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This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

Sorry to harsh the mellow of our global utopia, but, in case you forgot, the earth is about to kill us.

Far from being our home and source of sustenance, the earth itself is our biggest enemy now (as our enlightened Secretary of State John Kerry points out regularly). Climate change is worse than terrorism…that’s just settled science.

Just when we thought we knew every reason it’s our fault that the earth is trying to exterminate us, a kindly Congresswoman from the People’s Republic of California has revealed yet another reason to fear the ground on which we tread:….

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In 1979, the year before Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan as their presidential candidate, the Rev. Jerry Falwell and conservative activist Paul Weyrich founded the Moral majority.

It was at the Christian university in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University, founded by Rev. Falwell, where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) just announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.

Although Cruz made no reference to the Moral Majority in his remarks, his thinking clearly is where Falwell and Weyrich’s was when they founded that organization, namely, that getting a widely politically inactive universe of church-going Evangelical Christians politically engaged can change America.

Cruz made this explicit in his remarks noting, “roughly half of born-again Christians aren’t voting…”

Although Cruz’s detractors call him “extreme,” he may not be so far at the margin as they think. Cruz may indeed represent a large unrepresented voter block in a new, highly polarized America.

Approval ratings for President Obama show historically high polarization. In recent data reported by Gallup, Obama’s approval from Democrats stood at 83 percent and at 13 percent among Republicans – a gap of 70 percentage points.

The average gap in approval between Republicans and Democrats for President Carter, whom Reagan defeated, was just 26 points. The average gap for Reagan during his presidency was 52 points. The average gap for Richard Nixon during his presidency was 41 points.

America is a deeply divided nation today. Large parts of our population are barely on the same page regarding how they see the world and how they see our nation.

Many, widely manifest in the Tea Party movement but also among church-going Evangelicals, see American freedom centered not in government, but in individuals taking personal responsibility for their lives – lives defined by traditional notions of right and wrong, good and evil.

In sharp distinction, another large cross section, those who continue to support our current president, sees the essence of freedom as moral relativism and government sanctioned entitlement.

An example of this latter stream of America is on display in the latest re-emergence of Monica Lewinsky in a presentation she made at a recent TED conference — a popular event largely attended by those in the technology and entertainment fields — entitled “The Price of Shame.”

Lewinsky drew much sympathy for her appeal against what she called “public humiliation” enabled by the power of the internet and technology.

But the essence of her pitch was moral relativism and entitlement. Although she expressed regret about her affair with Bill Clinton, this certainly was not about personal repentance. Rather, the core of her message is her victimization. The locus of evil, in Lewinsky’s take on things, is with her accusers and not in her personal choices.

Lewinsky lobbies for a compassion that denies sin rather than a compassion that grants forgiveness once a wrong is acknowledged and a new path taken.

Contrast this with the message to America, and particularly to America’s young people, by baseball legend Mickey Mantle at the end of his life.

Playing for the New York Yankees in the 1950s and 1960s, Mantle could do everything on the ball field. He was an American idol.

Weeks before he passed away in 1995, suffering from liver cancer and cirrhosis from years of alcoholism, he held a press conference and appealed to America’s youth, “Don’t be like me.”

“God gave me a body and the ability to play baseball. I had everything I just … I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make it up.”

Ted Cruz is making a bet that the center of gravity of America can and should move. That our youth need to hear that every moment matters, that there is right and wrong, that choices have consequences for which they must take personal responsibility. And that is what really defines the essence of freedom.

Star Parker is an author and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at


The Devil at Our Doorstep by David Bego

David Bego’s account of Big Labor’s use of intimidation and corruption in an attempt to usurp American freedoms is chronicled in this riveting new release, The Devil at Our Doorstep.

The Devil at Our Doorstep, a non-fiction account by businessman David Bego, reads like a fast paced novel and describes the impact of labor unions on the economic and political landscape of America. He warns of the dangers to America’s future posed by allowing greater control to these firmly-entrenched organizations and their political supporters/dependents, like President Obama, who are dedicated to elimination of the republic and the rise of socialism.

