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US Intel Report: How the Muslim Brotherhood began controlling western media

Muslim Brotherhood Logo
Muslim Brotherhood Logo

In 1973, the government of Syria removed all references to Islam as the religion of the state from their Constitution. It was at that time that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood began their campaign to remove the secular government via violence, in order to form an Islamic Syria. They failed in their first massive attempt in 1982, but regrouped and waited for the next opportunity – which was 2011.

By the time you finish reading this Intel report, you will note that the Muslim Brotherhood continues to use the same modus operandi as they did in 1982:

that the “government” conducted massacres (when it was the ‘opposition’ who did it) and the spreading of propaganda that thousands of Syrian Army members defected – a very big lie.

From the beginning, the “Free Syrian Army” only consisted of a handful of Syrians (who were Muslim Brotherhood members), and the rest of the “Free Syrian Army” were mercenary fighters from various countries. This was propaganda at its finest to fool the west into thinking the Syrian people backed the “rebellion”.

As this Intel report states, it was during the 1980’s that “a sophisticated worldwide propaganda campaign was launched supporting the rebellion and emphasizing its victories and wholesale desertion of Army units to the rebel side.”

I have wondered for years how mainstream media became such liars for the Muslim Brotherhood. And also, how the alleged “massacres” supposedly conducted by the Syrian government in the 1980’s could have possibly happened when all witnesses living in Syria at the time state that this was untrue.

Sadly, today on Wikipedia and all sources you find on the Internet state that “between 30,000 – 40,000 civilians were killed by the Syrian government”. Yet, all of the factual reports, including this report in 1982 by US Intel, proves this to be a lie. It was propaganda.

Read the rest at CheriBerens.

John Kerry is a Liar


My friends in Aleppo report to me they are getting hit bad, then I see western media showing Kerry’s mug saying the “ceasefire” is moving right along. What a liar!

More than 20 “opposition” groups, including all of the US-backed groups, rejected the ceasefire on September 12, 2016, the morning that the ceasefire was to begin. An official “opposition” statement was issued on social media and also in a televised statement.

There has been no “ceasefire”. Yet John Kerry has been making daily statements that the ceasefire exists.

A lie.

Why?  Probably because at some point the Syrian Armed Forces will have to strike back in order to protect its people – and then will be blamed for breaking the ceasefire.

And, for the last two days, during the alleged “ceasefire”, the US-backed “Free Syrian Army” blocked humanitarian aid coming into Aleppo. 

When the “ceasefire” began, mainstream media reported that “Assad” is not allowing in humanitarian aid into Aleppo. This is yet another lie. It has never been the Syrian government that blocks humanitarian aid. The Syrian government continues to create new avenues into Aleppo (and elsewhere) when roads are blocked by “opposition”. Government trucks bring in medicine, food, water, and even textbooks for school children.

Additionally, the opposition have always used the “ceasefires” in the past as an opportunity to capture more territory, and in doing so, kills many civilians during these so-called “ceasefires”. And the US State Department knows this.

During the first four days of this current “ceasefire”, the Opposition have conducted at least 55 violations of the ceasefire:

*  23 strikes in Aleppo
*  11 strikes in Homs
*    9 strikes in Damascus
*    5 strikes in al-Qunetra
*    4 strikes in Hama
*    2 strikes in Latakia
*    1 strike in Dara

The above violations do not include September 16 violations, including:

Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam), an army that the US State Department said would participate in the ceasefire, fired rockets into Damascus, hitting residential areas near the densely populated Abbasiyeen Square causing many civilian injuries.

Jaish al-Islam launched an attack in the eastern countryside of Damascus, targeting the town of Jobar.

So there’s supposed to be a ceasefire? Then why is the U.S. bombing Syrian army positions? (Read more at CheriBerens.)

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Forcing transgender bathrooms on churches

TransGender Bathrooms
TransGender Bathrooms

Starting October 1st, Massachusetts’ new anti-discrimination law will focus on transgender people’s right in public places which may force, among other places, churches to allow transgender people to use bathrooms according to their gender identity.

The “Gender identity guidance”, published by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, states that:

“All persons, regardless of gender identity, shall have the right to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any place of public accommodation.”

It also notes that:

“any place of public accommodation that lawfully separates access to a place or portion … based on a person’s sex, shall grant admission to that place, … consistent with the person’s gender identity.”

This law means that changing rooms in public swimming pools, restrooms in movie theaters and locker rooms in gyms will be used according to people’s gender identity regardless “[their] physiology or assigned sex at birth.” It also would not matter whether people have undergone gender affirming surgery or not.

