Monday, July 25, 2016

How much Kool-Aid does it take?


I just finished arguing with someone on Facebook who was trying to defend DWS (Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz). His (ignorant delusional) comment was, “It’s a shame that DWS had to resign from the DNC because of conspiracy theories!” HUH?! Was he playing with all his faculties?

Typical Democrat BS… yes, sorry. But think about it. THOUSANDS of documents were released by WikiLeaks. Looks like they were able to find all those documents that Hillary couldn’t find and send to the Feds.

Here is how it works with a Lib… When the emails beat on Republicans, then they are true and real. When a Secret Service agent or the CIA or the FBI accuses a Republican of something, it’s gospel truth. When it smells like a Conservative Republican has done something illegal, the Left immediately yells “Guilty,” “cover-up,” or “white privilege.”

But when a Democrat is caught red-handed, it’s a conspiracy or a Right-wing plot to make them look bad! Because, you know, the Feds are out to get them.

DWS has resigned from the DNC (effective AFTER the Convention) because they found out through WikiLeaks that the DNC plotted and worked against everyone EXCEPT Hillary. Instead of denying it and fighting back she simply resigned. Sorry, something is wrong here.

If they fight it and the “Bernie” people (who lost their first round against the super delegates Saturday) find out the truth, there might be some serious trouble at the convention!

These self-righteous people are truly amazing to me. Again I say the mantra of the “Left Dems all good, Repubs all bad!”, “Capitalism bad.” Yet, they go to Capitalists to get, finagle, and/or extort money from them.

So, it seems that if WikiLeaks’ claim that the DNC actively worked against all candidates, specifically Bernie, to help Hillary win was really a “conspiracy” or false, then why would senior Democrats push her out? Why wouldn’t they fight back?

Why would she leave? Certainly you heard her crazy comments in years gone by? Remember when she said in 2014 that the American people know the truth, and that they would keep the presidency, keep the Senate, and take the house? Must have been the Kool-Aid. She has her own reality. So why didn’t she fight to keep her position?

The Dems are gushing over the fact that she agreed to step down so fast. As if they are so upright, such people of integrity. Hmm?! Where is that barf bucket of mine? Let’s take a look at a few examples of the Democrats’ “integrity”…

Congressman Charlie Rangel (who made the 2010 Judicial Watch’s 10 most corrupt legislators list) was caught red-handed breaking many of the ethics rules, like forgetting to pay taxes on an offshore property he got income from (never mind that he was in charge of the committee that wrote the codes for this kind of thing.) He also used his congressional office to raise money for his private center for public service! (Is this behavior in their DNA?) He was caught putting the squeeze on people who had business in front of the House Ways and Means Committee. And ALSO, he failed to report over $600,000 in income on his Congressional Financial Disclosure, not to mention all the errors and omissions on it and so many other items. Some of his fellow legislators made excuses for him. And with all that… he got NO REAL legal reprimand. How is that possible?

Remember that Wiener guy? Took forever before his “tribe” would condemn him and force him out. Apparently, they needed pictures. Ewwwwww!

Then there is that Maxine Waters lady. She is still on the job in Congress. The AP reported that she requested help for a bank where her husband owned stock and has served on the board of directors. Thanks to a news source obtaining copies of the email and making it public, we learned that the allegations were true. EVEN the WSJ said, “Apparently this bank is the only one that has gotten money through section 103-6 of the EESA law. And Maxine Waters’ husband is on the board of the bank.” Hmmm. How does that work? As if that weren’t enough, the money was given to the bank when it was financially weak and would NOT have qualified for TARP. But there’s nothing unusual here! And no action by her colleagues.

And let’s not forget our California legislator of the year Senator Leland Yee. Mr. Yee was a gung-ho pusher for more gun regulations. He wanted to make sure no citizen had a gun. There was no need. The government can protect you. There are too many crazies. Oh wait! Mr. Yee was indicted on gun-running charges. How very interesting! I guess he didn’t want any competition. His fellow Dems in the legislature had to be shamed into removing him.