Bego, an entrepreneur and business owner, experienced first-hand the intimidation, the physical threats and the character assassination labor unions will utilize to achieve their goals during his battle to protect his employees from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). In this true-life expansion to his successful book, The Devil at My Doorstep, Bego finds his efforts to be vindicated, receives an apology and recommendation from an SEIU ally and describes the final stages of his victory against one of the largest labor unions in the world.

This story is seen throughout today’s headlines, as Bego champions the need for National Right-to-Work legislation, explores President Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Board’s drive to achieve card check or forced unionism through regulation. It exposes the political collusion between big labor, President Obama and the liberal left, and suggests programs to restore America’s future. The book also exposes the media’s support or acquiescence to Big Labor. It shows the bias, fueled by the mainstream media’s philosophical agreement with Big Labor, and points out their lack of coverage on labor related topics for fear of attacks against their advertisers. Mixing personal experience with business and political policy critique, Bego presents readers with the case against those who would limit the freedoms of other Americans for their own gain.

Following the success of his first book, David was inundated with stories about big labor abuses, such as misuse of employee dues and intimidation from people all over the country who were tired of being bullied by Big Labor! Their riveting, and often shocking, true life stories are included, exposing the depths to which labor unions will sink to accomplish their goals.

“This book is dedicated to preserving American freedoms and to the belief that all Americans must take personal responsibility and accountability for their own actions, as well as their personal growth and well-being,” says Bego.

Featured on radio and television shows across the country for his dramatic story, including the Lou Dobbs show on Fox Business, Bego wrote the book to engage, educate and inspire people from all political perspectives to act for the future of America, before it is too late. The book is intended for all readers interested in business, politics, history, social or economic issues and those who are concerned about the preservation of freedom in America. Bego is also the author of The Devil at my Doorstep.

Bego’s blog,, is regularly featured on Breitbart’s, where he is a featured contributor, as well as the California Public Policy Center’s and the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) website. Dave has appeared on CNN and FOX Business, and he has been interviewed on Glenn Beck’s Insider Extreme by S.E. Cupp. David is a weekly regular on radio talk shows across the country such as Barry Farber, Chuck Wilder, Jayne Carroll, Zeb Bell, Pat Snyder, Lincoln Brown, Bob Harden, Joe Messina, Elise Richmond and many others.

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Texas Mayor stands her ground, Maybe we fond a new republican leader!  Hard core libs say she is Islamophobic because she wants the American law to be the law of the city AND NOT Sharia. She also told speakers that they needed to get to know the law of the land they are living in and start adhering to it.

Do following the law is now some kind of phobia!

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Again Republican leadership cant seem to work with a spine.
After being promised a “re-vote” and .. you guest it, Not getting it.  Operation Rescue sent a small team of people to pray at the Speakers office for God to move Leadership to bring it for a vote.

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VIA New York Times

“As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed in relatively clear skies, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in.

A senior military official involved in the investigation described “very smooth, very cool” conversation between the pilots during the early part of the flight from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. Then the audio indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not re-enter.

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer,” the investigator said. “And then he hits the door stronger and no answer. There is never an answer.”

He said, “You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.”

While the audio seemed to give some insight into the circumstances leading up to the Germanwings crash, it also left many questions unanswered.

Challenges Weigh Heavily on Recovery Efforts in Germanwings CrashMARCH 25, 2015
Students at a memorial on the steps of Joseph-König-Gymnasium on Wednesday in Haltern am See, Germany. Sixteen students and two teachers died in the Germanwings plane crash.Grief Engulfs German Town That Lost 16 Students and 2 Teachers in CrashMARCH 25, 2015
A few hours after officials recovered one of the black boxes, they called off the search for the evening.Germanwings Crash in French Alps Kills 150; Cockpit Voice Recorder Is FoundMARCH 24, 2015
Students and teachers from the Joseph-König school in Germany were returning from a language and culture immersion program in Spain when their plane crashed on Tuesday.In German Town, a School-Year Highlight That Ended in DisasterMARCH 24, 2015

“We don’t know yet the reason why one of the guys went out,” said the official, who requested anonymity because the investigation is continuing. “But what is sure is that at the very end of the flight, the other pilot is alone and does not open the door.”

The data from the voice recorder seems only to deepen the mystery surrounding the crash and provides no indication of the condition or activity of the pilot who remained in the cockpit. The descent from 38,000 feet over about 10 minutes was alarming but still gradual enough to indicate that the twin-engine Airbus A320 had not been damaged catastrophically . At no point during the descent was there any communication from the cockpit to air traffic controllers or any other signal of an emergency.

When the plane plowed into craggy mountains northeast of Nice, it was traveling with enough speed that it was all but pulverized, killing the 144 passengers and crew of six and leaving behind almost no apparent clues about what caused the crash.

The French aviation authorities have made public very little, officially, about the nature of the information that has been recovered from the audio recording, and it was not clear whether it was partial or complete. France’s Bureau of Investigations and Analyses confirmed only that human voices and other cockpit sounds had been detected and would be subjected to detailed analysis.

Asked about the new evidence revealed in the cockpit recordings, Martine del Bono, a bureau spokeswoman, declined to comment.

“Our teams continue to work on analyzing the CVR,” she said, referring to the cockpit voice recorder. “As soon as we have accurate information we intend to hold a press conference.”

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Marseille, who have been charged with a separate criminal inquiry into the crash, could not immediately be reached for comment. Brice Robin, the Marseille prosecutor, was due to meet Thursday morning with the families of the crash victims.

At the crash site, a senior official working on the investigation said, workers found the casing of the plane’s other black box, the flight data recorder, but the memory card containing data on the plane’s altitude, speed, location and condition was not inside, apparently having been thrown loose or destroyed by the impact.


Today at Fort Bragg Army Base in North Carolina, Col. Daniel King announced the Army has charged Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with two counts of desertion and misbehavior.

The first charge is filed under Article 85: desertion with the intent to shirk hazardous or important duty. If convicted, it carries penalties of dishonorable discharge, rank demotion to level E1, forfeiture of pay, and a maximum of five years confinement.

The second charge is under Article 99:  misbehavior before the enemy by endangering the safety of a command unit or place. If convicted, it carries penalties of dishonorable discharge, rank demotion to level E1, forfeiture of pay, and up to possible confinement for life.

Next, the U.S. Army will hold a preliminary hearing on the charges under Article 32. The hearing, similar to a civilian grand jury trial, will be held to determine if there is sufficient evidence to pursue a court-martial against Sgt. Bergdahl. The hearing will conclude with recommendations for either a special court-martial, a general court-martial, or dismissal of charges.

According to The Washington Post, “Bergdahl, 28, went missing from his base in Paktika province on June 30, 2009, and is believed to have grown disillusioned with the U.S. military’s mission in Afghanistan. He was held captive in Pakistan by the Haqqani network, an insurgent group allied with the Taliban, until the White House swapped him for five Taliban officials in a deal brokered through the government of Qatar.”

Controversy has followed the Bergdahl case ever since it began. Indeed, six U.S. soldiers were killed looking for Bergdahl. His platoon mates knew he was a deserter but it’s pretty clear President Obama didn’t want to hear from them.


Five dangerous Guantanamo Bay-held Taliban commanders were freed for Bergdahl’s release leaving numerous unanswered questions over how President Obama and his administration handled the prisoner swap. Several of those five are reportedly already back on the battlefield, by the way. Since by all accounts Bergdahl willingly left his post in Afghanistan and was “held” for five years by the Taliban, a major part of the Army’s official task will be to prove he had no intention of ever returning to his post. Really, how hard could that be to prove in that Bergdahl returned to the U.S. dressed and speaking like a Taliban member and was even overheard asking the whereabouts of the Taliban?

