Garrett Swasey…the lone cop casualty when a man walked into a Planned Parenthood and started shooting  yesterday was 44 years old and father of two and a husband. Five more police officers were injured. Here’s what the media won’t tell you.

He was a championship ice skater. Swasey and skating partner Christine Fowler won the junior national ice dancing championship in Orlando, Florida, in 1992.

He was a volunteer pastor and elder.

Crowdfunding page set up for only a day has raised over 50k as an educational fund for his children.

Sadly, Obama didn’t allude to this hero in his statements about the tragedy. Again, his emphasis was on gun control. He said, “People need to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them. Period. Enough is enough.”  Oh and let’s not forget the anti-abortion crazy who shot up the place. But please, not all of us are like him.

NBC News reporting

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Muslim, Islam Japan, Meme
Muslim, Islam Japan, Meme

I received a press release from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) this week, it started like this:

The Greater Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today called for an investigation of an anti-Islam post on Instagram by a person who is shown posing in a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) uniform standing next to a patrol car, suggesting he is a sergeant with that department.

The apparent LAPD officer, with the username “la_5_o,” posted an image on his Instagram account entitled, “Japan keeps Islam at bay by putting restriction on Islam and ALL Muslims.” The anti-Muslim information in the viral image has been debunked by experts. In commenting on the image, the “officer” wrote, “maybe something can be learned from this photo?”

I clicked on the associated links and expected to see something seriously offensive. But it wasn’t. It looked like a fact chart about Japan and Islam. Now, given the fact that I know nothing about Japan, the contents didn’t really affect me one way or the other. I had know way of knowing whether it was true or false on the face of it.

According to Politifact, the “facts” portrayed in the chart are all blatantly false. And again, I say, I have know way of knowing whether any of it is true or not. But for the purposes of this story, I’m going to assume that Politifact got it right and the content of the graphic is untrue.

I see meme’s like this published all the time. I’m careful not to pass them along unless I know the contents are true. But most people aren’t that careful. I mean, really, do you fact check every meme YOU share? Most people don’t. And even if you do, it’s often difficult to know for sure what’s fact and what’s fiction.

It’s doubtful this officer created this graphic, but simply passed an existing one along, without verifying it’s accuracy. Good move? No. But something severe enough to warrant an investigation into the officer? CAIR’s contention is that:

“Law enforcement officers hold a critical position in our communities and it is vital for them to interact with individuals based on mutual respect, regardless of faith or ethnicity.”

“CAIR is a firm supporter of the Constitution’s First Amendment right to free speech, including the right to bigoted speech like that expressed in this post. However, it is extremely disturbing for law enforcement personnel, who are sworn to serve and protect, to harbor and blatantly express such prejudice against an entire segment of our society.”

On the one hand, they say they support the US Constitution’s 1st Amendment. On the other hand, they accuse the officer of disrespect and bigoted speech and want him investigated with “appropriate action” being taken against him.

Clearly, they don’t understand what “free speech” looks like. Free speech does not only apply to non-law-enforcement people. And law enforcement personnel cannot be discriminated against for exercising their free speech rights on their own personal time and space.

For CAIR to expect officers not to have any personally held opinions, beliefs, or even biases would be naive and completely unrealistic. After all, they are human. What we can expect from law enforcement is for their personally held opinions, beliefs, and biases not to adversely impact or interfere with objectively performing their duties. Unless something in this officer’s duties has indicated a bias against Muslims (or any other group of people), there’s no reason that the officer shouldn’t be able to express a viewpoint on a personal Instagram account.

CAIR needs to realize that this is the price of free speech. Sometimes people will say things we don’t like. Sometimes it can feel, or even actually be, disrespectful. But that doesn’t make it illegal. And it doesn’t mean an officer’s life or career should be ruined over it.

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Church, Winter
Church, Winter

From Focus on the Family:

“God’s People Want to Know.”

That’s the title of a new study directed by respected pollster Dr. George Barna, and conducted by American Culture & Faith Institute. Barna polled spiritually active, politically conservative and moderate Christians, and found:

“They are eager for their pastors to teach them what the Bible says about today’s social and political issues.”

