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Saturday, July 22, 2017

How True Obstructionism works!


NYT: At This Rate, It Will Take 11 Years to Get all of Trump’s Nominees Confirmed

Dozens of President Trump’s nominees are waiting for their confirmations to move forward as Democrats embark on “historic obstructionism,” according to several Republican lawmakers. Yet, the GOP isn’t the only one to have noticed the maddening delays. The New York Times is now reporting on the brand new “delaying tactic” the Democrats are employing to deny Trump his nominees.

Here’s how the tedious process is unfolding.

Here is what is happening: Democrats are requiring that Republicans check all the procedural boxes on most nominees, even those they intend to eventually support. That requires the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, to request a formal “cloture” vote to move forward.

An “intervening day” is then required to allow the cloture request to “ripen.” Next is a vote to impose cloture followed by 30 hours of “post-cloture” debate before a final vote. Democrats have refused to shorten the debate time — to “yield back,” in the parlance of the Senate — though in most cases there is little to debate.

In the end, many Democrats end up voting for the nominee, as each of them did last week on a federal appeals court judge from Idaho.

The process is being delayed to an “excruciating degree,” the Times concludes.

In some instances, top Democrats have apparently admitted that their obstructionism was political at its core. One case in point is the Democrats’ treatment of deputy defense secretary nominee Patrick Shanahan. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer refused to hold a vote on him – twice- before noting that “once things change a little bit in healthcare” they can consider the nominee.

If the Democrats continue to delay, Trump’s nominees will be waiting in the wings long after he has left office.

Republicans calculate that at the current rate, it will take 11 years and four months to fill all possible Trump administration spots at an average of three and a half days spent considering each nominee.

A few of the confirmation hearings are moving slowly but surely. Two of Trump’s nominees for the Federal Communications Commission, for instance, will get their turn in the spotlight this week.

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Singer says – No American flags at her concern because Trump is President!


Lana Del Rey Won’t Be Performing With American Flags Because Trump Is President

Another example of these ungrateful entertainers. Maybe she should go to Russia and see how she is treated or maybe Iraq or Iran? These people are brain dead.

They live in their sheltered little rainbow world. Why do we/you support them? Stop buying the music or art from these people, stop supporting them by going to their concerts.

YOU are feeding this hateful / hurtful beast know as hollywood!

Singer Lana Del Rey will no longer incorporate the iconography of the red, white, and blue into her performances. The reason: because Donald Trump is president.

In an interview with Pitchfork, Del Rey explained that it is “uncomfortable” to be romantic about America when Trump is in the White House:

“It’s certainly uncomfortable. I definitely changed my visuals on my tour videos. I’m not going to have the American flag waving while I’m singing “Born to Die.” It’s not going to happen. I’d rather have static. It’s a transitional period, and I’m super aware of that. I think it would be inappropriate to be in France with an American flag. It would feel weird to me now—it didn’t feel weird in 2013.”

Del Rey further stated that she and her co-workers were concerned about what was happening in both the United States and the world as the 2016 election was occurring. “I was posing a real question to myself: Could this be the end of an era? The fall of Rome?” she said.

She also stated things were better under President Obama’s administration because, according to her, “…at least everyone I knew felt safe. It was a good time. We were on the up-and-up.”

If you dont feel safe when you see the American Flag, PLEASE seek some serious mental health.

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Why would a party cancel THOUSAND of voter registrations?


The Trump administration has the Democrats in Colorado in panic mode, but they are trying to hide it.

What started as a couple hundred voter registrations has exploded into over 3,300 registrations, a figure reported by the Colorado Secretary of State office, now being withdrawn ever since the announcement of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity requested personal data on voters in June.

Even though the withdrawn registrations equal only .09% of Colorado’s 3.7 million voters, people close to the Democrat leadership are getting scared that this might spread nationwide, and they are trying to manage this potential firestorm now.

Working closely with the Colorado Democratic Party, Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez is trying to assuage the concerns of party members and convince registered voters to stay registered. The newly appointed, often foul mouthed Perez vows to fight this commission, and the president in any, and every way.

“If you un-register, you are giving a victory to proponents of voter suppression,” Perez said told one media outlet, as he tries to stem the tide of cancellations. “What we’re seeing in Colorado, we hope that doesn’t spread elsewhere,” said a DNC official. “That’s why we’re working on educating voters across the country about this. We’re not trying to incite panic, but the DNC itself is monitoring this situation and is concerned by what we’re seeing.”

This begs the question: why are Democrat voters canceling? Republicans have long claimed that the Democrats often play fast and loose with the voter rolls, and this adds fuel to that fire.

If there is no crime and nothing illegal going on, why would one pull their ability to support their party and make sure their voice was heard? Well, unless it wasn’t your voice, or your voice was not legally allowed to be heard. Stories after the election of people being prosecuted for voter fraud can not be helping Democrats.

Colorado is not the only state the feds want voter information from, but so far it is the only state that has seen major numbers of voter registration cancellations. The commission has also asked for data from all 50 states. So far, California, New York, Virginia, and Connecticut, as well as some red states, such as Oklahoma and Kentucky, are all pushing back against this request.

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Facebook is using Artificial Intelligence to remove EXTREME posts!


