No Borders, No Rules = Dictatorship!


This was a heavy news week. Tens of thousands of illegals trampled over our borders. Where is the President? Out campaigning.  The head of the IRS knew about the missing or lost emails at the last hearing, yet said nothing! Where is the President? Out campaigning! Five very nasty terrorists are released for one U.S. soldier. Where is the president? Out campaigning.

What’s he campaigning for? He already won. We are stuck with him 2.5 more years, maybe! (The smell of impeachment is in the air.) Many of the Democrats running for office don’t want him involved. Some have even asked him to stay away!

The Prez went on attacking Republicans for all his failures. Apparently, the man can’t take responsibility for anything. Anyone who thinks they are right all the time is a danger to himself and to others.

Since I’ve been doing my radio show, (now over 700 of them “in the can”) I have done many stories where this President has failed the American people miserably. At first I thought it was incompetence. I thought maybe his years as a community organizer just didn’t expose him to enough to be a real leader. Surely his years in the legislature surely would have prepared him for the decision-making duties of a president? Right? I’m sure all those “present” votes on tough issues had to teach him something.

Yes, those experiences, and many others, have put him in a position to be the worst president in American history! By now many Dems are begging to have Jimmy Carter back. In fact, I suspect many Republicans would rather have him back, as well!

We’ll pause here a moment to allow some of you to shout “racist” simply because I don’t agree with or like the president. PAUSE. OK, now back to reality.

This president doesn’t care for our borders, at all. He has the money for it but has not finished the border fence. Why doesn’t he care? He doesn’t want borders. If he did, he would finish the fence, send down the guards, and protect Americans. He’s not interested.

It’s interesting that Mexico usually captures, beats, and returns those who cross over their southern borders illegally. Apparently that is no longer the case. We are seeing an influx of illegals coming from South America and Mexico at record numbers. Instead of following our own deportation rules, the president has told his people that we are to care for, document, feed, and clothe those coming over the border illegally. We can’t help our veterans. Only the illegals. We have homeless vets that we can’t put in some of the military bases across the country, but we can, fly, bus, and truck illegals in to occupy those places. We can fly in medical personnel and supplies, but we can’t do the same for our vets.

This president complained about Mr. Bush’s overreach of power and the many executive orders that Mr. Bush signed, however, he is catching up to that number fast! And, if you “lefties” were being honest, there is a difference between the type of executive orders Mr. Bush signed and the ones that Mr. Obama has signed. A majority of Mr. Obama’s executive orders change laws. That’s what the legislative branch is supposed to do. Mr. Bush’s executive orders largely revolved around sending needed medical supplies to third world nations, including Africa, to help stop the spread of HIV.

This president’s continuous lies (not misspeaks) about his healthcare plan, NSA spying, the Mexican-American gun-running scheme, his Benghazi cover-up, his IRS targeting conservatives, DOJ spying on the press, and too many more to list here. I could eat up this whole article listing how this president runs his office as a dictator.

His recent comments about how he will not wait for Congress shows his disdain for the American people, our laws, and way of life. If he loved the people and the country, he would abide by the laws he swore to uphold. But the truth for him is very hard to find.

He repeatedly promised that this would be the most transparent administration ever. Yet the members of his loving media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and others have all said over the last few months this has been the most closed administration that they have ever seen, and many of them are 20-year news veterans. This administration now hands pictures and narrative to the press on what will be seen and printed. This sounds like Communist America to me comrade!

He tweaks the laws to say what he wants them to say. He enforces the laws he wants to enforce. He spends money where he wants to. He issues executive orders to get the EPA, IRS, and other departments to do what he wants them to do.

In essence, he and Attorney General Holder are the two most powerful men in this country. They have the tools and will to make sure they get what they want to reshape America to what they believe it should look like, regardless of whether or not they are following our laws.

Let me reiterate… he writes the rules, he decides which ones get enforced, and what peoples get what benefits. This is not a presidency.

Welcome to the Regime known as the Obama Administration.

  • We need to live by the laws and not Obama’s will, he was elected for President and he is declaring himself above that.. this is What our Constitution law forbid…He needs to be removed…

  • Ahhh the beginning of the 2014 “Silly Season”; worth repeating….a reminder for all the politicians and their cohorts:

    “This may come as a shock to some of you that feel public opinion is the sole arbiter
    of Constitutionally Guaranteed FREEDOMS and LIBERTY, HOWEVER…..When you ran for Public office, won the election, and took the Oath of Office you promised the
    voters that you were the best person for the position to see to the needs of the infrastructure; that would be the GENERAL WELFARE of America.

    INCLUDED in your Oath of Office was a SOLEMN promise to uphold, Protect and Defend the Constitution. At no point is there an exemption that would allow ‘consensus’, or ‘public opinion polls’, or ‘what-ifs’ as an excuse to violate your Oath of Office. Now this next part is going to be a real shocker.

    Being a fan of Political Science, “Poli-Sci” you should have been taught AT SOME POINT, that Legislated law can NEVER supersede Constitutional Law. You knew that going in…if you didn’t then you lied to the Voter in exchange for their votes. That would be fraud, and everybody knows that you would never lie in exchange for something of value under false pretenses; Websters Dictionary, something you may have been taught to use as SOME POINT of your life, describes it as DECEIT-WILLFUL DECEPTION.

    If you choose to write a bill that is in direct conflict with the Constitution, which would be an act of Conspiracy to violate the Constitution. Any person that works on the writing of the bill would be a co-conspirator. IF that bill is presented for a vote, each vote in favor would be a deliberate and intentional violation of your oath of Office as well as an act of SEDITION (Title 18 USC 2384: SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY) and possibly TREASON (18 USC 2381: TREASON ) against the People, the Constitution, and America as an ideal.

    Now, since many of you have long careers in public office, complete with Public Records that can be accessed under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (5 USC 522) and (RCW 42.56), your actions and inactions are subject to being researched for
    a pattern of criminal acts to undermine the Constitutions of both the State and United States Constitutions over a period of your years in Office; many of you could be looking at life sentences with no chance of parole and the People may not be amenable to supplying a cushy place for you to live out your life.

    Few people LIKE BEING LIED TO, only then to be stabbed in the back by self-serving
    corrupt politicians, “Nemo Repente fuit Turpissimus” so you had better “check yourselves before you wreck yourselves”.

    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  • Sheileagh

    I am of the opinion that Mr. Obama either really does not understand our American Constitutional laws, or he does not care for, believe in, or support them. As the head of the EXECUTIVE branch he is supposed to execute & reinforce laws which are already in existence; it is not his duty to write or legislate any new laws, or to change any laws already in existence in any way shape or form, without the OK of the legislative branch. It is the LEGISLATIVE branch, AKA congress, that maintains a responsibility to develop & write new laws, or to amend existing ones as needs require. The JUDICIAL branch can then forthwith uphold & approve of & uphold, or disapprove of dismiss, &/or recommend any changes or amendments to any of the the laws. That is how our American Constitution was set up, to prevent any one entity from usurping total power over the country. It was a sane & safe protective measure that was installed by American’s forefathers, to protect & benefit the citizens of the United States. It is in essence one important aspect of what is encompassed in our unique AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM.