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Todd Starnes at FoxNews reports:

It’s the mother of all food fights – church ladies versus lunch ladies.

The controversy involves a church that received permission from the Seattle School District to serve free pizza to students at three area high schools.

A union representing public school cafeteria workers in Seattle, Washington erupted with rage last week – warning that the weekly pizza giveaway could result in cafeteria layoffs. They even accused Bethany Community Church of proselytizing with pepperoni.

“We are not telling them a Bible story before they get pizza,” Youth Pastor Nick Steinloski told television station KOMO.

He also said it is about showing the kids the church cares about them.

No sermon. Just two, hot slices of cheesy goodness – and according to the kids it’s a heckuva lot better than what they would get in the school cafeteria.

To say the lunch ladies got their hairnets in a twist would be an understatement.

The International Union of Operating Engineers launched a campaign to intimidate and bully the church into submission. It was ugly even by the union’s low standards.

“Until Bethany Community Church and ‘Pastor Nick’ honors his commitment to stop carelessly harming us in this way, we are asking participants to think about the effects of consciously and deliberately harming our families and community through their actions,” the union wrote on an inflammatory poster titled, “What God Hurts Innocent People?”

That’s just the beginning of the union’s argument! Read the full article at FoxNews.

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Donald Trump, Bathing Suit, Bill Clinton, Girlfriends
Donald Trump, Bathing Suit, Bill Clinton, Girlfriends

NY Times attacks Donald Trump but ignores Bill Clinton’s indiscretions. Media bias? That’s OUTRAGEOUS! Meanwhile, here we have Hillary Clinton’s proposed economic advisor! Oh boy…

Political cartoon A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Target Transgender Bathroom Policy, Flush Target Campaign, Video Still
Target Transgender Bathroom Policy, Flush Target Campaign, Video Still

ConservativeTribune reports:

The Minnesota-based “Flush Target” activist group dropped a devastating video ad against big-box retailer Target last week that did a terrific job educating Americans about the risks associated with the company’s absurd transgender bathroom policy.

“Any man at any time could enter a women’s bathroom simply by claiming to be a woman that day,” a woman’s voice could be heard narrating as a man was seen entering into a bathroom.

“No one is exempt,” the ad continued. “Even registered sex offenders could follow women or young girls into the bathroom. And no one can stop them.”

A young girl was then seen entering the bathroom. You may watch the advertisement below, though we must warn you that it contains disturbing footage:

Read the full article at ConservativeTribune.

Safe Space, University, College
Safe Space, University, College

Remember when colleges and universities shaped young minds and prepared them to enter the workplace equipped to grow into our next great leaders? Not so much anymore. Now colleges seem to be a breeding ground for liberal safe spaces, group think, and indoctrination.

Social justice is the over-arching theme and it obliterates civil discourse. From the looks of it, the 1st Amendment still exists on college campuses, it won’t for long.

Take for instance the recent case of a Southern Oregon University (SOU) student, Chase Gildea, who was forced to suspend his student government campaign for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns. (Did you even know those existed?!) Instead of letting the democratic process play out and allow the voters to decide, the school shut down his campaign “to investigate” the claims.

CampusReform reported the following from the investigative hearing:

On several occasions throughout the hearing, Gildea was questioned on whether or not he has changed his views since making the posts and asked if he would support gender-neutral bathrooms if elected to office.

“We keep talking about change, so I want to ask you, Chase, if your views have changed since 2014 and how you plan to represent your constituents,” one member of the elections committee commented during the hearing.

“My views are my views,” Gildea replied.

Another member of the committee then accused Gildea of “not having the proper education,” saying his posts were a result of ignorance rather than well-founded opinions.

The chief justice of SOU’s student government then blatantly asked Gildea if he would “feel comfortable supporting something such as a gender-neutral bathrooms,” later asserting that Gildea “should also respect pronouns.”

Ultimately, Gildea was suspended from campaigning for one-day during the election week after a vote to suspend him for two days failed to pass.

Take note people, if you don’t comply with the ruling class, you will be shackled! And that one-day campaign suspension wasn’t all they imposed on him:

In addition to the one-day suspension, the elections committee requested that Gildea visit SOU’s Queer and Women’s Resource Center and required him, if elected, to make regular visits, even asking for written confirmation from faculty advisors to the center.

Group-think re-education camps were also mandated, should he be elected. If you think this type of thought process will not translate into the next generation of legislators, judges, and business owners… THINK AGAIN!

“Keep in mind I don’t know exactly what Chase said… but pronouns are a way to really recognize someone and to not do misgendering,” said Coordinator of the Queer Resource Center, Thomas Arce. “[It’s a way to] say don’t look at me for how my gender expression is, I’m going to tell you what my pronouns are and that’s how I want to be known. [At SOU] it has really helped students feel affirming.” [emphasis added]

This is common practice on our college campuses today. The vernacular is being redefined daily. Even if you want to keep up, it’s almost impossible because it’s changing so quickly, and there are unlimited variations!

