Homeschool Kids Stolen By Arkansas Deputies over “Mineral” Dispute

Homeschool Kids Stolen By Arkansas Deputies over “Mineral” Dispute


I was homeschooled from K-12th grade, but it is getting harder to homeschool in peace with state or federal intervention into the social and mental well-being of the kids.  An anonymous complaint from a neighbor sparked a nightmare for one Arkansas homeschooling family .  Police found a mineral supplement not approved by the government in their home.  Now we’ve heard and seen every excuse in the book.

It was a mineral used to purify water in which they watered their garden. The husband and father is a pastor and was forced to endure incessant questions and a five-hour search.  Seven kids were taken into state custody.

There is a GoFund and facebook page to help the family gain back custody of their children. Funny thing is why were the kids taken into state custody? Why wasn’t the dad arrested or the parents arrested since this mineral had nothing to do with homeschooling? Why was anyone arrested at all?

Well turns out a month earlier an anonymous caller sent in a complaint that the kids were allowed to run barefoot. OOps, I do that too so am I unsafe?  They were taken into custody for 72 hours but it has been nearly a week already.

Help bring these kids home, if you so desire

BringStanleyKidsHome Facebook Page


Information from this article taken from WND Education

  • Jamie Broadway

    This is just crazy. What does home schooling have anything to do with their parenting skills? I feel so bad for this family and these children. I let my daughter go bare foot and I go bare foot myself. Does this mean I am going to get my child taken away from me too?