What do you think? Did Bergdahl desert his post making him a traitor to his fellow soldiers and country or was he a victim of “the fog of war”?

Photo credits:  Soldiers, Bowe Bergdahl


Is no place safe from the Obamas and their preachy ways? Sadly, no.


“A Republic No More: Big Government and the Rise of American Political Corruption” by Jay Cost

After the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” Franklin’s response: “A Republic—if you can keep it.”

This book argues: we couldn’t keep it.

A true republic privileges the common interest above the special interests. To do this, our Constitution established an elaborate system of checks and balances that separates power among the branches of government, and places them in conflict with one another. The Framers believed that this would keep grasping, covetous factions from acquiring enough power to dominate government. Instead, only the people would rule.

Proper institutional design is essential to this system. Each branch must manage responsibly the powers it is granted, as well as rebuke the other branches when they go astray. This is where subsequent generations have run into trouble: we have overloaded our government with more power than it can handle. The Constitution’s checks and balances have broken down because the institutions created in 1787 cannot exercise responsibly the powers of our sprawling, immense twenty-first century government.

The result is the triumph of special interests over the common interest. James Madison called this factionalism. We know it as political corruption.

Corruption today is so widespread that our government is not so much a republic, but rather a special interest democracy. Everybody may participate, yes, but the contours of public policy depend not so much on the common good, but rather the push-and-pull of the various interest groups encamped in Washington, DC.

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The loons on ‘The View’ are giving a little payback to all those racist Republicans who dared to question President Obama’s hidden birth certificate.

Whoopie Goldberg asked to see Senator Ted Cruz’s birth certificate, you know, because Cruz is “one of the people that said, well, ‘the president, huh, you know, I want to see your birth certificate.’ And you’re a mixed gentleman, right? You are mixed. I want to know, are talking for the Cuban side or the white side? What are you talking for?”

But golly gee, don’t call Whoopie racist because “see, now, when we turn it around, it’s not very nice. So luckily we have better stuff to concentrate on than where you were born, Ted. But do know that we are aware of some things you’ve said.”

A simple internet search would have shown smug Whoopie and her self-righteous cohorts that Ted Cruz released his birth certificate in 2013. No hiding of personal records for this presidential candidate. Can Obama say the same?

Undermining Israel, Obama, Netanyahu
Undermining Israel, Obama, Netanyahu
Undermining Israel, Obama, Netanyahu
Undermining Israel, Obama, Netanyahu

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect via Liberty Alliance.

2 mommies, LGBT
2 mommies, LGBT

Who you gonna believe? Your lyin’ eyes or “Heather Has Two Mommies”?

A woman raised by her mother and her mother’s lesbian partner is making waves for the gay community by sharing her impressions of being raised in a same-sex household. In a first-person account at “the Federalist,” 31-year-old Heather Barwick writes that she is opposed to gay marriage because  — simply put — “children need a mother and father.”

Barwick, now herself a mother of four, notes that her mother left her father when the child was two or three years old “because she wanted a chance to be happy with someone she really loved: a woman.” Barwick adds that she was an outspoken advocate for gay marriage and LGBT rights in her twenties, but now insists her views have changed:

Same-sex marriage and parenting withholds either a mother or father from a child while telling him or her that it doesn’t matter. That it’s all the same. But it’s not. A lot of us, a lot of your kids, are hurting. My father’s absence created a huge hole in me, and I ached every day for a dad. I loved my mom’s partner, but another mom could never have replaced the father I lost.

I grew up surrounded by women who said they didn’t need or want a man. Yet, as a little girl, I so desperately wanted a daddy. It is a strange and confusing thing to walk around with this deep-down unquenchable ache for a father, for a man, in a community that says that men are unnecessary. There were times I felt so angry with my dad for not being there for me, and then times I felt angry with myself for even wanting a father to begin with. There are parts of me that still grieve over that loss today.