The study tells us that members of congregations are hungry to learn from their pastors—and other church leaders—what the Bible says about today’s issues. In fact, more than 80 percent of the respondents thought it was extremely or very important for pastors to talk about cultural topics, such as:

Abortion and the Beginning of Life (91%);
Religious Persecution and Liberty (86%);
Poverty and the Church’s Response (85%);
Cultural Restoration (83%); and
Sexual Identity, Same-Sex Marriage, Transgenderism and LGBT Issues (82%).

At Focus on the Family, our goal is to help educate, equip and engage those in the pews—and in the pulpits—about these very issues.

For instance, we recently created a FREE resource that helps pastors and lay leaders deal with one of the most contentious matters facing believers today: homosexuality. Our guide, “Talking to Your Church about Homosexuality: A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders,” helps:

Explain God’s wonderful design for human sexuality and marriage;
Encourage believers to stand courageously and lovingly as they engage the culture; and
Equip their church to extend grace and truth to men and women struggling with homosexuality.

If you’re a pastor or a church leader, we encourage you to join with us in sharing the truth about homosexuality. If you’re a church member who wants to learn what the Bible says about key concerns, let your pastor and other church leaders know about your desire to learn—and then share this free kit with them.

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Ahmed the Clock Kid , video still
Ahmed the Clock Kid , video still

According to YoungConservatives… it looks like Ahmed the Clock Kid is finally ready to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame, to the tune of a $10 million lawsuit against the city!

Read the full account and see the demand letter here.

Need a refresher on who the Clock Kid is, check out this video.


Black Friday
Black Friday

Black Friday – it’s a day when millions of Americans hit the stores in search of the best post-Thanksgiving bargains.

If you ask one of those frenzied shoppers how Black Friday got its name, they will likely tell you it has to do with the day after Thanksgiving sales moving retailers from the red (or a profit loss) to the black (or a profit gain.)

That’s not exactly right, though…

Read the history of Black Friday at AL.com

Israel, Gaza
Israel, Gaza

Onan Coca at BarbWire reports:

Israel has been sailing through rough waters for virtually its entire history, but the past few years have been especially tense. With their allies wavering and their enemies growing ever bolder and ever more vicious, Israel has been pushed into increasing levels of vigilance that are difficult to sustain.

In the West, the progressive agenda has decided to side with the Muslim fascists against the democratic and free people of Israel, and the liberal academics have led the way in that fight. Almost a year ago this interesting dynamic of liberal academia against Israel was brought to light during a fascinating debate at Oxford University between American conservatives Dennis Prager and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach against liberal academics at Oxford.

The stunning ignorance of the liberals can be seen in the proposition of the debate – “Hamas is a greater obstacle to peace than Israel.” Yes, the liberals actually argued that Israel was a bigger problem than the Muslim terrorists who were killing innocent civilians. It only got worse from there…

Read the rest and see the Prager video at BarbWire.

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Jesus Statue
Jesus Statue

Saidneya, Syria

An enormous bronze statue of Jesus – attacked by Islamist rebels

In October of 2013, after over two years of brutal war in Syria at the hands of Islamist “rebels” who are trying to enforce Islamic Law on the Syrian people, an enormous bronze statue of Jesus was placed on Mount Saidneya. The giant statue can be seen from Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. Saidneya was chosen for the statue because it overlooks the route Christian pilgrims took from Constantinople to Jerusalem during ancient times.

The village and monastery at Saidneya have been attacked by Islamist rebels four times since the statue was put up in 2013. But so far, the Syrian Army and Syrian National Defense Forces have been able to fight off attacks and protect Saidneya’s monastery, church complex, and the giant statue of Jesus.

In February of 2014, the Syrian Army reported: “The Syrian Army and National Defense Forces are fighting desperately because this war is against foreign Islamists … we will defend our homeland, territory and dignity … It is either the monastery or death. The icons here serve as an honor for us.

During recent attacks, the monastery was struck by mortar shells and the Islamist rebels infiltrated on a daily basis. The presence of civilians has made it difficult to conduct a comprehensive military operation due to the Islamists using women and children as human shields. But the Syrian Forces have been launching return strikes and have so far been able to defend Saidneya, its rich heritage, and its people.

After one recent intense bout of fighting, the Syrian Army discovered ID and passports on the dead Islamist “rebels” that showed that the “rebels” were from France, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. This is not a war about democracy—Syrians are happy with their system of religious equalities and diversity of political parties. This is a foreign Islamist invasion. And the US has been backing the foreign Islamist invaders.