These are just a few examples. There are many more. If ANY one of these was a Republican, all Hell would have rained down as it did with Senator Ensign (an R) and Congressman Tom DeLay (an R).

It seems like there are 2 different worlds to Dems: Heaven and Hell.
If you’re a Dem you’re in Heaven. If you’re with the Repubs you’re in Hell! At least according to the Dems.

Remember CBS and Dan Rather accusing George W of dereliction of duty in the military? Rather shook those things in the air and said I have proof here. It wasn’t fact-checked. Yet even when they found out they were false, they wouldn’t back down because they said it “could” have happened! And they never backed down. By the way… CBS fired 4 people over the incident and forced Dan into early retirement. Curious!

All the major networks, NBC, CBS, ABC have been caught doctoring video and documents to make Republicans look guilty or worse than they actually might be. They rarely apologize and just keep trucking on. The ones that do, say it was an accident. Like recently when Katie Couric was caught deceptively editing a documentary piece to try to make gun advocates look stupid. She denied, denied, denied. They blamed her producer, but then finally took responsibility for it. Are you kidding me?

Then there’s Brian Williams. Again… are you kidding me?

But there is no proof that the Left-wing(nut) media is in the bag for the Dems, right?

Mark my words. All the Dem-Left media last week spoke about how bad the Republican convention was. This week we will hear how the Democrat National Convention is nothing short of glorious!

How much Kool-Aid does one have to drink not to see the craziness behind this?

Put your waders on, it’s getting deep in here!

NOTE *** at the time of this writing DWS resigned from the DNC for wrongdoing and was Immediately hired by Hillary for her campaign, apparently she has the skills Hillary needs.

Dems disdain for the law shines!


It never ends!

Obama, Hillary, Pelosi the swamp got worse under them. Obama has ignored supreme court rulings and set a new way of doing business for the government.

A chapter in how to steal an election. They are so worried they are using prisoner favors to get votes

in a piece posted by Town Hall it seems Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) is taking action to restore the voting rights of thousands of ex-offenders in the state after a court decision Friday put them in jeopardy. He’s getting around the Virginia Supreme Court’s ruling against him by signing 200,000 individual clemency grants to the state’s ex-offenders to ensure their right to vote in November.

Like I said The Democrats will do anything to steal an election!

Read the rest at


US-backed Islamists brutally behead child in Syria

Syrian Rebels Behead Boy
Syrian Rebels Behead Boy

In video released last week, a child was filmed with Islamist fighters from a U.S. and Turkish-backed “opposition” group in a red pick-up truck. In the video, the Islamists taunt him with “sexual” touching and also abusive grabs of his hair, yanking his head back. In the full-length video, which I have personally seen, and originally posted by the “opposition” group, the Islamists are shown taking selfies while abusing the boy and tormenting him, and telling him that they are going to behead him.

In the one video, by merely looking at the boy’s body language and facial expressions, it is apparent that the child has been physically and sexually abused. Added to that, his right hand is bloody, probably from touching his own wounded body parts.

In the full-length video (posted at ClarionProject and also on Twitter/@HKX07), the child is slowly beheaded with a dull knife. (*** WARNING *** Video is GRAPHIC! This is NOT a movie. This is NOT a stunt. This is a HUMAN BEING. This is someone’s CHILD!)

When asked about his final wish before dying, the child begs to be shot rather than slaughtered. Their answer? One of the Islamists laughs and says to the boy:

“Slaughter! We are even worse than ISIS”.

Then another Islamist says:

“I have the perfect knife”.

It was a knife with a very dull blade that took much slow carving on the neck (and pain) to decapitate the child.

