courtroom, gavel
courtroom, gavel

By Tim Brown at SonsOfLibertyMedia:

A gun store owner in Virginia has had it with people attempting to put pressure on him to close. So, the owner of what has been dubbed as the closest gun shop to Washington, DC has filed a civil suit against 64 individuals claiming that they conspired to put him out of business.

Guns.com reports:

Arlington-based Nova Armory held its grand opening in a strip mall on North Pershing Drive last month, doing what others have failed to do in recent months by becoming the only licensed gun dealer with a storefront in the city.

However, they got more than just a cold shoulder from locals including six state lawmakers who penned a letter to Nova’s landlord on official letterhead urging her to cancel the lease on the store three weeks before it was set to open. In the letter, the group cited concerns that the store could be a “magnet for robbery” and that it could help create a “black market” in the area to sell firearms for cash or drugs.

One of those behind the letter, local Democrat Delegate Mark Levine, took to social media to blast the store.

“Are you ready to pay for all the funerals of all the people that your guns murder? And provide reimbursement for all wrongful deaths you cause? If not, then please, we beg you, leave Arlington,” Levine posted before advocating for a boycott of the entire strip mall and protests of the store.

Actions such as this prompted Broadstone Security, owner of Nova Armory, to name 64 individuals in a conspiracy including Levine and the other lawmakers, in a civil suit filed April 18 in Richmond City Circuit Court, contending the defendants communicated among themselves to cripple the business.

According to the complaint, “The Defendants used social media to communicate and to post messages to each other and to the public of a defamatory nature intended to smear Plaintiff and destroy his business.”

That’s not all. Apparently, there were also death threats issued against Nova’s business manager’s daughter.

The suit seeks more than $2 million in damages and expenses related to the conspiracy.

Lawmakers are even cited in the suit. The claim is that they abused their authority by attempting to interfere between the property owner and the store.

“That’s considered malfeasance in office which is a common law crime,” said Nova attorney Daniel L. Hawes. “This has absolutely nothing to do with their legislative abilities, but they sent it on official Commonwealth of Virginia letterhead underneath the seal.”

Read the full article at SonsOfLibertyMedia.

Lavender Graduation
Lavender Graduation

Over 100 colleges and universities will be hosting a separate graduation ceremony for LGBTQ and ally students this spring.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, the “Lavender Graduation” (a reference to the pink triangles Nazis forced gay men to wear) will take place on at least 124 college campuses in the United States in the coming weeks.

The graduations are intended to “provide a sense of community for minority students who often experience tremendous culture shock at their impersonalized institutions.”

The HRC also says that the Lavender Graduation is often “the payoff for staying in school, and friends and families find the smaller, more ethnic ceremonies both meaningful and personal.”

The ceremony is a “cultural celebration” to recognize LGBTQ students of all races and ethnicities, and aims to encourage them to mentor their younger peers, as well as to recognize their contribution to their various universities.

The tradition began in 1995 after the founder, Ronni Sanlo, alleges she was not allowed to participate in her children’s graduation because of her sexual orientation, and has since spread to colleges and universities across the country—even Catholic institutions like Georgetown University,Accuracy in Media reports.

It has also spread to the University of Missouri (Mizzou), where Lavender Graduation has historically resembled the university’s other graduation ceremonies. The graduating students receive lavender cords and walk across a stage, and a commencement speaker is featured.

According to some past participants, awareness of the struggles LGBTQ students face—including inequality, oppression, and acts of violence—justifies the separate celebration, but one Mizzou student who identifies as bisexual told Campus Reform on condition of anonymity that he disagrees with the decision to host a separate LGBTQ ceremony.

Read the full article by Victoria Stroup at CampusReform.


By Joseph C. Phillips:

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that centuries old names on buildings, squares, and streets are coming under attack on the campuses of our nation’s colleges and universities.

