For the first time in any of these GOP debates, it was the governors who put in uniformly strong performances.

Christie proudly stated his record in New Jersey about issues that New Hampshire residents care about. He continued attacking Rubio over his lack of experience.

Bush was the most energized that we’ve seen him yet. He was bold and declarative in discussing the support he has from over 30 generals who believe he’d be the strongest commander-in-chief with his plan to combat ISIS.

The third governor on stage, John Kasich, showed why he’s so well-liked in New Hampshire. He was personable and compelling in talking about the 400,000 jobs he’s created and his work to make a deficit into a surplus, all while cutting taxes.

Cruz didn’t make much of an impact other than to have a back and forth with Carson over his alleged accusation that he told people Carson was withdrawing. He did apologize again.

Forty percent of New Hampshire voters don’t decide who they’re voting for until they walk into the booth so it’s still anyone’s game, but we may have very well seen the end of Marcomentum on Saturday night.