What isn’t being taught in our institutions of higher learning is a respect for each other’s differences of opinion. Disagreements are not a crime worthy of punishment or re-education. And there is no guarantee that you won’t be offended, so get over yourself!

Millennials. Coming soon to a workplace near you. Get ready. They will tell you what they are and how to speak to them. And if you offend them, you’re probably going to need to give them a “safe space”… and I doubt the unemployment line will be an option because they will all be in a “protected class”!

H/T CampusReform

Cartoon by AF Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Trump Supporters, Black Female, Executive, Lynn Patton, Video Still
Trump Supporters, Black Female, Executive, Lynn Patton, Video Still

Have you noticed that every single Republican presidential candidate is painted as a racist — and they almost never strike back to defend themselves?

Remember when they called Mitt Romney racist, only to find out he has a black grandson?  Then, the liberals made fun of him because they don’t think white people should have black family members?  (Remind me — Who’s REALLY racist again?)

Well, they’re at it again — this time with Donald Trump.

Read the full article here at Patheos and watch her video below.

Airport Security Line
Airport Security Line

After the EgyptAir crash, I saw Homeland Security Chief, Jeh Johnson, making press statements that he will be active in the Egyptian air crash investigation. About a week ago, when reports of long airline lines were being reported, he also made statements that these long airport lines will continue for some time — insinuating that this was “normal” and nothing to worry about.

A weird feeling came over me. A feeling of suspicion. As if this was being said to make people more concerned with the inconvenience of “waiting” in lines rather than something more serious. Another reason for my suspicion was the repeated reports, which lasted several days, of how these long lines would last throughout summer, for many months — and again, these reports always emphasized frustration at “waiting” rather than the real danger of large crowds gathered in one spot for many hours.

Remember the Brussels airport attack? The attacks took place where there were the longest lines. The terrorists did this to kill as many people as possible – while they were stuck waiting in line.

I got to thinking about all this and I did a little research to refresh my memory about Jeh Johnson — Homeland Security Chief.

Jeh Johnson supports illegal immigration. His reasoning, which he gave to the press, is that his grandfather was “dragged before the House Committee on Un-American activities”. (1)  (uh, maybe because he was un-American?)

Johnson repeated this story about his grandfather in December 2015 while giving a joint press conference with Muslims at the Adams Center, in which he stated that he was “showing solidarity with Muslims.” That was just months ago, folks. And it gets worse.

Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Chief, is a Muslim sympathizer and pro-Islamist.

The Adam Center’s religious director is Imam Mohamed Magid, who is a leading member of an organization tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. (2)

Also at the Adams Center, in which he was directly speaking to Muslims, Johnson bragged that he is in control of homeland security for the entire nation. This is rather scary bragging considering Johnson’s affiliations with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Jeh Johnson had previously been “General Counsel of the Defense Department.” Obama appointed Johnson to this position in 2009.

Jeh Johnson participated in the writing of Obama’s counterterrorism policies which included changing Homeland Security’s training of Transportation Security Officers (TSO’s).

Transportation Security Officers are responsible for screening passengers and luggage at U.S. airports. Thanks to Obama and his appointees, like Jeh Johnson, the TSO have been trained as follows:

*  how to properly handle a Quran (thereby forcing a reverence towards the Quran, but more importantly, to deter suspicion of Muslim travelers who may be extremists)

*  the different ways Muslim women cover themselves and the way Muslim men dress–in baggy “robes” (so that TSOs will not question a fully veiled woman and so they will be less likely to be suspicious of, or to search people dressed in baggy Islamic attire)

*  received demonstrations of Muslims praying (so that TSOs will allow Muslims to take over space in an airport to pray without asking questions or without disrupting them)

In July 2015, there was an undercover testing of airline check-in terminals. The TSA officers failed to identify bombs, weapons and other security threats 96 percent of the time. (3)

They failed 96 percent of the time!

I don’t like our Homeland Security Chief. He has close ties with Muslim Brotherhood and openly states he’s in solidarity with Muslims. Since being involved with the Defense Department, the Defense Department has kowtowed to the pro-Muslim agenda. And then after being appointed Homeland Security Chief – TSA officers failed to identify bombs 96% of the time!

Something smells fishy. I can’t help but think this is a setup.

(1) http://www.independentsentinel.com/jeh-johnsons-radical-family-tree-is-why-he-supports-illegal-immigration-all-muslims/
(2) http://teapartyorg.ning.com/forum/topics/jeh-johnson-s-radical-family-tree-is-why-he-supports-illegal-immi
(3) http://www.infowars.com/new-tsa-chief-vows-to-improve-96-failure-rate-on-weapons-detection/


Photo credit Alice Daer

Facebook News Dept, Liberal Bias, political cartoon
Facebook News Dept, Liberal Bias, political cartoon

Facebook News Dept has been accused of filtering out important news that helps conservatives.

To address the allegations, Facebook executives met with prominent conservative media figures to discuss concerns about their “Trending” feature. Here are a couple of the debriefs from that meeting. You can decide for yourself what you think. Let us know in the comments!