Once widely revered in a different era, a priest, anthropologist, vice president and dozens of others whose names are etched on college campuses have become the subject of a historical autopsy. Students, inspired in part by the Black Lives Matter movement, are calling for the removal of symbols honoring people connected to slavery and colonialism.

This renaming movement has been gaining momentum. In the last couple of years, protests have taken place at Princeton, Yale, and now at Stanford, Amherst, and Berkley.

The student led movement is an effort to “make colleges more diverse and welcoming and to infuse new perspectives into a traditionally white, Eurocentric curriculum.”

So, we must scrub the campus clean of legacies with a tainted history. Really?

Black students at Berkeley are demanding that a building be renamed after Assata Shakur, a former black panther, convicted of killing a police officer and then fleeing to Communist Cuba.  As sympathetic as I am to the professed goals, I suspect that political or cultural ideology is more important than moral cleanliness.

Read the full article at JosephCPhillips.com

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Gun, Girl, Woman
Gun, Girl, Woman

This has got to be one of the most incredibly stupid arguments against the 2nd Amendment we have ever seen.

Reading the entire blog will actually kill some of your brain cells so beware but we’ll share some of the idiocy here to mock.

From The Huffington Post:

The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial. Therefore, using a firearm to defend oneself is not legal because if the attacker is killed, he or she is devoid of his or her rights.



A criminal attacks a person who has a firearm for self defense as protected under the 2nd Amendment. What about THEIR rights?

Apparently using a firearm in self defense negates the criminal activity of the person committing a crime because the victim actually had the balls to defend his or herself.

And the hoplophobic left wing tool goes on:

Therefore, if we ponder and meditate on the recent events in news about guns, it would be obvious that the current state is incorrect. A gun for civilians is a weapon for a revolution and not for ordinary use. The belief that a gun is a useful tool to protect one is counterintuitive because guns get into the hands of people who use them for horrible reasons.

There are around 90 – 100 MILLION gun owners in the United States of America. Guns used by criminals is statistically insignificant by comparison.

Gun violence isn’t even a statistical blip on the radar compared to the number of gun owners and number of guns they own in this country.

As a matter of fact, if this ignoramus had actually bothered to do any research he would know that gun ownership is up while violent crime is DOWN. Hmmm… maybe it’s because criminals are cowards and know that more and more people are making the decision to protect themselves with firearms?


This is the kind of illogical and ignorant thought process of hoplophobes who can’t understand normal thinking. They completely negate statistics and facts all while pretending they have a clue.

It’s seriously hard to grasp how these people make it through an ordinary day doing the basic things that one needs to do in order to simply live.

Originally published at TheFederalistPapers.

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Surprised baby, Dad
Surprised baby, Dad

By Bethany Blankley at Constitution.com:

Following the recent Congressional Hearing on the illegal sale of baby body parts, what the media refuses to report, is that based on orders, receipts, and bills, certain body parts are worth more than others. More than choice cuts of beef, lamb, and some pork.

And, the companies, not the mother or father, are profiting from the sale of their dead baby’s body parts, tissue, and cells.

Here is how much parents could earn if they sold their baby’s body parts themselves:

  • Fetal brain: $3,340,
  • Baby skull matched to upper and lower limbs: $595,
  • Upper and lower limbs with hands and feet: $890.

Why not cut out the middle man (Planned Parenthood and Stem Express) and just kill your own children and harvest their organs and cells for profit?

Thanks to the Daily Signal, the diagram below visualizes how much each area of a baby’s body is worth:

It’s not that different from this diagram:


Except, beef costs less. The most expensive cuts of beef are taken from the most tender parts, and least overworked areas, of the cow. (Tenderloin, filet mignon, Strip steaks, short loin, etc.) The world’s most expensive steak is the 2000 vintage cote de boeuf (rib steak), which sells for over $3,ooo. The most expensive cow in the world, is Missy, a black and white Holstein, who in 2009 sold for $1.2 million (£740,000) in Ontario, Canada.