None of the “opposition” groups that the U.S. is backing consist of Syrians. These “opposition” groups consist of foreign Islamists who came to Syria to fight for Islamic Law and to force Syria to become an Islamic country. Turkey and Saudi Arabia want the entire region to be fully Islamic, and to be fully run by Islamic Law.

The Syrian people, their Army and National Defense Forces, do not want Islamic Law, and they are fighting it. So the “opposition” groups believe that any Syrian civilian can be tortured and killed, as per the Quran and Islamic Doctrine.

On the day after the torture and beheading of this child, a U.S. official stated: “If we can prove what happened and this group was involved in it, it would give us pause about any further assistance [to them].” As of July 23rd, the U.S. has blown off any attempts to “officiate the video” and has continued backing this “opposition” group. A group who admits they “are even worse than ISIS”.

The U.S. is on the wrong side.

The Syrian people do not want Islamic Law. And they want these US-backed foreign Islamist groups out of their country.

Additionally, on July 23rd, members of a US-backed “opposition” group shot civilians in a public park, intentionally targeting women and children who frequent the park.

Additional still photos of the beheading; and, a photo of an “opposition” attack that took place on civilians in a public park in Aleppo today–an attack that purposefully targeted women and children at the park. An “opposition” group backed by the US are posted at

For more information about what is really happening in Syria, read the following articles:

Syria recently had Parliament elections. This article explains that Syria is not controlled by a “regime” but a fully democratically elected governmentCLICK HERE

Syrians support their government and their armed forces who protect them. This article explains how the “opposition” social media sites feed propaganda to the west to deceive you. You are being lied to. Discover the truthCLICK HERE

Who exactly are the “opposition” groups? Each of the main “opposition” groups are explained in this article:  CLICK HERE

The “opposition” groups are foreign Islamists who entered Syria from many various countries in order to create an Islamic Law state of Syria. These trained Islamist terrorists are now crossing the border into Turkey and being funneled into the West, including America. They are NOT Syrian “refugees” but trained foreign terrorists.  CLICK HERE

Muslim Brotherhood group discourages Muslims from talking to FBI

See Something Say Something, Chicago, Billboard, Muslim, Pakistani
See Something Say Something, Chicago, Billboard, Muslim, Pakistani

To protect citizens from possible terrorist attacks, sometimes the FBI and other organizations depend on the collaboration of citizens themselves. But apparently, not everyone is willing to provide that cooperation.

The Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook paid billboards read: “Muslims to Muslims: See Something. Say Something. Save Innocent Lives” to fight terrorism.

“We are trying to tell average Americans this is who we are, and we do not condone (terrorism),” said Talat Rashid, founder of the group, who also is a member of Bolingbrook’s Planning Commission and was the suburb’s 2003 Citizen of the Year. “If we see anyone in our community that is off track, we will let the authorities know.”

However, the executive director of Chicago’s Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Ahmed Rehab considers those billboards useless and dangerous since they can increase Islamophobia.

“I’m in the business of countering Islamophobia. I know that work needs to be done,” Rehab was quoted as saying. “I just don’t think that cementing a misperception on a billboard is going to help.

This is not the first time CAIR has objected to collaborating with authorities. In 2011, CAIR hosted an event called “FBI Raids and Grand Jury Subpoenas: Know your rights and Defend Our Communities.”

With this reaction and lack of support for The Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook, CAIR only confirms that they are a pro-terrorist association and that the FBI and US Attorney’s Office are right by naming it a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas group.

Read the full article at TheLid Blog

Obama: Police need to “Admit there’s a problem”

President Obama
President Obama

Being a police officer is always a risky job, but it has become even worse. Besides facing danger solving crime, cops are now targeted by people who believe that they are part of a racist evil force that abuses its authority.

President Obama also believes that there is something wrong with the police. On Monday, he said:

“If police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions,” Obama said. “And, as I said yesterday, that is what’s going to ultimately help make the job of being a cop a lot safer.”