I’m not saying that you [gays] can’t be good parents. You can. I had one of the best. I’m also not saying that being raised by straight parents means everything will turn out okay. We know there are so many different ways that the family unit can break down and cause kids to suffer: divorce, abandonment, infidelity, abuse, death, etc. But by and large, the best and most successful family structure is one in which kids are being raised by both their mother and father.

Biology supports Barwick’s arguments since a male and female gamete are still essential to the process of procreation, but this is a point that liberals, the self-styled party of science, have been willing to overlook in their data collection. Among the claims they are fond of citing in asserting that same-sex couples make as good if not better parents is that accidental pregnancy is virtually non-existent among gay parents. But that’s mainly because any form of pregnancy is impossible for gays couples, who still require the contribution of a male’s and female’s genetic material.

In its report on Barwick’s open letter, the Daily Mail quotes LGBT family-rights educator Abigail Garner, who was herself raised by two dads:

While I sympathize with Heather’s pain caused by being abandoned by her heterosexual father, her pain has nothing to do with same-sex marriage. [Emphasis added]

We are all entitled to our personal narratives, but I strongly disagree with Heather’s contrived attempt to offer her personal story as a case for blocking other families’ access to marriage rights.

It is interesting to note as an aside that Garner places the blame for the breakup of Barwick’s father, the heterosexual parent, when Barwick writes that her mother initiated the separation. Garner’s point, nevertheless, is valid — same-sex couples could continue to marry without causing pain to children. But that would be true only on the condition that married same-sex partners agreed to remain childless. That doesn’t seem to be a concession that so-called “marriage equality” advocates have agreed to so far.

A legitimate bone of contention is that Barwick professes to speak for the many, rather than the few. “Many of us,” she writes, “are too scared to speak up and tell you about our hurt and pain, because for whatever reason it feels like you’re not listening. That you don’t want to hear.” Whether her sense of the problem’s scope is accurate could be gauged only by further research. To date, however, studies on gay parenting all smack of author bias, which negates their scientific value.

Obviously, the conversation on the merits or follies of gay parenting is just now starting.


Howard Portnoy writes for and has written for HotAir, NewsBusters, Weasel Zippers, Conservative Firing Line, RedCounty, and New York’s Daily News. He has one published novel, Hot Rain, (G. P. Putnam’s Sons), and has been a guest on Radio Vice Online with Jim Vicevich, The Alana Burke Show, Smart Life with Dr. Gina, and The George Espenlaub Show.

Republished with permission from Howard Portnoy via Liberty Alliance.

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Another week of news cycle finger-pointing goes both ways. The Left calls the Right hypocrites. The Right calls the Left hypocrites. Then comes the, “I know you are but what am I” line. Do you feel like you’re back in high school with all the drama?

I took a parenting class years ago where the person teaching the class said that kids are masters at deflecting the conversation to get out of trouble and take the heat off of themselves. They twist and tweak and throw temper tantrums until they get what they want. Enter the loons on the Left!

It started with Senator Dick Durban’s (D) statement saying that Republican Senators were going to hold up Loretta Lynch’s nomination until a vote was cast for a specific bill. Why did Republicans do that? Because Democrat Senators were playing politics with a serious sex slave and human trafficking bill. Durban stated that Republicans were relegating her to the “back of the bus” until the bill was passed. Hmmm… what possible meaning would “back of the bus” have? Why didn’t he say “back burner” or “the end of line” or something less, what am I looking for here, RACIAL! Instead, he tried to make it look like Republicans were not interested in affirming her or voting on her confirmation simply because she was black. Mr. Durbin, your medication isn’t working! Wasn’t it you who held up the nomination of Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State? But I’ll bet the farm it had nothing to do with her color or her being a black woman, nor did a Republican accuse you of that.