Baby body parts are more expensive than lamb cuts.


A lamb’s loin is the most tender and most expensive cut, leaner than the rack (ribs), although seven or eight ribs can be more expensive. Leg of Lamb is also a prized cut. Prices vary depending on several factors, but one Chinese breeder claims he turned down an offer of roughly 12-14 million Yuan (£1.1m+), or over $2 million, making the ram the most expensive in the world. The second most expensive, is a Scottish ram that sold for double the cost of a Porsche.

Baby body parts rival choice pork cuts, although some pigs are more expensive than babies, cows, and sheep combined.


Depending on the breed and cut, Spanish ham is the most expensive, selling for over $200/lb. In 2010, a 15-pound leg joint of Iberico ham first sold for £1,800; today that joint exceeds $3,000. And, the most expensive cheese in the world comes from pig’s milk. Piggy Palace sells its gourmet free-range pig’s milk cheese for over $1,600/lb.

Still, baby body parts give livestock a run for their meat and milk: FETAL LIVER CELLS prices alone range from $488 to $24,250.

The difference between purchasing livestock and babies is that the federal government regulates the sale of livestock, and funds the processing and purchasing of baby bodies, tissue, and organs.

Anyone can buy cows, lambs, or pigs at livestock auctions or from individual breeders and/or producers, and have a local butcher kill and cut up the animal.

Not everyone can buy baby body parts, fetal tissue and cells– and get paid by the government for buying them– and avoid going to prison.

Federal and state laws outlaw direct sales of body parts for profit. However, companies like Stem Express circumvent the law by donating to Planned Parenthood and only charging customers interested in purchasing specific fetal tissue and body parts for “processing and shipping fees.”

Stem Express, “a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers,” has bought intact, whole, dead babies, partial baby body parts and cells, from aborted babies, including those from partial birth abortions.

Fetal tissue provides “a uniquely rich source of stem cells” that university laboratories and medical research facilities buy for a variety of purposes.”

In 2014, the National Institutes of Health spent $76 million on research using fetal tissue—through grants it gave to more than 50 universities. Grant recipients included Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale and several branches of the University of California (Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco).

Fetal tissue comes primarily from the largest abortion provider in America: Planned Parenthood.

Life News cites Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data revealing that Planned Parenthood clinics perform 40 percent of all abortions in America. The Guttmacher Institute estimates, a lower percentage, roughly around 27.5 percent, citing different national data from the same year.

Planned Parenthood has been funded by Congress under both Republican and Democratic leadership for decades. In fact, Republican president Richard Nixon first authorized federal funding of Planned Parenthood in 1970.

To date, the federal government funds roughly half of Planned Parenthood’s $1.1 billion budget. 

Despite the federal government’s enormous financial support and involvement in the trade of fetal research and abortion, buying and selling human organs is still a felony.

The National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 is still law. It made illegal the selling and buying of human organs. Any individual convicted of buying and/or selling human organs can be sentenced to five years in prison and also pay a significantly large financial penalty. The law explicitly states that the crime involves an individual who “knowingly acquires, receives, or otherwise transfers” a human organ. (It also provides a loophole for those who might unknowingly receive an illegally procured organ.)

Republicans and Democrats who fund Planned Parenthood and NIH fetal study grants and Justice Department officials who don’t prosecute Planned Parenthood or Stem Express officials are breaking federal law and are aiding and abetting, even accessories to the felony of illegally selling and buying human organs.

Not to mention funding the murder of roughly 60 million children.

Reprinted with permission from Constitution.com via LibertyAlliance.

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69th New York Militia
69th New York Militia

Thanks to the main stream media and anti-gun political agendas, the word militia is likely to have most running in fear. The word brings to mind images of ragtag red-necked racists running around the woods with “machine guns” and swastikas. While there are certainly radical groups out there claiming to be militias, the concept of an organized militia derives its authority from the U.S. Constitution for the purpose of maintaining liberty and defending the nation from hostile invasions. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 states that-

“The congress shall have the power to….provide for the calling forth of the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrection and repel invasion.”

