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How did Black Friday get it’s name? It’s not what you think. Racist?

Black Friday
Black Friday

Black Friday – it’s a day when millions of Americans hit the stores in search of the best post-Thanksgiving bargains.

If you ask one of those frenzied shoppers how Black Friday got its name, they will likely tell you it has to do with the day after Thanksgiving sales moving retailers from the red (or a profit loss) to the black (or a profit gain.)

That’s not exactly right, though…

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Poetry-Inspired Thanksgiving message!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving we remember

In the middle of November

The blessings of our loving Lord

Upon us are abundantly poured.

That’s all I remember from a Thanksgiving poem I wrote in junior high or high school. I loved writing poetry, especially free verse. However, I knew it was a hobby not a business. I still miss those days when poetry helped me focus on a particular event.

It is important to remember our Thanksgiving history. It didn’t just start with George Washington issuing a Thanksgiving proclamation, but with the Pilgrims, who sailed to America for the freedoms they so desired, and most importantly to worship as they saw fit, not pressured by the government. After one of the harshest winters where they lost over half their group to scurvy, they invited their Indian neighbors and had a three-day feast to remember all God had done in bringing them through that winter.

Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving a month earlier than we do, but North America is about the only continent that celebrates this holiday. That doesn’t mean that we can’t take any day to be thankful for our blessings.

Some Fun Facts:

New York became first state to adopt a Thanksgiving celebration in 1817.

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. Oh and btw, they didn’t have turkey. They had lobster, seal, and swan for dinner! Gross, right? Such were the times… Pilgrims held their second Thanksgiving celebration in 1623 to mark the end of a long drought.

During the Civil War, in 1863 Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday every November on the last Thursday.

It remained that way until FDR moved it to the third Thursday in November to “beef up” sales during the Great Depression. Hmm, maybe that’s where we got the idea for Black Friday! However, in 1941, he relented and made it officially the fourth Thursday in November. And so it stands.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t forget the true meaning of the holiday and enjoy time with your loved ones and friends.

Thanks for being a faithful reader and listener…


Photo Credit David Goehring

PROOF: Civil discourse with Hollywood exists on Twitter! You can do it too…

SarahKSilverman, Tweet
SarahKSilverman, Tweet

It has been a crazy ride on Twitter since I joined prior the Republican Presidential primary election. I have learned a lot interacting with people from all walks of life. And I have learned there is a difference between writing an article and debating.

Because I lived in the Holy Land and wasn’t afraid to speak my mind, I was asked to write about current events. I was blessed with more writing opportunities down the road, not only to write about Israel, but my thoughts and feelings as a conservative American.

I have met some wonderful people on social media, specifically conservatives. Along came the election. Being part of this election, in a way, prepared my mind like I was going to war battling for the top prize, the President of the United States.

Thank God Donald Trump was elected. You’d think the insanity of social media would cease after that. Nope. It just got more intense. We as a whole, whether Republican, Democrat, Conservative, or Liberal, got to a point where no one even wanted to hear from the other person’s point of view. Everything was an attack.

But having dialogue makes a huge difference, moreso than having the “trophy” of being blocked by the opposition. This revelation occurred with me when I recently debated Sarah Silverman. She is one of the most outspoken liberals and an anti-Trump celebrity who had the nerve to call President Trump Hitler and a Nazi. Obviously, if you go outside the box of fake news MSNBC and CNN, and do some research, you’ll find that that’s not the case.

Recently, Twitter has been removing the verified blue check marks from various user accounts, mostly from white conservatives.

Being facetious, I used a picture of Sarah Silverman dressed like a Nazi and Stephen Colbert using the Nazi salute to show Twitter’s double standard. Sarah quoted my tweet and said her skit was satire. I realized she was correct, apologized, and deleted the tweet.

Even though it was satire, I still didn’t approve of it, and I quoted her saying I would like to discuss this issue with you. Believe it or not, it was a decent chat. No insults. No yelling or screaming. Just two Americans from different sides of the spectrum talking about our President. And we ended it quite nicely.

Even though there was no judge or referee, you can easily tell who won the debate (wink, wink!) I did ask her to follow me on Twitter so she could get to know more conservatives and hear our voices about why we think President Trump is a good president and about life in general. I hope she will, though I don’t expect her too.

But I would like to take this time to thank Sarah for a decent debate, and I encourage everyone to apply this tactic of consideration for others. You may be amazed how it turns out.

Click on the image to catch the rest of the debate on Twitter. And remember, people from opposite political backgrounds can get along and have a civil debate. Now, go give it a try!

FBI Never Verified Trump Dossier, Still Went After Campaign

Officials from the FBI and Justice Department reportedly told congressional investigators they haven’t verified the allegations made in the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, raising new questions about why an investigation was launched into the dossier’s claims in the first place.

In July 2016, the FBI received the first installment of the dossier. The bureau later received updated versions as Election Day got closer.

Despite being unable to verify the claims made in the dossier, the bureau has been investigating the validity of the dossier for more than a year.

On Aug. 24, 2017, the FBI and and DOJ were sent a subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee that “asked for information on the bureau’s efforts to validate the dossier,” according to the Washington Examiner. Neither the FBI nor the DOJ were able to provide documents in response to the subpoena to validate the claims made in the dossier.

“But in face-to-face briefings with congressional staff,” the Examiner noted, citing sources familiar with the matter, “FBI and DOJ officials have said they cannot verify the dossier’s charges of a conspiracy between the Russian government and the Trump campaign.”

In a closed-door hearing last week before the House Intelligence Committee, Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson would not answer crucial questions raised about the dossier and how his firm compiled the documents.

