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Friday, June 23, 2017

Dems complain about money in politics! Thats Rich!


After Running The Most Expensive Campaign In House History, Ossoff Complains About Money In Politics.. You’ve got to be kidding.

In the aftermath of his defeat in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, where he lost to former Georgia’s former secretary of state Karen Handel after spending roughly $32 million, Democrat Jon Ossoff gave a new demonstration of chutzpah.

Considering how the money was spent in the most expensive congressional race in history, that was a rather outrageous statement, and people noticed…

You might go back and forth-with this; you might first claim that Ossoff spent more money on the race overall than Handel did; but then Ossoff might counter by saying if you were just looking at how much money was spent on Handel and Ossoff from outside groups, he had a point, as Handel received roughly $19 million from outside groups while Ossoff received roughly $7.5 million.

But here’s the real elephant in the room that Ossoff conveniently ignores; see tweet at the bottom of the article. Notice anything? Look at the top of the list. How about the fact that of the roughly $19 million Handel received, roughly $7 million came from the Republican Party? In other words, Ossoff’s campaign spent roughly $30 million, the most in congressional history, and the GOP stepped in and decided to back its candidate to make sure she won the seat.

If Ossoff is complaining that a party shouldn’t have the right to support its own candidate, that is the most ridiculous claim of all.

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“Trigger warnings” were first used on the internet by feminist websites!


The ceremony at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day this year came as a calm in the eye of the political hurricane. The national graveyard for the bodies and memories of warriors who shed their life blood to purchase and protect our freedom was on that day far from a silent ground. It was filled with remembrances, testimonies to courage, bravery, and sacrifice along with the accompanying sighs and tears of those families whose losses are so fresh they still feel the initial pain. Again, stories, often recent, were told of the bravery and sacrifice of heroes worthy of honors, medals, and medallions that will have to hang on someone else’s neck because those who earned them are gone forever. That iconic ground is revered as a campus for the bravest, the least selfish and the most sacrificial of this nation’s young. Below the surface, the ground is filled with the bodies of those who were willingly in the line of fire, those who were mortally wounded and sent into eternity. The brave, who died, all knew the danger and ran to the fight anyway, to protect a nation of people they couldn’t even know. They did it because they believed evil must be stopped in its destructive path. They were noble warriors, protectors giving their lives for strangers who shared their homeland, their flag, and their dream of peace and goodness. Many lost their lives because they rushed into the triggers of the enemy, in an effort to save their comrades.

Contrast that noble, manly courage in the face of deadly danger and murderous enemies with the attitude of another campus of young people who are demanding to be respected. Students at the University of California at Santa Barbara, who compose the student senate, recently passed a resolution calling for (out of all ironies) “trigger warnings.” What is that? Is it a warning system to alert students to a campus shooter or some kind of terrorist assault? Not hardly. Here is what the students are demanding: “trigger warnings” are cautions from professors alerting students that the lecture or syllabus might include something that would trigger feelings of emotional or physical distress.

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Professor Calls White People “Inhuman”


In a recent piece written by Todd Starnes, He deals with a VERY leftist professor.

A Connecticut college is facing national outrage after a professor posted a series of Facebook messages attacking white people – along with a link to an essay that suggested first responders to last week’s congressional shootings should’ve let the lawmakers “f***ing” die.

Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams also reportedly shared an essay posted on Medium that included a photograph of Majority Leader Steve Scalise, titled, “Let Them F***ing Die.”

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The anonymous essayist opined that the Capitol police officers should’ve let Rep. Scalise and otherRepublican lawmakers die in last week’s ball park attack.

“Saving the life of those that would kill you is the opposite of virtuous,” the essayist wrote. “Let. Them. F***ing. Die. And smile a bit when you do. For you have done the universe a great service.”

The professor’s incredibly offensive Facebook postings and hashtags were originally reported by Campus Reform.

“I’m fed the f**k up with self identified ‘white’s’ daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslim, and sexually and racially oppressed people. The time is now to confront these inhuman a**holes and end this now,” the professor wrote.

Ironically, Professor Williams teaches about race and racism.

Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney said in a prepared statement that she does not “condone hate speech or calls to incite violence.”

“I told Professor Williams that in my opinion his use of the hashtag was reprehensible and, at the very least, in poor judgment,” the president said. “No matter its intent, it goes against our fundamental values as an institution, and I believe its effect is to close minds rather than open them.”

Instead of me trying to interpret the essay written on Medium – I’m going to let the college president describe that smoldering piece of garbage disguised as thoughtful prose.

“The Medium piece went on to explore broader issues concerning race and the relationship between ‘victims of bigotry’ and ‘bigots,’” Berger-Sweeney said. “The piece culminated with a call to show indifference to the lives of bigots. That call was reprehensible, and any such suggestion is abhorrent and wholly contrary to Trinity’s values.”

