at the brokenness of our immigration system. But without a common vocabulary, it’s doubtful that we will ever arrive at a solution.

Take Rep. Luis Gutierrez from Illinois. Here is what he said about the illegal immigrant who murdered Ms. Steinle:

“This man is not an immigrant. Immigrants come here to work hard, sweat and toil. We should be warm and receiving. This man is a foreigner who has come to cause damage. Let’s fix our broken immigration system so we can get rid of foreigners that come here to cause damage, harm and welcome immigrants.”

Let that sink in for a minute. I guess he thinks that “immigrants” cannot be criminals. He has no idea what the plain and simple meaning of “immigrant” is, otherwise, he would not have said what he did. And I doubt sending him a dictionary with the page marked will change his mind. He calls the murderer a “foreigner,” which is true. But he is also an “immigrant”… an ILLEGAL one and he became a criminal the instant he crossed the U.S. border.

One thing I can agree with Rep. Gutierrez about is that we should receive immigrants with a warm welcome… immigrants who have honored our laws and followed the legal process to immigrate here… NOT those who have broken laws in the process of immigrating.

You can watch the entire hearing here if you’re so inclined. Rep. Gutierrez’s full comments start at approximately 1:38:58.

Photo credit Library of Congress video still


THIS is sensitive material???

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the real issue is. Take this meme for instance. On the Twitter feed it initially shows up like this:

Breakfast Of Infidels, Sensitive Material, Twitter Notice
Breakfast Of Infidels, Sensitive Material, Twitter Notice

It’s hard to say what Twitter thought the “sensitive material” might have been. Maybe it’s all of the recent beheading of infidel pictures… or maybe it’s the gun… or maybe there’s just too much bacon on that plate. We may never know. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

H/T Bossy Monica

Koran, Quran, Ramadan, Muslim, Islam
Koran, Quran, Ramadan, Muslim, Islam

Throughout history extremism has been a part of religion in some shape or form or fashion; most often due to the misinterpretation of scriptures to fit a single person’s personal agenda.

According to The Free Dictionary, the definition of fundamentalism it is defined as “a religious movement or point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principals, by rigid adherence to those principles and often intolerant of other views and opposition to secularism.”

To be able to win a war we need to be able to identify our enemy. The current battle being fought around the world is against radical fundamental Islam.

Muslim fundamentalists have taken the definition of Jihad to a different level from it’s original meaning to use it for their political agenda to justify their acts of terror.

According to the website Just Islam, Jihad is an Arabic word from the root Jee Ha Da. It literally means to struggle or strive. Jihad is struggling or striving in the way or sake of Allah. Jihad takes a very important status in the doctrine of Islam and is one of the basic duties for every Muslim.

AnsweringMuslims.com lists three stages of the call to fundamental jihad:

Stage One

When Muslims are completely out numbered and can’t win a physical encounter with non believers, they are to live in peace with non-Muslims and preach a message of tolerance. I interpret this as trying to make the country’s law fall under sharia law.

Stage Two

When there are enough resources to defend the Islamic community, Muslims are called to engage in defensive Jihad. My own interpretation would be the “lone wolf ” attacks that are currently happening in America.

Stage Three

When Muslims have established a majority and achieved political power in an area, they are commanded to engage in offensive jihad. Example of this is full-fledged, combat Hamas who has achieved political power ordering their militias to send rockets into Israel, as well as the current conflict in Syria.

The United States, with the right tools and education, still has a great chance to defeat radical Islam. There are many Muslims who are good and who do not live by fundamental Jihad. By interacting with these Muslim communities who do believe in peace rather than just being tolerant, we can begin to build a level of trust and understanding that will help to overcome the influences of the radical fundamentalists, and would also put us in a better position to help these same Muslim communities publicly condemn acts of radical Islamic terror. On the other hand, if these levels of fundamental Jihad continue to be ignored because of the fear of being called racist, it will only continue to worsen.


Reprinted with permission TheConservativeUnderground.