Facebook announced Thursday that it plans to use artificial intelligence to help remove inappropriate content from the social media platform.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post that the efforts will be directed at removing terrorist content, but suggested that other “controversial posts” could be taken down too.

Noting that human reporting does not always catch terrorist posts in a timely fashion, he explained, “That’s why we’re also building artificial intelligence that lets us find potential terrorist content and accounts faster than people can.”

The software uses “natural language understanding” and “image matching” to find content. “And when we identify pages, groups, posts or profiles that support terrorism, we use algorithms to find related material across our platform.”

“There’s an area of real debate about how much we want AI filtering posts on Facebook,” Zuckerberg conceded. “It’s a debate we have all the time and won’t be decided for years to come. But in the case of terrorism, I think there’s a strong argument that AI can help keep our community safe and so we have a responsibility to pursue it.”

The CEO also announced the launch of Facebook’s “Hard Questions” blog, which will tackle such issues as:

  • How much should we monitor and remove controversial posts, and who gets
    to decide what’s controversial?
  • How do we make sure social media is good for democracy?
  • How aggressively should social media companies monitor and remove
    controversial posts and images from their platforms?
  • Who gets to decide what’s controversial, especially in a global community
    with a multitude of cultural norms?
  • Who gets to define what’s false news — and what’s simply controversial
    political speech?

In a post to which Zuckerberg linked in announcing the blog, Facebook’s vice president for public policy and communications, Elliot Schrage, further elaborated that it will be a place for the social media giant to explain its editorial decisions.

“As we proceed, we certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with all the choices we make. We don’t always agree internally,” Scharage wrote. “We’re also learning over time, and sometimes we get it wrong. But even when you’re skeptical of our choices, we hope these posts give a better sense of how we approach them — and how seriously we take them.”

During the presidential election in May 2016, the tech blog Gizmodo broke a story, based on reports by former Facebook news curators, that the platform regularly suppressed conservative news and injected liberal topics into its “trending” news section.

Zuckerberg strongly denied that Facebook engaged in this practice.

“We have found no evidence that this report is true. If we find anything against our principles, you have my commitment that we will take additional steps to address it,” he responded at the time.

To further reassure conservatives that Facebook is playing the fair online arbiter, the company invited various conservative personalities to its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, that month.

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Calling a Brownie a Brownie requires police intervention!


Police Officers Called To School After 9-Year-Old Says The Word ‘Brownies’

Police were called to a New Jersey elementary school after a 9-year-old student said, “Brownies,” while talking about snacks, his mother alleged.

Another student reportedly misinterpreted the comment and thought it was said in a racist way, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. A teacher subsequently called police.

“He said they were talking about brownies,” Stacy dos Santos, the child’s mother, said. “Who exactly did he offend?”

Dos Santos added that the incident has made her think twice about sending her child back to the school in the fall.

“I’m not comfortable with the administration; I don’t trust them, and neither does my child,” she said. “He was intimidated, obviously. There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, ‘Tell me what you said.’ He didn’t have anybody on his side.”

Officers also spoke to the children’s parents, and the incident was reported to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Collingswood Police Chief Kevin Carey stated during a meeting with school officials that they should report incidents to police, including cases “as minor as a simple name-calling incident that the school would typically handle internally.”

Police also said they were advised to refer almost every case to Child Protection and Permanency.

This policy was a shift from the previous one under the Memorandum of Agreement between the police and schools in New Jersey, under which incidents were reported only when deemed serious enough. Such action was typically taken in cases involving drugs, weapons or sexual assault.

Since the meeting, officers have been called to the school as often as five times per day.

“Some of it is just typical little-kid behavior,” teacher Megan Irwin said. “Never before in my years of teaching have I felt uncomfortable handling a situation or felt like I didn’t know how to handle a situation.”

The mayor, police and Camden County Prosecutor’s Office ultimately arranged a meeting to discuss incidents.

“In our discussion today, you and your staff made it abundantly clear that our recent meeting was to reinforce the applicability of the Memorandum of Agreement, but not to expand its terms,” Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley wrote in a letter to the prosecutor’s office, the Collingswod Patch reported.

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Illiteracy IS Bondage


Poverty is not an excuse for failing to make sure children know how to read!!

Furthermore, Black and Hispanic parents- what does so called racial identity have to do with why our kids are underperforming in reading?!

Stop letting people push low expectations on us because we are Black or Hispanic and happen to struggle financially!

I just read a study which concluded the following:

• There are significant gaps in reading achievement by race and income.
• By the time children from low-income families enter grade school, their
proficiency in reading has already become an issue.

• 47 percent of fourth graders from low-income families read below the basic level.
• 50 percent of Black fourth graders scored below the basic level, as do 47 percent
of Hispanic and 49 percent of American Indian fourth graders.

Even if a parent is functionally illiterate, there is Head Start and all kind of FREE. programs for impoverished families that can help children read and develop the tools they need to be well rounded

Also, YouTube and the internet has all kinds of free apps and sites promoting literacy

Sick of hearing about poverty and racism in discussions about education.