From Glenn Beck and Fox News.

Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Egypt Airplane Crash Flight Path
Egypt Airplane Crash Flight Path

My opinion on the EgyptAir crash. It was terrorism. The target was Egypt. And it was personal. When the Islamists lost Egypt, their world goal was undermined and temporarily hindered.

This hit on EgyptAir is retaliation.

ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood work together in Egypt and elsewhere. The Muslim Brotherhood are well established in more than 80 countries and have strong ties with ISIS.

The Muslim Brotherhood created ISIS in the Sinai

Starting a couple of weeks ago, on May 8th, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) announced retaliation for taking them out in 2013. This month marks the third anniversary of the grassroots campaign that removed them from power. They love “anniversaries” and have conducted violence on this anniversary for three years in a row.

Starting May 8th, MB “retaliation” began with the massacre of eight policemen. Since that day they’ve started massive fires in highly populated civilian areas, and in industrial and government buildings.

Since the takedown of the MB, Obama severed relationships with Egypt, and this is why you’ve heard very little truth about Egypt. Since the removal of the MB in Egypt, lies and propaganda have been told, by the very same Islamist groups that spread propaganda about Syria. They call Egypt a “regime state” (untrue—the army consists of people from all walks of life, from rich to poor, and every family in Egypt has a family member in the army).

Propaganda media says that there are horrific human rights violations (untrue—they state this to make you believe MB are being persecuted and that they should be allowed a second chance).

The truth is that the Egyptian people formed an organized grassroots campaign in which they followed UN guidelines. They gathered over 30 million signatures demanding a new presidential election. It was not a “regime” coup. There is no regime.

Most Americans don’t know that ex-president Morsi and the Brotherhood had created an Islamic Law constitution and had removed the Judicial System (who declared their Islamic Law constitution illegal). Morsi had made a decree that gave himself full Executive, full Legislative, and full Judicial powers.

The MB were conducting a full-scale Islamic takeover in which Islamic Law was about to be enforced on people who absolutely did not want Islamic Law (exactly like what is happening in Syria).

As far as human rights violations, there were over 150 well-documented torture cases during Morsi’s first 100 days in office. That’s four times greater than during Mubarak’s entire 30 years in office! And those 150 cases were only cases going to trial. There were 1000’s more that didn’t make it to trial because the MB were removing the Judicial system in transition to Islamic Law.

For close to two years there has been daily fighting between the Egyptian Army and ISIS in the Sinai. The buildup of terrorists in the Sinai began when the Muslim Brotherhood took power in 2012. Foreign Islamist fighters and weapons were transported to the Sinai for over a year and large Islamist militias were formed in the Sinai.

These foreign Islamist militias were to be used against the people of Egypt when needed to enforce Muslim Brotherhood rule and Islamic Law. These armies of Islamists have since declared their allegiance to ISIS and have committed acts of terror against the Egyptian people and the Egyptian Armed Forces ever since—since 2012 (again, exactly as is happening in Syria, but you’ve never been told the truth).

In June 2015, the Egyptian Attorney General was assassinated. The assassination came with a threat from the Muslim Brotherhood to withdraw charges against Muslim Brotherhood leaders who are being tried for acts of terrorism and murder. In the trial for the assassination, the defendants confessed to being Muslim Brotherhood members and said that there was also a plot to assassinate an EU ambassador. One month after the assassination of the Attorney General the Italian consulate was blown up. ISIS in the Sinai took credit for that explosion, but collusion was found between the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in the Sinai.

The defendants in the trial testified that they moved to and from Israel through the Hamas tunnels on the Egypt-Israeli border while preparing for the terror attack that killed the Attorney General. During the MB rule and the creation of the Islamist militias in the Sinai, president Morsi stated in several speeches that Israel must be destroyed and that this was one of the reasons for the formation of Islamic militias in the Sinai — to prepare for an eventual attack on Israel. All of these plans were destroyed when the people of Egypt took back their country and removed the Brotherhood from power.

Had Egypt fallen to Islamic Rule, there would have been a domino effect throughout North Africa and more — because the Muslim Brotherhood is well established in over 80 countries — and Muslim Brotherhood ideology is identical to ISIS. The two groups are now enmeshed.

Egypt is hated by Islamist groups who wanted Islamic Rule and a Caliphate. Morsi also mentioned in his speeches the return of the Caliphate and stated that it would begin in the Levant (Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Israel).

Also, something most people don’t know is that the Egyptian Supreme Court had ruled the first presidential election illegal and void due to more than 1000 violations. The Muslim Brotherhood prevented Egyptians from voting; beat people at the voting stations and only allowed MB members to vote. Entire Christian villages were not allowed to vote; the MB said they would kill any Christian who tried to vote on election day. For all of these reasons and more, the Egyptian people created the grassroots campaign that successfully removed Morsi and the Brotherhood from power.