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Obama Admin BLEW 150 Billion on green energy!


Yes, I said BLEW. There was almost NO measurable forward motion in the green energy world.
The stats for US renewable energy for 2009 was 8.1% after spending billions to promote and support green energy  they were able to move the needle about 1% by 2014! GREAT!?!

For decades, green energy supporters touted solar energy as the answer. However, the solar energy industry cannot support itself without massive government subsidies. The average homeowner would need a $30,000 system just to save $2,000 a year. And who really knows what the savings are, given the Obama administration’s “fake data.”

Regardless, even using their numbers it would take 15 years just to recover one’s initial investment. Since the average home owner stays in their house less than 13 years, a buyer never recovers his or her investment.

The Institute for Energy Research reports:

President Obama subsidized solar and other renewable energy in the United States with taxpayer money to the tune of $39 billion per year on average for the past 5 years. These massive subsidies, however, have done little to increase the contribution of solar power to the electricity generation mix as solar is expected to produce just 0.6 percent of electricity generation this year.

Disregarding the cost to the American taxpayer and the failed solar projects in the United States, President Obama has pledged billions of dollars to fund solar energy development in India. On his trip to India, President Obama was hoping to bring back a deal similar to the one he made in China to peak the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rejected the President’s proposed global warming deal, realizing his priority should be to bring power to the hundreds of millions of Indians that lack access to electricity.

To the point: India rightly rejected part-time energy for full-time energy, as they kicked Obama’s green energy slush fund to the curb.

Not even the allure of money from air could make the Indian prime minister sell out his people.

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that most of the green energy companies funded by Obama went belly-up. Green energy could easily have been called ObamaFuel, reminiscent of the healthcare scheme that failed just as badly. How many of those ObamaCare co-ops were total flops?

Nearly 40 companies that took big government pay-outs are bankrupt or headed for bankruptcy.

Fox Nation compiled a list of the failing energy companies along with the amount of government funds at their disposal. Most of these companies had millions thrown at them:

  • Evergreen Solar ($25 million),
  • Schneider Electric ($86 million)
  • Johnson Controls ($299 Million)

Other companies actually received billions of taxpayer funds.

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Is this still America???


Cruelty begets it’s offspring’s war, time to show violence the door, If not now then tell me when, will we be able to Make America great again? “Leave My President Alone” 

Ever wake up and wonder were you are? Have to scratch you head at the Bizzaro-burgh that you are living in right now? Right is wrong and black is white and dare to question it or you are racist, even when Race is not involved in the topic? Media claims authentication based on “an unnamed source” and that we don’t really need evidence of collusion because that Donald Trump is clearly a bad guy, right?? Wrong!

Of course it’s not wrong you say, it must be true. I’ve seen him on the TV saying “You’re fired” and he did say those bad things about women that were recorded without his permission in a private conversation? He’s on Twitter sharing his opinions about others, thats not what Twitter is for is it? Isn’t it for sharing cute cat pics and recipes for cake and dip etc?

Everyone knows he’s on Putin’s pay roll and he hates Jews and Blacks and will end up putting the gays in internment camps and don’t even get me started on how he hates Muslims. It says it in the papers so it must be true and even fellow Republicans hate him, so he really must be bad and he had 2 scoops of ice cream which means he is greedy too. Rosie hates him and she’s the epitome of all that is good right??? WRONG!!!!

Wake up America and smell the damn covfefe because I am here to tell you that you are being hoodwinked and allowing the Deep State Revenge for Hillary losing, to brainwash you into total submission. To accept everything the media, any media tells you, without researching it further is the most dangerous thing you could ever do. It is not only dangerous but also UN-American and irresponsible to boot.

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NEW Libertarian club in BIG trouble!


Young Americans for Liberty at Linfield College compared to terrorists, accused of threatening school’s ‘safe spaces’

All they wanted to do was promote free speech and intellectual diversity. Instead their activities were condemned and shut down by professors and students.

So say members of the Young Americans for Liberty campus club at Linfield College, who tell The College Fix their efforts were stifled and stymied through fear and intimidation, administrative power, and student hysteria at their small school in McMinnville, Ore.

The liberty-loving students say they faced repeated and intense backlash from some professors and students after launching their club this past spring — mostly notably their event with controversial Professor Jordan Peterson was canceled by campus leaders. Peterson is the University of Toronto psychologist recently famous for his opposition to the requirement of made-up gender pronouns.

The student group was also investigated for circulating a “free speech ball” on which someone drew Pepe the Frog, the unofficial alt-right mascot. After an investigation, during which YAL leaders were called in and interrogated, the student who drew the image was forced to write a conciliatory essay.

Another of their events, a screening of “The Red Pill,” a documentary on men’s rights activists and critical of the contemporary feminist movement, drew even more ire from campus leaders, with one even likening the libertarian students’ events to terrorism recruitment.