Then there is that little matter of Democrats not getting involved with Netanyahu because it was too close to the elections in his country. As if shaking hands with our president would have assured him a win! Although if Obama’s campaign operatives were smart they might have made it happen considering a recent CNN poll showing that the majority of Israelis don’t trust Mr. Obama.

Not being involved has a funny meaning coming from The Chicago Thug team aka Obama Administration. Apparently, it’s ok to send the same campaign team that ran and is still involved in the daily social media messaging for the Obama team over to Israel to try to influence an election using the same tactics they use here, you know… bussing in voters, robo-calls twisting the facts (lying) about Netanyahu. They were involved!

This administration can’t seem to get the game right. Cheating catches up with you and eventually won’t work! We are the laughing stock of the Middle East. Not ONE leader trusts Obama, therefore they can’t trust the U.S. That means that we start to lose power because we are seen as weak!

The handling of ISIS is one huge debacle. Go ahead. Get it out of your system. Let’s all yell the big lie at the same time… “It’s George Bush’s fault.” Now, the truth. ISIS doesn’t fear us. Iran doesn’t fear us. Russia doesn’t fear us. None of our former allies trust us to come through for them. Egypt, the Kurds, and the Jordanians begging for arms so they can fight on the ground as the president has asked them to. What’s he doing? NOTHING! In fact, he’s holding up shipments to them. What’s the upside to being an ally? Ask Netanyahu.

The president talks about all nations being allowed to rule themselves, the world needing to be a safer place, and us being firm with our enemies while working with our allies. What does that mean?

This is the same president, who chastised Congress for inviting Netanyahu to speak, and breaking protocol. The same president who got on the 47 legislators for sending a letter to Iranian leadership, called it unprecedented seems to be using the same hypocrite-inducing meds that Senator Dick Durbin is taking.

While accusations of “treason” and “un-American” are flying around, nothing is being said about a senator who, back in 2008 urged Iraqi officials to reject President Bush’s deal that he was trying to negotiate toward a drawdown of our troops in Iraq. Who sent the delegation to Baghdad and met privately with Iraqi officials and said the Bush Administration was in a “state of weakness and political confusion”? Then-Senator Obama. There’s nothing “unprecedented” about Congress sending a letter to Netanyahu. Obama had already set the precedent. It’s just that the Left plays by a totally different set of rules or, in their case, non-rules. That’s called being a hypocrite.

Yes. Both sides have issues. Yes, both sides play political games. But they are usually around playing with highway bills, Medicare, welfare, and education. Things that we can tweak and come back around and fix as time goes on.

Polls still show that people feel more secure in wartime with a Republican president and during peacetime with a Democrat President. Scary, that keeps us in the cycles we are in.

We have a president who won’t bend over backwards to help our only ally in the region. Why? Probably because he won’t kiss the ring. Since the Jordanians, Egyptians, and Kurds are now willing to go nose to nose with ISIS, the president wants to think through a strategy. Shouldn’t he already have one? His military has one. His Secretary of Defense has one. But it just might work, and the president doesn’t want to hurt his violent, Muslim friends.

His idea for stabilizing the Middle East is to give weapons to the Iranians! Well, you know, not actually handing them to them, but allow them to make them. What’s that you say… it will never happen? The president promises we’ll send in inspectors. He says the Iranians will have to report to us on their progress with Uranium enrichment. Sure they will…

The president, while angered at the 47 legislators for sending the letter to Iran, recorded a video and posted to the internet for all Iranians to see. In it, he calls them his friends and stresses the need to work together for a more peaceful world. This while the ruler of Iran was engaging in Hate Speech (that’s what we would call it here!) “Death to America,” “Death to the Jew.” When the president calls for a more peaceful and secure world, does he mean without America or Israel?

Why would he try to appease a country and its leadership who hate us? Why would he not support our allies who will do the very work he asked them to do a while back?

Why? Because he is a hypocrite and sees no value in the way this country was. It seems he will not be happy until we are the 3rd world nation he wants us to be.

America, watch your back.