Girl, Thinking, Black White, Prayer, God
Girl, Thinking, Black White, Prayer, God

We are free agents, just like in sport but different. This is real life. We can choose to be nice or we can choose to be mean. We can choose to make a right decision or we can choose to make a wrong decision. It does not matter how we choose, either way, God in all of His infinite wisdom has devised a system, that guaranteed, immediate or in the distant future…

There will be… a consequence to each and every decision made.

The Bible mentioned it when Paul spoke of reaping what we sow. What we plant in the minds and hearts of people, what words, decisions, opinions, the taking of the power the media gives to us to shape how people think, all of this is going to prove itself….consequential.

Today’s public will laugh at the previous paragraph, but Paul knew that and he went on in the same verse from the Book of the Galatians and said, “God is not mocked.” In other words, don’t ever think that God will ever, in the length of our lives, be laughed at. Everything we do and everything that we impart to people will be….consequential.

In recent weeks, those that long to make everyone happy and desire a gold star to be rewarded for just showing up to something, have come up with a policy that basically say’s:

Anybody should be able to walk into the bathroom of their choice if they think a particular way

This decision can reach so far into the depths of millions of young souls, children, who will become lost from what is respectful and personal. But the policy-makers and media don’t care. That is not what is important to them. They feel that freedom is good, no matter the pain and embarrassment it may cause millions of young boys and girls. And that, in itself, is a powerful and dreadful cause….consequentially speaking.

People will have to answer one day for that decision, even if today you don’t believe it. The truth of the matter is, God exists and as He does, it is to maintain order. That is why He has set up laws. Natural, spiritual, financial, professional, and emotional laws. Break them and there are consequences. Right now, creeping and walking in the hallways of public schools across American, harm is pacing and waiting at the door of each and every bathroom. And therein lies where the laws of God are about to break in such a powerful way that the flood gates of pain and heartbreak will pour and flood not only the school system but homes across America.

With that decision, with the policies, blackmail, and extortion put on the public schools from our own government, to not respect young boys and girls and create emotional harm and stress we will find…

Jesus standing up at the right hand of God, watching as politicians, media personalities, and celebrities engaging in a brutal and unfair decision seek to care less and know that that they will soon harm the little boys and girls that Jesus loves so dearly.

Those who believe in the laws and principles set forth by God and agreed to by our forefathers know that through this one policy the thread of morality will be shredded and all foundational principles destroyed.

And so as He sits back down at the right hand of God, Jesus leans into the chest of his Father, God Himself, and with a tear in his eye, God looks down at what is happening.

Remember…God is not mocked, and because of that, it will be apparent that the hearts and minds involved with this policy are going to have to face a strong and powerful judgment never ever experienced by the human mind and heart… consequentially speaking.

Photo credit Alkawa Ke

TransGender Bathrooms
TransGender Bathrooms

Perhaps as stunning as the Obama administration’s iron-fistedness on the issue of transgender bathrooms are the arguments it’s employing in an attempt to justify it. Many of us, of all colors, were taken aback — to say the least — when Attorney General Loretta Lynch compared the trans bathroom issue to Jim Crow laws — drawing a comparison between the struggles of transgender individuals and blacks.

Understandably, many blacks are just plain outraged at the Obama administration’s appropriation of civil rights to further its own ideological agenda — including our own Col. Allen West, who shared his thoughts here earlier today.

A group of black pastors is declaring the Obama administration’s equivalency of transgender and black struggles a “gross insult to all of those who marched with Dr. King and faced fire hoses and hatred in the name of equality.”

Read the full article at AllenBWest.

NeverTrump, SCOTUS, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, 2016, political cartoon
NeverTrump, SCOTUS, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, 2016, political cartoon

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. The potential for impending SCOTUS picks should be enough for a #NeverTrump-ite to vote Trump or lose our 2nd Amendment rights.

Political cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Hillary Clinton, Obama, Muslim Hijab
Hillary Clinton, Obama, Muslim Hijab

If you do not want Hillary Clinton to be the next President for the next eight years then you must make sure you vote in the remaining primaries. The current anti-Trump media blitz is all about getting people frustrated or confused enough to stay home and not vote. If that happens, there will be a contested convention that will nominate a candidate who will lose to Hillary. This is what they are banking on – a contested [Republican] convention so that Hillary can win.

I follow over 150 Muslim organizations in America. Muslims have many millions of dollars invested in Hillary’s campaign – enough to easily manipulate the media.

Hillary will further the pro-Muslim agenda which has already gained rapid growth during the Obama administration. Hillary has been bought out by powerful Muslim organizations inside America, but also by powerful Islamic countries, countries who are actively involved in the Islamic agenda in America. Under Hillary, the Islamic agenda will grow at quadruple the pace it did under Obama. And like Europe, it will be impossible to reverse. This is the turning point folks. But you still have the power to prevent it.

Our children’s textbooks are already visibly filled with the Islamic brainwashing system of untruthful accounts of Islam’s history and of glorifying Islam. Added to that, in 2015, various schools throughout America “officially” approved the observance of Islamic holidays for the 2016 calendar. Yet “Christmas” is not recognized, nor are Jewish holidays.