According to Richard Henry Lee, the “militia,” when properly formed, is made up of the people themselves and includes all men who are able to bear arms.  Put in the context of the U.S. Constitution, this makes sense because the idea of our republic is that the people are sovereign to government power and the government is a servant to the people. This could not be the case except for the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which are known as the bill of rights. Today, it seems as if many people accept the idea that the federal government, through the supremacy clause, has total power over the states. This is untrue: they only have supreme power over those laws that support the Constitution, and the Tenth Amendment explicitly states that:

“All powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people, respectively.”

This supports the rights of the people to be armed and ready to act in defense of the nation. Many people today feel that the idea of militias and an armed citizenry is outdated and unnecessary because we have an Army. In fact, many would argue that the National Guard is the constitutionally authorized militia. Not true; the reality is that the only constitutionally authorized military force to be funded and maintained by the government is the United States Navy. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 13:

“The congress shall have the power to provide and maintain a Navy”

While Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12 states that:

 “The congress shall have the power to raise and support armies, but no appropriations of money to that use shall be for more than two years.”

That means that the standing U.S. Army is in fact an unconstitutional entity receiving money illegally. The founders, at the time of signing the Constitution, understood that standing armies historically have been the greatest threat to the liberties of the people.  That is still true today, as the tyrannies of the twentieth century saw the world’s most brutal dictators use their standing armies to commit mass murder on an unprecedented scale. At the time, of course, the founders would have been referring to the armies of Great Britain and the history of the Roman Empire as examples. This clause explicitly describes the congress’ responsibility to provide funding for the state militias while giving it a choice to provide for a “national military.” This is more evident by the actual wording of the Second Amendment. Not too many people realize that the Second Amendment is the only place in the Constitution where the word “necessary” is found. The word is referring to the maintenance of the people’s militias.

The purpose of our constitutional republic based on the rule of law is to protect the sovereignty of the people and ensure government does not have the power to suppress the rights of freemen…

Read the rest by David Risselada at FreedomOutpost.

Photo credit Wikimedia/US Library of Congress

Will Ferrell as George W Bush, Video Still
Will Ferrell as George W Bush, Video Still

**** EDITOR’S NOTE: Sarcasm font enabled. ****

By Howard Portnoy at LibertyUnyielding:

There are two things that cannot be said for actor Will Ferrell. One is that he’s funny. (Actually, he was once, back in his days with “Saturday Night Live,” but he sold out long ago, striking out on his own to make sophomoric movies in return for buckets of money.)

The other thing that can’t be said for Ferrell is that he knows where “the line” is or when he’s crossed it. As a kneejerk (emphasis on “jerk”) liberal, he believes that all’s fair when it comes to skewering presidents as long as they have an “R” after their name.

Enter his newest comedic endeavor, described by “Variety”:

Having already famously portrayed former President George W. Bush in various comedy sketches, Will Ferrell is now setting his sights on another former commander in chief.

Sources tell Variety Ferrell is attached to star as President Ronald Reagan in the Black List script “Reagan.”

Penned by Mike Rosolio, the story begins at the start of the ex-president’s second term when he falls into dementia and an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the commander in chief that he is an actor playing the president in a movie. [Emphasis added]

Dementia: What could be funnier?

Think of the comedic possibilities this opens up. Ferrell could play FDR, who was not only confined to a wheelchair (hilarious!) but at a time when polio, the disease with which he was inflicted, was known as infantile paralysis. Infantile: Ferrell could run around on screen wearing a an adult-size bib, babbling, drooling, and soiling his adult diaper. Of course, Roosevelt was a Democrat, so that Ferrell would need to make some adjustments to the script.