One source said Simpson did not provide information regarding his relationship to certain journalists, members of the Democratic National Committee or former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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Pelosi opens mouth inserts foot – she is becoming an expert at this!

Following the passage of the House tax reform bill last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi invoked the familiar Democrat mantra that tax cuts only benefit the rich, then added they “never have” created jobs or paid for themselves. However, the records of former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan prove otherwise.

“Republicans want you to believe that their trickle-down tax breaks for the rich will pay for themselves. (They) never have,” Pelosi proclaimed Thursday at news conference on Capitol Hill. “They say they’re going to create jobs and pay for themselves. Neither is true.”

But in fact, both were true of the Kennedy and Reagan tax cuts.

In a well-received address to the Economic Club of New York in December 1962, Kennedy advocated for “across-the-board, top-to-bottom cut in personal and corporate income taxes.” President Donald Trump and the Republicans are currently seeking to enact similar broad-based cuts.

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“(I)t is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now,” Kennedy said.

Get the rest at: Pelosi WRONG

N.H. Democrats revel in 2017 victories at Kennedy-Clinton fundraiser!

The New Hampshire Democratic Party’s annual fall fundraising dinner was part celebration of this year’s victories by state Democrats and part pep-rally for the bigger electoral fights ahead in 2018.

The dinner, held in Hollis, was also an early screen test for two 2020 Democratic White House hopefuls.

And the annual Kennedy-Clinton dinner also came with some controversy, as hours before the gathering the chairwoman of the New Hampshire GOP called for former President Bill Clinton’s name to be dropped from the event because of the revived sexual misconduct debate over the former president.

The dinner was held just a week and a half after the party enjoyed a big night in municipal elections, including Joyce Craig becoming the first woman ever and the first Democrat in 14 years to win a Manchester mayoral election. Democrats also swept the field in Nashua’s elections for board of aldermen and was victorious in both state House of Representatives special elections, flipping one seat from red to blue.

“While we have plenty of work to do, New Hampshire Democrats have a lot to celebrate,” said longtime state party Chairman Ray Buckley.

Buckley praised Craig’s victory and raved that “in Nashua, sweet Nashua, we pulled off a clean sweep.”

With the party hoping to win back majorities in the state House, state Senate and the five member Executive Council, Buckley asked “is everyone clear what our mission is the next 11 months?”

The party would also like to recapture the Corner Office from Gov. Chris Sununu, the state’s first GOP governor in a dozen years.

“We need to make Chris Sununu a one term governor,” Buckley said.

Sen. Maggie Hassan, Sununu’s predecessor as governor, echoed Buckley’s message, saying “next year we’ll have an opportunity to keep our congressional delegation blue and to turn the State House and the governor’s office blue.”

That appears to be a tough task, as Sununu passed most of his agenda through the State House this year and currently enjoys an approval rating of around 60 percent in the most recent public opinion polls.

Read the rest at: Democrat Dinner


The Bible’s story of the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) always fascinated me.  As a youngster, it was the story of how God punished the people for their attempt to reach heaven by this massive tower and was the explanation for all of the many world languages.  Then there was the fascination of the archaeological attempts to locate this, quite possibly, very real tower in Babylonia.

There are parallel stories in other cultures, notably from Mexico, concerning the Great Pyramid of Cholula.  A story from a hundred-year-old priest at Cholula related that when the light of the sun first appeared, giants set off in search of the sun.  Not finding it, they built a tower to reach the sky.  An angered Lord of the Heavens called upon the inhabitants of the sky, who destroyed the tower and scattered its inhabitants.

Maybe these stories are real, partly real or totally fictional.  However, a central theme is that without a common means of communication (language) people cannot effectively function as a community or society.

Like it or not, the common language of the United States is the English language.  Neither of my grandmothers understood English when they arrived in America, but they learned English and made sure that their children were fluent in it in order to prosper in their new homeland.  They were very poor, but had the hope of a better life for themselves and their children and grandchildren in America.  My parents and most of my aunts and uncles did not go to college, but they made sure that almost all of their children had that opportunity and that we chose courses and degrees that would help us get good jobs.

America, and especially California, has done a great disservice to the many immigrants who come to America for opportunity by not properly teaching and requiring a use of our common language of English.  Government publications are printed in many native languages, rather than our commonly used language of English; costly and a waste of resources.  Schools try to teach children who do not speak, read or write English by integrating them into the classrooms that are taught in English.  A far better approach of longer lasting benefit would be to first teach basic English, then integrate the children into the classroom curricula.  By not assimilating our immigrants, we have created ghettos of inopportunity and low wages.

Most immigrants, especially from Asia, realize that without a good knowledge of English, advancement is hampered or impossible.  The native languages may continue for at least a generation as a cultural heritage, but the children assimilate into the distinctly American culture and communicate in English.

This problem of poverty due to a lack of education in English is not limited to immigrant communities.  It’s also a problem in predominantly black or poverty stricken white communities.  It’s a failure of our educational system that tolerates lackadaisical instruction, parental incompetence and indifference, and student ineptitude.  Money is spent on administration and feel good programs and not on the basic purpose of actually educating our nation’s children.  America needs to teach the parents and the children the language of opportunity – English.  We need to eliminate the politically motivated tower of Babel, created by multi-language official promotion by pandering politicians and bureaucrats, that has encroached our shared heritage in America.

The story of the tower of Babel may be a myth, but its meaning is very real.  Without a common language, people will not find common cause and shared prosperity.

California’s Gun Control “Success”

I’m a bit hesitant to write this article as the recent killing spree of Kevin Neal left five people dead, many wounded and more that would have been killed by this sick individual.  My prayers are for the victims and their families and communities.  These were good people going about their day.   They probably never knew or heard of Kevin Neal.  They did not deserve to die or be wounded.

