ICYMI: This class will fix our cultural incompetency

TransParent, Gender, LGBT, Protest, Rally
TransParent, Gender, LGBT, Protest, Rally

This year in review, originally posted October 22, 2015

The University of Notre Dame just replaced physical education (PE) classes with MANDATORY “cultural competency” class. Well, technically it’s a “health” class with the following emphasis:

The course will attempt to “foster a spirit of inclusiveness on campus” and help students “develop a deeper understanding of the complex interactions of gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity and race,” campus officials have stated. According to the course syllabus, the class will also foster healthy habits and help students “develop cultural competency.”

I guess now we’re culturally incompetent?!? Is this REALLY the most important thing to impart to incoming freshmen? Well, if indoctrination is the goal, I guess it might be.

What’s interesting is… according to campus officials:

Over the summer the freshmen took alcohol awareness lessons as part of the new course, and later are expected to learn how to “establish healthy relationships and an understanding of human sexuality in a Catholic context.”

I’m not really sure how they’ll be reconciling “human sexuality in a Catholic context” to “understanding of the complex interactions of gender, sexual orientation.” I suspect the Bible might come into play here. Uh oh!

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Photo credit Franziska Neumeister