Companies Requiring English-speaking Employees Targeted by EEOC


Shocking but true. Our own U.S. government is suing an American company for making English a requirement for employment.

So let me get this straight… if a U.S. company requires it’s employees to understand and speak English fluently as a job skill they risk being sued by their own government for discrimination? Forget the fact that communication is critical for safety reasons. Can you imagine the lawsuit when the manager yells out a warning (in English, because he doesn’t speak Cantonese!) but the person on the warehouse floor doesn’t understand it and gets his arm ripped off by a piece of equipment he shouldn’t have touched (who’s instructions and warnings are also written in English)?

If the company cannot require it’s employees to speak English as a required skillset, are they going to have to require their supervisors and managers fluently speak any number of languages that employees may speak in order to properly function in their capacities? And isn’t that also discrimination… against English-only speaking persons? The same infraction they are citing can also be used against the EEOC’s own ruling.

Does anyone else see the ridiculousness in this logic? Requiring an employee to be able to communicate with various levels of other employees is not discrimination. It’s common sense. The EEOC needs to butt out of private company practices unless there is really discrimination going on. Saying that language is not a skillset just shows how out-of-touch our government entities are with reality.

You can read more about it here and here.

Photo credit Irina Slutsky

  • cvxxx

    This is the problem when a few decades ago when English could have become the official language we did not. No one cared that there were activists who would impose another language and Political Correctness that would encourage it . The US should use the example of Canada and The French which require the use of the proper language.

    However there is hope I have friends in California who reported not getting jobs because they did not speak Spanish perhaps they can sue too.

  • observingmyworld

    I don’t know why I’m still occasionally surprised by how stupid actions taken by the federal government can be.