The word Saidneya has its roots in the Aramaic language–a language which early Christians used to spread the gospel–and of which many Syrian Christians throughout Syria continue to speak to this day—it is the language of Jesus. Saidneya means “Our Lady”, referring to the Virgin Mary.

Villagers in the nearby village of Maaloula, and a few smaller villages nearby, also speak Aramaic. Syria’s Christians are an ancient culture who have resided peacefully and undisturbed for centuries, that is until 2011, when foreign Islamists began invading Syria with intentions of an Islamist takeover.

Saidneya Mountain is filled with caves, and early Christians used these caves to escape from Roman persecution. Today the caves can be seen as one climbs to the top of the monastery. The Monastery at Saidneya dates to the 3rd century. The first structures for worship were built in 529.

The Convent of Our Lady of Saidneya was built by Justinian, the Byzantine emperor, in 547 AD. Justinian had two visions of Mary, one of which directed him as to where to build the church, and one regarding its design. Syrian Christians believe that the second advent of Christ will happen on the mountain on the pilgrimage route. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Saidneya for healing and renewal of faith.

The giant statue of Jesus is titled: “I Have Come to Save the World”. It was the idea of Yury Gavrilov, a 49-year-old Russian. The project was backed by both the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian government. But despite the statue’s Russian backing, it was cast in Armenia by an Armenian sculptor, Artush Papoian. Syria’s Armenians have a long history in Syria, and hence the connection.

The statue stands 40 feet tall, and with its pedestal, a stunning total of 105 feet. It took eight years to complete.

The statue was installed October 14th, 2013 coinciding with two religious holidays. Saidneya’s Orthodox Christians celebrated the feast day of the “Protection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary”, and the Syrian Muslims in Saidneya celebrated the “Corban Feast”. Christians and Muslims have always lived side by side in peace in Syria.

The webpage link attached includes 3 short videos; here are brief descriptions:

Video One (1:58): Foreign backed Islamists continuously attack the monastery in an attempt to take over Saidneya. A Syrian Army member says: “We defend our town. Terrorists attacked the Monastery. We confronted them. We support the Syrian president and we will continue to defend our homeland…

Video Two (2:08): Syrian Army General says: “Terrorist (rebel) groups tried to attack the monastery last Sunday, the third time this week. We killed nearly 140 militants. We have 54 of their bodies … We will never stop defending the homeland …” A witness living in Saidneya then says: “There were about 300 attackers. They burned the bodies (of their dead) because they don’t want us to recognize which nationality they are …”

Video Three (2:56): A pro-government rally is taking place where the villagers of Saidneya voice their support for the Syrian Army and condemn terrorist attacks against civilians. Saidneya is home to an ancient monastery which is a pilgrimage site to millions of Christians. A reporter then discusses the battles going on and states that the greatest challenge to the Syrian Army is that civilians reside in the town and the Islamists hold them hostage. The Syrian Army is trying to clear the area of terrorists without harming civilians.

Video Four: I added this video clip to the webpage to show you a glimpse of Syria’s freedom under the current government. If Islamists take over, music and dance will be banned. This famous Syrian singer, Najwa Karam, would be killed for what she is wearing and for not covering her hair. This is an outdoor concert in Saidneya. Syrians do not want to lose their freedoms. They have a rich culture of music and dance. They do not want to lose their culture to Islamists.

More photos and video links at CheriBerens.net

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It was a powerful one-liner, “A shocking truth is unfolding: America has been arming ISIS…” ConservativeFiringLine reports:

On Tuesday, Matt Drudge, owner of the extremely popular Drudge Report, broke his Twitter silence to issue a single tweet that some believe may be a teaser for an upcoming report.  That tweet simply says that the United States has been arming ISIS.

According to Infowars’ Steven Watson, it’s the first tweet he’s issued since cleaning his account months ago.

See the rest of the story and the responses to Drudge’s tweets on ConservativeFiringLine.

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Cornell University
Cornell University

CampusReform reports on Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR):

As part of an event on diversity and inclusion in the labor movement, professors at Cornell University displayed cartoons depicting Republicans as knife-wielding terrorists, raving lunatics, and even molesters.

So let’s think about this a second… it’s considered “diversity and inclusion in the labor movement” to EXCLUDE Republicans by vilifying them with vile, untrue depictions? Oh sure, that sounds like “inclusion,” as long as you fit their “labor” mold, which, clearly, Republicans do not.