No White man ever came to my home and told my parents not to make sure I learn how to read

That’s all on the parent

Seems to me that too many of us are more passionate about what others think about us than we are about our own babies

Our Black ancestors came out of slavery with NOTHING and never let that be an excuse not to strive for better

Education was expected even in the poorest of households

My grandmother used to say “You either going to school or you are getting out my house”

She was barely literate and poor but 8 of her 9 kids graduated from high school. 7 of 9 graduated from college

Don’t tell me poverty or racism has anything to do with literacy.

Not when too many of our pre adolescent children master video games and recite entire rap songs, but cannot proficiently read.

It’s inexcusable

The so called “New Jim Crow” Is Illiteracy and it is Black and Hispanic parents who are enslaving our own children with excuses and low expectations.

Period!     Rant over!

Guest postStacy M. Swimp

Is Chuck on his way out?


Record Low Favorability for Chuck Schumer… in New York?
Isn’t he God’s gift to the COUNTRY! What has he actually don’t but obstruct!

A new telephone-based Siena College poll showed Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) with a marked drop in favorability among his neighbors since taking his leadership post.

Schumer, who took over for retiring Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), is viewed favorably by just 53 percent of New Yorkers, a drop of more than ten points since last December.

The Empire State’s senior senator has been accused of obstruction by President Trump and Republicans.

Trump labeled the Brighton Beach native “Cryin’ Chuck” after he became emotional while criticizing the president’s travel ban.

According to the poll, 37 percent of New Yorkers view Schumer unfavorably, which, according to the New York Daily News, is the highest point ever in a Siena survey.

“It’s telling us that Republicans, and to a lesser extent, independent voters in New York are not happy with [Schumer’s] new role. He’s the face of the Democratic party in many places,” Siena pollster Steve Greenberg told the Daily News.

Seventy percent of New York Democrats view Schumer favorably, compared to 77 percent in May.

Schumer cruised to victory in 2016 against Republican challenger and attorney Wendy Long.

New York State is often split in two sections by political observers, with the Tappan Zee Bridge or thereabouts acting as an Upstate-versus-NYC ‘dividing line’ of sorts.

Half of Upstate residents view him favorably, compared to 57 percent of city residents.

Last year, nearly 70 percent of the more Republican Upstate viewed Schumer favorably.

Schumer’s counterpart, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, is viewed more favorably by residents.

But about one-third said they didn’t know enough about her to give an opinion.

The Siena poll has a four percent margin of error. BUT 11% is a big deal.

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Millennials want you to understand them!


Millennials want everyone to know these 5 things about political correctness — which older generations don’t understand

The heated debate about political correctness is often misunderstood.

While many individuals across generations dislike the pejorative use of political correctness to represent censorship, a closer investigation reveals generational differences in the desire to use inclusive language.

Millennials know that using appropriate language invites rather than restricts productive conversation. Creating a supportive environment makes space for all individuals to feel welcome in sharing their opinions, rather than fearing that people will demonize their personhood and attack their character based on their identities. Thanks to the internet, Millennials are citizens of the globe and ambassadors of social justice. Unfortunately, not all generations understand how using certain words or phrases prohibits dialogue and hurts other people.

To discover five things that all millennials want older generations to know about political correctness that they don’t understand, read the list below.

1. There is a major difference between ‘being honest’ and spewing prejudice.

You have the right to share your opinion, but you don’t have the right to make people feel threatened. Using emotionally charged words that make others feel frightened for their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing — even if it does not impact you in the same way — is morally wrong.

Prejudice means possessing strong unfavorable opinions about a person based on their demographics and cultural affiliations. While we all have varying degrees of prejudice, using yours to purposefully harm others, or refusing to stop saying words that others find hurtful, is bullying. Just as you want a teacher to intervene and protect your child from a bully, it’s okay for others to give you the opportunity to correct your behavior when your words are offensive.

2. Political correctness is not about censorship, it’s about showing respect.

Censorship is a coercive attempt to hide something from people. Asking people to use more inclusive language is not silencing their voice, it’s inviting them to use language in a way that promotes productive conversation.

The purpose of political correctness is to treat all people with the love and respect they deserve. This means calling people by the pronouns they use, and avoiding words and phrases that stereotype and demonize entire groups of people. You can still possess whatever ideology you follow and you can still share your opinion, you’re just being asked to do so in a way that is not hurtful to others.

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Solar eclipse deemed ‘environmental hazard’ REALLY!


The loons are claiming that a VERY natural scientific event is an Environmental hazard… God help us all!

Schools cancel classes for total solar eclipse deemed ‘environmental hazard’

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – Schools in several states are canceling classes for the total solar eclipse next month, opting to send students home for “inclement weather” instead of using the rare phenomenon as a teaching moment.

Officials in Edwardsville District 7 in the St. Louis metro area canceled classes for Aug. 21 because of safety concerns with monitoring students during the once in a lifetime event. Many folks in the U.S. will witness the moon completely block the sun for almost three minutes around 1:18 p.m. and those in the St. Louis area can witness the eclipse from about noon to 2:30 p.m., KTVI reports.

“Experts say safety classes must be worn when looking at the sun during the eclipse,” according to the news site. “Edwardsville District 7 is taking the stance that like any other environmental hazard, including snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures, the eclipse poses a hazard to students.”

