New Church Worships the Goddess Deity Beyonce’

New Church Worships the Goddess Deity Beyonce’


Some things you have to see to believe… like a church dedicated to worshiping Beyonce. They call her the goddess Bey walking on earth among us, a deity, and Lord and Saviour. They say they have hundreds of followers and are multiplying rapidly. And they’ve collected enough money to begin groundbreaking to build a temple to worship and honor Bey. They are called the National Church of Bey. And their “Beyble” (Bible) should be ready for distribution soon.

Don’t believe it? Check out their Youtube commercial. They have their own channel.

[youtube id=”x-mO6bENX_s”]

And they’re launching their own clothing line so that we can all feel like goddesses.

Here’s a link to their Tumblr feed. You can take a look for yourself. And if you’re so inclined, they’re looking for followers across the nation to start up local congregations.

Various news outlets have been reporting on this for nearly a month now. Still no official word from the Beyonce camp. Hmmm…