He also mentioned that:

“There were times when activists might have engaged in rhetoric that was overheated and occasionally counterproductive. But the point was to raise issues so that we, as a society, could grapple with it…”

What are the cops doing so wrong that they should be violently attacked?

The real problem is that unstable civilians, fueled by anti-police rhetoric, are shooting police officers.

It is disturbing that President Obama thinks that in order to speak against the criminal justice system, violence should be expected.

People have to remember that even though some police officers may be racist and abusive, nothing justifies brutality against the police force. People who risk their lives to protect us all deserve much more.

Read the full article at The Sean Hannity Show

Picture Credit NIH Image Gallery

Police Chief Survey Reveals that Armed Citizens Reduce Crime

Police officers
Police officers

President Obama has been constantly using the mass shootings to encourage stronger gun control policies arguing that it would be safer for citizens. However, nation’s police chiefs and sheriffs believe that guns reduce violent crime.

In the 28th Annual Survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police, police chiefs were asked if qualified armed citizens can help law enforcement reducing violent crimes and 76% of them agree they can.

Moreover, 87.9% chiefs believe “any vetted citizen” should “be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense.”

Police chiefs and sheriffs were also asked if they:

“support nationwide recognition of state issued concealed weapon permits”:

Yes: 86.4%

No:  10.6%

N/A: 2.9%

This survey suggests the idea of prohibiting carrying weapons can be dangerous. Thankfully the sales of guns have increased after the San Bernardino mass shooting, and qualified civilians can still use their weapons to defend themselves helping reduce violent crime.

Read the full article and survey at MRC TV

Photo Credit Elvert Barnes

Rush Limbaugh’s explanation for Trump inviting Cruz to speak is classic

Donald Trump, Smug Smile, I Got This
Donald Trump, Smug Smile, I Got This


Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out why Donald Trump invited his former rival Sen. Ted Cruz to speak at the Republican Convention knowing Cruz would not endorse him. Limbaugh remarked:

“One of the crucial things here, that we have learned about this, is Trump knew what Cruz was going to say.

“That story has been reported, that Cruz’s speech was submitted. Cruz has said that the Trump people knew what he was gonna say. The Trump people say that they knew what Cruz was gonna say. And everybody involved let it happen.”

The question then, is why allow Cruz to speak if Trump knew Cruz wasn’t going to endorse him?

“There are two overwhelming, inarguable results from this,” Limbaugh theorized. “Number one, we’re gonna have a ratings bonanza tonight. And number two, we may be seeing the actual first threads of unity build behind Donald Trump because of this. And it could well be that Trump has pulled off a masterful move letting all this happen.

“Not only does he think that, but he has some pretty sterling evidence as to why — I think that the argument that he may have done that is sort of rubber-stamped by the fact that he walked into that convention hall at the exact moment that he knew Cruz was gonna be unloaded on by the audience.

“He walked into that convention hall last night to his box at the exact moment that it was gonna become, it did become clear to everybody, that Cruz was not gonna endorse.”

Meaning, Trump used the opportunity to unite everyone behind him and give the audience a genuine opportunity to respond. And they did. As did everyone else.

Even if people don’t remember a word Trump said, they will remember the throng of people who expressed anger towards Cruz for not keeping his pledge. They will remember Cruz’s petty excuse for not endorsing Trump because his wife and father were criticized, for which he blamed Trump. They will remember Cruz’s inability and/or unwillingness, as a self-describing evangelical Christian, to not forgive his alleged grievances. He would not even pretend to be humble or talk about the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation. In fact, that would have been a great message. Instead, Ted Cruz had no problem refusing to do anything to unite the Republican Party, like endorsing the Republican candidate for president.

Read the rest by Bethany Blankley at

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

More lies about the Iran Deal… yes, it matters, and you should be concerned

Irans Deal Of The Century
Irans Deal Of The Century

Nooooo! It’s not possible!!! Obama would NEVER lie or evade the American people. He’s a Muslim, errrr, American right? Obama loves this great nation, right?