Cowboy, Firearm, Gun, Holster
Cowboy, Firearm, Gun, Holster

By Tim Brown at FreedomOutpost

Following a mass murder of seven adults and one teen, Pikes County Sheriff Charles Reader encouraged the community he serves to arm themselves if they felt fearful.

WSAZ reported the story:

Eight people were found shot to death, execution-style, with gunshot wounds to the head Friday.

Attorney General Mike Dewine says it appears the shooting happened overnight. “It is frightening. It’s just heartbreaking,” he said.

AG Dewine says some of the victims were found in bed, including a woman, who was found in bed with her 4-day-old baby. The baby was alive. “It’s just hard to believe,” he said.

The initial call came in just before 8 a.m. Friday, according to Sheriff Reader, regarding two bloody males, who were possibly deceased at a home on Union Hill Road.

Sheriff Reader says while deputies were heading to the scene, they were flagged down and told about two other possible scenes, where they found more victims.

A total of seven victims were found dead at those three locations.

During the investigation, they received another call about another property on Left Fork, where another man was found dead.

Investigators say three of the properties are within a mile of each other and the fourth location is within 10 minutes from the other scenes.

A total of eight people were shot and killed. Seven adults and one 16-year-old boy were the victims.

The news outlet seemed to indicate that the murders could be tied to Mexican drug cartels, though the Sheriff’s office did not specifically say that.

In response to the murders, Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader told the citizens he serves that if they were fearful, they should arm themselves.

“I can tell you if you are fearful, arm yourself. If you feel that you need to protect yourself or family, do so, and contact the local law enforcement to come and respond to it.”

This is good advice. In fact, these kinds of comments are becoming more common place about police chiefs and sheriffs across the country.

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that armed citizens should take out active shooters, a Florida sheriff has also encouraged citizens to arm themselves, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig also encouraged the citizens he serves to arm themselves.

The Second Amendment clearly applies to arming the citizen militia, but there is also the fundamental right of every person to keep and bear arms in defense of life, property and liberty.

Reposted with Permission from Freedom Outpost.

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President Obama
President Obama

By J.E. Dyer

At a certain point, you run out of words.

There have been several occasions in recent years when it seemed like Obama had just spoken famous last ones.

There was June of 2015, when he proclaimed that he had made the U.S. once again “the most respected country on earth.”

A year before that, in June 2014, Obama announced that the world was “less violent than it has ever been.”

Just weeks before assuring us violence was at an all-time low, Obama uttered one of those end-of-an-era type judgments, the kind that’s begging to be proved wrong and become an emblem of civilizational self-delusion, when he purported to tell us “how wars end in the 21st century.”

Please: we haven’t figured out how wars start in the 21st century, much less how they might end.  When it comes to the 21st century, we have no clue what we’re doing — and we’re not getting closer to scoring at the clue-mart; there seem instead to be Vandals sacking and looting it, and preparing to burn it down.

It’s not quite clear what the purpose is for Obama’s series of apparently deranged proclamations.  It could be something as simple as planting a narrative that validates his prom-king coronation with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, when he’d been in office less than a year and hadn’t had time to actually do anything yet.

But what we do know is that he’s at it again.  Speaking in Germany on Monday, he opened up with both barrels (transcript from Susan Jones at CNSNews):

“I want to begin with an observation that, given the challenges that we face in the world and the headlines we see every day, may seem improbable but it’s true. We are fortunate to be living in the most peaceful, most prosperous, most progressive era in human history,” he said.

“That may surprise young people who are watching TV or looking at your phones,” he said, “and it seems like only bad news comes through every day, but consider it’s been decades since the last war between major powers.”

Sure, Syrians who have somehow survived the last five years — the UN now puts the Syrian death toll at 250,000; some NGOs think it’s nearly twice as high — can at least congratulate themselves that their family members and neighbors haven’t perished in a war between major powers.  Because that would be really bad.

Read the full article and see the video at LibertyUnyielding.