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Looking at how the Left consistently calls out the Right about how it hates blacks and women and the LGBTQ community and how unacceptable it is that a baker won’t bake a cake for a same sex couple. How is it they never have a strong word about their own?

Take, for instance, something as heinous as Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts. The Left’s comments should at a minimum start with, “If that’s what is actually happening it’s disgusting and someone should be punished for it.” No, what they say instead is something akin to, “I can’t believe an organization would trip the Planned Parenthood employee in to telling them what’s really happening” or “We didn’t technically do anything illegal.” Oh, where to begin…

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the “baby butcher” of Planned Parenthood, you know, the guy that “legally” kept baby parts in his office as “specimens,” life-sized trophies of the babies he killed. No outrage from the Left. Mainstream media wouldn’t even cover it until it looked like he was going to be found guilty.

How about those undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood employees suggesting underage girls come in for abortions? They were brought in by their “pimp” and advised, by Planned Parenthood, how to answer the questions to avoid suspicion or investigation. Oh, but the videographer trapped them, right? Because the employee would never have said that to anyone else. Sure!

And now the most recent videos expose Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, even discussing how they try not to crush the head because baby brains bring big bucks on the research market. Wait, I lied! Planned Parenthood cleared things up this week, right? They don’t sell body parts. That’s illegal! They charge for delivery, shipping and handling! (This is where you get to puke.)

Even the far-Left-protect-Dems-at-any-cost Kirsten Powers said this is just wrong on so many levels! So there has been a couple, and I do mean just a couple, who preface every comment with, “if the video is not edited then this LOOKS bad.” No! This IS bad!

We have gone from providing abortions for women who’s lives might be in danger in a clean hospital environment to allowing post-birth abortions because of hair color or sex of child! Yes, Gosnell killed those kids while they were out of womb with the cord still attached because it was a botched abortion and he couldn’t let a little thing like “the baby survived” get in the way.

I’ll ask again… where is the outrage from the Left? I don’t want to believe they’re ignorant or ill-informed or simply don’t care!

Hillary finally spoke up this week and in an old, worn-out, well-rehearsed statement she said it was once again that Right-wing machine looking to squelch the woman’s right to healthcare. There isn’t enough booze in the world to have that make sense!

Just so we get this straight, anything the Right questions is an attack on the Left to take rights away from women, LGBTQ, African Americans, illegals (and anyone else I might have forgotten) to do whatever they want!

We can’t have a real conversation because when the Right talks about an issue, even with facts, we are “white privileged, homophobic, women’s rights oppressing, LGBTQ hating, creepy, God and gun-loving idiots.”

Based on the latest outrage, one can only conclude that for the Left equality only applies to those who believe in everything they do, the way they do, and with the fervor they do… or you’re wrong!

The Left is always extremely quiet whenever there’s a legitimate problem with one of their own issues or people!

Benghazi: We now have proof that the Administration knew days ahead of time that there was going to be trouble, they were asked for help, and they did nothing. And then afterwards, they tried to cover up their major mess. Outrage on the Left… ZERO!

IRS: We now have tonnage of testimony and newly found emails and memos that there were targeted investigations against conservative, tea party-type groups. The IRS director said even after all the noise and news coverage, when they actually found the backups, they were intentionally erased, knowing full well what was on them. Outrage on the Left… ZERO!

Hillary eMail scandal: I have 25 years in the technology business. Send me the server, chances are better-than-good that I could have retrieved the info. The FBI, CIA, and others weren’t given the go-ahead. Mrs. Clinton has changed her story more times than a hooker takes her clothes off on sailor homecoming week in San Diego. Polls show she is one of the most distrusted people in politics. Outrage on the Left… ZERO!

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The reality is, the Left thinks they are the only ones who have all the answers. No matter what disaster is in front of them, they continually overlook anything or anyone on their team for the betterment of their Party… regardless of the impact to the country. What else will they overlook?