Edwardsville officials contend they cannot safely dismiss students from school during the eclipse, so they canceled classes for the entire day and plan to make up the lost time at the end of the year.

Superintendent Lynda Andre told the Belleville News-Democrat that she received numerous requests from teachers for field trips and viewing sessions during the eclipse, which occurs on the fifth day of the 2017-18 school year.

Those requests, however, would require the district to train its 470 teachers about how to safely observe the eclipse, and that’s apparently more work than officials are willing to undertake. Besides, Andre said, there’s probably not enough protective eyewear for all students anyways.

“To put students outdoors during that time, we can’t account for whether they’ll look at the sun,” she said. “We will not put the students out and just hope they use safe habits until they get home to their parents.”

Andre told the news site students will still learn about the eclipse in class, and will watch NASA’s video recording of the event.

Other Illinois school districts including the Dunklin R-5, Windsor C-1, and St. Clair R-13 districts canceled classes, as well, with some pointing to a barrage of anticipated travelers coming to the area to watch the eclipse.

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Union wants to make it OK to have sex with Students!


BOSTON – Massachusetts lawmakers are considering legislation to crack down on educators who sexually abuse students by outlawing all relationships, including those who meet the age of consent.

State Sen. Joan Lovely introduced Senate Bill 295 to address student-teacher relationships involving students between the ages of 16 and 19 – students who meet the legal age of consent for sex.

“I really don’t feel we in Massachusetts are doing enough to protect the children from sexual abuse,” Lovely said, according to the Boston Herald. “We need to protect the children.”

The bill would raise the age of consent for students in sexual relationships with teachers to 19, mandate annual training on sexual predators for all school employees, volunteers, and independent contractors, and require coaches and volunteers to report suspected child abuse.

The legislation would also require school employee applicants to disclose whether they’ve ever faced an investigation for sexual abuse or misconduct during the hiring process, the news site reports.

Members of the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs Association testified at a Joint Committee on Education Tuesday in support of the bill.

“There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of our children,” said Chelsea police Chief Brian Kyes, president of the MMCCA. “This bill takes a giant step forward.”

Dudley Police Chief Steven Wojnar told the Education Committee he discovered that the law doesn’t protect students between 16 and 19 from sexual abuse at the hands of educators during a 2004 investigation, and has advocated for change ever since, according to the State House News Service.

Winjar told the committee the 2004 case involved a sexual relationship between a 30-year-old English teacher and 16-year-old male student, which is currently not considered a crime under the state’s statutory rape law.

“I feel this is an extremely important issue which I have fought to correct for many years,” he said, according to the Herald. “I have pushed for legislation such as this to be passed for over a decade, and I hope we are near this becoming a reality.”

“Victims suffer greatly at the hands of these predators,” Wojnar told committee members. “They have the potential to suffer emotional and personal damage which may not be realized for years, if ever.”

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Northwestern lets men and women pee together in same restroom (except for students)


‘There aren’t any undergraduates’ in the building

Northwestern University is touting its first “gender-neutral, multi-stall restroom,” intended to make transgender and non-binary community members feel more welcome.

The restroom puts the private school on the map, both as “the first major university in Chicago” to expand beyond single-occupant gender-neutral restrooms and one of about 150 nationwide that let men and women relieve themselves together in the same space.

Unfortunately for Northwestern students who do not identify with their birth sex, the restroom is nowhere near them.

In fact, they will have to drive about 30 minutes south to use it.

Students who are ‘guests’ can use it?

Northwestern’s Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing is the home of the multi-stall restroom. Founded two years ago, it is the “first university-wide institute in the country focused exclusively on research to improve the health of the sexual and gender minority (SGM) community.”

Associate Director Francesca Gaiba told The College Fix in an email that multi-stall gender-neutral restrooms are “needed in any institute or organization like ours that employs and serves a large number of transgender and gender-non-confirming [sic] staff, students, study participants and visitors.”

The institute restroom is not actually intended to serve students, though.

The institute released a statement on the new facility June 27 to mark Pride Month but provided few details.

While it said the restroom is located on “the Northwestern campus,” the statement’s dateline is Chicago and it doesn’t say the restroom is in Evanston or suburban Chicago.

It also doesn’t specifically refer to students as users of the restroom.

“Safe access to restrooms for transgender and gender nonconforming people has been cause of debate across the country,” the institute said. “Lack of access can have negative effects on health and safety; it is important to take steps to remove barriers in order to reduce instances of harassment and threats of violence.”

Its only reference to students is near the bottom, which said the institute and university “place the health and safety of their faculty, staff, and students as top priority.”

The institute is located at the Feinberg School of Medicine in downtown Chicago. Gaiba told Chicago Tonight earlier this month the multi-stall restroom is available to “about 70 faculty and staff.”

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Millennials Say They Love Socialism, But Can’t Define It


A new video released by Campus Reform shows that though many young people support socialism, some of them cannot even define what it is.

Campus Reform, a group that investigates issues relating to college campuses, asked students in the Washington, D.C. area about their opinions on socialism as a political philosophy and whether they thought it should be implemented in the United States.

When asked whether socialism is a “good thing” or a “bad thing,” one student claimed people use the term “socialism” as a scare tactic.