Public accommodations are defined by Massachusetts law as:

“any place, whether licensed or unlicensed, which is open to and accepts or solicits the patronage of the general public.”

But according to the “Gender identity guidance”, a church, which is not usually considered a public place,

“could be seen as places of public accommodation if it holds a secular event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the general public,”

But it does not provide more information of which church events would be considered secular so subjected to this new law.

Because this new law overlaps with religion, it is not surprising that this new law has some opponents. Some believe that it is a violation of the First Amendment.

An attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious liberty firm, Matt Sharp thinks that:

The commission is wrong to claim that churches could become “public accommodations” simply by holding a “spaghetti supper.”

However, the commission guarantees that the new law does not threaten religious rights. In fact, it says that:

“All charges, including those involving religious institutions or religious exemptions, are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.”

Do you think this new law will be a problem for churches?

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The Democrat Party is America’s Most Powerful Hate Group


On January 20, 1961, newly elected and duly sworn into office, President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, ended his memorable and stirring inaugural address with the words, “asking for God’s help, here on Earth, God’s work, must truly be our own.” Despite his obvious moral failings in his private life, President Kennedy’s personal ambitions were transcended by his belief that his primary duty in public life was to love his country and to serve her people. That said, we also know he was a Democrat, and the last Democrat to serve as President whose efforts as Chief Executive were meant to build up America, rather than to tear America apart.
Following the tragic assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, up to and including the present, there have been four more Presidents from the Democratic Party; Lyndon Johnson, (1963-69); Jimmie Carter (1977-81); Bill Clinton (1993-2001); and Barack Obama, ( 2009-?). Under their individual and collective brand of so-called leadership, the United States of America and her people have been steadily and systematically dismantled, fragmented, weakened, and mercilessly abused. During these past 50 years, thanks to the national Democrats and the left-wing allies in Congress, the White House and our Federal Court System, the national Democratic Party has become America’s largest and most powerful “hate group”.

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The Clintons Knowingly Stole $28K Worth Of Treasures From The White House. Surprised?


The meme shown above has resurfaced of late after enjoying an intial period of virality back in July. At the time, the reliably liberal “fact-checker” Snopes attempted to debunk the message by noting that “the Clintons were not ‘forced’ to return any gifts, they were not found to have ‘stolen’ any items, and the aggregate value of the objects in question was much less than $200,000.”
The whole analysis is an exercise in hair-splitting, which ends with the authors shooting themselves in the foot anyway by reporting:

All told, the Clintons paid back or returned approximately $136,000 worth of furniture, artwork, china and other household items they had kept upon leaving office, with $86,000 of that total consisting of personal gifts they would presumably have been allowed to retain but decided to pay for to avoid the appearance of impropriety. About $50,000 of the total comprised items they had removed but were later determined to belong to the government. [Emphasis added]

Snopes’s own decision to use the highlighted construction is a curious one insofar as gifts are not something one customarily thinks of as having to be “paid back.”

But the most absurd part of the defense is their citing a 2001 New York Times article with the unambiguous title “Clintons Will Return Any Gifts Found to Belong to White House.

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The Silent Trumpers are “Coming Out”!


Well, well, well, it looks like a change is in the air.  Over the last couple of weeks, but particularly since last weekend, there has been a surge in the polls for Donald Trump.  Interesting, isn’t it?  I believe, and I have said this for a long time now, that there are millions and millions of Trump voters who have “stayed in the closet” and not spoken out in their intention to vote for him.  Well, all of this has changed and I believe that it is largely due to Hillary Clinton’s faux pas last week calling half of his supporters a “basket of deplorables”.  Little did she know that that arrogant, demeaning little comment in front of her millionaire donors who yucked it up with her would bring millions of formerly silent voters to speak up and own their vote.

These are the group of voters who up until now have been hesitant to admit to friends, co-workers or pollsters that yes, indeed, they are Trumpers.  Now because of Hillary Clinton’s elitist and divisive remark they find themselves part of a large group of citizens who have their own “brand”.  They are finding out that they belong to a trendy group of Americans who are actually proud to be branded by Hillary and the left as “irredeemable and un-American”.  It is now acceptable for them to push back at her and say that they are supporting Donald Trump because they hear themselves being labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, zenophobic and Islamaphobic and they have had enough!  Morgan-Brittany-26
Hillary Clinton with one stroke of her broad brush just dissed half of the country and now they are coming out and fighting back.  I suppose they figure that if they are in that “basket”, they might as well at least openly come out for Trump and own it.

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Guest writer Morgan Brittany

And now, American BBQ is offensive!

The American Flag
The American Flag

It is natural for people to have an emotional attachment to the country they consider their homeland. People display their flag, sing their national anthem and support their countrymen because of that attachment.

However, Ramapo College students who wanted to have an “American BBQ” were forced to change the theme of their party because, according to the administration, it was too “offensive”.

Ariana Rivera, the Assistant Residence Director of Bischoff Hall, invited the groups College Republicans and the College Democrats to co-sponsor the BBQ. Those groups were offered the chance to set tables for their respective organizations and promote student voting.

But Campus Reform obtained emails revealing that two days before the party, Rivera contacted Tyler Gilson, College Republicans’ President, to let him know that:

[The] Bischoff Hall would no longer be co-sponsoring … because the American theme was “considered offensive.”

She added that the event would not be canceled but would be changed to a regular BBQ.

When Gilson replied to Rivera’s email asking why “American” is considered an offensive theme and who complained about it, Rivera answered:

“To be honest, I’m not sure. I think it was administrative … I was told that our advertising was too ‘military and recruitment-oriented,’ because we had the Uncle Sam saying ‘I want you…’ I think? However, we saw other posters with that same idea, so I really don’t know.”

The Vice-President of College Republicans Matthew Searfoss asked the Residence Assistant for more information about the administration’s action.

“The RA said that they had been using the famous ‘I want you’ image of Uncle Sam in several posters around campus to get the word out about the event, and the administration thought that these posters were too militaristic and not inclusive of the entire student population.”

Monica Lynn, a member of the College Republicans, expressed in The Odyssey how surprised and upset the members felt, after being informed of the cancellation of the first meeting of the year.

“This issue was swept under the rug like nothing happened, and to some, it may seem quite trivial, but to me, this spells out a larger message: that a lot of colleges and universities in today’s society are willing to shut down students’ opinions in fear of offending someone,” Lynn writes.

Of course, Gilson and Searfoss do want to let this issue go, especially since Ramapo is a public university supported by state funding.

“I find the actions of the administration to be disheartening regarding this matter as they are not being open and understanding of the views of its entire student population and the taxpayers whose money goes to keep the institution up and running,” Searfoss explained.

However, Ramapo Public Relations Specialist Angela Daidone told Campus Reform that the change of the theme was a “miscommunication” and it never was threatened to be canceled.

“The BBQ did go on as planned, there were American flags and TurboVote was there, and over 300 students attended…The theme was changed, but there were American flags hanging.”

How is “America” considered an offensive and exclusive theme at an American university? Every person living in the US should be proud of this country, so why can’t they express it in a meeting?

It is a shame that students, such members of political groups, do not have freedom of speech at universities. Instead, they must be constantly on guard for “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings”.

Read more at Campus Reform

Photo Credit to Nicolas Raymond

Hillary DOES have a disease… “pseudologia fantastica”


Let me start off by saying, I don’t wish a disease or death on anyone. For those of you who really don’t have a grasp on reality, calling someone out on something doesn’t mean you’re wishing that upon them.

Hillary Clinton has all the signs of a “pseudologia fantastica” for instance one definition says:

“it’s a condition involving compulsive lying by a person with no obvious motivation. The affected person might believe their lies to be truth, and may have to create elaborate myths to reconcile them with other facts.”

Another reads:

“Someone who often embellishes his or her stories in a way that he or she believes will impress people.” A pseudologia fantastica “is different from a normal liar in that a [pseudologia fantastica] believes the lie they are telling to be true—at least in public—and is “playing” the role. He or she sometimes is seen to have a serious mental problem that needs to be rectified” and “often actually convince themselves that they are telling the truth, which in turn can alter polygraph tests and other questioning.”

“When caught in a lie, [pseudologia fantastica] tend to become hostile or try to disregard the fact they lied; often playing it off as a joke.”

Let me say, I am not a shrink nor do I play one on the radio. But, I can say, because of ALL the evidence on the internet, radio, TV, and in print, Mrs. Clinton must suffer from “pseudologia fantastica.”

Let’s look at some issues, starting with what happened recently. Mrs. Clinton had a heat stroke… I mean pneumonia… I mean the flu! Well OK, first she said she overheated (commonly known as heat stroke) after she abruptly left the 9/11 ceremony on Sunday. When she got rehydrated after being at her daughter’s clinic for an hour or so she apparently remembered her doctor came to treat her the previous Friday. So somehow Mrs. Clinton was visited by a doctor for an unscheduled exam while being flagged by the media and others… and this was a non-issue? And no one knew about it? The doctor determined that Mrs. Clinton had pneumonia. Diagnosing pneumonia is a pretty lengthy exam. She must have the best doctor on the planet.