I can only conclude from the Left’s silence on all these issues… Iran, Israel, selling baby parts, purposely erasing incriminating emails, lying about Benghazi, not revealing where contributions come from, taking contributions as Secretary of State… that the left is perfectly comfortable with, and even supportive of, this level of corruption.

Maybe we SHOULD just adopt the Mexican Government model and get it over with.

If the best leader and candidate they have is a morally corrupt, lying cheater, what does that say for the rest of them? And where is the outrage?!

Tomi Lahren, On Point, video still
Tomi Lahren, On Point, video still

In case you missed Tomi Lahren’s epic rant on One America News Network, it’s 2 minutes worth watching.

“Our Commander-in-Chief is more concerned about Muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice of these Marines.”

“I’ve had it with this failed strategy… this half-way, half-baked, tiptoe, be friendly to jihadis mentality pushed by this Administration. Be a leader SOMEONE!”

It’s hard to argue with those sensibilities!

[Ed. note – Tomi Lahren’s speech was given before the 5th military personnel, Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith succombed to his injuries.]


It’s true, we only get one vote and election cycles only come around every few years. But you can still affect a change with your “2nd vote”… your wallet.

Companies do not stay in business without YOUR money, so where you choose to shop does make a difference.

2nd Vote has compiled a list of the companies who directly and indirectly provide financial support to Planned Parenthood. Here’s what they say:

Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of abortions in the United States performing over 300,000 per year. In addition to these services, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the organization’s political arm, works to implement liberal policies and affect election outcomes across the country.

Of Planned Parenthood’s $1.3 Billion in yearly revenue, over 25% comes from private donations, including corporate contributions.

Take a look at the list and decide where you want YOUR money going. And a well-placed letter, email, or social media post never hurts. Speak up!

Photo credit Rick Bolin

Brillian Hues Flicker

Dang time flies and it’s time to write again! :) For once, I don’t know what to write about that wouldn’t be repeating the same thing as others, or stating the obvious in life and politics. As I think about the recent shootings that have occurred in Lafayette, Charleston, and Chattanooga, and the new Iran war deal, and see the 2016 candidates lining up, I think that America is a plethora of talents, ideals, vision, and tragedy all at the same time. It is like a kaleidoscope–a mixture of colors all coming together to create a uniform image. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some would view that image with awe; others would still be trying to decipher its intricacies through the lens.

America is an intricate web of many colors coming together in a unified way and sometimes not unified in form. It’s all in the way you look at it. Hope this makes sense. Keep looking through that lens–it will help you keep a positive outlook on life and produce CHANGE. Keep the vision!

Photo Courtesy of BrillantHues

Texas, Mexican Mafia, Prison
Texas, Mexican Mafia, Prison (Attrib uknown, will gladly list credits)

It’s been a journey of learning in listening to the mantra-of-the-moment from people or groups that have a pulpit for the topic of the minute.

We had the theme of “connect the dots” from Nancy Pelosi some years ago over some now-forgotten, allocated conservative frailty and later it was Pelosi’s “astroturf” bashing the grass roots organizing of The Tea Party.

April 2014 brought the whimsical bandwagon for #BringBackOurGirls arising from the 300 Nigerian teens kidnapped for vile and lascivious reasons by Boko Haram terrorists. Michelle Obama got in on that one. The hashtag is now gone, as (still) are most of the girls.

I’ve been writing about the contemptible Al Sharpton and his shameful allies conveniently pushing #BlackLivesMatter as they exhibit precisely the antitheses with their actions. Every event that could be linked to ethnicity, valid or not, resulted in, “America needs to have a dialogue.”

For one, I’m in total agreement with that; however, as I pointed out in last week’s commentary, “Where’s the Dialogue?” dialogue is the last thing “they” want. Moreover, the bashers: 1) often do not react with a real or full name; 2) fail to refute with any supporting facts versus merely throwing garbage; and 3) frequently fail to respond to the original topic.

I gave exact, verifiable citations as proof.

Coincidentally, in the same couple of days, on one of the local SCV blogs, a man posted the true-life headline, “Mexican Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Raping 13-year-old.”