“I think people kind of throw that word around to try to scare you. But if helping people is socialism, then I’m for it,” she said.

“(Socialism) could really benefit our country in the future,” another student said.

One young man said he thought that socialism does not get it’s fair due.

“Socialism — as a concept, as a philosophy — is good. I think that it’s got a bad rap,” he said.

Another said that socialism is necessary in order to “spread the wealth.”

“Trying to spread the wealth is definitely a good thing in America, and it’s definitely a thing that’s needed,” he said.

According to a 2016 Harvard University survey, 51 percent of young people between the ages of 18-29 do not support capitalism as an economic system.

However, while many students told Campus Reform that they supported socialism in America, some could not even provide a definition for the term.

“I mean, honestly, that definition gets thrown around a lot. … I’m not exactly sure,” one woman said.

One woman responded simply, “Um … .”

“Hmm … I’m gonna have to think about that,” another man said.

Some people were able to provide basic definitions.

“Geez, uh . I guess just, specifically, just, you know, getting rid of that wealth gap in the United States,” one man said.

“Hmm, I mean, it’s definitely more of an open form of government and it feels like a lot more accessible to a lot more people. And that’s kind of how I see it,” a woman said. “Like being more accessible and kind of equal ground … yeah.”

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A New Hope… The Swamp Drained!

A New Hope, President Trump
A New Hope, President Trump

Will America finally rise from the ashes and be great again? Will America survive the level of corruption in our government? What would our Founders think of We The People and our lack of concern to hold every one of our Representatives and Judicials in Washington, DC accountable for the disasters they have unleashed on We The People?

As I have said in the past, our nation would not exist if we had to endure another four years of the lawlessness, out of control spending, and illegals. It is time we had a bull in the china shop (pardon the cliché.) If we do not gut this power hungry monster, deter its voracious spending appetite, and stop the invasion of illegals, our Great Nation will cease to exist.

Yes, President Trump is the bull in the china shop. Let’s hope he continues to break everything. We need a new beginning. It is time We The People step up and help Drain The Swamp.

Founding Father John Dickinson wrote:

“Honor, justice and humanity call upon us to hold and to transmit to our posterity, that liberty, which we received from our ancestors. It is not our duty to leave wealth to our children; but it is our duty to leave liberty to them. No infamy, iniquity, or cruelty can exceed our own if we, born and educated in a country of freedom, entitled to its blessings and knowing their value, pusillanimously deserting the post assigned us by Divine Providence, surrender succeeding generations to a condition of wretchedness from which no human efforts, in all probability, will be sufficient to extricate them; the experience of all states mournfully demonstrating to us that when arbitrary power has been established over them, even the wisest and bravest nations that ever flourished have, in a few years, degenerated into abject and wretched vassals”.

The obstructionists on both sides of the aisle in our government are doing everything they can to stop President Trump from implementing We The People’s agenda. This must come to and end. After eight years of failed leadership and lawlessness with America forced to bow to its enemies by the power elites and the puppets in the People’s House, America is now regaining its standing in the world as a super power and as a friend to its allies.

The establishment is in a panic. It cannot believe, much less accept, that Donald Trump is not only the President, but that We The People elected him to office. What they do not understand is America couldn’t care less about what they think or about the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative and talking points the lamestream media spews daily.

Americans are fed up. Our elected politicians see themselves as owners of America and our government. They have forgotten that We The People own this country and the government. We are their boss.

Americans are tired of getting the short end of the stick while the politicians and power elites get rich and live outside the laws they force on us. Our country and citizens have suffered to the point that many more businesses are closing, and many are without jobs and cannot pay their rent or put food on the table.

For too long the establishment has run their scams and spent our hard-earned tax dollars on things like fake science, illegals, radicals from countries still living in the 1400’s, socialized medicine that is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme, and the list goes on and on.

Obama and his administration severely crippled America’s National Security. This was done for the sake of a social experiment our government was attempting. It had no clue what it is doing. It could not control it. And if not stopped, it would have gotten out of hand and eventually over taken them and us.

Thanks to President Trump and his administration, we now are restoring our borders, the rule of law, and our National Security for the safety of all Americans. For America to be Great Again, we must be a Nation that embraces our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and our God-given rights. It was said that this election was by far the most important, as the very existence of our Great Nation lay in the balance. Americans were becoming second-rate citizens, tossed aside and replaced with illegals who have no respect, knowledge, or love for our country, our way of life, or our customs.

As we see today, our politicians are out of touch with reality and America. When you hear them say; “We have no clue what America First means”, it proves it is time to retire them.

Our politicians do not understand the world has changed and so has the way of doing business. If we had stayed the course we were on, America would have failed within the next two to four years. We have a system that is not sustainable. So if people balk at the way President Trump wants to fix this corrupt mess, then think about it this way. America is a business. America in the Industrial Age was the leader in manufacturing and business. This was due to the invention of machines and hand tools. Today, America has become the garbage dump for every country out there. Everything you buy here in America today is junk, not built to last like it used to be.

The only ones to gain from this are the corrupt politicians, their special interest groups, and lobbyists. It is time we replace the corrupt politicians with business people who own and run real businesses. Remember, our founders wanted citizen politicians, not ambulance chasing shysters.