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Church Country
Church Country

On Sunday, Fox17 reported that a group claiming to be a cyber army for ISIS took credit for hacking and defacing the website for the Lamont Christian Reformed Church in Lamont, Michigan.

The defacement was discovered by 15-year-old Elizabeth Storteboom who was looking for a phone number but was presented with a different message:  “You have been hacked by the United Cyber Caliphate.”

“I clicked on the website and all of the sudden this video pops up, and I’m like, what is going on?” she said. The video played, declaring: “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women by the permission of Allah, the Exalted.”

Read the full article and see the video report at ConservativeFiringLine.

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Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

But conservatives and Republicans are wary of capitalism, too

More than half of millennials recently surveyed by the Harvard Institute of Politics reject both capitalism and socialism, according to the poll’s results.

Perhaps surprisingly, socialism is even less popular than capitalism, with 59 percent rejecting the ideology embraced by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the favorite among millennials.

Just 51 percent of the 18- to 29-year-olds surveyed said they do not support capitalism.

Furthermore, Harvard student Jeff Metzger noted in Monday’s teleconference with reporters that distrust of capitalism breaks ideological bounds and shows an “alienation of the status quo.”

He said this is highlighted by the finding that even 49 percent of conservatives and 54 percent of Republicans polled do not support capitalism.

In a follow-up survey of 18- to 34-year-olds with a different sample, when the two economic systems went head-to-head, capitalism narrowly prevailed 38 percent to 33 percent…

Read the rest and see the graph at TheCollegeFix.

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Crusades, Muslim, Christian
Crusades, Muslim, Christian

So here’s the scenario.

A teacher in Italy taught her class of 13-year olds all about the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). At the end of the project she asked her 25 students what they would do if the Islamic State took over their town. All but two reportedly said they would convert to Islam.

It’s somewhat tragic that a mix of classroom education and possibly some media exposure to ISIS barbarism would suck the bravado out of all the kids, other than two die-hard Catholics. But that’s the effect of the threats and actions of ISIS.

In every generation, there are the brave few who stand up to fight against one evil scourge or another, despite the likely great personal sacrifice…

Read the full article at ClarionProject

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

If Facebook “likes” were elections…

  • Donald Trump ~ 7 million
    Bernie Sanders ~ 4 million
    Hillary Clinton ~ 3 million
    Ted Cruz ~ 2 million
    John Kasich ~ 291K

The choice would be pretty clear cut… Say hello to President Trump!

It’s pretty sad that Cruz has less than 1/3 of what Trump has. Even sadder still… he has less than either Bernie or Hillary. And while I know this doesn’t necessarily equate to votes and you have to account for those older voters who don’t do Facebook (yeah, yeah) it is quite telling.

And Kasich… Kasich who? For the love of Pete, just go home! You aren’t doing anyone any good. It’s just embarrassing. Seriously.

Free Country, IRS, EPA, NSA
Free Country, IRS, EPA, NSA

And then he said, “But I thought we lived in a free country?”

Bet you thought that too. But have you seen the regulations and government overreaches coming from pretty much every facet of our government? We’re letting them take our freedoms inch by inch.

How do we stop it?

Say something! Get involved!

Explain it to your friends, family, neighbors, church family, the grocery checker, and anyone else who will listen. Write letters to the editor. Blog about it. Comment on blogs about it. Post it on social media.

Run for office.

Or support someone running for office who is a Constitutional conservative. That’s the only way to reign the overreaches back in and maintain our freedoms. Running for office isn’t easy, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. So do your part and help them! They’re making decisions that affect your life every day.

Ready? Now GO!

Cartoon Credit A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance.

If you like your cartoonist, don’t forget to tip him! A little bit goes a long way to keep the humor rolling!