Considering this headline emerged freshly after the illegal alien killed Kathryn Steinle and while Obama is visiting a federal prison to free criminals, I responded.

I wrote (using my true identity): “Boy, the critics are looking pretty bad with each passing day, proving Donald Trump’s earlier assessments as correct. American taxpayers will give this creep lawyers, food, medical care, whatever he wants, then house him, continue his care for decades to come. That is unless, of course, Obama visits his prison and decides to free this fine young man, because after all, he probably just didn’t understand it was not OK to kidnap this girl, hide her, drug her then sexually assault her for a couple of days … because ‘Hernandez-Gomez hails from Chiapas, Mexico, where the sexual age of consent is 12’ … and what a fine defense that will be. Only in America.”

Linda (who forthrightly and respectably gave her full name) replied: “Betty – My niece was sexually assaulted by her stepfather, American born. There are plenty of sexual abusers out there, including in the Duggar Family (such good Christians). No one is defending sexual abuse, so stop with trying to lay this at the feet of our president. BTW if you don’t like our legal system of justice, feel free to come up with a better one.”

My response to Linda was: “Thank you for helping make my point. It would be very hard to find a family that didn’t have an in-family, American-born criminal to claim; perverts, predators and molesters among the worst that ultimately murder souls. So with our own rapists, why are we importing them? Why go to the stratosphere that (just) sexual abuse is laid ‘at the feet of our president?’ What is at his feet is ignoring a porous border and failing to step up and lead the country to actually follow our country’s immigration laws. I do have a few better legal system ideas: Follow the Constitution and laws we have; stop diluting criminal convictions with pleading down crimes that lead to massive releases, freeing felons into the public, often without time served. Use the pen and phone to immediately direct the appointed Attorney General and the DOJ to act swiftly and stop dragging out the prosecutions, and sentences … For all criminals. That’s a few for starters.”

I found it telling that the original topic was not addressed. Specifically, yet another criminal illegal alien being allowed to remain in this country, break law after law and endanger lives of children, while we have an administration that is not protecting American citizens or anyone here legally.

Dismissing the fundamental illegal rapist issue, the responder chose to defend Obama – who indeed has both issues at his feet – illegally residing criminals and executing the laws of our land.

Linda did not reply, but through no fault of hers. When I tried to submit my last message; the entire post was gone … oddly and mysteriously taken down.

Once again, no dialogue.

US Navy, Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel Osterday
US Navy, Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel Osterday

Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel Osterday, an electronics technician and a 1995 Santa Monica High School graduate and Santa Monica, California native is serving aboard the USS Kentucky (SSBN 737)’s Blue Crew.

The USS Kentucky (SSBN 737) is one of the Navy’s 14 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines, also referred to as “boomers”, which patrol the world’s oceans for months at a time, serving as undetectable launch platforms for submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

Together with land-based missiles and strategic bombers, the Navy’s Ohio-class submarines are part of the nation’s strategic nuclear deterrence triad. Because of their stealth, they are considered the most survivable component of the triad.

The Navy is currently developing a follow-on submarine to replace the Ohio-class, which will begin to reach the end of their service lives in the late 2020s. The Ohio Replacement Ballistic Missile Submarines will remain in service through the 2080s. The Ohio Replacement submarine will continue to fulfill the country’s critical strategic deterrence mission while incorporating cost-effective and reliable systems that are advanced, yet technologically mature.

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Electa Berassa/Released

“Why Being There Matters”

On our planet, more than 70 percent of which is covered by water, being there means having the ability to act from the sea. The Navy is uniquely positioned to be there; the world’s oceans give the Navy the power to protect America’s interests anywhere, and at any time. Your Navy protects and defends America on the world’s oceans. Navy ships, submarines, aircraft and, most importantly, tens of thousands of America’s finest young men and women are deployed around the world doing just that. They are there now. They will be there when we are sleeping tonight. They will be there every Saturday, Sunday and holiday this year.  They are there around the clock, far from our shores, defending America at all times.