Our President is proving “Make America Great Again” is more than just a slogan. He is shutting down business and job killing regulations and agencies that do nothing but squander money from We The People and make laws that can’t be explained, much less understood.

America has had enough of this pork-filled failed bureaucracy and has decided it’s time for a real change. If that means we cut ties with several countries and build our own factories and businesses, then so be it. The fat cats will just have to fall in line and deal with it. America wants to go back to work, not be coddled by a failed global government system that has no clue and doesn’t care about anyone or anything except its ability to gain more power, wealth, and control over We The People.

Winston Churchill said:

Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.

 I do not know about anyone else, but I for one am not tired of winning.

We The People have elected our leaders; President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. It is time for the politicians to grow up and do the job they were elected to do.

And a reminder to The Swamp… Midterms are right around the corner. Pack your desk. You’re fired! Signed, We The People.

God bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, Their Families and all of us. And God bless the United States of America.

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Christians cant be geologist!


Government stops blocking Christian geologist from studying Grand Canyon to settle lawsuit

Critic says he’s not pursuing ‘valid science’

A highly educated scientist who dissents from the mainstream scientific community on the age of the earth has won his battle against the government for access to Grand Canyon National Park.

Andrew Snelling has a doctorate in geology from the University of Sydney and 45 years of geological field and lab experience, but the National Park Service allegedly kept him from doing research because of his religious views.

Following more than three years of hurdles from NPS to study four sedimentary structures thought to be 245 million years old, Snelling filed suit this spring. The government quickly caved, and Snelling’s lawyers at the Alliance Defending Freedom voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit.

“They came to realize my research proposal was acceptable and in line with scientific practice and wanted me to clarify some details,” Snelling told The College Fix in a phone interview.

Later this summer he’ll begin his field work and start collecting samples.

‘They never looked at the science of the question he was asking’

Snelling is a self-proclaimed creationist who works for Answers in Genesis, a Christian apologetics group that investigates geological phenomena from a literal biblical perspective.

The group claims the earth is 6,000 years old, citing biblical genealogies, rather than the mainstream scientific view of billions of years old. “As a creationist I believe the biblical record is an eyewitness account given to us by God, and we can test it,” Snelling told The Fix.

He’s also the editor of the organization’s research journal, and the Grand Canyon – where he has led river-rafting tours – is his specialty. Snelling believes the vast expanse is evidence of the biblical flood of Noah.

He claimed in his May 9 suit that NPS violated Snelling’s First and Fifth Amendment rights to free exercise of religion and due process in its treatment of his research request.

The geologist’s saga started in November 2013, when he sought a permit to investigate four specific Paleozoic folds in the Grand Canyon to see when the folding actually occurred. The NPS asked Snelling to submit two additional peer reviews, which he said had not been requested on his previous three trips to the Grand Canyon.

To vet Snelling’s request, NPS itself sought geological peer reviews from the University of New Mexico’s Karl Karlstrom, University of Wyoming’s Peter Huntoon and Northern Arizona University’s Ron Blakely.

All three reviews were critical of Snelling’s scientific claims, and the following March, NPS denied Snelling a permit, telling him he could find those type of sediments outside of the Grand Canyon.

Read the rest at: Christian Geologist

What colleges are teaching for 1.4 trillion!


Americans owe over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. That’s $600 billion more than all the US credit card debt combined! The average student loan debt is over $40k per student and is carried by less than 45 million students. I am not advocating for free college, but I am questioning it and saying maybe we need to rethink how we do education.

You’re sending your children (yes, I said children) to higher education institutions to be taught something. I just don’t know what, exactly.

Have you seen the issues your children are exposed to and the classes you can help your kids purchase with your hard-earned money and our hard-earned tax dollars? You might be surprised at how prevalent these are. They aren’t just an anomaly.

New York University Librarian says she has hit her “race fatigue” limit while being in the presence of “white people.”

Some want to create safe spaces to fight privilege at their universities. Sounds like a great environment for your kids, right?

Then there is Harvard University who wants to expel students who join “single gender” social clubs, fraternities, sororities, and others. Yup, the university has proposed completely eliminating all these and their “pernicious influence” on the students! How about they stick to teaching the core competencies?

A university professor wrote that citations in scholarly articles contribute to “white heteromasculinity” especially if they question research by women and people of color! What happened to accepting good research from “researchers.” Not black researchers. Not women researchers. Not black women researchers. And not black female lesbian researchers. Just researchers! The college where you spend your hard-earned dollars claims that by citing white men before others, you show your privilege. Is that even a class?

A quote often attributed to Jefferson (but disputed) states, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” If you really want to see what our well-educated kids are learning go to YouTube and check out the interviews that Mark Dice and others like him do. He asks young and middle-aged people simple questions about American history, politics, and current events. Be forewarned… you will need a barf bag and tissues!

Let’s play with a few more!

California State University will now be teaching Shakespeare through a social justice lens. Why? Because we need to see life through a more diverse lens to see how white privilege has influenced society over the years. How about just teaching the GREAT works and meanings of Shakespeare? Seriously!