The associate dean of faculty wrote in the Linfield Review: “Just as becoming a terrorist is a gradual, step by step process, people do not become part of the alt right overnight. These events represent a kind of soft recruitment into more extremist ideas.”

Another professor accused YAL of threatening the school’s “safe spaces.”

In response to these controversies, a recent campus survey found that “there should be some restrictions of speech, people should watch their language as to not offend anyone, and that offensive speakers should not be restricted,” the Linfield Review reports.

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California colleges cap out of state citizens – Illegals OK!


Cap ‘does not apply’ to students in state illegally, official says

The University of California Board of Regents recently passed a regulation capping the number of out-of-state students permitted at UC colleges, limiting the total number to 18 percent of the student body on most campuses.

Yet that 18 percent cap will not apply to students who are in the country illegally.

The Board of Regents passed the regulation, known as Policy 2109, after California lawmakers threatened to withhold nearly $20 million in public funds if an out-of-state cap was not put in place. Currently out-of-state students constitute 16.5 percent of the UC student body.

The policy, approved May 18, holds that “California residents shall continue to represent a minimum of 82 percent of all undergraduate students” at all colleges whose nonresident population is equal to or less than 18 percent. (Several campuses whose out-of-state percentage exceeds 18 percent will be allowed to maintain that number without exceeding it.)

However, students in the country illegally are exempt from the effects of the 18 percent cap, The College Fix has learned.

“The nonresident undergraduate enrollment percentages in the recently approved policy do not pertain to undocumented students,” UC spokeswoman Claire Doan told The College Fix via email

When pressed for clarification, Doan affirmed: “The caps do not apply to undocumented students.”

When asked about the number of undocumented students currently enrolled at UC colleges, Doan said: “We estimate there are approximately 3,700 undocumented students (including grad students) in the UC system.” The University of California does not inquire about immigration status during the application process, she added.

The new, illegal-immigrant-friendly policy comes several months after the University of California system “vowed to protect the rights of undocumented students” on its campuses, releasing a “statement of principles” outlining the ways in which the University of California will shelter illegals from federal and local law enforcement.

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New “T” Shirt – Hope I dont get killed!


Cleveland Heights four-star defensive end Tyreke Smith didn’t have much to prove during Ohio State’s one-day camp on Saturday, as he’s already one of the most sought-after prospects in the country. In addition to holding an offer from the Buckeyes, programs such as Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, Texas, UCLA and USC are pulling out all the stops to get him to commit.

Smith showed up anyway, and used the camp as an opportunity to mingle with Ohio State commits — and potentially his future teammates — Emory Jones, Jaelen Gill and Dallas Gant. He also spent a significant amount of time with defensive line coach Larry Johnson, who pulled him to the side for some one-on-one instruction.

But none of that was the talk of the camp. Instead, it was Smith’s shirt that grabbed everyone’s attention.

“I hope I don’t get killed for being black today.”

That’s a powerful message from a 17-year-old kid who shouldn’t even have to worry about losing his life, but that’s also a reality for so many young African-Americans across the country. Smith lives in a county that saw a state-high 168 homicides last year, and he wants to use his platform as a star athlete to make a positive impact on his community.

“I decided to wear the shirt because I wanted to bring attention to the epidemic of blacks being killed at an alarming rate,” Smith said. “What we would like to do is have people talk about these issues to reduce the murder rate of African-Americans.”

Now before you rush to judgment, understand that Smith isn’t just talking about the Cleveland police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice and other examples of police brutality that seemingly dominate headline news. He’s also talking about the black-on-black crime that is destroying his city brick by brick.

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Dunham says we dont needs fathers!


Continuing to sort out her obvious daddy issues in the public square, far outside the realm of her therapist’s “safe space,” Lena Dunham offered up a helping of her unsolicited feminist wisdom this Father’s Day to assure boys and girls without a dad that they aren’t missing out on much.

“You don’t need a father – so many families work so many ways – but if you have one he better werk [sic],” Dunham wrote on Sunday morning.

After catching online flak for her despicable statement, Dunham then deleted the tweet. What would we do without screenshots?

The Twitterverse quickly shot back with its own brand of justice.

“It never ends. Would be great to have just 1 day without the unnecessary SJW commentary,” wrote Donald Trump Jr. “Doubt there was a similar comment on Mother’s Day.”

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Otto Warmbier dies from North Korean torture: Obama – this is your legacy!


Otto Warmbier has died, University of Cincinnati Medical Center announced. Warmbier, 22, died at 2:20 p.m. Monday, days after he was released from captivity in North Korea. He was surrounded by family members at the time of his death, hospital officials said – by Rodney lee Conover

President Donald Trump nearly worked a miracle by getting this young man back, but it was too late. Thanks Obama for jack squat. This is your legacy. You had plenty of leverage to get this kid back in time to his parents but how many rounds of golf did you get in instead? You’ll be remembered as the friend to fascism, communism, socialism and death to America. Fundamentally.

I only hope this gets me banned from social media – it’s worth it. SHARE this with your liberal a-hole friends and ask them what they think about a President who would leave their kid in the hands of a maniac who would slowly fry their brain?

That’s what happened. Sleeping pills? Botulism? Doctors have already ruled out the commie lies you sick mainstream media who haven’t reported the truth. Which is that former President Barack Hussein Obama is a feckless, fembot with no nutsack except the one in his wife’s freezer. Read the following carefully and think about your own child returning and watching them fade away:

Family members said Warmbier had been unable to speak, see or react to verbal commands since his return to Cincinnati June 13.  “He looked very uncomfortable – almost anguished. Although we would never hear his voice again, within a day the countenance of his face changed – he was at peace. He was home and we believe he could sense that.”

I hope North Korea gives someone a reason to nuke the hell out of them and their little psychotic child leader.

F-you Communism and F-you Millenials who believe Socialism and it’s murderous cousin Marxism is anything less than what you read in history books if you ever bother to pick one up.

Family members thanked the hospital’s staff for the care they provided Warmbier but said ” the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today.”

“It would be easy at a moment like this to focus on all that we lost – future time that won’t be spent with a warm, engaging, brilliant young man whose curiosity and enthusiasm for life knew no bounds,” the family said. “But we choose to focus on the time we were given to be with this remarkable person. You can tell from the outpouring of emotion from the communities that he touched – Wyoming, Ohio and the University of Virginia to name just two – that the love for Otto went well beyond his immediate family.”

Doctors treating Warmbier said he suffered “severe neurological injury” and that he was in a state of “unresponsive wakefulness.”

North Korean officials had claimed Warmbier contracted botulism and never woke up after taking a sleeping pill. Doctors in Cincinnati said he showed no signs of botulism when he arrived here last week, though they couldn’t say exactly what caused the cardiac or respiratory arrest that led to his unresponsive condition.

Warmbier had been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea after officials there said he took a propaganda banner from a hotel in early 2016. His tour group was leaving when authorities detained Warmbier. Other members of the tour group have raised doubts about the theft story given by officials. Barack Obama makes me sick. Like food poisoning he’s been flushed from our system and down the sewer drain of American politics for now – but let’s keep his ilk away from our kids. Let’s pull it together guys – I mean it. This could be your kid:

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The REAL Russian Democrat Connection!


Democrats in DC are great at deflection. It’s amazing that mainstream media can only find “anonymous” reports of “alleged” illegal actions that can’t be corroborated by anyone or anything except other anonymous sources. Mainstream media can’t find anything wrong with any actions of any Democrats no matter how much proof is offered, but are looking for a conviction against any allegation made against a Republican.

They still don’t get it!

Let’s start with the leaked information about a Russian dossier that would bury President Trump! Many mainstream sources reported that the dossier had information that could be used to blackmail Mr. Trump. The dossier would prove that the Trump team and Mr. Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. 

Originally funded by the Republicans and then picked up by the Democrats after Trump won primary, the dossier seemed to never surface. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted it existed but that there was no evidence of collusion. CNN claimed to have it, or pieces of it, and that it had been floating around the National Security groups but again, it never surfaced. Clapper would later say there was interference by Russia, but never ties to Trump. Curious.

Trump, according to the Left, is guilty of sexual assault against numerous women who came forward during the campaign but seemed to fade away when most were proven to be without merit. The press still called him guilty, but were never willing to get on Billy Bob Clinton when women showed up in numbers to accuse him of sexual assault, even though Bill paid for them to go away. I guess that’s not proof!

Even though mainstream media and all elected Democrats say there is proof that Donald colluded with the Russians, Josh Marshall working with Special Counsel Bob Mueller was tasked with finding and exposing ANY criminal activity by Trump or his associates. Marshall said that there might be some kind of “conspiracy,” but I doesn’t look like there is any real criminal activity. Darn! Remember, bad actions are not always illegal actions. Think that one through!

Mainstream media would have us believe that Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey to stop the investigation against him. Really? How does that work? Mr. Comey was NOT part of the investigation. The FBI was conducting the investigation (with or without Comey). And at the time of this writing, the investigation continues on! The amount of fake news put out by this group of Democrats is almost embarrassing.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg of allegations that have no basis in any truth or even a half-truth!

Remember on May 3rd Comey told the Senate, under oath, that he had NOT been pressured to halt ANY investigation. Then in his recent answers under oath, all of a sudden he remembered he was pressured to let any investigation of General Michael Flynn go simply because the president said he “hoped” Comey could let it go. Now hoping is a crime!

Acting Director McCabe alluded that the investigation into Hillary’s campaign colluding with Russians was also being looked into. Though Mrs. Clinton kept saying all was good, the optics say something else. But mainstream won’t bring it to you!