If they were serious about diversity and inclusion, they would have included conservative images as well as liberal images. But they didn’t.

It’s a shame. The labor movement used to be about the workers. But now it just seems to be an arm of the Democrat Party intent on securing future Democrat voters. No integrity required.

You can read the full story and view some of the images on CampusReform.

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Conjoined Foreign Policy Twins, Obama, Hillary
Conjoined Foreign Policy Twins, Obama, Hillary

The Obama / Hillary foreign policy disaster in the Middle East has allowed ISIS to expand. And yet, Democrats are blind to this fact and somehow still blaming Republicans (and Bush!)

Political Cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance.

Washington Constitutional Convention 1787 Painting
Washington Constitutional Convention 1787 Painting

Recently, we wrote about a popular Article V Con-Con movement, Compact For America, and the concerning leadership behind it. On that board of advisers was Harvard’s Lawrence Lessig, former adviser to the Obama campaign. Lessig is on the board of multiple efforts for a Con-Con, including Compact For America, Call a Convention, ConventionUSA, Rootstrikers, etc. Another very popular movement being referred to by Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and others is the Convention of States, founded and promoted by Mark Meckler, formerly of the Tea Party Patriots. When they recommend joining this particular effort, are they aware it is part of a coalition with some questionable members?

Since their co-sponsored Constitutional Convention conference in 2011, Lessig and Meckler have been in close contact, appearing together at many events (mostly far Left events) to promote a Constitutional Convention. In fact, the two of them are scheduled to appear in March for the third year in a row at the annual Citizen’s University conference, along with Grover Norquist. The conference is sponsored by SEIU among others.

The fact that these two have worked so closely together might be concerning enough, but… read the rest at FreedomOutpost.

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Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving we remember

In the middle of November

The blessings of our loving Lord

Upon us are abundantly poured.

That’s all I remember from a Thanksgiving poem I wrote in junior high or high school. I loved writing poetry, especially free verse. However, I knew it was a hobby not a business. I still miss those days when poetry helped me focus on a particular event.

It is important to remember our Thanksgiving history. It didn’t just start with George Washington issuing a Thanksgiving proclamation, but with the Pilgrims, who sailed to America for the freedoms they so desired, and most importantly to worship as they saw fit, not pressured by the government. After one of the harshest winters where they lost over half their group to scurvy, they invited their Indian neighbors and had a three-day feast to remember all God had done in bringing them through that winter.

Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving a month earlier than we do, but North America is about the only continent that celebrates this holiday. That doesn’t mean that we can’t take any day to be thankful for our blessings.

Some Fun Facts:

New York became first state to adopt a Thanksgiving celebration in 1817.

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. Oh and btw, they didn’t have turkey. They had lobster, seal, and swan for dinner! Gross, right? Such were the times… Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving celebration in 1623 to mark the end of a long drought.

During the Civil War, in 1863 Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday every November on the last Thursday.

It remained that way until FDR moved it to the third Thursday in November to “beef up” sales during the Great Depression. Hmm, maybe that’s where we got the idea for Black Friday! However, in 1941, he relented and made it officially the fourth Thursday in November. And so it stands.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t forget the true meaning of the holiday and enjoy time with your loved ones and friends.

Thanks for being a faithful reader and listener…

Read more on history.com

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Arab Spring, ISIS, Obama, Syria
Arab Spring, ISIS, Obama, Syria

Arab Spring created ISIS along with Obama creating a vacuum in Iraq and his policy failures in Syria.

Political Cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Sex Ed, Planned Parenthood, video still
Sex Ed, Planned Parenthood, video still

This is why you need to be involved in your state and local school board decisions. EAGNews reports:

Under current law, Massachusetts school boards, in consultation with parents, have the right to determine their own sex education curriculums, based on what they believe is proper and age appropriate for the children of their communities.

They are free to choose to Planned Parenthood standards, or put more emphasis on the wisdom of abstinence.

SB  2048 takes away that freedom, which is a major point of  objection for Beckwith and his allies.

“What the legislation does is take control from school boards and give it to a state body that believes anal sex is appropriate for 11-year-olds,”  Beckwith said.

