Obama Admin Opposes UN Resolution On Western Wall

David Weissman, At Kotel, Western Wall-WailingWall-Israel
David Weissman, At Kotel, Western Wall-WailingWall-Israel

America has redeemed itself and restored my faith in its government, for the time being.  This week the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has written a draft resolution stating the Kotel, known to most Americans as either the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall, should be declared a Muslim site.  With recent remarks from the UN Security council blaming increased violence from Palestinians on “harsh responses”, which were acts of self-defense, I cannot say I am surprised with this latest audacity from this very antisemitic organization.

This hit home to me, and I found the proposal to be extremely offensive.  The Kotel is the holiest site in Judaism – the remaining outer wall of the 2nd Holy Temple that was built by King Herod.  I have often gone to the Kotel and prayed, and I even worked there for a while. I assure you there is nothing Muslim about the Western Wall.

Washington has come out strongly in opposition to this draft resolution by the UN, a fact that does surprise me given the overall anti-Israel attitude the Obama administration has displayed over the years.

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Photo credit David Weissman