Then on Tuesday, Mr. Clinton said he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about because millions of Americans get the FLU every day!

So was it heat stroke, pneumonia, or the flu? How did Mrs. Clinton and staff not know on Sunday that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday? One of the orders from the doctor surely would have been to drink plenty of liquids and get rest. Did the doctor revise their diagnosis on Tuesday to the flu? Or did the Clintons, in their usual fashion, simply lie?

Mrs. Clinton told the story about how she and Chelsea had to duck sniper fire when they landed in Bosnia for a state sponsored visit. She told and retold and retold the story about how they had to run from the plane to a safe place in the hanger. She “remembered it vividly.” Until she didn’t, when right-wing media exposed her with video and footage of her landing showing kids who turned out to meet her.

She said she “misspoke” and “miss-remembered.” Billy even came out a few days later and said, why is everyone so upset about her not recalling a story properly at a speech she made? Saying it happens all the time. Can anyone please tell me the last time they “miss-remembered” bullets flying by their heads while running for cover? Anyone? Anyone?

Ahhh, then the best one! The one she can’t seem to find the truth on even after she is shown it in her own words from her own emails with her own family.

The night of the Benghazi attack Mrs. Clinton clearly knew it was a planned terrorist attack. That very night she told her daughter it was a terror attack. We have proof of that fact. The next day she told the Turkish leader that it was a terrorist attack. We have proof of that too. Many other emails from Mrs. Clinton also refer to Benghazi as everything BUT a result of a video made by a producer in California, the exact story (lies) she told the news outlets, the parents of those killed in the attack, and us… the American public.

When she finally got irritated at being questioned, she broke out with, “the fact is we have four dead Americans. Whether it was because of a protest or because guys outside for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make?”

You’re right Mrs. Clinton. Four Americans are dead and many more because of your inability to tell the truth. God forbid you become president. Will your motto be, “What difference does it make?” You seem to feel the end justifies the means BUT the end for you is as long as you don’t get blamed you don’t care what the story is.

Here is an excerpt from an article printed in the American Journal of Psychiatry

“Psychiatrists see lying as pathological when it is so persistent as to be destructive to the liar’s life, or to those to whom he lies.

The most blatant lying is found in the condition called ”pseudologia fantastica,” in which a person concocts a stream of fictitious tales about his past, many with a small kernel of truth, all self-aggrandizing.

”Pathological liars seem utterly sincere about their lies, but if confronted with facts to the contrary, will often just as sincerely reverse their story,” Dr. King said. ”Their stories have a believable consistency, but they just do not seem able to monitor whether they are telling the truth or not.”

Research suggests that this most extreme form of lying is associated with a specific neurological pattern: a minor memory deficit combined with impairment in the frontal lobes, which critically evaluate information.”

Mrs. Clinton has a problem people!

My diagnosis of Mrs. Clinton is that she has, “Responsibility Deficit Disorder” coupled with “pseudologia fantastica.” The actions she has taken as an adult would land all your kids as teenagers in a time out, having the car taken away, and losing phone privileges. But because she is a Democrat woman seeking the presidency, the Left defends her as if she is their god at the cost of the American people!

I’d say “God help you” but as was witnessed when you tried to remove Him from your platform, you wouldn’t have one to help. So I say, “HillBama help you.” (That would be the Hillary-Obama god heads.)

America Bless God! And God, please forgive us, we need Your help!

44% to Turn Off NFL if National Anthem Protests Continue!


A new poll says that 44 percent of Americans will turn off NFL football games should players continue to kneel for the national anthem and disrespect the flag!

Colin Kaepernick has already turned off 25% of the 49ers fans from watching and costs the NFL Million$$!

American Football fans are patriotic and these lazy protests are taking a toll an the American past-time!

“The poll result follows Nielsen ratings showing that many fans already do something else beside watching NFL football this season. Monday Night Football endured its lowest ratings earlier this week since moving to ESPN a decade ago and Sunday games also suffer year-to-year losses, albeit smaller than the double-digit decline witnessed at the Worldwide Leader in Sports. The absence of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may help explain viewership losses. But another quarterback also not taking a single snap this young regular season undoubtedly suppresses ratings as well.” 

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Haiti hates the Clinton?


How about two whole new scandals for the Clinton Family and their foundation?

We’ve already heard about the Clinton foundation’s Haiti corruption over the last few weeks. The foundation was caught promising to help the people of Haiti, and instead used the money to line their own corrupt pockets.