Billy Clinton got paid over half a million dollars in 2010 for a speech he gave. Paid for by the Russian Company, Renaissance Capital.

The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from Uranium One, a company sold to the Russian government in 2010 after they got access to 20% of American uranium. You say no big deal. The sale needed the approval of the CLINTON State Department. Yet mainstream media is having big heartburn that Trump companies are seeing a bump in revenue from foreign companies. It seems like foreign donations to the Clintons and Democrats are OK for any reason. But earned dollars for real services offered at Trump hotels is an impeachable offense EVEN though Trump has divested himself from many of these entities.

Mrs. Clinton agreed to divulge all foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation under President Obama. But they seem to have forgotten to post the over $2 million they received from Uranium One and when pushed to do so, they refused. No outrage from Dems or mainstream media.

John Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager, failed to disclose that he got 75 thousand shares in stock from a Kremlin-financed company that he was the director of from 2010 to 2014 when he left to join the Obama Administration. Nothing to hide, except that in 2013 Podesta started a shell company and transferred the shares into it so he would not have to report them as a foreign interest before he went to Obama’s regime. Nothing to see here, right?

John’s brother Tom was paid over $24 million as a lobbyist for Sberbank. It seems this Russian bank was looking to have sanctions lifted that were placed on Russia by the Obama Administration. Both Podestas were lobbying for relief and believing Mrs. Clinton would make things happen. A little curious?

John Breaux helped produce radio ads for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign while working for Gazprombank, Russia’s 3rd largest bank. Nothing to see here.

Campaign officials met several times with the Russian ambassador. They don’t deny it, but refuse to reveal anything about the discussion. Mainstream media is good with it!

The New York Times wrote a piece complaining about similar items against Trump, every one of them! But not a PEEP about the Clintons or Obamas.

So, let’s just call it what it is, a concerted effort by the mainstream media and Democrats to bury Trump and the Republicans. They don’t care about justice, truth, or integrity. They are willing to lie, steal, cheat, and overlook to help the Democrats win. And that includes impeaching Trump, even when he’s broken no laws.

I saw a meme that’s perfect. It went like this:

First Trump should plead guilty.
Pence should pardon and then nominate him for VP.
Once affirmed Pence should resign, Trump would become president and then nominate Pence for VP.
Problem solved.

If that doesn’t work, then the freaked out Dems need to look at the recently discovered Constitution a little more closely. They would have to impeach nearly a dozen people to even come close to getting the presidency. Unless they are planning a coup. And based on their current actions, that may very well be in the works.

Long Live Nancy Pelosi!

Mothers wants infants permission to pick em up! REALLY?


Trendy Moms Are Asking Their Babies Permission to Pick Them Up (So They Don’t Turn Into Rapists)
Trendy Instagram moms are pioneering a new parenting trend – asking their babies for permission before picking them up.

Enterprising new parents claim to be expanding the boundaries of consent, even though their infants can’t talk and barely understand the world around them.

They claim that picking up babies without checking in with them first is an aspect of “rape culture” – and that raising them without involuntary lifting will make sure their sons don’t become rapists in later life.

The trend broke out of social media last week, when parent Nisha Moodley posted a selfie with her six-month-old son, Raven, describing her approach: 

Since the moment he was born, we’ve always asked before we pick him up. I always feel for his “yes”. Why? Because we want him to know that his body is his, and that others’ bodies are theirs, and no one gets to make choices about someone else’s body.
Sidenote: If you ever want to hold someone else’s baby, my suggestion is to ask the parent, then ask the kid. It always touches my heart when someone takes a moment to connect with him and says “Can I hold you, dude?” .
ADDENDUM: Comments are disabled. Thanks to everyone who shared your support & also those who didn’t agree, but were thoughtful & respectful. Unfortunately, hundreds of people just came here to call me nasty names & wish terrible things upon myself & my child. I’m not interested in engaging with that kind of immature, thoughtless vitriol, even if just to delete. I pray we learn to meet our fellow humans w/ curiosity & compassion. . This short post was followed by a 10 min interview with a very kind reporter, which was turned into a short article. It wasn’t designed to be a piece of in-depth journalism. Most media isn’t. A whole bunch of other media spun-off from that. I have spoken w/ no other reporters; no one has asked me questions or checked facts. . Some have assumed that I’d never touch my baby w/out his explicit consent. That’s not what I’m saying. I love my son – I would never sit back & leave him in harm’s way. It’s my honor & responsibility to care for him in all the ways a mother would. . I also talk to him, ask him questions, and “attune” to him in the way that I think the majority of mothers do, intuitively. This is the beginning of a lifelong conversation about choice & consent. I believe that when children feel that they have *some appropriate* choice, it leads to a greater sense of healthy autonomy. I want him to make healthy choices with his body & respects others’ as well. . I am by no means saying that people are bad parents for not doing what I do. So long as we’re not harming or neglecting our children, to each their own. I’m not a perfect parent. I’m simply working at being as loving & conscientious as I can be, every day.