He would not, INTENTIONALLY, keep such information about the Iran Deal and national security hidden from the public. ..right?

The document outlines how Iran plans to escalate its uranium enrichment efforts with the blessing of the Obama administration until it reaches the point where a nuclear breakout would require only a few weeks of work.

In fact, this is the 3rd such hidden Truth that has unveiled itself. Focus people. Stop the in-fighting over Cruz or Trump‬! That’s done. Hillary will do exponentially worse than Obama to place us in harms way. Focus people. Focus!

BTW, why is Obama NOT under federal investigation for this?

H/T TheDailySignal

One thing they have in common… it’s Islam

Kathy Barnette
Kathy Barnette

When Kathy overheard a woman speaking very loudly and negatively about Muslims, Trump, Cruz, and Republican political foolishness, she didn’t let it pass without responding with some facts.

The woman was adamant that anyone and everyone from Syria should be allowed entry to the U.S. and asserted that they could be vetted before entry. But Kathy pointed out that FBI Director James Comey has already said there’s no way to do that.

The woman tried to convince Kathy that Islam isn’t the problem. You can watch Kathy’s response here.

Don’t be silenced by political correctness. If you see something, or in this case, hear something… say something. If what someone is saying isn’t true, you need to speak up. This is how you share truth with anyone. Don’t allow others to keep spreading lies.

#TrumpPence16: It’s official!

Donald Trump, Mike Pence
Donald Trump, Mike Pence

It seems like it took FOREVER to get to this point where the Republican ticket has it’s official Party nominee and running mate, Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence. As a bystander and interested observer, this was the longest and most painful primary I’ve ever seen.

I would NEVER have predicted this outcome. I, for one, am SOOO glad this primary season is officially over, although sometimes I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone!

Now it’s time to come together and make sure Hillary Clinton is NOT the next President of the United States. I’m ready… are you?

Local university students needs “safe space” from RNC & police officers

Millenials, Safe Space, Campus, Combat
Millenials, Safe Space, Campus, Combat

CASE Western Reserve University is providing “safe rooms” for students and faculty who need to be sheltered after being traumatized by the RNC. No. I’m not joking.

Case Western’s internal e-newsletter, informs students — and professors, and administrators — that the private school’s Social Justice Institute “will host a ‘safe space’” in the basement of concrete-laden Crawford Hall for the duration of the convention, which runs from July 18 to July 21.

At some point, the university must have decided even the “safe space” was not going to be sufficient in preventing trauma to students and faculty, so they decided to shut down operations on campus. Oh, did I mention, the campus dormitories were being used to house all the extra law enforcement brought in to monitor the RNC? I guess a “safe space” just wasn’t going to do it for these folks. Remember when having 100’s of police officers around actually made people feel safer?

These “kids” are young adults attending a school that costs $60k+/year. But they can’t handle “seeing” a gathering of conservative Americans or having extra law enforcement on campus? How do you expect them to be productive citizens if they can’t handle being around 50% of the population and are traumatized by the mere sight of police officers?

Parents, if you’re paying for this school, you might wanna rethink that decision… NOW!

Cartoon credit A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect

Firefighters forced to remove police flag to avoid inciting violence

Thin Blue Line Flag, Firetruck
Thin Blue Line Flag, Firetruck

And here we have another story that’ll make you shake your head and say “What is happening to our country?” Since when does displaying a flag in support of police incite violence?? Apparently… since NOW!

Todd Starnes over at Fox News American Dispatch posted this story.

A group of firefighters in Riverside County, California wanted to honor police officers killed in Baton Rouge and Dallas.

So firefighter Eric Hille decided to display a pro-police flag on one of the fire engines at Sunnymead Ranch Station 48.

You’ve probably seen the flag — it’s black and white with a  blue stripe through the middle — symbolizing the “thin blue line.”