At midnight Monday morning, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced via Twitter, “I’m running for President and I hope to earn your support!” making him the first candidate from any party to officially throw his hat into the ring for the 2016 Presidential campaign:

What do you think? Is Ted Cruz a viable candidate for 2016 or is it to early to know?


Obama, Netanyahu, Iran, Israel
Obama, Netanyahu, Iran, Israel

Making our ally, Israel, an enemy, when we should be standing together against a common enemy, Iran. It is beyond reason to abandon Israel to stand with a nation who would love nothing more than to annihilate us. Why President Obama thinks that he’s so special he can negotiate a deal with Iran that they’ll actually stick to is just another example of either his arrogance or ignorance. Iran can’t stand either the U.S. or Israel. So why are we even trying to negotiate with them? Beats me!

Obama, Netanyahu, Iran, Israel
Obama, Netanyahu, Iran, Israel

Once again, A. F. Branco over at Comically Incorrect sums it up nicely in a cartoon. Even my granddaughter could understand this one.


batgirl cover joker
batgirl cover joker

If Liberals don’t like it, they classify it as racism or sexism. Now they’re protesting a DC Comic book cover promotes rape culture. Guess what, we should be appalled at a cover like this. And we should have a discussion about it… about how WRONG it is to treat women (actually anyone) like that.

In the image, The Joker has Batgirl in a threatening position. Helloooo… The Joker is a CRIMINAL. Since when do we aspire to be the bad guy?

Putting an image like this on the cover should evoke a visceral reaction in readers, because we shouldn’t be treating anyone that way. It should evoke feelings of empathy for the victim and the urge to rescue her from her attacker.

If it makes you want to be like The Joker and do that sort of thing to another person, you need mental help. No, I’m not joking. Seek medical treatment because you’re losing (or have lost) your humanity and something inside you is seriously broken.

Art is supposed to evoke feelings and generate conversation. Looks like this artist did his job.

And talking about criminal behavior or rape, does not mean mean we’re promoting criminal activity or rape culture. It means we’re having a conversation.

Sadly, DC Comics caved to the Liberal pressure.

The real question is… does this image make you feel empathetic toward Batgirl, or make you want to rape someone?

H/T The Independent

Photo credit DC Comics

Michelle Obama, First Lady
Michelle Obama, First Lady

First Lady, Michelle Obama recently said:

The one thing that people don’t realize is that we can’t do little things like open windows. I look forward to getting in a car and rolling down the window and just letting the air hit my face.

Some Conservative pundits have latched onto this saying that Michelle is a whiner, a complainer, an ingrate. I mean, after all, she’s living in the White House. Certainly there must be perks to living in the White House?!

I’m not so sure that she’s complaining. Maybe she is. She’s certainly complained about other things in the past. But lately, I find myself sticking up for her. This one, I’m on the fence about.

People who are thrust into the limelight are known to lament the loss of simple freedoms that us average folks take for granted. For instance, it’s probably hard to just run down to the local mall to try on shoes without being mobbed by adoring fans and haters all at the same time. Does anyone really think she’d be able to enjoy a nice peaceful outing alone? No way.

Likewise, being First Lady not only puts her in the limelight, but also puts her at risk. There are plenty of State’s enemies and just plain crazy people who’d love nothing more than to take a potshot at the First Lady or snatch a First Daughter out of an open White House window (and don’t even try to tell me how secure the White House is!) Hence, the closed house and car windows. It’s a matter of National Security!

And while I feel for her a little bit, my empathy only goes so far. She and her husband signed up for this gig willingly. In fact, they exerted a lot of effort to attain it. It wasn’t without forethought. There are prices to pay for every choice we make. A little loss of freedom in exchange for the opportunity to shape the greatest nation in the world and influence other nations… it’s a small price to pay.