Christmas was removed and replaced with “Winter” Break; Easter removed and changed to “Spring”. These subtle changes may have originally seemed to be for the purpose of being fair and unbiased (i.e. politically correct), but then why should Islamic holidays now be recognized and not Christian or Jewish holidays? Because it was never about being religiously “fair or unbiased”. It was always about slowly removing the Judeo-Christian heritage of America.

The pro-Islam agenda in America has been slow and steady and extremely devious. But it will not be slow with Hillary as president; it will rapidly worsen because her primary financial backers are Islamist groups who have been plotting and planning for decades. Obama put the Islamic agenda on the fast-track, but Hillary will wrap it up. America will start looking like Europe. There will be a rapid and enormous influx of Muslim Immigrants – beyond your wildest comprehension – because that is one of the Islamist’s primary objectives. Muslim immigrants (i.e. Muslim population growth), is a primary factor in enforcing the Islamic agenda.

Muslim organizations are already deeply involved in changing our laws. Every week of every year Muslim groups in each state go to their state capitol to promote enactment of pro-Muslim laws.

Added to these state campaigns, nine of the most powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations in America go to your representatives in Washington DC, not only to donate money to them, but to persuade your representatives to support the pro-Muslim agenda. These nine Muslim Brotherhood organizations visit over 200 congressional offices: about one third of the House of Representatives and about half the Senate. Muslim Brotherhood delegates have been persuading your legislators to support their agenda. (1)

Do you really want another Muslim in the White House? That’s what you’ll get with Hillary. Muslims will dominate her administration, they will further infiltrate the military and Homeland Security, as they did during the Obama administration. To stop this from happening you must not allow a contested [Republican] convention.

The delegates that Donald Trump doesn’t win in the primaries will be up to the highest bidder – and that can be anybody – not necessarily Cruz or Kasich. The delegates can nominate anybody. And delegates can be bought. A contested convention is how Hillary can win. The media is blitzing primary voters with negative campaigning so that voters will stay home out of frustration or confusion. Muslim backers behind Hillary have enormous money invested in this election.

Think about the current racial division in America. Take a good look at who is behind many of the Black Live Matter protests. Muslim Brotherhood groups have been creating and backing Black Lives Matter “events”. I follow more than 50 Muslim Student Associations, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate who has branches in almost every university throughout America. Soros possibly may have “paid for” the giant Trump protest at Chicago University, in which Black Lives Matter were prevalent, but it was Chicago’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) who organized and rallied the enormous numbers of people who went to the protest.

It is Muslim Brotherhood organizations like CAIR and MSA that have promoted the anti-police campaign in America. They promote police hatred in order to immobilize our police – to make them impotent when public and private property are being destroyed by “protesters”.

The Muslim Brotherhood used this same tactic successfully in Egypt. They promoted police hatred and made police afraid to protect Egyptian citizens and public property for fear of false accusations of abuse. It worked and successfully helped facilitate the Islamist takeover of Egypt. Resulting escalated violence towards average citizens due to the systematic disabling of police forces further enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to seize control.

Historically, a rise in Muslim population (even a Muslim population of less than 2%) has always resulted in a rise in violence and future attempt at takeover (2). Historically, Islam is never “peaceful” because it is based on an ideology of conquest and supremacy.

To further confuse you during this election cycle, I’ve seen video of Muslim activists speaking at Bernie and Hillary rallies. They use words like “peace” and say Muslims are against “terrorism”. They are using Islamic dualistic lingo and doublespeak. Here are important Islamic terms you should familiarize yourself with during this extremely important election:

Justice = can only be obtained by Islamic Law.

Peace = can only occur when Islamic Law is implemented on all people.

Freedom = only Islamic Law can lead to true freedom.

Terrorism = an act of terrorism is only when a Muslim is killed. To kill a Christian, Jew, or other non-Muslim is legal and acceptable in Islam. Muslims will say they are against terrorism, but what they really mean is that they are against killing Muslims.

Innocent = only a Muslim can be innocent. According to Islamic Doctrine the only innocent people in this world are Muslims. Non-Muslims are never innocent because they are always guilty of not following Islamic Law or subordinating to it. When Muslims talk compassionately about “innocent” victims of terrorism, they are ONLY speaking of Muslims.

Interestingly, Hillary uses doublespeak like Muslims do. She says she never received classified email. She did receive classified email but was able to say she didn’t because the word “classified” was removed before the email was passed on to her–this was done purposefully. Hillary said she never received a notice to appear by the FBI. She did receive notice, but was able to say she didn’t because her lawyers are the ones who actually receive notices. There are 100’s of examples of how deliberately devious Hillary is. Do we really want another Muslim in the White House? And an administration full of deviousness and outright lying?

Once Muslims get a foot in the door via Hillary – you will never be able to remove them. You thought Obama was bad? Wait until Hillary. They haven’t invested billions and billions of dollars for nothing. 