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Suspending 1st amnd OK if speech outrages students!


Yup the snowflakes are at it again! University of michigan says that id speech irritates or outrages students then its OK to can it! BUT is that liberal or conservative students? you know that whole equality thing!

The University of Michigan’s student newspaper recently came out in defense of the so-called “heckler’s veto,” arguing that students should be free to shut down speakers that “outrage” them.

The Michigan Daily editorial implores students and other Michiganders to oppose two bills protecting campus free speech that have been proposed in the Michigan General Assembly, Senate Bill 349 and Senate Bill 350, arguing that they would deprive students of “freedom from oppressive institutions.

SB 349 would impose strict conditions on administrators wishing to restrict expressive conduct on campus, while SB 350 would require all public colleges and universities to adopt policy statements that impose a minimum one-year suspension on any student who “has twice been found responsible for infringing on the expressive rights of others.”

The editors contend that in contrast to their intended purpose of guaranteeing the First Amendment rights of all students, the bills would actually serve to “stifle student activism” through the threat of suspension or expulsion.

“These bills would inhibit campus-wide expression and punish students who are accused of infringing upon others’ right to listen to a speaker or accused of disrupting the college’s functions,” the editorial complains. “In order to protect students’ civil liberties, and by extension, the social causes protesters are advocating on behalf of, the Editorial Board urges Michigan residents and students to oppose this imprudent bill.”

The editorial staff periodically reiterates its support for free expression, but repeatedly returns to the idea that freedom of speech does not protect a speaker’s right to a platform on campus if they use it to express views that some students find offensive.

“Of course, the right to express new ideas and engage in open, intellectual dialogue is crucial to students’ academic growth, but when speakers espouse ideas that dehumanize or demean individuals on the basis of their identities, students should have the right to organize and voice their disagreement,” the editorial declares.

Later, it goes on to argue that despite recent instances of violent campus protests, students at their particularly university have not engaged in such conduct, making the punishments envisioned by SB 350 unwarranted.

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Free Tampons for All – Even if you dont want them!


UTexas student leaders push free tampons based on survey that says women don’t want them 

The University of Texas-Austin could become one of the largest schools in the country to provide “free” menstrual products to students.

The sponsors of the student legislative resolution are using research paid for by a menstrual-rights group to promote their cause, but the research may not back up the sponsors’ claims, according to a professor who reviewed it for The College Fix.

Student activists on campuses across the country have been demanding the provision of menstrual products in campus facilities, for emergency purposes or the benefit of poorer students, with mixed results.

Student activists on campuses across the country have been demanding the provision of menstrual products in campus facilities, for emergency purposes or the benefit of poorer students, with mixed results.

American University’s student body president promised “menstrual equity” at the start of the previous academic year, while Syracuse and the University of Wisconsin-Madisonmade products available in men’s restrooms.

The University of Rochester blew through its tampon budget for the semester in less than two weeks, while Columbia canceled its program due to low interest.

‘Menstruating individuals’

The joint resolution was brought to the floor of the UT Senate of College Councils, the “official voice for students in academic affairs,” nearly two months ago. It was quickly approved, The Daily Texan reported then.

Co-author Jordee Rodriguez cited the difficulty of being a college student, and how often female students may be caught off guard when their cycle starts.

survey that says women don’t want them
Approved resolution is silent on funding mechanism

The University of Texas-Austin could become one of the largest schools in the country to provide “free” menstrual products to students.

The sponsors of the student legislative resolution are using research paid for by a menstrual-rights group to promote their cause, but the research may not back up the sponsors’ claims, according to a professor who reviewed it for The College Fix.

Student activists on campuses across the country have been demanding the provision of menstrual products in campus facilities, for emergency purposes or the benefit of poorer students, with mixed results.

American University’s student body president promised “menstrual equity” at the start of the previous academic year, while Syracuse and the University of Wisconsin-Madisonmade products available in men’s restrooms.

The University of Rochester blew through its tampon budget for the semester in less than two weeks, while Columbia canceled its program due to low interest.

‘Menstruating individuals’

The joint resolution was brought to the floor of the UT Senate of College Councils, the “official voice for students in academic affairs,” nearly two months ago. It was quickly approved, The Daily Texan reported then.

Co-author Jordee Rodriguez cited the difficulty of being a college student, and how often female students may be caught off guard when their cycle starts.

“Currently, 86 percent of women or menstruating people are caught off guard whenever they begin their periods, and that is academically deleterious,” Rodriguez said, according to the Daily, which did not mention a source for Rodriguez’s statistic.

The resolution would make campus “more inclusive and would help all menstruating people to be able to participate fully in their extracurriculars and their academics,” Rodriguez said.