But I do wonder, sometimes, if she’s not doing some of this “complaining” to try to be more relate-able to us average folks. From the outside looking in, it would seem that she lives quite the carefree, glamorous life. Maybe she’s just “keepin’ it real” and letting us know that it’s not all a bed of roses? But seriously, if not being able to hang her head out a car window is the biggest thing she has to complain about, she doesn’t understand the plight of millions of Americans!

She went on to say:

“I just want some wind in my face,” joking that when the couple leaves the White House she plans to “spend the first year just hanging out the window.”

I hate to be the one to break it to her… but that probably won’t be an option even after she leaves the White House. I guess no one told her about that Secret Service detail who’ll be with her… forever.


Photo credit US Department of Agriculture

Starbucks, Cracker, Race Together, Race Card
Starbucks, Cracker, Race Together, Race Card

When you go to your local Starbucks, you expect a few things – mediocre coffee at an exorbitant price, unnecessarily complicated drink orders and a plethora of laptop users deeply engaged in finally writing that novel they’ve had knocking around in their head since they first gave up on their hopes and dreams, switching their major from Romantic Literature in the Era of Feminism to Medical Billing.

What you don’t expect to encounter is a deep, burgeoning discussion about race. Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz has announced a new initiative (can you really  call anything done at a coffee shop an initiative?) aimed at sparking a national conversation about race.

Aside: I would like to propose a new initiative banning from public interaction anyone who ever again uses the phrase “National conversation about race.” I think that phrase should take its place in the trash bin of rhetorical history alongside “meme”, “gravitas” and “YOLO”.

The initiative, titled “Race Together” places pamphlets discussing race issues inside Starbucks across the country and encourages (although does not force) Starbucks employees to engage customers in conversations about race.

This gives me the giggles and the sads all at the same time. Here’s why:

  1. If I hear one more person call for a “national conversation about race” I’m going to need surgery to repair my eyes after they have frozen in a permanent state of Liz Lemon eye roll. We’ve been having a “national conversation about race” since I can remember. Bill Clinton had one – he even went so far as to set up townhalls across the country for his “national conversation about race”. Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, basically any talking head on MSNBC and every single Hollywood “it” girl of the day. There is no lack of people calling for a “national conversation.” In fact, there are too many people doing it. How many conversations are we supposed to have about this? When the same issues are brought up over and over again in marriage, that’s called nagging. It also happens to be identified as one of the biggest causes of tension and communication breakdown in a relationship. Too much nagging and the other party begins to shut down and simply tune out. It could be argued that this incessant national conversation about race we keep being forced to have (but never really have)  is the very thing preventing us from properly addressing the problems of racial unity.
  2. I don’t even like telling the Starbucks baristas my name for my drink order as I feel that is already revealing way to much about myself to a total stranger. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to stand there waiting for my latte while my barista asks my opinion about the intricacies of interracial relationships in modern America.
  3. Which brings me to another quandary – just how in the hell is this “conversation” supposed to get started by said barista? The very initiation of the conversation would first require all kinds of assumptions to be made about the customer, starting with the assumption that they even want to be talking about racism with a coffee server in the first place. What does that even look like? “Here’s your latte, Miss. Shall we put that on your Race Card”?… “Here’s your large decaf, sir. Would you mind setting aside your white privilege for a moment while I give this to that brown person in line behind you”? I don’t understand what this is supposed to look like.

This whole idea seems not only ludicrous but impossible to implement without causing more offense to customers, not less. Sometimes, most times actually, I don’t wish to be seen as a person who has to walk around with the weight of an entire nation’s racial sins on my shoulders. I would just like to be seen as an American woman who wants her tall, soy, double-shot, sugar-free, caramel latte with just the right amount of foam and wants it as quickly as possible.

Yes, my name is Kira. No, I don’t care how you spell it. And if you ask me how I feel about the violence in Ferguson I will turn over this stand filled with iTunes codes for free Trivia Crack and Taylor Swift CDs … and never come back.


Editors Note: This article is reprinted from courtesy Kira Davis

Photo credit Gwendolyn