Harvard will also be deleting the reference to Puritans from their alma mater. Why you ask? Because it’s not diverse or inclusive enough. The institution receives all that money each year and the only thing they can think of doing is to get rid of the reference of the school’s early history and what their founding fathers were.

Many colleges now have segregated graduations because nothing says inclusiveness and equality like segregation! Are these professors and administrators really educated?

A professor at Fairfield University has introduced a class on “The problem with Whiteness.” Seriously. A class that promotes telling you and your child that because you’re white you are the problem. But they have no problem accepting your white, ill-gotten money!

And one of my personal favorites, a professor at an institute of higher learning says its “white privilege to even admit you have white privilege.”

You’re spending BIG money for these Left Loons to indoctrinate your children this ridiculousness.

Why do you do it? You need to check the school’s history and what they are teaching before you send your kids there. I know some of you have said, every child should have a college experience. Does that include being tens of thousands in debt and still not knowing when the U.S. won independence from china back in 1964? (Yes, that was a real answer from a college student to a question about Independence Day!) Or that we weren’t in the Revolutionary War? Or even that we have over 700 Senators? What are you paying for?

To rub salt in the wound, nearly every high school counselor pushes you and your kids toward college. And many make you feel bad if you don’t help your child accumulate mountains of debt and support them in their endeavor to pile debt on.

In 2015 only 14% of college students were able to find work in their fields, which means, only 14% of graduates could pay their college debt. 50 to 75% of graduates find work but outside their field so they end up paying for services rendered that they can’t use! And they are pushed, poked, and prodded into believing this is the normal thing to do. Well it’s not.

You should be encouraging your kids toward jobs they are passionate about. If that involves getting a college degree, make sure the field has real industries, and the college has real studies. And equally as important, make sure the college is more interested in turning out students that are top in their field, not top in Social Justice Theory!

Help your kids succeed!

Shakespeare through a Social Justice Lens!


The wit and wisdom found within the works of William Shakespeare may soon be taught through the lenses of social justice and identity politics at one public university in Northern California.

California State University East Bay seeks to hire an assistant professor of English who has an eye toward “diversity” while teaching renaissance and medieval literature, with a special emphasis on Shakespeare, according to a recent job posting.

“Candidates must demonstrate awareness of innovative pedagogy and issues of diversity and social justice, as well as evidence of teaching effectiveness,” states the listing, posted earlier this month. “Candidates who bring global approaches to their teaching and scholarship are preferred. Candidates who engage with issues of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality in their teaching and scholarship are preferred.”

MORE: U. Penn students remove Shakespeare portrait, replace it with black lesbian feminist poet

Jesse Cantley, a spokesperson for Cal State East Bay, told The College Fix that the job requirements reflect the school’s mission.

“As the fifth most diverse university in the United States, diversity and inclusion are paramount to the work we do at Cal State East Bay,” Cantley said via email.

Cantley also stated the focus on social justice is consistent with their learning goals for graduates, approved by the University Senate, “which state that Cal State East Bay graduates should be able to ‘apply knowledge of diversity and multicultural competencies to promote equity and social justice in our communities.’”

English department representatives did not respond to requests for comment on how exactly might the new professor blend social justice themes into courses on medieval and renaissance literature.

Cal State East Bay’s English Department already offers numerous social justice themed courses, including “Black Literature,” “Ethnic American Autobiography,” and “Gay and Lesbian Literature,” along with more standard courses on “Milton,” “Modern English Grammar” and “Shakespeare.”

The job listing notes applicants must include a one-page statement reflecting on their “contributions to diversity through research, teaching, and/or service.”

Read the rest at: Shakespeare the SJW

Equality or Control!


Couple Opens Up About Being Banned From Farmer’s Market Over Same-Sex Marriage Views

Last August, a farming family was banned from the East Lansing Farmer’s Market because they had the temerity to post their position on same-sex marriage on Facebook. The two gladly served and associated with LGBT people, but they refused to host a same-sex wedding on their farm. For this reason, East Lansing overreached its legal boundaries to exclude them.

“This isn’t just about our ability to sell at the farmers market, it’s really about every American’s right to be able to make a living and not have to worry about the fear of being punished by the government,” Steve Tennes, owner of Country Mill, told The Daily Signal in a video interview.

Tennes briefly explained the case. “For the last seven years, our family farm has packed up our apples and blueberries and peaches and driven them 22 miles to the city of East Lansing, where we’ve served people of all backgrounds and beliefs at their city-run farmers market.” But last year, the city told them never to come back.

“We had a person on our Facebook page ask us what our beliefs were about marriage,” the farmer explained. “We gave an honest answer to a very complex question.”

Here is the balanced answer they gave to the question (emphasis added).

Thank you for inquiring about our family farm. We do host weddings on our farm. We have had same sex couples inquire about getting married at our orchard. Due to our personal religious beliefs, we do not participate in the celebration of a same sex union. We have and will continue to respectfully direct wedding inquiries to another mid-Michigan orchard that has more experience in hosting same sex weddings. We welcome all customers for our other activities and products on the farm. We have friends, family and business associates in the LGBT community. We respect other people’s beliefs and we can only hope that others will respect ours. We have always tried our best to be respectful in this area. Thank you for your understanding.