What is absolutely intolerable is that the killer was able to illegally obtain and use his weapons despite the highly restrictive gun laws of California and his past crimes.  To recap the facts, he was BARRED from being allowed to possess a gun:

  • Jan 31, 2017: He was charged with illegally firing a weapon and possessing an illegal assault rifle resulting in a ban on his possession of weapons and five felonies and 2 misdemeanors.
  • Feb 21, 2017: a judge issued a restraining order against him for his stabling of a woman. He was barred from having guns
  • Police had been called to his home several times in the past year for his firing of weapons, but searches did not find any weapons
  • No one reported a recent domestic violence event at his home that was a prelude to his killing spree.

California’s gun laws simply are not working and the politicians who continue to push for them are effectively lying to the people.  If the gun laws truly were effective, these same politicians like Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom would not have ARMED BODYGUARDS 24×7.  But you or I are severely limited in having a gun for self-defense.

If a nut case like Kevin Neal approached you with a weapon what would you do?  Call 911 and wait for the police?  (topic of conversation at your funeral) Run and get shot in the back?   Try to talk with him and get a bullet to the face?

The sad state of affairs in California is that there are a lot of mentally deranged people and plain criminals lurking among us thanks to society’s moral decline, rampant drug use, release of criminals due to prison overcrowding, limited law enforcement due to coddling by some politicians and progressives.  The politicians and wealthy are safe thanks to their armed bodyguards.  Law enforcement personnel are also protected as they are armed.

But what about we average citizens?  We’re nothing more than potential victims as we are largely barred from having a gun for our personal protection.

It’s time we voters demand that politicians stop pandering to elitists bent on removing the right to have firearms for personal protection of the average woman or man.  Death or injury are the consequences of not being trained and prepared to deal with a deranged person like Kevin Neal.

Californians passed the ill-named Proposition 63 last year… called the “The Safety for All Act of 2016” it added to the already burdensome gun laws that already existed in California and, worse, by adding certain restrictions as parts of the State Constitution, removed the legislature and California Department of Justice from fixing any aspects of it that were problematic.  “I’m fighting to pass Prop. 63 because it will, without question, reduce gun violence and save lives,” Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom argued in its promotion (as he plans to run for Governor in 2018).  Gee, Prop 63 sure didn’t keep Kevin Neal from his murder and mayhem spree, did it?

I live in a County where the Sherriff is wise enough to realize that his officers may be an hour or more away from a resident whose life is threatened.  A concealed carry permit is granted for a 2-year period after an intensive 16-hour training course, fingerprinting, background check, reason for carry and interview; the permit once issues may be revoked for violation of any restriction.  Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time when the irresponsible feel-good politicians and progressives will remove this privilege.  They’ll still have their bodyguards, but regular, law-abiding citizens won’t.

Remember this when you vote… what is your politician’s position on the right to bear arms?  Do they have your back or will they sacrifice you to society’s criminals?


Walt Watson
Walt Watson


Walt Watson resides in rural Northern California where one still finds clean air and pure water, devoid of the distractions and crowded rat lifestyle of urban / suburban living.

The Sardonic attack against Judge Roy Moore 

Author – Andy Caldwell repost from Santa Barbara News-Press
Thursday, November 16, 2017

The enemies of Judge Roy Moore have proven themselves very adept at conflating the charges of enticement and harassment of one minor into an account of Judge Moore having had immoral relationships with three other young women. Yet, the original story in the Washington Post does not support this spin job. What the narrative alleges is that Judge Moore had an illicit relationship with one young woman while affirming that he did nothing untoward while dating three other women who, though admittedly young, were nonetheless of the age of legal consent in the State of Alabama!

Whereas, I would condemn Judge Moore if in fact he did have sexual contact with a minor back in 1979, I am nonetheless having a real tough time believing the story for a variety of reasons. First of all, how many sitting assistant district attorneys are going to hit on an underage girl while at work in the county courthouse while the girl’s mother was in the next room? That would have been extremely risky, stupid and desperate- words never used to describe Judge Moore!

Second, while Judge Moore certainly did date younger women, there is no evidence or accusation of his abusing the other three young women in the Post story. Judge Moore eventually did marry a younger woman, fourteen years his junior. That is peculiar for most of us, but it is not so in the South. My wife’s grandmother got married when she was 15 and not because she had to! Her marriage, as well as, that of Judge Moore, lasted a life time.

With respect to character reference, the Post indicates that the mother of one of the other young women, whom Moore dated, told her daughter she considered her the luckiest girl on earth by way of his interest in her! This had to do with his outstanding reputation, “godlike” is the term the Post used, in the small town where he grew up! Small towns, especially in the South, unlike Hollywood, are not good at keeping open secrets, nor do they tolerate this type of behavior, especially from public figures of the law professing to be Christians!

This reminds me too much of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill controversy. In both cases, you have men who have lived their entire lives scandal free. Out of the blue comes one accusation, at the 11th hour during a pivotal point in their career. It is hard to believe, because typically men-behaving-badly behave badly for their entire lives with lots and lots of corroborating witnesses, read that victims, strewn along the path (e.g. Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby!).

Sardonically, the hyperbolic, vitriolic animus against Moore by these relatively godless crusaders has to do with his faith-based, constitutional attempts to withstand government enforced immorality in our society.

For all these reasons, Judge Moore, I believe, deserves the presumption of innocence and the benefit of the doubt. Our society has a statute of limitations law for a reason. It is impossible and unrealistic for Moore to defend himself these many decades later.

Andy Caldwell is the executive director of COLAB and the host of The Andy Caldwell Radio Show weekdays from 3-5 p.m. on News- Press Radio AM1290 and AM1440 KUHL.