Content courtesy US Navy official press release 7/24/15

[Ed. Note: Don’t forget to thank our military men and women for their service to our country maintaining our freedoms… every chance you get!]

Justice John Roberts
Justice John Roberts

One component of President Obama’s January 2010 State of the Union address was his deliberate dress-down of Supreme Court attendees concerning their Citizens United decision.

The act was unprecedented, petulant and juvenile — and certainly beneath the comportment of a president. But, then, Obama has never been encumbered with decorum.

Incongruously, Obama was unaware of the ally he would gain in Chief Justice John Roberts Jr.

Roberts concluded in his 2012 pro-Obamacare vote that Obamacare’s mandate is a tax — as opposed to falling under the Commerce Clause. That conclusion agreed with Obama’s Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr.

The decision is arguable and troubling because Obama promised from the beginning Obamacare is not a tax, then sent Verrilli off to argue the opposite.

Whatever his stance, Roberts seemed to hint he was onto the game, stating: “It is not our job to protect people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Verrilli’s performance was dismal, but Obama’s side won, blasting the nation’s health insurance and health care systems into chaos.

Inexplicably, Roberts’ June 2015 pro-Obamacare vote is wholly irrational considering multiple facts he had to know.

Roberts purported concern that halting designed Obamcare subsidies would harm insurance markets, and six million people would lose coverage. Roberts said: “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not destroy them.”

None of those contentions resonates with facts.

Six million already-insured people lost their coverage with Obamacare, aggregating the proclaimed 47 million uninsured. They, plus the health care markets, private plans and employer plans/benefits became pandemonium.

Secondly, “Congress,” as a body, did not pass Obamacare. Passage lies only and solely with the Democrats. Not one Republican voted “yes.”

Inarguably, Obamacare was written sloppily however Roberts chose to inject invisible words “or by the federal government” to the precise expressly written language (exchanges) “established by the states.”

He claimed the addition averts “…the type of calamitous result that Congress plainly meant to avoid.”

That is untrue.

MIT economist and high-profile Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber has repeatedly voiced the deceit of Obamacare in taped interviews and conference videos.

Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies at Libertarian think tank Cato Institute, cites The New York Times report “… the White House lent him (Gruber) to Capitol Hill to help congressional staff members draft the specifics of (Obamacare).”

Gruber bragged, “I know more about this law than any other economist.”

Good to know considering Gruber’s later statements:

(2011) “There’s a lot of responsibilities on the states to set up these (exchanges) … to regulate them and run them;

(2011) “If you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens doesn’t (sic)” get their tax credits”;

(2012) “It’s a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter,”;

(2013)”They proposed it and that passed, because the American people are too stupid to understand the difference;

(2013) “This bill (ACA) was written in a tortured way to make sure the CBO did not score it as the (sic) mandate as taxes”; if it did, “the bill dies”;

(2013) “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage” and “the stupidity of the American voter. …”

In 2013, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded, “I don’t know who he is” and “he didn’t help write our bill”; shortly thereafter, she said Gruber “sometimes consulted” and he testified “only once” before the Senate.

USA Today Fact Check differs.

The Washington Post confirmed Pelosi cited Gruber’s work seven times on her leadership website in November 2009. Further, Gruber testified three times in 2009: May 12, June 11 and Nov. 3.

Obama’s first response on Nov. 12, 2013, to Gruber’s candidness was his automatic default position: “I just heard about this.”


The House Oversight Committee investigation found emails solidifying links between Gruber and the White House. In 2009, Gruber wrote of his invitation to “meet with the head honcho … about cost control.”

The White House and its operatives all knew of Obamacare’s grand plan — so grand they immediately exempted themselves from it (Daily Caller 8/2/13; National Review 8/6/13).

Space limitations prohibit reporting the vast amount of information gleaning the deceit perpetrated on the “stupid” Americans for this travesty called “Obamacare.”

Justice Roberts falsely asserted Obamacare’s “intent” to justify his vote. He willfully ignored the glare of its fundamental intent — deceit.

