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*** UPDATE 4/25/15 New Site to Donate to ***

God bless Franklin Graham’s organization Samaritan’s Purse for stepping up to help the Christian baker after GoFundMe shut them down last week. If you want to help them with a donation, here’s the link. Any amount would be appreciated.


*** UPDATE 4/24/15 @ 10pm PT ***

The link to the GoFundMe site is no longer functional. Here’s the official word from GoFundMe via

After careful review by our team, we have found the “Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa” campaign to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. The money raised thus far will still be made available for withdrawal.

While a different campaign was recently permitted for a pizzeria in Indiana, no laws were violated and the campaign remained live. However, the subjects of the “Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa” campaign have been formally charged by local authorities and found to be in violation of Oregon state law concerning discriminatory acts. Accordingly, the campaign has been disabled.

The GoFundMe Team


Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Christian bakers who refused to bake a cake for a same sex marriage, is being fined $135 THOUSAND dollars. Help them with the bill. DON’T just sit there “praying for them!” Skip a coffee and give them a few bucks!

GoFundMe broken link HERE – Feel free to email GoFundMe your thoughts on the matter.

Promise Wedding Ring
Promise Wedding Ring

And in another instance of lunacy…

A new reality TV show claims it is designed to help married couples in trouble. How, you ask?

The eight episode series will follow four couples who have switched partners, as they put their marriages on the line, and eat, sleep and live with a total stranger.

It’s “The Seven Year Switch,” and they’re calling it a “social experiment.” The switch is an “experimental spouse” with the end result to determine if they want to stay married to their original spouse, or not.

So, let me get this straight… They’re going to take married couples who are already having issues, separate them, and pair them with another person to live for a month as if they’re married, all the while filming this for all the world to see.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong when you, your family, and your friends all see your spouse playing house and being intimate with another person on national TV? I’m sure that’ll fix whatever marital problems you’re having… because you’ll DEFINITELY end up divorced.

H/T DailyMail and TVByTheNumbers

Photo credit Alicia Griffin

Disarm NYPD, Protest, May Day
Disarm NYPD, Protest, May Day

New Yorkers came out on May 1st in a solidarity May Day protest calling for the NYPD to disarm. Because we all know it’s SOOO much easier for the police to protect us with a smile and a kind word than a gun? There’s just no logical explanation for wanting to disarm your security force.

Aside from the complete lunacy of this concept… if you actually want to be taken seriously, you might not want to dress like this guy.

I guess there actually IS a recommended dress code when attending a protest… and THIS isn’t it!

Photo credit Dustin Johnston

Reverend Al Sharpton
Reverend Al Sharpton

Let’s just agree for the moment, for argument’s sake, that there is rampant legal injustices happening in Baltimore toward minorities. Does that give the Reverend Al Sharptons of the world the license to stir up more hate and division… all under the guise of writing a wrong? What does Rev. Al’s Bible say about this sort of thing? Take to the streets and destroy your neighbors? I don’t think so. But then again… maybe his Bible is different from mine.

Leslie Brown at UnhyphenatedAmerica sums it up nicely:

Look at the contrast; G-d is for love, peace and unity, what’s going on in Baltimore is about hate, discord and division.

Looks pretty clear to me. Don’t let that “Reverend” title fool you. He may say he’s coming in the name of a religion, but it isn’t mine.

What would Jesus do in Baltimore? Pretty much the exact opposite of whatever Rev. Al does.

Photo credit LukeXMartin

Baltimore Mom Teen, During Riots
Baltimore Mom Teen, During Riots

It was only a matter of time before the liberal voices came out against the Baltimore Mom caught on video for retrieving her teenage son off the streets while he was engaged in the riots. Now they’re calling for her arrest for child abuse.

I guess it’d be better to have left him there to be arrested with 100’s of others? Facing possible incarceration for YEARS where he’d learn a lifetime of lessons that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy? Or worse, possibly killed?

These folks are so delusional that they’d rather have the teen’s life irreparably damaged by jail time, physical injury, or death, than to have his ego bruised by his mother calling him on the carpet for being involved in criminal activity.

And we wonder how things have digressed to the state of affairs we see in Baltimore? No need to wonder. Just listen to those liberal voices. You have all the evidence you need.

Did you notice how the teen didn’t run from her? That’s called respect.

Did you notice how he didn’t raise a hand to her? That’s called respect.

Did you notice how he didn’t talk back at her? That’s called respect.

NEWS FLASH… respect is a learned skill. It’s taught by parents. Parents who are involved. Parents who care. Parents who see their child dressed in black with their head and face covered, just like all the other kids on the street, and yet still recognize that it’s THEIR child. Because they pay attention. They’re involved. They know how their child moves and behaves. She saw a serious problem, she intervened, and took him home where he belonged. It’s called “parenting.” Something we need to see more of.