(1) http://www.cheriberens.net/muslim-brotherhood-political-party-in-america.html
(2) http://www.cheriberens.net/the-dangers-of-muslim-population-growth.html

Hillary Clinton, Scandals, vs Donald Trump, Political cartoon
Hillary Clinton, Scandals, vs Donald Trump, Political cartoon

Washington Post sics 20 reporters on Donald Trump while practically ignoring Hillary Clinton’s scandals.

EDITOR’s Note: Is this the Liberal media’s effort to take down Trump? Or are they just striving for equality… because it wouldn’t be fair to trounce on Hillary without doing the same to Trump, now would it? Ignoring the obvious mountains while digging around molehills is just a lack of journalistic integrity. No magnifying glass needed to see that!

Political Cartoon A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Obama Dictator
Obama Dictator

The Dictator is at it again. Mr. Obama really has a mental health issue. After nearly 8 years, he still hasn’t figured out that he is not a “dictator,” he is not a “king,” he is not our “supreme leader nor grand imperial poohbah.” Nope he is just the president of the republic known as the United States.

Either this “constitutional professor” doesn’t understand it or doesn’t think it applies to him. You see, he can’t just whip out his pen every time he feels like issuing an edict and expect everyone is going to fall in line like good little Borg drones.

He has been doing this since he arrived on the scene. With the Department of Education, Homeland Security, and the EPA, just to name a few. He has single-handedly put thousands out of work in the coal industry and created more part-time, underpaid jobs than any other president.

On Thursday evening, Mr. Obama decided (sure he did, not like it was planned, it just happened all of a sudden) that he was going to make it plain and order ALL public schools to open up all bathrooms to transgenders. With all that is going on in the world and across this country THIS is the thing at the top of the list? Less than 1% of the population identifies as transgender. We are losing hundreds of veterans every year because they can’t get in to see a doctor and he signs a transgender order? Why doesn’t he make it for private schools, private colleges, heck make it for all government restrooms in every state? Why? Because it’s a political move, you know, like Benghazi.

He figures that there are enough Americans on his side on this one and that any opposition from Republicans will kill them in their respective races.

As usual, Mr. Oblamo, you are wrong again sir. With every one of these lame moves of yours, you awaken the sleeping giant in this country. The right-wing or moderate religious person that was willing to “live and let live” is now seeing that you and your kind are NOT willing to let them live. You want them to come in line with you or face the consequences.

Even Liberal Democrats are doing a double-take on this one. Many writing and asking what they can do to stop it. Vote Republican. Period. Stop the insanity, vote Republican.

This wonderful country of ours was founded on laws, founded on the Constitution, not every whim of the president. This president, especially, has decided that the Founding Fathers were all wrong, whereas he hasn’t had a wrong idea his whole life!

Last May the Obama Administration threatened to withdraw special funding to pay for hospitals and doctors for impoverished citizens if the states in question do not comply. It was Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Kansas. The departments that handle Medicare and Medicaid also sent a message mandating they expand Medicaid or lose federal funding for uncompensated medical services. In other words, money for uninsured people, mostly illegals!

The states sued and WON! The Supreme Court ruled, the federal government could NOT force states to comply with the ACA by holding back or threatening to hold back funds. PERIOD!

So what does Mr. Oblamo do? He does it again. He issues an edict to allow all transgender children to use the bathroom of their choice in all public schools across the country. Over the weekend, an estimated 19 states (so far) will join in a lawsuit against the government. This is a state rights issue, again!

And why didn’t Mr. Obama include private schools? Because his kids go to a private school! And don’t give me that “it’s a private business, so he can’t force them.” He tried to force private institutions to give birth control against their beliefs now didn’t he?

Mr. Obama’s defenders and even Attorney General Loretta Lynch says it’s a Title IX issue. REALLY? Pull her ticket! Nowhere does it infer or state that “transgender” is a protected class. I’m simply saying, the top law enforcer doesn’t know the law.

HE continues to bypass congress, bypass the Constitution, and ignore the Supreme Court. That can only mean one thing. He sees himself as all-knowing, all-seeing, and perfect. Here’s your tip for the day… Get out of the way before that lightning bolt hits!

Frank Edelblut Tweets
Frank Edelblut Tweets

With all of the ridiculous arguments Democrats are making regarding ‘bathroom issues,’ it seems they have completely forgotten what is truly important in this country and to the MILLIONS of people in it, including those within the LGBT community.

A Republican gubernatorial candidate in New Hampshire decided to tweet out some ‘truth bombs’ today that should certainly leave Democrats’ heads spinning.

Candidate Frank Edelblut, currently a state representative, sent out a series of tweets that identified the economy, education, Obamacare, Common Core and women’s safety as issues that should be focused on while Democrats keep talking about ‘bathroom issues.’

As most people know by now, these ‘bathroom issues’ have become front and center for the Obama Administration who is pushing illegal mandates onto the states that allow people to use whatever bathroom, changing room, shower room etc they see fit to self-identify with at any given moment.