Now there are two new scandals for Hillary Clinton to answer for…

First, the former president of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, dropped a bombshell during a recent Donald Trump campaign event. Mr. Sansaricq told Mr. Trump that he had the documentation to prove that the Clintons tried to bribe him in an effort to get his support for the Clinton foundation’s work to defraud the people of Haiti.

Sansaricq explained that he became president of the Senate in 1994, a year during which the Clinton presidency attempted to oust the oppressive military regime in Haiti by threat of invasion. Sansaricq said that in order to try to “appease” him at the time, Clinton sent Bill Richardson, a former U.S. Representative of New Mexico.

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Think ALL drugs should be legalized? Take a look at this…

Overdose Couple
Overdose Couple

Although there many supporters of legalizing drugs, it is important to remember the dangerous effects that they can have. It isn’t just a personal choice for consenting adults.

In order to remind people of the impact of heroin, the police department of East Liverpool, Ohio, posted on Facebook a picture of an intoxicated woman and man passed out in a car with a child in the back seat. Police found them when they responded to an incapacitated driver report.

Driver James Acord, who had trouble speaking, claimed to the officers that he was taking his unconscious passenger Rhonda Pasek to the hospital.

Before the driver passed out, a police officer was forced to take the keys and turned off the car after Acord tried to turn on the ignition while questioned.

Acord and Pasek were sent to the hospital after the EMS gave them Narcan, to combat the opiate overdose.

The police charged the driver:

with operating a vehicle impaired, endangering a child and slowing in a roadway.

and Pasek was charged with:

with endangering a child, not wearing a seatbelt and public intoxication.

The young boy, who turned up to be Acord’s son, was:

placed in the custody of Columbiana County Children’s Services.

The lives of three people, including a child, were in danger due to the harmful of effects narcotics. Thankfully the police were able to intervene before it got any worse. The Department asked that this picture be spread far and wide so that supporters of legalizing drugs can take a look at this picture and reconsider.

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Photo credit to City of East Liverpool, Ohio

CBS lies about yet another police shooting!


On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, The Talk, on CBS showed some video of a guy being shot by police near Tulsa OK.
They showed him with his hands up,
and they showed him after he was shot.

They made no mention of the fact that,
after the police told him to stand still, he kept walking toward his truck.
They EDITED OUT the part of the video
that showed the guy reaching into his truck, which of course is why the police shot him; he looked like he was reaching for a gun.

And of course the hostesses expressed outrage about the police shooting a guy with his hands up and “not making any kind of threatening gesture in any way”
and how it’s yet another example of “blacks being killed by racist cops.”

I rather doubt that the hostesses have ever heard the true story of that incident.
Propagandists are much more believable when they sincerely believe the narrative they are to propagate.

It seems more likely that the hostesses themselves were manipulated by their own network, who edited the video dishonestly, to get them to react the way the network is trying to train everyone to react.

Julie Chen, as a news person, is the one who should be the most vigilant about watching out for this kind of deception.

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Albertson’s bakery refuses to write “Trump 2016” on birthday cake

Trump-sign-voters-attrib-flickr-Gage Skidmore-28631370912
Trump-sign-voters-attrib-flickr-Gage Skidmore-28631370912

One of things that sets the US apart from other countries is the liberty people have to choose their representatives, including the president.

In Bossier City, Louisiana, Albertson’s bakery refuse to sell a cake to 17-year-old McKenzie Gill because she wanted ‘Trump 2016’ on her cake for her Trump-themed party.

She explained to KSLA that:

“We [Gill and her mother] just need an American flag cake with Trump 2016 on it, and right when I said Trump the lady just (makes face) kinda Trump? And she was like I can make you a flag cake but I’m not going to write Trump on it,” explained Gill.

Gill notified the store officials of this incident and told them that:

“It’s your job, we’re not really going for your opinion on what you think of the candidates we were just wanting Trump 2016 on the cake.”

After her Facebook post about the event got a lot of attention, it is not surprising that Albertson’s released a statement apologizing. On it, Connie Yeates, the spokesperson, said that:

“We apologize to our customer in Bossier City for the situation regarding the cake that was requested. Our Bakery staff member misunderstood the training provided regarding copyrighted phrases and incorrectly informed the customer we could not fulfill her request. We would be happy to provide the cake as the customer requested.”

Despite her experience, Gill “is letting it roll off her” and is excited to vote for the first time this November for candidate Trump, who is some she look up to.