Not that anyone complained about the flag display… but the Fire Chief felt it necessary to issue a directive to remove the flag and offered the following “explanations”:

“How is this perceived by not only the public, but also those that would seek to do harm to those in public safety?” … “Some feel the flag is an attempt to incite further violence against those who, to our very core, have dedicated our lives to protecting all lives.”

“Should we potentially increase the risk for our firefighters by flying flags, banners or signs in this time of divisiveness.”

“The type of flag — while strongly supporting our LE (law enforcement) family — could increase tension or cause a negative response within the community.”

It’s a sad state of affairs when expressing support for the very people sworn to serve and protect us is somehow considered “divisive” and even worse, possibly dangerous to other first responders like our firefighters.

While his concern might be valid in some communities, it might have been a better show of solidarity to fly the flag anyway, and if necessary, work together with local law enforcement to ensure the firefighters’ safety.

Capitulating to bullies is NEVER the right answer.

Firefighter Eric Hille posted photos of the flag and commented on the situation while standing his ground and refusing to remove a photo of Thin Blue Line flag from his Facebook page, despite orders. Eric says:

“We can’t shroud our badges or even lower our station flags to half-staff, and this is just simply heart breaking.”

You can help him by sharing the photos and his story standing in solidarity with law enforcement. #BackTheBlue

Read the full article by Todd Starnes over at Fox News American Dispatch
And read firefighter, Eric Hille’s post and see the photos.

WHAT is happening to our country?!?! Hate cops… call a crackhead!

Hate Cops, Call a Crackhead, Billboard
Hate Cops, Call a Crackhead, Billboard

Muncie, Indiana resident says billboard is “vulgar,” “discriminatory,” and “dividing.” What did it say? “Hate cops? The next time you need help, call a crackhead.” Hmmm… I’m thinking she needs a new dictionary. WHAT is happening to our country?!?!

The electronic billboard in Muncie caught the eyes of plenty of people around the town Saturday and one person described it as “vulgar” and “discriminatory.” It read “Hate cops? The next time you need help call a crackhead.”

Megan Thomas told The Star Press on Sunday that she noticed the sign while walking with her niece. She said she was offended by the message, which she alleged was “vulgar, discriminatory to many different classes of people in our city.” She said it also seemed to have been up ahead of a police brutality protest.

“I was very ashamed that something so dividing was present in Muncie,” she added.

Read the full story at FoxNews

Harvard Study: There Is No Racial Bias In Police Shootings

Police Force
Police Force

The media has been constantly bombarding the public with the idea that the police has racial bias and misuses its authority.  They shows the police as an evil force that should be stopped.

Social movements such as Back Lives Matter seems to increase the hate and fear that minorities feel about law enforcement. In fact, a recent Harvard study by Roland G. Fryer Jr., African American economy professor, reveals that there was no racial bias during police shootings.

“In the most extreme use of force–officer involved shootings–we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account,” the report’s abstract states.

Blacks and whites were equally likely to have been carrying a weapon, and the study found police didn’t use racial bias to dictate whether or not they shot. The study did find, however, that police were more likely to use other forms of force, such as pepper spray, the use of hands, and pointing their weapons, on black civilians

People need to remember that the police are here to serve and protect them. Police are not something to afraid of. In fact, many cops risk their lives to protect white, African Americans, Latinos, and the rest of the US population because All Lives Matter.

It is true that there may be racist cops out there who do not use force appropriately but, as Fryer’s research shows, that is not the norm.

Read the full article at Campus Reform

Photo Credit Elvert Barnes

Is the threat of Radical Islam REALLY “overblown”, Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson

Terrorist attacks such as the suicide bombing at an Istanbul’s airport, shootings at the club in Florida and, recently, a rampaging truck at Nice, France have killed thousands of civilians around the world. And they all have something in common: radical Islam.

The radicalization of Islam continues to propagate yet seems to be ignored by many leaders. For example, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson believes that the threat of radical Islam is “overblown”.