The ones who should be investigated by child services are the ones who’s children were left on the street to destroy all that property and those who were arrested. Do you think that they’ll be investigated for neglect? For raising a criminal? Doubtful.

H/T USA Today


Jerry Yellin is a 91-year old WWII vet. Recently he was interviewed on his time there. You won’t want to miss what he has to say!

Ask yourself, how many of the few surviving WWII veterans kept themselves and their uniform in such good condition for over 70 years and can still proudly wear it? He looks so good…

Watch His Interview Here

Notice his superb delivery, no teleprompter, no script — just a 91-year-old fighter pilot representing the greatest generation at home and abroad who won WWII.  He has some surprises and a great take on the philosophy of life. Be inspired!

If you want to learn more about the man behind the uniform, read here about his new book about overcoming PTSD through meditation:

Alfonzo Rachel, Party Politics, History, Slavery
Alfonzo Rachel, Party Politics, History, Slavery

AlfonZo Rachel nails it again. He leaves no stone unturned in this video… genocide, NRA, KKK, Planned Parenthood, government cheese, welfare, slavery, voting, bigotry, gangs, guns, race, Black Panthers, n-word, and party politics.

If Democrats do so much for you, why are you still so angry and saying “we shall overcome” as if it hasn’t happened?

He goes on to say, “we overcame 150 years ago”, but your mind is still “brain-chained” to the fields where Democrats still want to keep you.

Democrats still want you to be dependent on the Master, and they’re still dependent on you. It’s just that now, instead of using blacks to farm cotton, they now use you to farm votes.

H/T Conservative50 and AlfonZo Rachel


Christians Murdered, Obama Remains Silent
Christians Murdered, Obama Remains Silent

Christians murdered daily… Obama remains silent.

Christians Murdered, Obama Remains Silent
Christians Murdered, Obama Remains Silent

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco via ComicallyIncorrect

Police, Motocycles
Police, Motocycles

With all the rioting and violence this week in Baltimore, we need to ask: “What were the Real Causes of the Baltimore Riots?”  With that information, maybe America can avoid future riots in other cities.

What Three Groups were Largely Responsible for Causing the Baltimore Riots?

The answer can be summed up in the letters: PAT – Progressive socialists, Anarchists, and Thrill-seekers.

Progressives have run the city of Baltimore for at least the last 40 years, if not more.  Progressive socialists are responsible for the failed social policies that have resulted in high unemployment, high crime, and failing schools.  The Mayor of Baltimore reportedly also asked the police to stand down, thereby allowing the rioters to wreak havoc on the city.  Upholding the Rule of Law and Constitutional guarantees of liberty are often overlooked by progressives…

You can read the rest at

Gerard Francis Lameiro Ph.D. is an author, philosopher, economist, and engineer. He is the author of Renewing America and Its Heritage of FreedomAmerica’s Economic War, and Choosing the Good Life.

Photo credit The All Nite Images

MSNBC Tax Evaders, Jodi Miller, NewsBusted, MRC
MSNBC Tax Evaders, Jodi Miller, NewsBusted, MRC

Al Capone was probably the worst tax evader of all time… if he were alive today, he’d probably be a host on MSNBC. ~ Jodi Miller, host of NewsBusted on MRC

Video & Photo credit NewsBusted / MRC


Ronald Reagan, Standing with God and America
Ronald Reagan, Standing with God and America

Some days, you just need a little bit of Ronald Reagan’s sensibilities. He was down to earth, loved God, and loved America. No one questioned those 2 loves. It was evident every time he spoke.

“I believe with all my heart that standing up for America means standing up for the God who has so blessed our land.”

And when we have crazy weeks like we’ve had this week, it helps to pause and remember… this too shall pass. Stop. Pray for our leadership. Yes, even President Obama… ESPECIALLY President Obama!

And repeatedly remind your children why this country is so great. It isn’t about who is at the helm for this moment in time. It’s about THEM and their FUTURE and all that that possibility holds.

We still call that…the American Dream!

Photo credit via Twitter jstines3 #PJNET

Brainstorming, Owning The Process, Millennials
Brainstorming, Owning The Process, Millennials

John Locke taught us that ownership is necessary for the purpose of production. His message rings true for individuals and organizations. In an organization, ownership manifests itself by allowing motivated employees to test the company’s value proposition. In other words, to sell.

Republican leadership must loosen its stronghold on the conservative value proposition and encourage millennials to test its values. The best way to do this is to launch a strategic planning process.

We millennials know that strategic planning is more about the process than the actual written plan. We welcome a process publicly managed to generate a diversity of folks, ideas and metrics to identify 1) what party values ring true for my generation, and 2) align with current GOP talking points.