Not only did Country Mill’s response emphasize respect for LGBT people, but it also emphasized that when same-sex couples came to the farm inquiring about getting married there, the family had a clear policy of directing the couple to another specific venue.

Read the rest at: NotEquality

Looking female is anti female!


MSNBC Contributor: Ivanka Is Anti-Woman Because She Wore A Pink Dress With Bows

As if choosing a work outfit as a woman wasn’t enough of a minefield, if you choose a dress that’s too “girly,” you may be communicating that you’re your father’s property, according to Joan Walsh on MSNBC. On Sunday, the Salon editor slammed Ivanka Trump’s dress choice at a G-20 summit meeting, calling it “ornamental,” and saying it hearkened back to a time where daughters were shown off as nothing more than the property of their fathers.

“In patriarchal, authoritarian societies, daughters have great value — they are property,” she said. “And the message that she is sending about her own value, about her place in the White House, and about the place of women in this administration, I think, are really frightening.”

Walsh added that Ivanka could not possibly fight for women’s equality while wearing a pink dress with bows on the sleeves.

“That’s not a dress that’s made for work. That’s not a dress that’s made to go out in the world and make a difference. That is a dress that is designed to show off your girlyness… don’t tell us that you’re crusading for an equal place at the table, because you’re not.”

For the record, Vogue and In Style—not exactly bastions of conservative thought—disagree with Walsh’s assessment of “girly” attire, calling pink dresses and statement sleeves two of the biggest trends of the season.

More importantly, Walsh’s remarks are yet another demonstration that there is no feminist principle left-wing commentators won’t throw overboard to attack the Trump women. They’ll even reach back to the days of 1980s power dressing, when many professional women felt they had to dress like men to be taken seriously in the board room.

Problematic woman and glass ceiling destroyer Margaret Thatcher took the opposite view on feminine dressing in the workplace, telling an interviewer that she liked how bows softened her look. “You do not lose your feminine qualities just because you are a prime minister,” the Iron Lady said. Contra Walsh, the same might be said for G-20 attendees, even if they have the audacity to have the last name Trump.

The Left’s double standard for conservative or Republican women regarding sexist assessments of their wardrobes is nothing new. Left-leaning outlets critiqued Sarah Palin’s work wardrobe update and Ann Romney’s expensive blouses while fawning with listicle paeans over the ladylike touches Ruth Bader Ginsburg adds to her judge’s robe via lacy collars. Similarly, Michelle Obama’s expensive taste and outfit choices made her a “style icon” and proved that loving fashion was “no longer a feminist crime.”

Police Shootings not really up! Go figure!


Harvard Study on Police Shootings and Race Offers Shocking Conclusion

If you ever need an argument settled, once and for all, just ask a Harvard professor to conduct a study. They do it right. And, to their credit, they report on the results–even when those results don’t support their own agendas. Check out the bomb they’ve just dropped on Black Lives Matter and all of the armchair pundits.

Roland G. Fryer Jr. is an economics professor at Harvard. Distressed by what he was seeing in the treatment of black men like Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, Fryer commissioned a study on how the role race play in the use of lethal force by police.

The study examined more than 1,000 police shootings from 10 large police departments in California, Florida and Texas.

The results? Not what Black Lives Matter would have you believe. The study found no indication of racial bias associated with incidents in which cops fired their guns.

The study concluded that police officers who had not been attacked were more likely to shoot white suspects. This goes completely against the mythology.

It also found that an equal number of blacks and whites were carrying weapons when the police shot them. This doesn’t help those who claim the cops are shooting unarmed blacks more frequently.

“It is the most surprising result of my career,” Fryer said in an interview with the New York Times. He hadn’t expected to find such balance.

“You know, protesting is not my thing. But data is my thing,” Fryer said. And the anger he’d felt at the media’s portrayal of racial injustice drove him to do the study. “So I decided that I was going to collect a bunch of data and try to understand what really is going on when it comes to racial differences in police use of force.”

Fryer’s conclusions aren’t the only ones challenging the racist cop narrative. The Washington Post studied shooting deaths by law enforcement officials in 2015. 494 white suspects were killed. That number is almost double the number of black suspects killed: 258.

While the study can’t look at the motivations of individual officers and some of the more notorious incidents, it does give credence to what many cops have been saying for a long time. There’s much more to these situations than race.

Read the rest at: Harvard Study

A wacked woman harassing police!


Elderly Lady Sees What’s On Officer’s Badge, Decides To Make Her Life A Living Hell

She just cant stop herself!

And after harassing police for 5 minutes solid.

So people are just so clueless it is funny. The idiot featured below is a woman who lives in Iowa, and she thought it would be a good idea to live stream herself harassing police officers. But first, she had to figure out how to work the camera! Really? Melyssa Jo Kelly from Cedar Rapids, Iowa saw two officers wearing black armbands (which is a remembrance for fallen comrades).

Kelly decided to taunt the two officers and even refused to step outside when the café owner asked her to. The officers were wearing the armbands to show solidarity for two Des Moines officers that were shot and killed in the line of duty.

Kelly has been ordered to pay fines for four counts of disorderly conduct, one count of trespass, and two counts of interference with official acts. Shame on you, Melyssa Jo Kelly. Share away, people.

Read the rest at: Crazy Lady