The former governor told The DC that radical Islam is an “overblown” threat.

“You can argue we’re at war with ISIS, I’ll concede that,” Johnson said. He added, “Do I have issue with wiping out ISIS? If it involves boots on the ground, if it involves dropping bombs, if it involves flying drones, I think that all those methods have the unintended consequence of making things worse not better.”

It is sad that a nominee, who aspires to run a nation that had been the target of terrorist attacks, does not realize that not acknowledging there is a common pattern in these attacks is counterproductive and dangerous. Ignoring will not help us deal with this threat. Nominee Johnson, as many other political leaders, needs to understand that the cause of these attacks is Radical Islam. It is the common denominator that affects everyone, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

So… NO, this threat is not overblown.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

Congresswoman Denounces Illegal Activities of the Clinton Foundation

Marsha Blackburn
Marsha Blackburn

The main objective of most foundations is philanthropy. And because their funds benefit the public, they can apply for a tax exemption. But Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Foundation seems to have a different objective. Rep. Marsha Blackburn is asking the FBI, IRS, and the Federal Trade Commission to start an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

She wrote a letter, which is circulating the House of Representatives for signature, emphasizing suspicious activities of this foundation such as it relationship with of the Laurate International Universities.

The International Youth Fund, whose board members include Laureate’s founder, Douglas Becker, received more than $55 million in grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State, the letter says. Laureate has given between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bill Clinton $16.5 million to serve as honorary chairman.

Hopefully, this letter can initiate an investigation and stop the Clinton Foundation that seems interested in granting political favors in exchange for funds.

Read full article at USAToday

Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

Trump ISIS

Trump, ISIS Recruitment Tool
Trump, ISIS Recruitment Tool

Hillary calls Trump ISIS’s best recruitment tool. Maybe so.

Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Sheriff Clarke: CNN Host can’t see connection between cop-killings & BLM

Sheriff David Clark, Don Lemon, CNN, Video Still
Sheriff David Clark, Don Lemon, CNN, Video Still

Sheriff David Clarke tries to explain to CNN’s Don Lemon the connection between the recent rash of cop-killings and the Black Lives Matter movement. Saying it didn’t go well would be putting it mildly…

“Anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American police officer.”

“Black on black crime which kills more black males, which is more of a threat to any black male in the United States than any law enforcement.”

RNC: GOP still puts God front and center

Pastor Mark Burns, Harvest Praise And Worship Center, Video Still
Pastor Mark Burns, Harvest Praise And Worship Center, Video Still

The Republican National Convention opened today with presentation of our National Colors, the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, and… a Rabbi opened in prayer asking God for guidance, before proceeding to the business at hand.

In case you were wondering… the GOP still puts God front and center.

And after a ridiculously contentious exchange in the afternoon session on the RNC floor, out walked Pastor Mark Burns from the Harvest Praise & Worship Center to deliver the closing prayer. And in an instant, the entire place settled down and came together for 2 minutes.

Because that’s what we do in this “one nation under God.” We come together and seek God’s guidance for our lives. At least the Republican Party still does. We’ll see next week if the Democrat Party does the same thing.

Rudy Giuliani: What happened to America?!

Rudy Giuliani At RNC, CSPAN, Video Still
Rudy Giuliani At RNC, CSPAN, Video Still

Did you hear Rudy Giuliani’s speech at the RNC? It was the most inspiring, fired-up speech I’ve heard in a LONG time! He asks “What happened to America?!” He talked about political correctness, radical Islam, terrorists, Iran, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and more! He left no stone unturned when it comes to National Security.

Twitter lit up during and after. These Tweets were at the top of my feed and pretty much summed up the divide between the Republican and Democrat Parties:

071816, RNC, Rudy Giuliani Speech
071816, RNC, Rudy Giuliani Speech

And in case you missed his speech, here it is. Take a listen, then share.

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