The goal is to encourage party ownership to those of us willing to produce. We can identify enthusiastic millennials by launching a coordinated planning process in regions where GOP leadership is willing to spend a few “tasty brunches” contemplating Republican values.

Strategic planning is a process that forces us to compromise. It forces us to make a commitment to those at the table sitting next to us. It’s a socially engineered funnel that asks the more eager of us to take notes, stand tall, and share what we learned with friends and family. Call me anytime and I will come hungry.

Have a great weekend,

Christopher Girdwood
The Republican Millennial

Photo credit Kate McCarthy

New Civil Rights Movement, MLK Memorial
New Civil Rights Movement, MLK Memorial

What a contrast! Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was adamant about peaceful, law-abiding protests. He operated not only within the laws of the land, but most especially, God’s law. The Bible was his guide for daily living and it was evident in his actions. Not that he was perfect, but his purpose was clear.

Compare that to the Baltimore “protesters” of today… destroying neighborhood businesses who never did them any harm, stealing from the places they shop, and then wondering in 6 months why they can’t get a CVS or pharmacy in their neighborhood.

How does ruining another family and their employee’s livelihood HELP your cause? You just put other people on unemployment, possibly bankruptcy, possibly the street. People who are just trying to make it day-to-day, keep a roof over their heads, keep their children fed and clothed. Their your neighbors, your family, your friends. You just added to their misery, devastating their lives. And FOR WHAT?! Wasn’t the whole purpose of this “protest” to bring justice to another senselessly lost life? And you just ruined HOW MANY LIVES?!

What happened in Baltimore this week was NOT a “protest.” It was a lawless “RIOT”! No amount of rationalizing it will change that. Are black folks mad? Sure they are. And they may have ever reason to be mad, raging mad. But that doesn’t give them license to go lawless.

You don’t get to trample other people’s rights just to make your point. Civilized societies don’t work that way. We are a nation of laws. Operate within the laws. There are ways to make a point without stealing from and ruining lives of others.

However, if you want to act like wild animals… be prepared to be treated like animals. And then don’t bother complaining about it. You earned it fair and square.

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco at

Maersk Kensington, Ship
Maersk Kensington, Ship

And now we get word that the Iranians seized a US-flagged ship this week. What does that mean? That means that a ship, bearing a US flag, was intercepted out of an “internationally recognized maritime route” by Iranian ships. Not to worry, the Iranians asked nicely… the first time. But when the ship declined the intercept, Iran fired a few warning shots to make their point. At which time, the ship complied.

Iran, such a peaceful nation who honors international agreements. Aren’t we all glad that President Obama is brokering a deal with them for further nuclear development?

Oh, and since they haven’t really liked any of the “deals” he’s come up with so far… he’s now suggesting a “signing bonus” to the tune of $1.7 trillion!!! And what are WE (and the rest of the international community, especially Israel) getting in return for such concessions? *** crickets ***

You just can’t make this stuff up!

It would appear that “The Art of Successful Negotiations” was not taught at whatever college President Obama attended. I’m thinking he should take a night class.

H/T CNN & Business Insider

Photo credit Shipspotting Mara

Patriot, Flag, Generation Will Not Fall to Socialism
Patriot, Flag, Generation Will Not Fall to Socialism

Nothing like freedom is as easy as we think it is. People who don’t want to engage, people who won’t push back to keep their freedoms are why we, and other countries, are in the mess we are all in.

Even recently, some of these countries have been taken over by revolution. How about the “good” people get off their butts and fight for revolution?

Think about how Cuba would be today if the “good” folks rebelled. Or even just came out and voted or engaged in a positive way.

I am NO LONGER interested in mediocrity! It doesn’t create good vibes, or a better way of life. It creates what we are seeing all over the world… chaos and oppression.

Will you continue to fight the good fight and take a stand for what is right?

Photo credit David Curtis and Sons of Liberty


Today SCOTUS heard a pivotal case on marriage. In the other blog in my series, I addressed the case and lawyers representing in the two and a half hours of oral arguments. I followed the live blog where the SCOTUS press summarized questions and arguments.

In the end, we will have to wait until June as there was no clear answer on same sex marriage.

The swing vote would go to Justice Kennedy, who would have to be persuaded one way or another. The contemplative judge asked a few pivotal questions.  The most important was wondering whether to cast aside a millennium of cultural norm and habit about who can marry. He also asked if Americans wanted to spend their time debating the issue. He also defended gays and lesbians’ dignity if they did get married.

“I don’t understand this ‘not dignity bestowing.’  I thought that was the whole purpose of marriage.  It bestows dignity on both man and woman in a traditional marriage.  It’s dignity-bestowing, and these parties say they want to have that, that same ennoblement.”