Last month The Fix obtained a copy from the UT administration, which said it wouldn’t comment on the resolution because it was “still in committee.”

It is still not available on the Senate’s legislation webpage. The Student Government, a separate legislative body that must also pass the resolution, does not list it on its own page, which is a year out of date.

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Feminist suggests we use Euthanasia Vans to weed out OLD people!


Katie Hopkins, a British television personality and former The Apprentice contestant, is a classic example of the insane liberal thinking.

According to her, old people should be euthanized because they are too much of a burden to society.

She has even developed a whole scenario for her sick idea…

Hopkins suggests that we create “euthanasia vans” that would drive door-to-door and ‘takes care’ of the elderly.

“We just have far too many old people,” the feminist says. “It’s ridiculous to be living in a country where we can put dogs to sleep but not people.”

“Euthanasia vans — just like ice-cream vans — that would come to your home,” Hopkins says. “It would all be perfectly charming. They might even have a nice little tune they’d play. I mean this genuinely. I’m super-keen on euthanasia vans. We need to accept that just because medical advances mean we can live longer, it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

Hopkins believes that dementia patients are pointlessly taking up space in hospitals and care facilities, and should be put to sleep.


This wouldn’t be the first time that Hopkins has shown such disdain for the more vulnerable members of society, reports Truth And Action. In a recent “tweet”, she openly mocked dementia patients and their forgetfulness, writing:

“Babe I’m here again, I’m here again, where have you been. Babe I’m back again. I’m back again Where have you been? Take That Dementia style.”

Does she not realize that she will someday also become one of these SENIOR CITIZENS that she so despises. She’s also got a pretty good chance of developing dementia at some point in the future.

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Dem legislator takes money from Russian company – Where is the outrage?


REPORT: Anti-Trump Senator Mark Warner Made $6 Million in 2012 From Russian Tech Business

Hardcore anti-Trump Democrat Senator from Virginia and Russia conspiracy theorist, Mark Warner, made $6 million from Russian search engine and tech company Yandex back in 2012.

GotNews reports that the $6 million he pocketed represents 10% of his entire net worth. This is corroborated by the Christian Science Monitor, which reported his net worth to be around $80 million.

“As far as we know, President Donald J. Trump has made 0% of his net worth from Russian companies. Maybe Warner should investigate his own ties to Russia.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is blocking the White House from appointing a Treasury Department official to oversee financial crimes committed by terrorists.

Warner, worth over $80 million, is one of the Senate’s richest members.

Yandex, based in Moscow, is the largest search engine in Russia. Russia’s social policies around gender, as well as its backing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Crimean secession, have proved enormously controversial among Democrats.

As far as we know, President Donald J. Trump has made 0% of his net worth from Russian companies. Maybe Warner should investigate his own ties to Russia.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is blocking the White House from appointing a Treasury Department official to oversee financial crimes committed by terrorists.

“[Until] we get [Trump official’s documents], I’m not going to support the administration’s nominee for undersecretary of Treasury finance, for terrorism and finance, because they owe us these documents first . . .”

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Corbyn wants to take private homes for fire victims!


Jeremy Corbyn: Empty homes owned by rich should be ‘requisitioned’ for Grenfell Tower residents

He has called for the empty homes of rich people in Kensington to be seized for Grenfell Tower residents who have been made homeless by the fire.

The Labour leader said that the London Borough was a “tale of two cities” between a wealthy south and a rich north.

He suggested that “requisitioning” expensive vacant properties could help ensure that residents are housed locally.

The Government has committed to rehousing all those who lost their homes in the fire in the local area.

However Mr Corbyn said: “Kensington is a tale of two cities. The south part of Kensington is incredibly wealthy, it’s the wealthiest part of the whole country.

“The ward where this fire took place is, I think, the poorest ward in the whole country and properties must be found – requisitioned if necessary – to make sure those residents do get re-housed locally.

“It can’t be acceptable that in London we have luxury buildings and luxury flats left empty as land banking for the future while the homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live. We have to address these issues.”

It came as Theresa May announced a public inquiry into the blaze but faced questions over why she did not meet with residents, in contrast with Mr Cobryn.

 Asked why she had not met survivors and those who lost loved ones, Mrs May replied: “Well, I visited the scene of this terrible fire this morning.

“I wanted a briefing from the emergency services. They’ve been working tirelessly in horrific conditions and I have been overwhelmed by their professionalism and their bravery.

“I heard stories of firefighters running into the building being protected from the falling debris by police officers using their riot shields. And we thank all our emergency services for the incredible work that they have done.”

Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, faced an angry crowd as he was visited the scene of the fire.

He was confronted by a young boy who asked “how many children have died?” as he talked to an angry crowd at Grenfell Tower today.

The boy added: “What are you going to do about it?” The Mayor replied: “People are justifiably angry and I share their anger and I share their demand for answers.”