While Rome is collectively burning – 94 million people still out of the workforce; poverty the highest in 50 years; Common Core making our kids dumber than ever before; Obamacare bankrupting states AND Americans – Obama holds up his pen and paper to decide ‘bathroom issues’ for every state.

The killer tweet was the final one talking about women’s safety on campuses. Isn’t it the Democrats who continually push the mantra that campuses aren’t safe for women? Ironic they now want to make them LESS safe.

From Edelblut’s Twitter account:

At least someone seems to understand the issues that are plaguing ALL Americans within ALL communities.

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Muslim Countries, 2016
Muslim Countries, 2016

The countries in red are Muslim majority countries. India is in green, and if anyone knows what’s been happening in India, then you know that Muslims have been violently exhibiting their Supremacy there. It’s only a matter of time.

Also a matter of time, is France, Germany, and a few other European countries. The growth of Muslim population is not only overcoming the native population (due to 4 wives with 6-8 children each), but with the added growth of immigration and “refugees”, it won’t be long for full dominance. There are already major parts of each European country that have very large Islamic Law neighborhoods (No Go Zones). Once that happens, its over — there is no changing back.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been very active in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and South America, rapidly building mosques and converting the Latino population at an alarming rate. So what I’m saying is that America needs to wake up and truly take a look at the deviousness of what is happening, not only around the world, but in America.

One thing I learned from living in Egypt during the Muslim Brotherhood takeover was that they created crisis after crisis that side-tracked the Egyptian people from looking at what was happening around them.

New mosques were being built on every corner, yet the existing ones were empty. But Egyptians were too busy to notice this development. I noticed because two mosques were built right next to my apartment. And I also noticed other ones being built in my neighborhood–a neighborhood of people who never went to mosque.

Eventually the Muslim Brotherhood began busing in 1000’s of men to go to all these new mosques. But still, Egyptians were too busy with the various “crises” to notice, and those who noticed, ignored it — because they were sidetracked with other priorities.

This is what I fear Americans are doing–ignoring it–or too sidetracked with various crises and issues. Issues that I feel Obama has purposefully implemented — just as the Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt.

While Americans are busy, the world has been rapidly changing. Africa used to be 100% Christian. Now it is not. Europe was Christian. Now when I go to London or Paris I am shocked that neighborhood after neighborhood has gone Muslim, complete with Islamic Law courts.

And what happened to all those new mosques in Egypt? The Muslim Brotherhood filled them with weapons. And those 1000’s of men that were bused in eventually used those weapons on the Egyptian people.

Stop Muslim immigration in America.

Donald Trump, American Flag
Donald Trump, American Flag

This American Presidential election cycle has been a crazy and very intense one. As it comes closer to an end, it is becoming clear who will be in the general election. A race between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

Many have known me for my undying support for Ted Cruz and campaigning for him in Israel to Americans that live here. He has suspended his campaign.

Now I have been going back and forth on what is the right thing to do for America, as well as Israel, because let’s face it, an American President is very influential when it comes to Israel, whether we like it or not.

I have been part of the #NeverTrump campaign for a while because I felt he didn’t match up to my principles and what I stand for, especially the way he treated Ted Cruz during the campaign. I even wrote an article explaining why I was part of that group.

Lately, I have been thinking, “Why am I wasting a vote away?” and “Is it really our place to judge a man on principles?” I look at myself and realize, you know what, I’m not perfect, no one is. But God alone is perfect and He is the only one who judges.

One thing I can tell is that Donald Trump truly does care for America as well as her allies hoping for peace. He is willing to listen to advisors on the Middle East unlike the current commander in chief. He cares about Military Veterans as well as having decent medical care. Take it from one who lives in a country with socialized medicine… let him appeal Obamacare.

My own personal number one principle coming into this election was security for both America and Israel. He has one of the best security plans to help protect America. Let’s face it, if government officials are careless about letting Muslim refugees in without any decent security plan, America could end up like us in Israel with terror attacks everyday. So I trust him to keep my family and friends back in America safe.

As far as Israel goes, he wants peace to happen that’s for sure and has always been supportive of Israel, including donating lots of his his own money to different Israeli organizations. And lately he seems to understand what’s going on in our country. I would not mind if I could be “boots on the ground” for him here to help advise him with our situation and knowledge of the region.

Looking at this election without pride but with reason and logic, we can’t let the wicked witch of the left (Hillary Clinton) be President. It would be a disaster for both of our countries. Donald Trump is not perfect but he is the person we need to make America great again and can get things done.

For the friends I have made while I supported Ted Cruz, I do hope to keep your friendships and not let this election come between us. I have to think about what’s best for America and Israel and right now it’s Donald Trump.

I have created a Facebook group and campaign for Donald Trump to encourage Americans here in Israel to vote for Donald Trump. Please join me in making America great again because every vote counts. The Facebook Group is called Americans in Israel for Donald Trump click here for the link.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Practically everyone giggled or held their mouths agape when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States. Personally, I was taken aback. Trump was never my candidate of choice; my choice dropped out about halfway through.

I became an observer.