Read more at KSLA News

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

What if God could vote? ©

Tom Julian
Tom Julian

Ever thought about God and how he might cast his own personal vote during the elections… or are you like those who believe Gods best thoughts and decisions should stay within the church or the synagogue

Do you ever wonder if he leans over to his right, says to his son Jesus, “Let’s pull everyone together and give them some direction on this Presidential election coming up in a few seconds…? (I say a few seconds because a 1000 years could be but a day to God and to be honest, I am not a mathematical expert to come up with the exact number) …

But my point is… Does God pull together everyone who is living within his kingdom together to let them know how He desires to run a country founded with the inscription…. “One nation under God”

My answer is those who follow God and who seek Him, desire nothing that would or could go against the grain of what he taught throughout the years. From the creation of Adam and Eve, to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, through the disobedience and hatred of King Saul, through the sin and forgiveness of King David and all the way up to where Jesus was questioned about his personal allegiance to the government and taxes, and to which He responded, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar, but render to God the things that are Gods’”.

The point is, God loves people and because a society cannot run without order, God put it upon the heart of those who founded our great Country to build a government for the people so they would be cared for, provided safety, and live in a society in which they flourish, love, gather, choose, plan and build as they desire… and so they did as God directed.

Will those today who are running for office, seek to create schooling and education so children can be free to learn historical facts, so they can dream… will the children be able to understand numbers so they can work, budget and save for their future; will women and men still have the privilege, honor and freedom to go to a church of their choice and worship, and will there continue to be a system of correction and consequences…. meaning each and every action will have an outcome that secures our freedom, security and order?

God has always taken a keen interest in how the people are going to vote because he knows what will keep them safe and prosperous and what will not.

No, I don’t think God needs to pull everyone together… if they seek him, he will instill these powerful rules of maintaining order… if the people of America who are called by His name will continue to humble themselves and not take it upon themselves to be God, but will ask for his guidance… the system will maintain itself in good working order… in other words, it will be strong and the people will with confidence put their hands over their heart and say in unison…

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…

This is Tom Julian, thanks for reading.

© Tom Julian, 2016

Pipeline protests put jobs and energy security at risk


By Tom Borelli

Plans for a new oil pipeline just went up in flames – literally. This summer, radical environmentalists in Iowa set fire to pipeline construction equipment, causing nearly $1 million in damages.

The incident was hardly isolated. Environmentalists nationwide are desperately working to stop pipeline construction. In Massachusetts, for example, several protesters locked themselves to their cars – with bike locks – in an effort to block construction of a pipeline in West Roxbury.

Unfortunately, these activists – and the politicians who pander to them – aren’t just slowing the construction of new oil and gas pipelines. They’re also slowing economic growth opportunity and limiting America’s efforts to become energy independent.

Take the project that inspired the Iowa arson – the 1,168-mile Dakota Access pipeline. The pipeline will move 570,000 barrels of oil daily across North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois – bringing each of those states 4,000 jobs. It’s also expected to generate $156 million in tax revenue.

These economic gains will give local economies a welcome boost. Campgrounds and rental properties near construction sites for the Dakota Access pipeline are in high demand. Restaurants, grocery stores, health-care clinics, and recreational venues will all benefit from more business.

Other pipelines are just as financially promising. Take the Energy East pipeline project – proposed by the same company behind Keystone XL – that would carry oil 3,000 miles across Canada to the East Coast.

For regions of the country still reeling from manufacturing job losses, pipeline projects like Energy East show real economic promise. The pipeline is forecast to add more than $10 billion to the economy and create 14,000 full-time jobs annually.

Or consider Pennsylvania’s Mariner East pipeline project, which environmentalists are protesting by sitting in trees along its path. Without the Mariner East, Pennsylvania’s economy would miss out on 15,000 jobs and $100 million each year.

Meanwhile, activists in New York are blocking the Constitution gas pipeline – holding up 2,400 jobs and $130 million in labor income. The Comanche Trail and Trans-Pecos pipelines in West Texas face opposition as well.

Misguided pipeline protests are having a devastating ripple effect. Ever since the Obama administration vetoed Keystone XL last year, 11 pipeline projects have been canceled or postponed.

Activists aren’t just hindering economic benefits; they’re impeding American energy security as well. Since the 1970s, America has significantly moved away from dependence on foreign nations for oil – nearly 90 percent of oil consumed by Americans is now produced in the United States.

In fact, our nation has become a world leader in gas and oil production – beating out giants like Russia and Saudi Arabia. Pipeline projects will help America keep that status and achieve total energy independence.

Read the rest at:  Borelli


Maybe Hillary is just a clutz! NOT!


Hillary Clinton’s health is a prominent topic in the news these days. Her supporters are fiercely defensive and malign anyone who questions the true status of her physical fitness.

Hillary’s “medical event” at the 9/11 memorial service has caused a lot of commotion.

