Proof that SOME Democrats (Hillary!) have NO sense of humor

ALLEGEDLY… Hillary Clinton and/or her campaign staff took serious offense to a recent Laugh Factory video. Um… it’s not a news outlet Hill… it’s a comedy club. They routinely roast anyone and everyone under the limelight. That would include celebrities and, yes, ESPECIALLY politicians, so you will NOT be exempted! Unlike in the mainstream media, Democrats have no cone of silence protections in the comedic arena!

Comedians have poked fun at politicians since the beginning of the big screen, and probably since the dawn of time. Well… at least in those “free speech” societies. I doubt Henry IIIV or Marie Antoinette (“off with their heads”) would have laughed at themselves, but that is why our Founding Fathers made sure we had 1st Amendment protections!

Here’s your WARNING… the language is “colorful.” But really, nothing here is out-of-bounds. Hillary and her minions just need to take a big chill and hope the added attention they’ve given to it “allegedly” trying to squelch it won’t make it go viral!

H/T Breitbart