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Border Patrol Agents Attacked for Doing Their Jobs in Media!


Media outlets attacked Border Patrol agents for entering a “camp” run by an organization that harbors illegal aliens in the deserts of southern Arizona. The group forced agents who had tracked four illegal aliens into the camp to obtain a warrant prior to entering the camp.

The group, No More Deaths, who was harboring the four illegal aliens refused to allow Border Patrol agents to enter their camp despite the fact that agents had been tracking the group for nearly 18 miles. Agents were forced to surround the camp until a federal warrant could be obtained.

The group posted Thursday evening that “30 armed agents entered camp w at least 15 trucks, 2 quads and helicopter to apprehend four patients receiving care.”

Breitbart Texas reported earlier on Friday that the agents attempted to negotiate with the group who refused to allow the agents to enter the camp or question the migrants. Agents obtained a warrant and determined the four individuals to be in the country illegally.

Buzzfeed reported the No More Deaths group claimed the agents carried out a “direct and targeted attack on the humanitarian assistance we are providing during these hot and deadly days.” The implication in the article was that Border Patrol agents were callously putting the immigrants’ health in danger.

Late Friday evening, Border Patrol officials reported that after obtaining the federal warrant, the agents questioned the migrants and determined them to be in the country illegally. One of the aliens, Lucindo Diaz-Hernandez, is reported to be a convicted criminal with a felony record of possession with intent to deliver more than 600 pounds of marijuana. He had also been previously deported. Agent later learned, the Mexican national also spent five years in a Mexican prison for drug trafficking.

One of the illegal aliens attempted to flee the camp, but agents stopped him from escaping into the desert.

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Asylum seekers going home for the holidays?


Yup those refugees who ran away from their homeland with nothing and no money to get away from their war ravaged homes are looking to go back to those areas but just for the holidays and with the TAXPAYER money !

Despite claiming to be persecuted in their home countries, more asylum seekers living in Germany are travelling back to their homelands for “holidays.”

The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) claim that there have been even more cases of asylum seekers travelling back to the countries they say they are fleeing. A BAMF spokeswoman said that they have become aware of the cases through working with the federal police Mitteldeutsche Zeitung reports.

Though BAMF has said they are aware of more cases, they still refuse to keep any statistics on the subject so no exact figures can be known. The Federal Police, who also do not keep any statistics, say that the problem is “not isolated” indicating the phenomenon may be pervasive.

BAMF also noted that there are currently no laws in Germany which prevent migrants from travelling back to their home countries once they have achieved asylum status. Some cases are justified according to the agency, such as the serious illness of close relatives.

EU regulations state that asylum seekers do not lose their asylum status if they return to their home country. Despite this, BAMF states that if the trip can be confirmed to be a holiday it can lead to Germany cancelling the asylum seekers refugee status.

Last September the trend fo migrants going back to their home countries for holiday made headlines in Germany as many of them were still being paid money by the German government through the Hartz IV welfare scheme.

Germany is not the only country in which migrants have been using taxpayer money to return to their countries on holiday. In Switzerland, newspaper Basler Zeitung claims that there have been thousands of cases of migrants from Eritrea claiming benefits from the Swiss state and going on holiday in Eritrea.

Close to 50,000 applications are made by migrants in Switzerland with the vast majority being approved.

Eritreans are one of the most represented nationalities among migrants crossing the central Mediterranean route along with others from central and western Africa. Though all claim asylum in Europe, the European border agency Frontex has claimed that many are moving to Europe solely for economic reasons.

In order to get asylum approval, many migrants are turning to unusual schemes to avoid being rejected. One scheme has seen migrants confessing to murders and other crimes that could lead to the death penalty in their home countries. EU laws prevent Germany or any other member state from deporting migrants to countries why they may face torture or death.

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Luciferians Scream Demonically During Town Hall Prayer & Pledge Of Allegiance


Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy faced an evil enclave of Democrat devils in his town hall meeting, as they descended upon the venue to destroy his mission of good will towards his constituents.

Liberal protesters were literally hell-bent on shutting down a congressman’s town hall meeting — by shrieking like demons throughout the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

The organized mob, there to prevent Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy from speaking to constituents, exploded into a psychotic rage when told the meeting would open with a prayer.

Dozens of liberals began shrieking, screaming, cursing and shouting as the prayer started. They continued booing, heckling and hurling epithets at the clergyman.

 One liberal began shouting for a prayer to “Lucifer.”

The psychotic screaming reached its peak when the riot mob heard the word “Jesus.”

The liberal mob’s foaming-at-the-mouth anger grew only hotter when told to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

The recitation of the Pledge was drowned out by liberals screaming like feral animals.

Videos like these are the reason Hillary Clinton lost. Most Americans, especially those in key swing states, are convinced Democrats are a violent hate group.

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