Roberts has proven that expressly written verbiage is worthless, and most unfortunately SCOTUS judges can selectively make laws — an act our Constitution intended to prevent with the separation of powers.

Photo credit Donkey Hotey

Scott Walker, Campaign Announcement
Scott Walker, Campaign Announcement

Credit: David Bego, DevilAtOurDoorstep

Much to the pleasure of many Americans and the chagrin of union leaders across the country, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin finally announced his long awaited Republican candidacy for President of the Unites States! Despite the fact Governor Walker does not have a college diploma – a fact exploited by the liberal press — he is a well-spoken, intelligent and caring man that has the innate ability to speak with people of various economic, ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, and to unite them in a common cause to make life better for all Americans.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Governor Walker and hearing him speak. Unlike some, he is very personable and when he speaks he does not need sheets of notes in front of him nor a teleprompter. He uses his hands and eyes to embrace the people to whom he is speaking and to make them feel comfortable with his style and message. Additionally, he is comfortable meeting and speaking with people on their own “turf” — whether it be in their neighborhood, their church, or another setting that is comfortable for his audience. His approach is one of honesty and compassion. Governor Walker has used this amicable style to win his first Governor’s election, a recall election orchestrated by big labor the following year, and a second term election in 2014!

Governor Scott Walker understands he has to be seen as a “President of the People” and his campaign style and governing/management abilities show he can excel in these roles, not only by winning re-elections, but taking Wisconsin from a highly indebted, union-controlled state to a debt free, citizen emboldened state. He did this by freeing the citizens from union shackles (see The Decline and Fall of Wis. Unions) and enacting policies that are good for the people and that provide them freedom of choice. Several previous blogs have featured Governor Walker and his victories and successful programs in Wisconsin:

However, I feel that the blog best highlighting Governor Walker as the top Republican candidate for President is Lessons from the Wisconsin Recall. The blog, refreshed below, examines Walker’s techniques and beliefs, which are much like those utilized to defeat the SEIU as chronicled in The Devil at Our Doorstep!

Big Labor took a roundhouse to the chin despite the millions of dollars in member dues spent in an attempt to recall Governor Walker. Conservatives and practical-minded Americans, however, cannot become complacent with this victory. Big Labor showed how desperate it was in orchestrating the offensive recall. Big Labor thumbed its nose at the citizens of Wisconsin and America because it could not win the first election legitimately. In doing so, it resorted to its campaign of misinformation, coercion, propaganda and intimidation to bully its way to victory. Thankfully, Americans are waking up and drawing a line in the sand with Big Labor and all who endorse or utilize these type tactics. Tactics which are uncalled for in modern America!

Interestingly, nearly a third of union members who cast votes in the recall election did so for Governor Walker as did 48% of voters who live with union members. Additionally, teachers in Wisconsin have been showing their disdain for union tactics as polls of active teachers show that Wisconsin’s teachers positive view of the teachers unions have declined from 58% to 43% and the percentage of teachers with negative views of the unions doubled from 16% to 32%. Furthermore, the fact Wisconsin Unions Saw Ranks Drop Ahead of Recall Vote is another indicator the rank and file members continue to question Big Labor policies and voted ahead of time with their feet! Wisconsin membership in AFSCME fell from 62,818 to 28,745 over the past year. Apparently they don’t like their union dues and their union credit card fees (see Big Labor: Credit Card Profiteers) and interest utilized for political purposes, especially an unnecessary recall election.

Ultimately, What Wisconsin Means is that there is clearly opportunity for a major conservative victory in November. However, a few critical lessons must be remembered and implemented.

1.) It is the economy and we are not stupid! Fiscal Responsibility Trumped Union Power in Wisconsin. Fiscal responsibility must be trumpeted nationwide.

2.) Complacency will end in defeat. Big Labors’ Gasping Dinosaur’s are headed toward extinction. Remember, desperate people do desperate things. Expect a down and dirty fight to the finish, which must be countered with professionalism, character and ethics.