Clinton allies have been steadfast in attempting to make it all about another right-wing conspiracy, but after last Sunday, some Democrats have broken rank and voiced a need for a “contingency plan.”

Various outlets – RealClear Politics, Zero Hedge and Politico – report this week that columnist Cokie Roberts, also an avid Democrat and ABC News contributor, stated on NPR that Democrats were “nervously beginning to whisper” about filling Hillary’s spot if she departs.

“People are angry at the lack of transparency,” Roberts said. “It was hours before the diagnosis of pneumonia was revealed after seeing this incredibly damaging video of her being helped and stumbling into this van.”

Likewise, former DNC chairman and Clinton backer Don Fowler said: “Now is the time for all good political leaders to come to the aid of their party,” and, “I think the plan should be developed by 6 o’clock this afternoon.”

Getting a plan as important and complicated as this, to be put together within hours, indicates the Democrats’ concern and haste.

If Hillary and her camp want the suspicions of her health status to stop, they need to stop feeding the so-called “rumors.”

It’s been frequently reported that $250,000 has been spent to make three vehicles more accommodating to Hillary. There are pictures showing she uses a little step-stool to enter the already altered vehicles.

WikiLeaks has revealed emails from Hillary directing State Department employees to do research into drugs for Parkinson’s disease. reported on Hillary fainting at a speech on Jan. 31, 2005, and Secret Service was close enough to protect her. The explanation was dehydration.

On Jan, 18, 2009, Hillary reportedly fell on the way to the White House, breaking her elbow. She has Secret Service at her side constantly; how did that happen?

An Aug. 19, 2011, email from Clinton confidante Cheryl Mills described Hillary with “decision fatigue.”

The first week of December 2012, Hillary reportedly fell at home and hit her head. That was also explained as fainting from dehydration.

In a Jan. 26, 2013, email, Huma Abiden said Hillary was “often confused.” It was revealed she had a bad concussion and a blood clot in the skull.

Bill Clinton told ABC News on May 14, 2014, that Hillary “required six months of very serious work to get over (the concussion).” That’s the first and last time he said that in public, and it contradicts what State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Jan. 7, 2013: “Judging by the woman we saw this morning and the workload that she’s got, she seems to be fully recovered.”

This week Bill Clinton attempted once again to explain Hillary’s problem, telling CBS News: “… because frequently – well not frequently, rarely – but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”

Unfortunately for both Bill and CBS, they were busted when CBS was caught editing the tape to omit the word “frequently.”

There are various videos of Hillary being under pressure with reporters shooting questions at her where she developed the unusual head-jerking movement, mouth agape and the bug eyes (a symptom of Parkinson’s). This may well explain why she has not held a press conference in about 265 days.

Hillary continuing long episodes of coughing give rise to suspicions.

As for Hillary’s spell last Sunday, the immediate explanation was being overheated on a 78-degree day. Two spokespeople gave conflicting reports while her physician immediately claimed Hillary had pneumonia diagnosed the prior Friday.

Bill said she was dehydrated; then he said she had the flu.

It’s odd that a person of this caliber with a medical event would go to her daughter’s apartment. Hillary reappeared in just 90 minutes, full of vigor; yet her doctor is reportedly one hour away from that address.

It wasn’t just America that saw Hillary in a very fragile moment, stacked on top of the others. It was the whole world.

Suspicions grow because of the constant contradictions and ambiguity; now Democrats are openly watching.

Hillary is out and about on the trail, and I, for one, want her to keep it up.

The upcoming debates will probably be the most watched ever.

Hillary’s Fall: Specs, Lies and Videotape!

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

I can’t wait for “Weekend at Chelsea’s” to hit the big screen. CNN and the rest of Hillary Clinton’s slobbering media sycophants have already written the script. If this woman, God forbid, dropped dead on the sidewalk tomorrow, these doting suck-ups – these mass media strumpets whose voter trust has, understandably, reached an all-time low – would dutifully parrot the Clinton campaign talking points and call it a “minor setback” to her “inevitable” victory.

The American people aren’t buying it. This is a severely ill woman. No more “conspiracy theory” dismissals. Mrs. Clinton’s “mild cold,” er, “seasonal allergies,” I mean “heat exhaustion,” that is to say “minor case of pneumonia” is, evidently, of the rare kind that requires a permanent traveling physician and a “mystery man” who rushes to her side whenever she has one of her frequent and uncontrollable “episodes” (or otherwise freezes up with a brain “short-circuit” during a speech).

This guy has been spotted with the Clintons during medical emergencies going back to 2003 when Hillary suffered a brain blood clot (also covered up) and carries in hand what many medical experts say is a Diazepam pen. Diazepam is an intravenous drug used to treat seizures.