RA claims Catholic school tried to make him promote LGBTQ Mixer

lady's hands tied in black rope on white background

A group of universities recently joined up to host an “LGBTQ Mixer,” and at least one Catholic institution allegedly required resident assistants to advertise the event in their dorms.

According to one RA, Student Life officials at Fairfield University, a Jesuit institution in Connecticut, required RAs to post flyers promoting the LGBTQ “mixer” in various places in the residence halls, including personal bulletin boards.

Jimmy Lipko, an RA at Fairfield, told Campus Reform that he was “mandated to post flyers no matter what the material on it is,” adding that he did not end up posting that particular flyer, but was told that he had to post anything given to him in the future.

Lipko said that he was being forced to “hang up something that is in direct conflict with [the university’s] mission as a ‘Catholic, Jesuit institution,’ which in its mission statement says it educates its students to be ‘morally responsible persons.’”

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and are “contrary to the natural law.” Lipko, a devout Catholic, was specifically disturbed that a university that prides itself on its Catholic nature would require students to post such material, and he felt it was against his moral beliefs.

Lipko confronted university officials about their mandate, and said they pointed him to a section of the student handbook that outlines the university’s policy regarding posting flyers on campus. Nowhere in the specified section, however, is there any mention of individuals being required to post certain flyers.

“I fail to see how this section of texts mandates me as an RA to post flyers that are against my morals, but this is what they are using,” Lipko said.

The LGBTQ mixer was held on October 27 and included groups from Southern Connecticut State University, Sacred Heart University, and the University of Bridgeport.

Students attempt to annihilate Aztec mascot

A task force at San Diego State University (SDSU) led by the Native American Student Alliance (NASA) made another attempt last week to suspend the use of the Aztec mascot.

This is the second time in just over six months that NASA has submitted a resolution to the Associate Students Student Government demanding the retirement of the Aztec mascot.

On November 7, SDSU Senate members voted to pass a two-part resolution demanding the university retire all human representations of the Aztec Warrior and accompanying symbols. Additionally, the Senate demanded the establishment of a task force to explore issues associated with the use of the Aztec moniker, and the creation of an educational component to be offered through the Associated Students and Division of Student Affairs.

In 2005, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) adopted a policy prohibitingNCAA colleges and universities from displaying hostile and abusive racial, ethnic, or national origin mascots, nicknames, or imagery at any of the 88 NCAA championships.

“The NCAA objects to institutions using racial/ethnic/national origin references in their intercollegiate athletics programs,” said then-NCAA President Myles Brand. “Several institutions have made changes that adhere to the core values of the NCAA Constitution pertaining to cultural diversity, ethical sportsmanship and nondiscrimination. We applaud that, and we will continue to monitor these institutions and others.”

SDSU, however, was not one of the 18 universities that the NCAA identified as using Native American imagery or references. The SDSU Student Diversity Commission claimed that then-SDSU President Stephen Weber avoided the ban by being intellectually dishonest when he wrote in a letter that “the Aztecs are not a Native American or American Indian culture…however, the Aztecs are central to the cultural heritage of Mexico.”

Read the rest at: NCAA

Student op-ed: Outdoor clubs are too white

In a recent op-ed for the school paper, a white Pitzer student frets that the colleges’ outdoor programs, though open to all students and well-funded, are “predominantly white spaces” that deny people of color “access to the outdoors.”

The op-ed, written by Malcolm McCann, a freshman at Pitzer College—one of the member institutions of the Claremont Colleges—calls out clubs like Pitzer Outdoor Adventure (POA) and On the Loose (OTL), among the most amply funded outdoor clubs at the Claremont Colleges, for being “predominately white spaces.”

“Both clubs claim to be accessible: while trips are open to any student wanting to go, not everyone feels the same ease in entering the outdoors,” McCann claims, saying, “This discomfort is unfortunately caused by existing racial boundaries.”

The article contends that white imperialism, as well as the fact that three prominent naturalist figures in U.S. history happen to be white, generate this pervasive racial exclusion.

“Historically, white people in imperialist conquests have appropriated land as their own,” McCann asserts. “North America rightfully belongs to indigenous communities, yet it has been taken away from them by force. Consequently, a false sense of ownership of nature permeates white America.”

“Similarly, the image of a modern outdoor enthusiasts is white, as is the historical image of a naturalist,” he continues. “The great icons of nature—John Muir, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau—are all white men. At present, most famous rock climbers are also disproportionately white.”

McCann also takes the term “outdoorsy” as another expression of “whiteness” that excludes people of color from outdoor activities.

“This whiteness manifests in the term ‘outdoorsy’—a descriptor for those who spend a significant time in the outdoors, who are equipped with the necessary gear, and who feel connected to nature,” he says. “The image of the ‘outdoorsy individual’ is an exclusive classification that gives white people the authority to venture into the outdoors freely, leaving people of color behind.”

McCann then points to financial barriers preventing students of color from spending time outdoors.

Read the rest at: Outdoors are too White

Jerry Brown’s Climate Crusade: What A Nightmare For The Poor

California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, went to Vatican to save the world by declaring Climate Change a moral imperative.  Of course, many have questioned whether the Pope should be preaching about the climate.  Here in California, many are also questioning why Jerry Brown doesn’t realize the real moral imperative for the Governor should be California’s continued ranking as #1 in the country in poverty.

If you listen to liberal Democrat leaders that control the California legislature, everything is just fine in the sixth largest economy in the world. However, their claim ignores California’s sky-high cost of living and the exaggerated role Silicon Valley plays in the state’s economic standing.