Identity Confusion, Family Policy Institute Of WA, Video Still
Identity Confusion, Family Policy Institute Of WA, Video Still

From the Family Policy Institute of Washington comes this amusing video, where a conversation about gender-neutral bathrooms turns into something a bit more interesting:

Watch as the students struggle to explain why an adult male shouldn’t enroll in a first-grade class, why he’s not a woman, why he’s not substantially taller, or why he’s not Asian.

This isn’t moral relativism, it’s a completely fact-free new moral code, one based entirely on consent and harm. Or, I should say, immediate harm. Essentially the new morality is “you do you — so long as it doesn’t hurt me or someone else in a way that I immediately recognize.” The new immorality is any act of “intolerance” that purports to interfere with this radical autonomy.

Read the full article at NationalReview and be sure to watch the video through to the end!

Deja Vu, Liberal Vs Liberal Lite
Deja Vu, Liberal Vs Liberal Lite

2011 blast from the past… It’s like deja vu all over again when it comes to presidential politics. Take your pick… Liberal (Democrat) v. Liberal Lite (Republican).

Cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect via LibertyAlliance

Radical Left, Jesse Watters World, video still
Radical Left, Jesse Watters World, video still

Jesse Watters covered the recent march for “Democracy Spring” where they supposedly protested “the influence of money in politics.” That doesn’t sound so bad. Except that one of their stated goals was:

“to surpass all previous Capitol protest records for number arrested, topping 1,000 by the time the week-long demonstration wraps up.”

Because that’ll definitely help bring awareness to “money in politics”, right? Wrong!

Take a look at the folks participating and see for yourself. Let me know what you think. Mission accomplished… or clueless?

I’m thinking some parents should be rethinking their child’s educational choices right about now…

Here’s the followup story from USA Today. The report shows that there were around 5000 protesters. Only 900 were arrested. Looks like 4100 were unsuccessful at getting arrested. Epic #FAIL.

President Barack Obama, Cuban cigar
President Barack Obama, Cuban cigar

By J.E. Dyer

Back during the Cold War, and for a good decade after it officially ended, one of the entertainments available to people in the intelligence services was reading the sycophantic drivel written by the state-controlled press about the leaders and policies of Communist nations.

There were other authoritarians out there running countries into the ground, but the Communists were the hands-down winners in the slurp-and-smack media sycophancy sweepstakes.  Some of the best times were when one Communist leader would send another laudatory greetings on his birthday, or on a revolution or independence day.  In those cases, the media on both ends were involved in the riot of exclamatory acclaim.  Poems would be written (often purportedly by starry-eyed “students”), and would unfurl in endless verses sandwiched between veritable explosions of complimentary adjectives.  The translations into English (typically done by the old Foreign Broadcast Information Service) added to the festive and hilarious atmosphere.  The difficulty of capturing national styles in sensible English translations was often apparent.

But some of the most admirable efforts came from the ranks of fake criticism, a charming conceit of state-controlled media in which state-approved writers pretended to openly discuss critical themes about the regime by staging an army of straw men and then mowing them down — with a pretense of disinterested objectivity — through the use of Party talking points.  A state media organ that could elegantly combine self-consciously sophomoric verse, faux criticism, and full-throated ritual adulation pulled off quite a tour de force.  You wanted to leap to your feet for a standing ovation.  You could just imagine Big Comrade, surveying his domain and knowing he owned everything in men’s hearts: art, artifice, criticism, complaint, consensus.

I’m of two minds about the standing ovation for the new Obama Virtual Museum being perpetrated by the Washington Post.  (H/t: T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner)  It’s definitely worth more than a golf clap, however.  I’d put it without demur at the tennis-audience applause level.

You really should just check it out for yourself.  Be prepared in advance for the spectacle of Obama glimpsing his reflection as Abraham Lincoln…

Read the rest at LibertyUnyielding.

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CDC, Director, Ebola Unit, Zika Virus
CDC, Director, Ebola Unit, Zika Virus

By Tom Borelli

In the wake of the surprising potential of a Zika virus epidemic in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is seeking $1.9 billion in funding to address the emerging health crisis.

