Time to Boycott Mexico

Time to Boycott Mexico


Let me get this straight… there’s been 300 occurrences of Mexican Federales coming into US over the last 18 years. I’m assuming all were armed with guns and some came in via helicopter. Guess what? We let them go back… WITH their guns! Where’s our ONE guy who made a MISTAKE and missed the exit off ramp????

Why is Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi still being held in a Mexican prison? And why has news coverage of his imprisonment fizzled to next to nothing?

Does Mexico not realize how much their economy relies on us for import/export? It’s time for citizens to be heard. Next time you’re in the grocery story, pay attention to where your produce was shipped in from and avoid Mexican imports. They’ll get the message. #BringBackOurMarine

You can read more about this story here and here.

If you want to do more, a vigil is scheduled for July 4th on the border.

Photo credit US Customs and Border Protection