Even if California is the sixth largest economy in the world, its liberal leaders must also be said to be presiding over an economy that has the highest poverty rate among the top six nations.

Indeed, for years now, California has been home:

    1. to one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients despite having but 16% of the country’s population,
    2. to the most residents living below the poverty line in the country, including Hoovervilles in upscale Orange County and San Diego, and
    3. a staggering number of welfare recipients “enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program in California alone exceeds the total populations of 44 of the other states of the union.”

Gov. Brown rationalized his state’s high poverty, in an interview on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” by saying California’s highest-in-the-nation poverty rate is a result of the State’s booming economy, which makes California  a magnet.

According to Brown: “People come here from all over in the world, close by from Mexico and Central America and farther out from Asia and the Middle East. So, California beckons, and people come. And then, of course, a lot of people who arrive are not that skilled, and they take lower paying jobs. And that reflects itself in the economic distribution.”

Read the rest at: CalBrown

Moore accuser paid? Maybe!

Kayla Moore, the wife of the Republican candidate for the United States Senate Roy Moore, vowed on social media on Monday that they will soon release evidence that several accusers were paid to speak out against him.

Also on Monday, celebrity attorney Gloria Allred conducted a press conference with Beverly Young Nelson at her side. Nelson has accused Roy Moore of attempting to rape her more than 30 years ago. Allred has represented various other women in the past who had lain accusations of sexual improprieties allegedly committed by other prominent men. Currently, there are five women who are accusing the former Alabama supreme court justice of sexual improprieties.

Following the press conference, Kayla Moore wrote on Facebook:

“This is the same Gloria Allred that did the very exact same thing to Trump during his campaign. Going on two months now they’ve been on a witch hunt here in Etowah County and our state advertising people to step forward with accusations and we are gathering evidence of money being paid to people who would come forward. Which is part of why we are filing suit!” 

On Monday, Roy Moore said he would file a lawsuit against The Washington Post, which published the accusations of Moore’s alleged improprieties. His campaign released a statement dismissing the accusations against the former judge. “Gloria Allred is a sensationalist leading a witch hunt, and she is only around to create a spectacle. Allred was the attorney who claims credit for giving us Roe v. Wade which has resulted in the murder of tens of millions of unborn babies.”

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Judge Moore is an innocent man and has never had any sexual misconduct with anyone. This is a witch hunt against a man who has had an impeccable career for over 30 years and has always been known as a man of high character. Let it be understood: the truth will come forward, we will pursue all legal options against these false claims and Judge Moore will be vindicated.”

Read the rest at: PAID!

Marijuana’s Enigma


Come “Happy New Year”, January 1, 2018, adult Californians can legally light up recreational marijuana.  Reefer madness for the masses!

Personally, I have no plans to partake even though I live in California’s “Emerald Triangle”.  I’ve never smoked nor wanted to thanks to having to live with a father who smoked a couple packs of Camels a day.  Early years of dealing with even cigarette smoke cured me of any desire to pollute my lungs.

One of my early exposures to marijuana smoke was at a Guess Who concert in El Paso and I had to leave the auditorium thanks to the rampant weed smoking.  But I’ve had a number of acquaintances who were marijuana smokers and for the most part they were pretty mellow and often happy, though sometimes a bit paranoid and often of a lower demonstrated intelligence level.

If they want to get high on their own time and can remain productive members of society, I see no reason why they should not be allowed this privilege.  It just that some folks can’t seem to handle privileges responsibly and often marijuana smokers tend to be less than responsible when high.

I remember the stoners encountered in my American Government class back in Texas when I attended public high school for my final senior year after moving there.  They were actually a pretty fun, hugely mellow group.  Dumb as dirt, but appreciative that at least a few of us in the class could answer Mr. Adair’s class questions.  The perplexed looks on their stoned faces was like a scene from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.  I often wonder what some of them ended up doing with their lives, as they certainly weren’t destined for college.  The military draft and a term in Vietnam probably took its toll on many.

I have a real problem with the environmental damages caused by growers of marijuana.

Water:  The Nature Conservancy revealed that cultivating marijuana consumes 5 times as much water as growing grapes for wine.  It’s bad enough that the flow of some of our northern California rivers has declined due to water used for vineyards, but marijuana growing is five times worse.

Chemicals: Growers use massive doses of weed and rodent killers to protect their crops.  Often, the chemicals that are wisely banned in the USA are imported from Mexico which lacks such constraints.  Anyone familiar with agriculture knows that chemicals in the ground are absorbed by the plants systemically.  When one smokes weed, they are smoking not just its components, but a good dose of Agent Orange-like chemicals.  Wonder how many cancers will result?

Critters:  This is primarily a problem associated with cartel-linked marijuana cultivators, but rodenticides used for rat control are eaten by foxes, voles, and other wildlife.  Additionally, the diversion of water and these chemicals have caused declines in fish populations of salmon and steelhead trout.

Energy:  marijuana is most often cultivated with the use of climate controlled electric light grow houses to reap the highest harvests.  These lights, pumps and climate controls use huge amounts of power – one reason so many here in the Emerald Tringle despise smart meters in that they are harder to circumvent to steal power.  We hear the cry to stop man-made climate change, but where are the protests against such massive users of electrical power from fossil fuel generators?

Even the very liberal Mother Earth News carried an excellent article on the problematic impacts of marijuana cultivation. Anyone thinking that recreational marijuana is not a problem should first read that article!

Fortune magazine recently forecast that marijuana prices will climb 70% in California due to taxes and demand, once again proving the supply and demand theory.  This will spawn a black market to circumvent the taxes levied on marijuana.  Then will come the inevitable spiral of government enforcement to collect these taxes that the politicians were planning to reap.