CDC’s monetary request for another infectious disease emergency is a sign it is failing its fundamental mission.

For the CDC, in 2014, the surprise was the Ebola virus and this year it’s the Zika virus.

A disturbing pattern at the CDC is emerging where there is an epidemic of missing epidemics.

Statements from U.S. health officials about Zika’s potential health impacts are alarming and an indictment of CDC’s ineptitude. “Everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought,” said a CDC official.

The CDC should not be surprised about infectious diseases, especially since the agency was created to combat infectious agents by its ever expanding mission as described here and here as well as a shocking record of failure detailed here which explains part of CDC’s incompetence.

Most concerning is the uncertainty surrounding the health effects of the Zika virus.

In fact, CNN reported the first case of sexually transmitted Zika virus occurred in the U.S. in 2008 but there was no meaningful investigation about a strange disease that a scientist gave his wife when he returned from working on mosquito related diseases in Africa.

A Zika virus epidemic has the potential to wreak significant health and economic havoc as the warm summer weather creates an ideal environment for the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that carry the virus to flourish. The virus can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

The CDC reports there are currently 388 cases of Zika in the U.S. all of which were associated with travel.

A map produced by the CDC listed 40 states where the mosquitoes can potentially transmit the virus to its human host.

A global map visualizes areas where more than 2 billion people live in places that are suitable for mosquitoes that carry the virus. According to the report, the U.S. population in the Gulf Coast states including Florida and Texas can potentially be exposed to the virus.

Most concerning is the uncertainty surrounding the health effects of the Zika virus. Since previous outbreaks were limited and a broad population has never been exposed to the virus, public health officials don’t know the full range of impact.

What we do know is that the disease is horrific, especially for pregnant women.

Infants born to mothers that were infected with the virus can have serious birth defects affecting the brain such as microcephaly – a condition where the developing brain does not develop properly resulting in a smaller head size.

New information about the possible impact of the virus on birth defects is truly terrifying…


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Book Cover, Haggadah Of Passover
Book Cover, Haggadah Of Passover

As one who believes in God, I truly believe there are no coincidences in life. Here in Israel, as well as with Jews worldwide, we begin the celebration of Pesach/Passover. Probably one of the most famous Holidays in Judaism that is well known.   Mostly known for God who helped Moses bring our people out of slavery and bondage from Egypt, and led them into the promise land Israel. Today an IDF soldier faces manslaughter charges for eliminating a terrorist in Hebron.

During the time of the first Passover, the Torah states how Moses and the nation of Israel fought many battles where God carefully instructed how to win battles. Same applies to this modern era with the IDF being known as one of the most moral armies in the world today.

Recently in the news here in Israel, an IDF soldier killed a wounded terrorist. IDF have very strict rules of engagement to make sure IDF stays the moral Army. Now with this situation, the soldier has been arrested because the Soldier broke rules of engagement by killing a neutralized terrorist. Now normally I would agree with the court’s ruling. But Israel is not a normal situation.

In this country, our leaders have released terrorists for soldiers who have died. The courts have released terrorists that go on a hunger strike. Israeli medical teams treat wounded terrorists and send them back where they came from. So why is this an issue with me? Every time Israel gives an inch for peace, the enemy takes a mile for war. Every time a terrorist gets released for some reason or another they come back to kill more Israelis. This is well known to the public.

With that being said this is why I personally consider this soldier a hero. We know if this terrorist was still alive and treated he would come back for more innocent blood. How would this soldier have felt knowing he had the chance to kill him to prevent more deaths? How does this equate to Passover?

This soldier has been in turmoil and imprisoned like a slave just for doing his job to defend people of Israel. There was a rally in Tel Aviv to show support for the IDF soldier and like when Moses said to the pharaoh, “Let my People Go.” We are saying to our leaders and courts ‘Let our Soldier Go.”

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Photo credit Center for Jewish History