Blue tinted glasses of the sort Mrs. Clinton was wearing on 9/11 when she collapsed are also worn by patients who suffer seizures. These therapeutic specs are likewise used to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease – a neurological disorder from which a number of doctors indicate Mrs. Clinton likely suffers (since when has “pneumonia” required a neurological squeeze test?).

The Clinton campaign needs to come clean. They won’t, but they should. I wonder what official “diagnosis” we’ll get the next time she seizes up and collapses into the arms of eerily calm Secret Service agents acting as though they’ve been there a hundred times before. “Nothing to see here, folks. Secretary Clinton’s sciatica is just acting up a bit from the 30 miles she ‘powered through’ yesterday going door-to-door.”

The point is that, once more, by lying about illness Mrs. Clinton has reinforced (and justified) concerns about both her physical and moral fitness to serve as president. She’s proven, yet again, that she can’t be trusted. She has confirmed a number of pre-conceptions that voters, as revealed by her historically low approval ratings, have formed relative to her health and character. She’s a liar. That’s her default mode. She’s corrupt. And she’s sick. Very sick. She puts her own personal political ambition and lust for power above all else – including the best interests of the nation, and even her own life.

Do I take joy in Mrs. Clinton’s sufferings and plummeting poll numbers? Well, no on the first, yes on the second. “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice” (Proverbs 24:17).

Indeed, Mrs. Clinton has had a very bad couple of weeks, but her poll numbers were already trending downward. Her medical crisis last weekend, coupled with her stepping in it by smearing half of Donald Trump’s supporters as a “racist” and “irredeemable” “basket of deplorables,” has only served to accelerate the plunge.

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An open letter to Marina Sirtis!


An open letter to Marina Sirtis & all celebrities, minor celebrities & has beens practicing to be a never was that are trash talking Trump! – By Xander Gibb

Dear Marina Sirtis
Firstly, thanks so much for your appearance on Star Trek The Next Generation as Deanna Troi. Your performance was impeccable and the wardrobe department’s bold use of spandex was most definitely a genius step. I would like to add to your list of acting prowess but the only other thing I can think of is your appearance in Stargate SG1, The TV Series. Yes I did check IMDB but as we both know as actors, minor roles are just filler!

Whilst I was a fan and don’t want to be rude to you I am really disappointed at not only your foolishness as an actor, and your lack of Business Acumen, but your attempts to make me look unprofessional for merely disagreeing with you. May I remind you that it was your character that was empathetic, not you and although you may think having one starring role qualifies you to be a Political Commentator, I am here to inform you that it doesn’t!

Your Timeline on Twitter stinks of Liberal Logic and Anti Trump sentiment and you slanderous accusations would only be tolerated by those with no intellect. Calling Donald trump a racist in order to further the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton or to boost your own flagging career are suicidal and your fan base dwindles daily.

This is before we even consider how many Casting Agents and TV Show Executives actually know and support Donald Trump and will be aware of your commentary. I for one am no longer a fan and will not support you anymore, but will observe your career suicide from afar.  Even hard core fans will not tolerate your lies and misrepresentations of Mr Trump based upon the watered down perceptions you have gleaned from others.

Xander Gibb
Xander Gibb

When I called you out for an example regarding your assumptions that Donald Trump is racist, you cited commentary that had been generalized regarding his suggestion some Mexicans in The USA Illegally, had raped and murdered people.  His reference was directly relating to those who had and was not a generalization about all Mexicans. –

See more at: Washed Up Fans


Special snowflake: ‘Make America Great Again’ hat is ‘hate speech’ on college campus


A viral video posted to YouTube on Thursday shows a college student at Canada’s Mount Royal University being berated by a local SJW who thinks the phrase “Make America Great Again” on a hat consists of “hate speech.”

“You’re not allowed to share hate language in a university,” the woman, later identified as Zoe Slusar, the former vice-president of student life at MRU, is heard saying.

“I’m not allowed to support a political candidate?” the man, later identified as Matt Linder, replies.

Check it out at: snowflake

Harry Reid whines to reporter: Your polls showing tightening race ‘are not fair’


While conducting an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, “Dingy” Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat readers of the Conservative Firing Line agreed is both evil and mentally unstable, went ballistic at the notion that polls are showing a tightening race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump.  According to Reid, those polls are “unfair” and not reliable.

“I want to ask you about your concerns about Hillary Clinton’s numbers right now,” Raju said. “She is struggling. Why do you think–what does she need to do–” he began before being cut off by a visibly agitated Reid.

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