History has that nasty tendency to repeat itself and look no further back than the moonshiners and revenuers for the unintended consequences.  Taxpayers will foot the bill for these additional law enforcement costs.  The politicians will not see the tax revenues that they expect to see.

As for medical marijuana, that is a totally different aspect of its use.  If a legitimate physician prescribes an extract of marijuana’s chemical components (or, better yet, its synthetically produced version) that is in accordance with generally accepted medical practices or in a valid experimental drug use, then I personally see no reason to disallow or regulate medical marijuana further.  Treat it like any other FDA-approved or tested drug.

I do see a new industry that will be created for treating marijuana dependency.  When employers need to pay to teat or dismiss unproductive stoners, the demand for treatment will rival that of alcohol dependency.  Addiction is addiction.

Well, Happy New Year, stoners!  Stay off the roads and, when sober, think about the environmental damage you’re doing.

Medicare Madness … there HAS to be a better way


I will be joining the ranks of Medicare enrollees next year, so in preparation I began my research into what I had assumed was a fairly straight-forward enrollment.  Boy, was I mistaken!  I’m not sure how others handle this (maybe they just enroll, toss the dice and hope for the best), but my general impression is that Medicare is the scam and fraud of the century.

First, it’s very confusing.  There’s Part A hospitalization which is “free” (but often not totally free thanks to limits).  Then Part B for doctor care, which after years of paying Medicare taxes, still requires a premium only to learn many quality doctors won’t take just Medicare – a supplemental plan is needed.  Making matters worse, the Part B premium is based on your earnings of two years prior (which are nowhere near what you draw in retirement).

Then there’s Part C, which is basically Medicare but is provided by private insurers and some doctors still won’t take some insurers.  Then there’s Part D for drugs coverage (often from a government list of allowed prescriptions).  Followed by Part E for supplemental plans (where you might actually get to see a good doctor).  Think that’s all?  Nope, not to be outdone, there’s (get this!!!) Parts F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, and N!  OMG.

OK, so I searched for a type of plan I wanted that would allow me to keep my doctor.  To get any price, you have to go through an insurance broker / agent. Why isn’t this information on-line based on one’s zip code and tolerated range of travel?  Better yet, how to you find a plan that includes your doctor and takes into consideration your health (no smoking, etc.)?  Having a broker / middle person just adds to the cost of coverage… pure economics 101.

Next, the Medicare premium penalties!!! WOW, this was news to me… Medicare kicks in at 65, even though social security doesn’t start until age 66 or later.  If you don’t want Part B, no problem, opt out.  BUT, if you do, you will pay a 1% penalty for each and every month you delay… FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!  (I sincerely suspect Satan was consulted on this.)

It does make sense to have to pay those missed premiums, BUT what totalitarian-bent-legislator came up with the non-actuarially supportable concept of applying a penalty to ALL future premiums?  Ah, this was a bureaucrat writing for a Representative.  A similar penalty applies to Part D coverage.  Insanity… it’s just a way to force seniors to sign up for coverage that they will discover doesn’t really provide good coverage unless they get supplemental plan coverage.  Government tyranny, King George would be proud!

Finally, the cruelest hoax is what happened to all the Medicare taxes we paid for our working careers?  Had we put them into Health Savings Accounts and investments, many of us would have the ability to self-fund all of our future medical needs. But its compassionate to also care for the less fortunate (which sadly includes some lazy people who never prepare for the future and live for the present), so paying into a health care pool to take care of everyone seems proper.

But the giant Medicare/CMS, insurance, hospital and pharmacy industry is siphoning money away from compassionate care.  President Eisenhower once warned of the “military-industrial complex”; where is the rightful rage against the “bureaucratic-insurance industry-health care complex”???

No one has ever accused our government of providing something simple and easy to understand.

In a good world, if you’re sick or injured, you should get immediate, quality health care, regardless of your ability to pay.  You should also be encouraged to regularly exercise, eat a balanced diet, not smoke, and abstain from excesses.  People in good health who don’t abuse medical services should get a price break.  Don’t look to Medicare or these supplements for this concept.

I believe it’s time for America to provide health care for every tax paying citizen.  No forms or bureaucracy, just a health care card and access to any doctor, hospital or wellness clinic.  Government will NOT be the solution, as it’s a major part of the health care problem.

The health care system needs to be more physician-quality care-focused.  Find a doctor or physician group that you trust and let them make medical decisions that are not influenced by insurance company cost controllers.  Search YELP or similar reviews, which should include pricing.  Pay for your own annual physical and lab tests.  Have an insurance plan to cover the unexpected – that is the purpose of insurance.  (No auto insurance policy covers tires, oil changes. etc.).  Select the deductible, coverage and cost that you feel best meets your needs.

Charities and true non-profits used to run hospitals.  Today’s non-profits hide profits in the form of non-taxed “reserves”.   They profit each time a patient is charged $4000 a day for a “Motel 6” quality bed and $30 for a 3 cent aspirin.  Hospitals are typically monopolies in an area, yet are, for all practical purposes, unregulated for price gouging.

Free enterprise would deliver better, more affordable health care if allowed to be truly free of bureaucratic regulations that serve no purpose in assuring quality care.  But big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies with their cadre of lobbyists will fight to the death to prevent truly innovative and affordable health care.

More thoughts in the future… I have to deal with the headaches from Medicare enrollment research for now…

Is U.S. backing Saudi Prince bin Salman who just made himself dictator and is massacring minority groups?

Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Hillary Clinton
Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Hillary Clinton

On November 4th, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri appeared on a Saudi Arabia owned media network and announced his resignation. Though Hariri said he was resigning out of fear for his life, the Lebanese government announced shock at his resignation, having had no inkling of any problems. Since his resignation, no one has been able to contact Hariri, not even his family.