Surprisingly (not really) the district is considering using curriculum published by Planned Parenthood. You know, the company who benefits most by unwanted pregnancies. It isn’t in their best interest to promote abstinence. Just follow the money.

Read the full account at EAGNews.

Photo credit LifeSiteNews video still

Walter Cronkite, Video Still
Walter Cronkite, Video Still

“As The World Turns” was airing on CBS the afternoon of November 22, 1963, when Walter Cronkite broke in to tell the nation that President Kennedy had been shot. Coverage then went back to the soap opera, but not for long. Charles Osgood reports on how America learned of the shooting of a president.

H/T CBSSundayMorning


It seems like most articles written today mention how Christians are ignoring their terrible recent past where MANY Christians have killed in the name of their religion. I would call that a falsehood, but simply put… it’s a lie.

Years ago my wife and I took a parenting class. We had a “blended” home and wanted to learn how to parent effectively. In that class we learned about “deflection,” used expertly by teens far and wide. It does something like this, as you are correcting Little Johnny, he brings up the fact that Little Susie did something that you let her get away with. He is trying to deflect the heat off himself. In the class we learned the response should always be, “nevertheless, we are dealing with you” and don’t defend the intended deflection argument.

Many people claim to be Christian or to follow Christianity, yet they’ve never killed, maimed, raped, or otherwise injured others in the name of Christ or God. Never have I seen training videos of Christian camps teaching their children how to hate and kill others. Never have I seen Christians beheading others who don’t believe. Never have I seen Christians performing female genital mutilation in the name of God or yelling “Praise Jesus” while they are mowing down people in a mall or concert hall.

Yes, I have seen, heard, and read about some extreme Christian crazies (notice how I am not afraid of using the word “extreme” when needed) who blew up an abortion clinic because God hates abortion. Well, God does hate abortion, but He also hates blowing up clinics with innocent people in it. There are NO scriptures in the New Testament that call for this or any other kind of violence. The Bible actually states that “vengeance is mine says the Lord.” A true follower of Christ would leave it up to God, because He can do a much better job.

Those who argue that Christians have murdered more people than anyone will immediately throw out Timothy McVeigh’s name. You have to go back decades to find even that one. He grew up Catholic, as many of us did, and in an interview he stated, “I grew up Catholic as a young child, but never really practiced the religion.” He told the authors of “American Terrorist” that he “did not believe in Hell.” If there’s one tenet that’s consistent with Christian religions, it’s a belief in Hell—and Heaven, for that matter.

And then there are those who insist that Hitler was a Christian. Talk about reaching! He, too, grew up Catholic. But Hitler believed in Nazism. He believed, according to his book, that though there was evidence of a creator, ultimately, man and god became one. That’s not a Christian belief… at all! He thought he was doing the work of the creator by exterminating the Jews. How can that possibly be a Christian viewpoint when the Bible clearly states that Jews are God’s chosen people? It can’t.

I also love those who study nothing in the Bible but throw out-of-context Bible verses at a situation that has nothing to do with the verse. I recently saw one that showed little kids around Christians. The person alluded to the fact that people following Christ are ignoring Him if we don’t allow refugee children and women into our country. Where is that in the Bible exactly? Is it the verse where Christ says “that it would be better for a millstone to be put around your neck and be thrown into the sea than you hurt a little child?”

Let’s start off with the verse where Jesus talks about “rendering unto Caesar.” In other words, you obey the laws of the land! We have immigration laws! Then let’s talk about what Jesus really said because He has lots to say about social issues, like if a man won’t work he won’t eat! Like a working man is worthy of his wages (my Bible is not gender neutral, sorry). Give a man a fish he eats for a night, teach him to fish he can feed himself his family and maybe even his neighbors. (I added a few). Nothing really about handouts. Actually many time He uses the word “you”. YOU go and preach. YOU go and teach. YOU go and sin no more. Get the gist?

The acts of these individual, so-called Christian, idiot extremists don’t even espouse the mainstream belief of the religion they claim to follow. And in all cases, none of them yelled “God is great” in any language. If you add up 25 years of so-called killing in the name of Christ worldwide you can’t come near the number of those killed in the name of Allah in the last 2 years alone!

No one I know says ALL Muslims are bad or killers. No one! However, ALL Muslim extremists are bad and killers. They always kill in the name of Allah. They will NOT live peaceable with all men. TODAY they still stone women for being raped, throw gays off the roofs of buildings, light people on fire alive, and behead. Shall I go on? And all in the name of Allah.