By the end, it appeared that maybe he was no longer hesitant but more decided on the issues. We’ll have to wait a few months to know. The only judge who did not speak was Clarence Thomas, known for sitting quietly and taking in information.

Kennedy was uncomfortable about the narrow definition that Bursch was insisting on giving to marriage.  And that emphasis in Bursch’s argument also provided a very clear opening for a strong closing argument by the couples’ lawyer, Mary L. Bonauto of Boston.

The Court had set aside a separate full hour for discussion of a second constitutional issue: whether states were required, by the Fourteenth Amendment to officially give recognition to same-sex couples that were married in other states, then came home to a state that was opposed to their marriage.

Information for this article was inspired from Amy Howe’s article on

Obergefell v. Hodges.

Earth, Earth Day, Climate Voters
Earth, Earth Day, Climate Voters

Reading between the Earth Day green lines… it appears that climate voters can be purchased, to the tune of $25 million.

I came across this article last week talking about the Earth Day Network’s 13 commitments for 2015. I’m not sure what exactly I expected, but I have to say, I wasn’t really surprised.

Now, as a Republican, I’m probably about as conservation-minded as they get. In fact, some have dubbed me a hippy-Republican (however that works!) I like to grow my own veggies, I have chickens who grow eggs for me, and I regularly marvel at the wonders that God created for us to enjoy, so I enjoy clean beaches and skies as much as the Liberal next door.

But as I’m reading this article a few things jumped out at me.

EDUCATION: In partnership with President Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative, the Hult Prize has invested $25 million dollars in the next generation and mobilized hundreds of thousands of youth to solve our planet’s most crippling challenges through new and innovative business approaches that are both profitable and sustainable.

Wait a minute! Did they say a CLINTON had invested a few million? Why, yes they did! To “mobilize hundreds of THOUSANDS of youth.” Ok, stop right there! YOUTH… that means “college kids,” which means VOTERS!

POLITICAL ACTION: The NAACP Voter Fund, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and Earth Day Network (EDN) committed to registering one million new climate voters for the 2016 election.

Did you catch that? “One million new CLIMATE VOTERS.” Take a look at the organizations sponsoring it. Their charters may say they’re non-partisan, but their politics and track record show they are liberal-progressives.

Now, let’s put those 2 little tidbits together, shall we? This non-profit, non-partisan organization is taking money from the Clintons, one of whom is actively running for president, AND they’re actively publicizing that they are registering voters. Any idea what political party they’ll be recommending and who’s agenda they’ll be touting? Betcha don’t need 3 guesses for that one.

Do you think the IRS will be investigating the goings-on of this 501(c)(3)? Maybe subpoenaing all of their email correspondence and their donor and mailing lists? I’m not holding my breath.

You can read the other 11 initiatives here.

Photo credit Les Chatfield

Video Still, Teen Aids Girlfriend Assaulting Mother
Video Still, Teen Aids Girlfriend Assaulting Mother

Narcissistic social media kids… prepare to enjoy prison.

Teen records his girlfriend beating up his mother while he watches & laughs. The article makes note of the fact that it’s a black teen. But it doesn’t matter what color the kid is. Wrong is wrong. The audacity of posting it to social media shows how out of touch are kids are with reality. Assault is a crime! You’re supposed to report crimes. Standing by and recording is participating in a crime.

And now your face has been recorded BY YOU participating a crime. How nice of you to upload the evidence to the internet for all the world to see. It’s only a matter of time before you’re charged with that crime. Congratulations! Enjoy prison.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Protest vs Riot, Dr. Martin Luther King
Protest vs Riot, Dr. Martin Luther King

Protest vs. Riot – Yes, there is a difference. This Tweet clearly illustrates that. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew how to get people’s attention commanding respect and dignity through peaceful PROTESTS! Sadly, many of our youth have failed this lesson and, as a result, lives will be lost.

Dr. Gina Loudon Show, Joe Messina
Dr. Gina Loudon Show, Smart Life, Joe Messina


via The New York Times:

BALTIMORE — “The governor of Maryland activated the National Guard and the mayor of Baltimore imposed a citywide curfew on Monday, after rioters looted stores and pelted riot-gear-clad police with rocks in the hours after Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who has become the nation’s latest symbol of police brutality, was laid to rest.”

“’Too many people have spent generations building up this city for it to be destroyed by thugs,’ Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said in announcing the 10 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew, which comes on top of a curfew for juveniles already in place.”

“’We are deploying every resource possible to gain control of the situation and to ensure peace going forward,’ Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said.”

Read more here:  The New York Times

Photo credit:  Baltimore Riots