Within an hour of Hariri’s resignation, the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh sent a memo to their guests that they must vacate the hotel immediately, stating that it was a matter of urgent national security.

That same day, the King of Saudi Arabia issued a Royal Decree creating an “Anti-Corruption Committee”, to be fully controlled by Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Following this decree, 11 princes and 38 others were arrested and detained at the Ritz Carlton. The 38 others were Ministers and senior officials in the Saudi government.

Just days before these arrests, Prince bin Salman hosted a convention at the Ritz Carlton titled, Future Investment Initiative, which focused on tech developments and investment opportunities tied to them. “Sophia the Robot” was unveiled at this convention. Also at this convention it was announced that Prince bin Salman was constructing a new city, a hi-tech, smart city, called the “Intelligent City”.

The princes and officials who were arrested, had flown to Saudi Arabia to attend this convention at the personal invitation of Prince bin Salman. The princes and ministers have homes in Europe and elsewhere and are rarely in Saudi Arabia at same time. The Convention brought them together, at the Ritz Carlton, where Prince bin Salman then arrested them right after the convention.

Prince Walid bin Talal was one of those arrested, yet no specifics of why he was arrested have been given. Yes, there’s been speculation. In fact, the instantaneous media speculations were possibly made to take the focus off of what was really taking place. Bin Talal’s assets, including his investments in Twitter, are now under the full control of Prince bin Salman.

Also arrested was Prince bin Abdullah, head of the National Security Apparatus, which is now under the full control of Prince bin Salman. Bin Salman is now in charge of Saudi Intelligence and the Security System.

At the beginning of summer, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, the immediate heir to the throne, was ousted by Prince bin Salman. Nayef was placed under “house arrest” by bin Salman. Bin Salman then took Nayef’s place as Crown Prince, meaning that bin Salman will now be the next King of Saudi Arabia.

At the time of Nayef’s arrest, bin Salman took full control of the Military and the Police forces. Bin Salman placed himself as Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior. So, bin Salman is now in charge of Intelligence, the Security Apparatus, the Military and the Police forces. He is also in charge of all Foreign Affairs because he arrested all of the ministers previously in charge of Foreign Affairs in various countries.

Prince bin Salman has basically set up a dictatorship and has also removed all opposition to this move. The men he arrested were members of Nayef’s party, who was first in line to be King, and who was arrested by bin Salman. The princes and ministers arrested were 100% loyal to bin Nayef, not to Prince bin Salman.

Those arrested were told the “corruption charges” would be removed if they swore their allegiance to bin Salman when he becomes King. They refused. Immediately after this refusal, more arrests were made. At this time, Prince Fahd bin Abdullah was shot and killed at the entrance of his palace gate, while he was attempting to flee.

Then, a helicopter was shot down by Saudi war planes at the border of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The helicopter was carrying Saudi Prince Mansour bin Muqrin and several of the last remaining Saudi Arabian Ministers. They were attempting to flee Saudi Arabia.

As soon as the various princes began to be arrested there were spontaneous riots in the streets in Saudi Arabia by civilians who opposed these arrests. Prince bin Salman immediately squashed all media outlets who were reporting the riots. But video of the massive riots got out on Arabic Twitter, and so did Tweets describing events, before bin Salman could fully censor Twitter.

Many in the region believe this is a prelude to something larger. Maybe a ‘false flag’ that will allow bin Salman to target minority groups, or maybe attack countries with populations of the types of minorities bin Salman wants to eliminate.

At the orders of bin Salman, there has been a genocide of Shi’a inside Saudi Arabia. Entire villages, some with ancient history dating back to Christian times, are being bulldozed, and the people in these villages have been put to death. In July and August, events escalated in Shi’a villages when bin Salman ordered a barrage of fire on a walled historic Shi’a neighborhood, that included air strikes, heavy artillery, RPGs, snipers on rooftops picking off fleeing Shi’a, and armored assault vehicles. The historic village was bulldozed and removed from existence.

Bin Salmon has been openly targeting Iran for several months via a heavily biased propaganda campaign. Is this being done to justify future Saudi attacks on Shi’a populations in other countries (under the masquerade that it is Hezbollah Saudi Arabia is after)? Though no one can disagree that Iran is dangerous, an argument can be made that Saudi Arabia is equally dangerous.

*  State Department cables released by Wikileaks showed that Saudi Arabia is the most substantial funder of terror groups internationally.

*  BBC reported in 2013 that Saudi Arabia was obtaining nuclear weapons from Pakistan, whose nuclear program is funded by the Saudis. (1)

*  In 2012, Saudi Arabia entered into an Atomic Collaboration Deal with China which states that Saudi Arabia aspires to construct 16 atomic reactors. (2)

*  Saudi Arabia makes contracts with international defense contractors and uses private military corporations which provide personnel to the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Saudi Arabia used this same tactic for supplying mercenary fighters and weapons in Syria. Via the contracts, Saudi Arabia deviously hires enormous numbers of mercenary fighters from Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and also from Europe, America, Colombia and elsewhere. (3)(4)

*  Prince bin Salman directed the Saudi military to target civilians in Yemen (just as was done in Syria via Saudi-backed “rebels”). Bin Salman ordered the destruction of infrastructure, schools and hospitals throughout Yemen (as he did in Syria). (5)

Bin Salman is now applying strategies in Lebanon to create a fake ‘sectarian strife’. Saudi Arabian media networks in Lebanon have been creating hatred towards the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, who is a Christian.  Additionally, statements were made by Saudi Arabia that the suburbs of Beirut must be bombed — on the pretext of targeting Hezbollah — but Beirut is a civilian city. Like in Syria and Yemen, a massive murder of civilians will take place if Saudi Arabia targets Beirut.