Now some of you are going to say, Joe, they aren’t following the real teachings of their book just like you say Christian extremists don’t follow yours. You are correct! However, when a Christian does something stupid and horrible in the name of God or openly says it’s because of his/her religion, I and MANY others speak out against them. We have no problem because, though we believe in forgiveness, we also believe you pay for your crimes.
However where is the concentrated outrage of the REAL Muslims when the real hate is shown.

There have been 3100 people killed, in America, in the name of Allah and another 1700 who survived killing attempts by Muslim extremists on American soil from 1972 until July 2015.

I’m sorry, there’s no comparison. We need to be vigilant. And EVERYONE gets checked out before they come into our country!


Sometimes you come across a story that just seems too far-fetched to be true and it’s hard to know where to go with it. This is one of those. CampusReform reports:

The University of California (UC) is implementing a new solution to combat racial discrimination among students: themed housing for minority students.

The People of Color Caucus together with the Demographic Inclusion Task Force (DITF), a division of the Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC) at UC Berkeley, have led a series of focus groups recently as part of ongoing efforts to establish a Person of Color (PoC) theme house for the Fall 2016 academic quarter, the school newspaper reported.

The PoC theme house would be similar to its other theme houses catering specifically to minority students, including an LGBTQIA & Queer theme house and an African-American theme house (“Afro-House”).

So let me see if I’ve got this right… they’re going to “combat racial discrimination” by segregating students based on minority traits?

In previous stories, schools have gotten in trouble for having ethnic-themed parties. Now they’re implementing ethnic housing?!?! How is THAT ok? And they wonder why we’re so confused.

If a panel of white students and/or administrators had come up with this plan and decided to institute an “Afro-House” you can be 100% CERTAIN that the Rev. Al Sharpton would have been on-site with the New Black Panthers in tow ginning up the segregation rhetoric complete with a civil lawsuit!

And right about now the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is wondering what the heck happened to all his hard work… I’m wondering the same thing.

Read the full article at CampusReform.

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Strike Back, Occupy
Strike Back, Occupy

Here’s a beauty from our LibertyAlliance neighbors at 100PercentFedUp:

When we found this insane article on the Occupy Democrats website, it had over 500,000 shares. Obviously, making the case against Christians being more likely to commit terrorism while defending terrorism by Muslims is of utmost interest to the Democrat party. We have gone through each and every example of Christian “terrorism” they have given and dispelled every single one of them. Please make sure you share this article with everyone you know. We are in an emotional propaganda war with the Left and we will not win if we don’t fight back with the facts. 

To fight the enemy, you need to KNOW the enemy’s strategy, so head on over to 100PercentFedUp where they’ve deconstructed the Occupy Democrats article and broken down the Liberal lies. You’ll be armed and ready for battle after that!

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ALLEGEDLY… Hillary Clinton and/or her campaign staff took serious offense to a recent Laugh Factory video. Um… it’s not a news outlet Hill… it’s a comedy club. They routinely roast anyone and everyone under the limelight. That would include celebrities and, yes, ESPECIALLY politicians, so you will NOT be exempted! Unlike in the mainstream media, Democrats have no cone of silence protections in the comedic arena!

Comedians have poked fun at politicians since the beginning of the big screen, and probably since the dawn of time. Well… at least in those “free speech” societies. I doubt Henry IIIV or Marie Antoinette (“off with their heads”) would have laughed at themselves, but that is why our Founding Fathers made sure we had 1st Amendment protections!

Here’s your WARNING… the language is “colorful.” But really, nothing here is out-of-bounds. Hillary and her minions just need to take a big chill and hope the added attention they’ve given to it “allegedly” trying to squelch it won’t make it go viral!

H/T Breitbart


Daily Beast writer Michael Weiss recently posted an in-depth series of interviews with a self-proclaimed ISIS spy. The articles are lengthy, but riveting. Good reading for a long weekend…

“The most important thing,” Abu Khaled said, “is that they are trying to make sleeper cells all over the world.”

Links to the full series follow:
Part one Confessions of an ISIS Spy
Part two How ISIS Picks It’s Suicide Bombers
Part three Inside ISIS Torture Brigades
Part four How I Escaped from ISIS

Photo credit Wiki Commons