UPS smuggles 700k cartons of cigarettes into New York


Speaking of frivolous lawsuits… Maybe I missed it, but since when, exactly, does UPS inspect the contents of the packages they deliver?

New York state is suing UPS for delivering (smuggling!) 700,000 cartons of cigarettes into NY over the last 4 years. Why is this a problem? Because NY is losing out on millions of dollars in tax revenues, to the tune of $29.7 million.

Maybe they should have thought about that before jacking up the taxes to more than $5 per pack! In NY state, a single pack of cigarettes can cost you $12! If you smoke 2 packs a day, that’s an $8700 per year habit. No wonder people are ordering online!

Leave it to state officials to think they can just keep increasing a tax without eventually starting another revolution.

Personally, I think that every smoker in New York should go on a smoking strike. How much tax revenue would they get if no one smoked anymore? ZERO!


Photo credit Helga