3.) The Conservatives and Tea Party countered the union foot soldiers with an effective ground game. Now it must be done nationwide.

4.) Don’t be afraid to expose the misinformation, propaganda, and coercion for what it is, and counter with common sense and the truth! The majority of people will wake up and understand.

5.) Don’t buckle to the intimidation tactics. Look the bully in the eye and smile.

6.) Don’t be afraid to expose the opposition’s agenda, socialism through the catch phrase “Social Justice”.

7.) Don’t be afraid to expose the truth about the opponents past affiliations. A person or entity’s past affiliations speak volumes.

8.) Take the offensive. The best defense is a strong offense.

9.) Use the unions/democrats misuse of members’ dues against them.

10.) Don’t buy into the ruse that the “Citizens United” case created an unfair playing field for republicans. Expose the fact that it merely evened a playing field that Big Labor had been exploiting for years at the expense of membership dues.

These lessons must be learned and implemented if The Decline of American Exceptionalism is to be reversed in November 2016! Listen closely to Governor Walker, as it is truly worth the time! We must Identify the “Devils” at Our Doorstep who are intent on Taking American Freedoms! America, we are at War! Armageddon is at Hand! Please Wake up and support the man who has the backbone to reclaim America’s greatness, Scott Walker!

Click here to show your support!

Ed. Note:  Folks, it takes money to run a campaign and get elected. Any amount helps. You can support Scott Walker via the link above, or visit any candidate’s website and make a contribution so that we don’t end up with the wrong person… again!

Photo credit Scott Walker

Planned Parenthood, Hillary 2016, Aborted Baby Body Parts
Planned Parenthood, Hillary 2016, Aborted Baby Body Parts

Planned Parenthood is a HUGE supporter of Hillary. Why is she so silent on the topic of selling baby body parts? I have a feeling she’s going to be silent on many topics. The less she says, the less that can be used against her.

In the meantime, she’ll continue to deflect with her old standby… it’s a right-wing conspiracy.

I’m sure she’s hoping this will blow over. Sad to say, it probably will.

Cartoon credit A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect


Finally, a Republican calls out the RINOs for lying to get votes from conservative congress members!

Watch this iconic Senate floor speech as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) explains how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lied to his face three times regarding a deal he made on the Export-Import Reauthorization attached the Highway Bill.

Will fellow conservatives stand with Cruz? Will there be repercussions for Cruz’s bold public words? Stay tuned.

Video source:  YouTube

Apache Girl in Times Square
Apache Girl in Times Square

Why should you care that the US government just sold out Apache holy land (to foreigners, nonetheless!)? Because it could happen to you too. Regardless of your religious or spiritual persuasion. If you have a belief system, you could be next. From the New York Times:

“Why is this place sacred?” said Wendsler Nosie Sr., a former chairman of the San Carlos Apache, in a recent interview with Cronkite News. “No difference to Mount Sinai. How the holy spirit came to be.” If you don’t want to take his word for it, the archaeological record at Oak Flat contains abundant evidence that the Apache have been here “since well before recorded history,” according to congressional testimony by the Society for American Archaeology.

If Oak Flat were a Christian holy site, or for that matter Jewish or Muslim, no senator who wished to remain in office would dare to sneak a backdoor deal for its destruction into a spending bill — no matter what mining-company profits or jobs might result. But this is Indian religion. Clearly the Arizona congressional delegation isn’t afraid of a couple of million conquered natives.

The truth is that for Mr. McCain, Mr. Flake and others who would allow this precious public land to be destroyed, it’s not only the Indians who are invisible. The rest of us are also ghosts, remnants of a quaint idea of democracy.

We used to live in a nation where the religious rights of individuals were respected… respected enough not to desecrate a holy place. I guess that rule no longer applies.

It’s time we stand up for each other’s religious rights. Please take a minute and sign the petition to repeal or amend the bill has trounced on Apache holy land.

Photo credit NYTimes/Standing Fox