Our Perfect President!


President Obama is our perfect president. He makes no mistakes and no bad decisions. Just ask him. He will tell you! Bad decisions are due either to “misspeaks” or to the GOP.

This president has no business making decisions. His leadership skills are nonexistent. And before you go there (though many of you will anyway,) it has nothing to do with his skin color, where he was or was not born, his sexual preference or non-preference, his love for Muslims, illegal aliens, his evolutions on same sex relationships or any number of other things. It has everything to do with his lack of leadership skills.

I didn’t start off with the distain I have for our Commandless Chief. Much to the chagrin of some of my Republican buddies, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance to succeed or fail.

The first sign of a good leader is that he takes responsibility for everything, good, bad or mediocre. President Obama takes responsibility for all things he thinks are good. For everything else that fails, it’s someone else’s fault. The IRS corruption… 2 rouge agents in Ohio were at fault. Benghazi debacle… Secretary of State’s fault, maybe. Illegal invasion… it’s the GOP’s fault.

He can never articulate what his plan is on the front end or what it was on the back end. Leaders are quick, decisive, and know what they want or need to do and they know the best people to assign to carry it out. This president has no clue.

Among his shining accomplishments:

Releasing 5 major terrorist players in exchange for a soldier (traitor). He doesn’t care for our armed forces. And never being in the military, he doesn’t understand that even the rank-and-file see this exchange as a very bad move. Once again, he’s made America a less safe place. The newly released terrorists will be plotting against us as soon as they are done raping and killing a few of their own.

The VA scandal. He has shown an outstanding lack of leadership in the VA situation. Incredibly, he has known about this for years, yes, years! It was an issue for presidents before him but really started coming to a head under his watch. Apparently it wasn’t reported early enough in the media, so he knew nothing about it until he heard it with us on the news. Bull puckies. The VA shortcomings have been on the Inspector General Audits since 2005, every year! Is he not reading these things? Still, he takes no responsibility for the current problem.

The NSA, Obamacare, IRS, the economy, green energy investments, border security, and the Middle East. He says he knew nothing about who the NSA was spying on even though he gets a daily briefing. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor and if you like your plan, you can keep that too. There is no scandal with the IRS. The private sector is doing fine now. Green energy companies are doing well, that’s why we are supporting (loaning) money to them. The borders are more secure than they’ve been under any other administration. I am going to repair our relationships with countries in the Middle East. Have you gagged yet?

Every one of these issues could have been handled, made better, or corrected if the CEO of the country would have gotten involved and assigned the right people to it.

This administration goes after CEO’s of companies where employees have made mistakes and where employees have withheld information that hurt the company. They want those CEO’s, and other executive board members, fired, jailed, fined, and more. If there are no major issues, they want them to take salary cuts or smaller bonuses and give more money to the workers.

Well, shouldn’t the president, the CEO of the country, take the blame and responsibility for what his people do? Shouldn’t he be stopping bonuses and firing people rather than “asking” for resignations?

He has such a great handle on foreign affairs that he wants Israel to give up much of its territories (borders) in the name of peace. He wants the Ukraine to work out a peaceful deal with Russia. His policies have caused issues all over the Middle East. No longer can the USA be counted on to be a true ally and protector. He wants to respect the rights of illegals busting our border as human beings, but he won’t hold those same illegals to the laws of the country he swore to protect.

In all cases, it’s the previous administration’s fault, it’s the current congress’ fault (never mentions the Senate), it’s a rogue employee, it’s the big bad corporation, or it’s Big Foot. He never says, “I made a wrong call or a bad decision.”

We are stuck with a leaderless chief. We are stuck with a president who has absolutely no leadership abilities whatsoever. Can he make some people feel good? Yes. But it’s as short-lived as time spent with a cheap hooker (so I’ve heard).

In the professional world, people who claim to “know everything” in their respective professions are generally considered fools by their colleagues. A true professional, and one you can trust, in any industry is one who understands they can’t know everything, but they do know how to pull the people and resources together to get the job done.

If you think you’re flawless and perfect… well, there’s your flaw, you can take it from there.

  • RogerDane

    Your synopsis is spot on but I do wonder about Obama and “leaderless.” I think it depends upon where one is intent upon leading? At any rate, I also think America’s electorate is clueless and continually under educated (stupid!), voting solely for their own goodies. Recently I spoke to a 93 yr old woman who, waaaay back, babysat me. She lives in Massachusetts and, when I said, ‘taxachusetts’, she stated, “Yeah but at leat our politicians get us “our” (emphasis mine) money!” Wow…. I disowned her. But that is the point. Americans will suffer NOW in ways previously unconsidered no matter in which direction we move. To recover will take unprecedented effort and sacrifice, to move in Obama’s direction will create a third world society in which the quality of life will be ghettoesque with violence on par with, say, Somalia! There is no perfect solution but one thought is this, is freedom better than oppression? Today’s electorate may not know.

  • Charles_Higley

    He left out gun-running, both Fast and Furious and Benghazi, arming terrorists, and supporting terrorism around the world.

  • Best thing that could happen to America right now is a L.H. Oswald crawl out of the grave and give this pathetic God Forsaken Sodomy Queen, Obama, a Lead Lobotomy! That would be a True Blessing on our Nation and the end of this Tyranny! Death to all Tyrants!

  • Sheileagh

    No administration is perfect and there will always be problems & dysfunctions in even the best performers. The fact that too much has gone wrong or become ‘more wrong’ since Obama took office however, is becoming more & more obvious to not only those of us who live in the US, but also everyone else in the world, as the international arena watches & laughs at our miserable malfunctions. So, what can we the people do to rectify our country’s deteriorating situation & ‘save face’?

    One major step we must take is: exercise our constitutional rights to vote! It is crucial that the Senate is reclaimed from the Democrats, in order to put a ‘hitch’ in this CIC’s ‘get-along’. All the fury we feel & express at everything that has become putrid in the past 5 years will get us nowhere, as long as this incompetent dolt is in office. Impeachment is also easier said than done & even if he were impeached, he could not be forced to vacate his position. Nixon did but Clinton did not.

  • empty pockets

    Excellent synopsis of the [p]Resident. He resides instead of pre-sides. Classic narcissist plus other psychoses. Everything is always about him. If it’s good, he did it; if bad the “they” du jour did it, and in between—‘they’re’ picking on me…poor me’. Like you, though I knew far more about him and his agenda than the majority seems to know even now, I was still willing to give him a fair chance. Maybe he COULD work with the Republicans and get some GOOD things done…like scaling back on gov’t or being at least adequate at foreign policy. That was the only “hope” I had for his residency. That hope was dashed to death quite early on. He would be far worse than anyone expected

    Though he is succeeding in the “fundamental transformation of America” he promised, it doesn’t mean he’s “competent”. In fact, the only actual competence he’s ever shown is in the only work he’s ever done–causing trouble. No matter his job title or his “position”, ‘community organizer’ has described his ‘work’. He is a rabble rouser. A trouble maker. He creates problems; he doesn’t solve them–has no clue how nor desire to even try. For those who put him in place, though, he’s been near perfect. He’s been the face, the front man for the intentional damage (to the point of collapse?) to America and her standing in the world. They (globalists) picked a perfectly charming, well spoken, charismatic empty suit that just happened to be filled with hatred for America as founded and anyone who loves her.