At Trump’s mid-east summit, Saudi Arabian speakers repeatedly made Iran out to be the ultimate villain and ultimate supporter of terrorism, but Saudi Arabia is equally a villain and also a massive supporter of terrorism worldwide.

And, over the decades, Saudi Arabia has been the primary supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in many various countries, including the United States. In the U.S., most all mosques have received Saudi funding, and Saudi Wahhabism is taught; i.e. Islam must take over the world via jihad, Islamic Law must be enforced on all people, and sectarianism (infidels) must be eliminated.

See additional information at CheriBerens

Media Matters: Stop with the bully tactics trying to silence Hannity

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity

Media Matters,

I am sure the unhinged hatred your writers and journalists have toward a great patriot by the name of Sean Hannity comes from the fact that he is a conservative and openly supports President Trump. It isn’t fair and it’s unconstitutional.

Your writers are trying to get Hannity, a family man, fired for exercising his constitutional rights and values because your people have a problem with that.

The United States Constitution is clear on the right of free press, which Hannity has always followed according to the law. Your people have taken things that he says out of context, using sound bites to convince his sponsors to get him fired. That’s not OK and is unethical.

I know your company is not fan of President Trump and you have the right to express that, but don’t punish the people, the majority of Americans, who do support the President and who watch Hannity on a regular, nightly basis.

Sean Hannity has made it clear, he is not a journalist but a talk show host. So let the people make the choice to hear his opinions on what he thinks can help the United States. Truthfully, as a viewer of his show, I see his sincerity and the love he has for our country and the people. Why try to ruin that?

I wouldn’t be where I am at today as a successful writer and a conservative if it wasn’t for Mr. Hannity. During a point in my life, almost 10 years ago, I was trying to find myself, what I stood for, and what I personally believed in. I clicked on the news and saw Hannity’s show for the first time. He educated and influenced my decision, and I used my Constitutional right and chose to be a Conservative.

Along came the elections of Barrack Obama and his campaign. Mr. Hannity was the only one without rose-colored glasses who spoke from the heart to inform voters why Obama should not be President.

A few years later, after my family and I made the Jewish right of return to Israel, we experienced the war with Hamas living in Ashqelon, southern Israel. During the war it was hit daily by rockets fired from Hamas. Most of mainstream media reported that Israel was the instigator and the bad guys in that war. I remember like it was yesterday that Sean Hannity actually flew to Israel and reported the truth of what went on here. He has earned my trust and loyalty for his efforts trying to do the right thing.

I respectfully request you and your people leave Hannity alone allowing the people the right to choose what news program they feel is right for them.

Lastly, I know Liberals have overly used the Nazi label, but if you do the proper research, you will see that it was Nazis who censored the media. That’s something to think about as you try to silence Mr. Hannity’s voice on the air.

Dont throw away those nude pictures of yourself!

The act of uploading naked photos of someone else to Facebook to get back at them, known more commonly as “revenge porn” is considered a misdemeanor in most states, but a full-on felony in others. However, the illegality of uploading nude photos of someone doesn’t stop many from doing it.

That’s why Facebook is offering you some safety measures to prevent a photo of your junk from appearing on people’s timelines. All you have to do, says Facebook, is send them nude photos of yourself.

According to the LA Times, Facebook is looking to curb the problem of revenge porn. This is on the heels of the Facebook group “Marines United” being shut down for distributing nude photos of their fellow female soldiers

“Revenge porn isn’t uncommon in the United States. According to a 2016 study by Data and Society, 4% of U.S. internet users have fallen victim to it, and 10% of women under 30 have had someone threaten to post explicit photos of them online against their will,” reported the LA Times.

Facebook reassures everyone that they won’t be keeping the photo, but will store a “digital footprint” so that image matching technology can identify the photo should it be uploaded one day, and immediately shut it down.

The problem is that you must first upload the photo to Facebook so the copy can be created, which some experts say doesn’t exactly make it all that safe.

“Yes, they’re not storing a copy, but the image is still being transmitted and processed. Leaving forensic evidence in memory and potentially on disk,” said digital forensics expert Lesley Carhart. “My specialty is digital forensics, and I literally recover deleted images from computer systems all day — off disk and out of system memory. It’s not trivial to destroy all trace of files, including metadata and thumbnails.”

The LA Times reports that testing for this tech will begin in Australia, but will soon hit the states.

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Hows that Socialism working out in Venezuela Bernie?

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

“These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.” 

Hey, Bernie, you see this?

Socialist heaven Venezuela, where the inflation rate reached a whopping 500% in July 2015, has seen its inflation rate skyrocket since July, reaching nearly 3500% on October 25, and still raging at 2662% as of November 10.

As Professor Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins University noted, public sector external debts are massive:

On Friday, it was announced that Electricidad de Caracas, an electric company owned by the state, had defaulted on a $650 million bond payments. Russ Dallen, managing partner at Caracas Capital, stated, “This is the first official announcement of a default” in Venezuela. He added, “This was the canary in the coal mine to tell if the air is bad.”

As John Paul Rathbone wrote for Financial Times, “By Monday we will know if Venezuela has defaulted on its $65bn of outstanding bonds — or perhaps not … Whatever happens, Venezuela is approaching the beginning of its debt end-game. It is now a matter of days, not weeks, until default is confirmed.”

How much is Venezuela in debt? The country owes $16 billion to China, $3 billion to Russia, $1 billion to Brazil and $5 billion to multilateral lenders.

In August 2011, Sanders wrote:

These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now? 

Who indeed!

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