Since the campaign began, I’ve written at least three commentaries pointing out how Trump was squandering his campaign. The features were that he had everything at his disposal to run with, and he was undermining himself, and the messages were hungry to hear.

Trump had the microphone, the name, the dais, the money, the willingness to speak up and meet a crowd without pretense in the 2014 election, and he didn’t use a teleprompter which would have demonstrated some behind-the-curtain operative artificially choreographing him. His truth-speak was diminished with the elaboration and help from the liberal mainstream media capturing the words they chose to select and to this day, display.

Anyone who thinks there are not rapists and drug dealers coming across our borders doesn’t have his eyes open.

The L.A. Times has written articles on the predator coyotes who take thousands of dollars to herd illegals across our porous borders, with many along the way succumbing to rape and simple abuse.

Trump’s message should have been couched in the fact that America is meant to be a destination of legal immigration. The illegal interlopers take the jobs of the good people who followed the laws.

It is perplexing why Hispanics are not protesting for curbing illegal intrusion – because it’s their jobs, for the most part, that are threatened.

The riotous “Black Lives Matter” is more perplexing. I have not found one negative comment Trump has made about African-American people. But then, sane people know BLM is about anything but caring about black lives; that’s another commentary.

As for Trump’s ill-perceived anti-Muslim comments, anyone in this country who doesn’t have his ears perked up on vetting the swarms of alleged refugees must be someone like the Obamas, Clintons, Kerrys, leftist celebrities, etc. They have private armed protection for themselves and their families, along with big walls around their homes.

Trump simply said, halt chaotic refugee influx from lands like Syria etc. He called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

He did not say bar them forever; no thank you to the MSM.

Any and all of the above threaten American citizens, and Trump has no problem calling any of it out.

Trump is known to be unartful with his words. PC he is not. PC is destroying this country in big chunks, and the people are saturated and angry.

Trump has and is giving all candidates a run for their money. Who knew? The success is not Trump’s fault; blame the recalcitrance of the same old modus operandi of the Washington sheep.

Many of the sycophants have been cemented in Washington far too long.

The “experts” refused to listen, and the people are rebelling. Bernie Sanders calls it a “political revolution.” He just didn’t plan on Donald Trump leading the charge.

The “they” didn’t listen when the people spoke at the ballot boxes in 2010, after the disastrous Obamacare entrance.

The citizenry was fed up with the dire effects of “leftism,” and the Democrats lost 63 seats in that year’s election while the Republicans gained 63.

They didn’t listen.

In 2014, the Republicans doubled down by taking over the Senate, adding to their majority in the House, winning gubernatorial races and picking up seats in various state legislatures. It was the largest expansion since 1928 … 86 years.

They didn’t listen.

With all of the harshness, bashing, and criticism, Donald Trump looks to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States of America.

Can you hear us now?

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Bush Endorsement, Donald Trump, GOP, RNC, cartoon
Bush Endorsement, Donald Trump, GOP, RNC

No Bush endorsement for Donald Trump. The Bush Family has decided to take their ball and go home.

Cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, Testifies House Committee
UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, Testifies House Committee

by Joe Newby at LibertyUnyielding:

There was a time when overt racism would get a speaker booed off a stage. But Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice got a warm reception  at Florida International University, where she delivered a commencement address Wednesday, which included the view there are too many white people in key government positions and that this endangers national security.

Said Rice:

In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully reflected. By now, we should all know the dangers of ‘groupthink,’ where folks who are alike often think alike. By contrast, groups comprised of different people tend to question one another’s assumptions, draw on divergent perspectives and experiences, and yield better outcomes.

Intelligence analysts, diplomats and military officers who are native speakers may pick up subtle nuances that might otherwise go unnoticed. Diplomats who can read cultural cues may better navigate the political and social currents of a foreign nation. In sum, leaders from diverse backgrounds can often come up with more creative insights, proffer alternative solutions and thus make better decisions.

It’s not immediately clear what she meant by native speakers, but the rest of the statement suggests it was something other than whites, and especially white males, regardless of where they were born.

And, the Washington Times added, Barack Obama agrees:

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Mr. Obama agrees with that sentiment.

“The president certainly believes that our government is most effective and is making the best decisions when we have a government that looks like the country,” he said.

Mr. Obama has been criticized for increasingly surrounding himself with an inner circle of aides who think like him and reject advice outside the West Wing, particularly from the Pentagon. In his second term, he is said to rely most heavily on a handful of trusted advisers, including chief of staff Denis McDonough, a former NSC official; Ms. Rice and her deputy, Ben Rhodes; U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power; Treasury Secretary Jack Lew; and Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

The president often hits back at his critics, saying he doesn’t surround himself with “yes men” and that he presses his advisers for all points of view during internal policy debates. Still, former Defense secretaries of both parties such as Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel have said they felt shut out sometimes by the president’s cadre of West Wing advisers.

This is the kind of nonsense you get when political correctness trumps common sense.

Originally published on LibertyUnyielding. Reposted with permission via LibertyAlliance.