Blacks, Homosexuals, and Atheists at CPAC 2014 – OH MY!


Can you believe that the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), held by a group of white, elitist, stuffy old men was infiltrated by blacks, homosexuals, Hispanics, Asians, and atheists? Oh my! What is this world coming to?

What’s really crazy is that so many on the Left wrote lies about this. No, not mis-truths, not misspeaks, just lies… period.

The Left would have you believe that CPAC = KKK. That Conservative’s and conservative Republicans are nothing more than the KKK rebranded. How desperate is that?

The first story I read talked about how CPAC threw out a bunch of atheists and wouldn’t allow “them” at the event. CPAC made the right call. It wasn’t all atheists. Just one particular group.

CPAC officials who originally approved the atheist group’s booth and accepted a check for their sponsorship and entry cancelled it after they received validated information that the group was going to try to disrupt the event. An event where over 3000 people were going to be in a relatively small area. Good call. The Left spins it as “Atheist Kept from CPAC.” Isn’t that what they always do? No real argument. The full truth won’t work for them, so they spin it a little to aggravate their base. It’s the equivalent to, if you’re losing the game flip the board.

I also heard that gays and lesbians were not welcome, really? One of my interns and helpers is a lesbian. (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, I may get thrown out of the conservative playground.) Did I know before they started? No! Why? Because, contrary to popular belief, our applications don’t ask if you are gay, lesbian, transgender, black, Asian or anything other than a white heterosexual. Oh, and, we don’t care. As long as you can do the job.

And once again, the Left starts to lose the argument… time to flip the board!
In years gone by, the Left had infiltrated the group, by lying. In 2012, a large group of far-left progressives bought into premium seats as being part of a “conservative magazine group.” The whole goal was to disrupt the keynote speaker. When the speaker started, about 50 of these “liars” got up to protest. In response, over 400 people in the room started shouting USA and the “liars” were drowned out. Desperation really makes for fools doesn’t it?

Many of the Left can’t accept anything someone like me has to say… at all… ever. They are so opposed to any conservative idea that without even checking out the facts and the inability to control their tongues, they come out and try to invalidate any and all conservative points. Doesn’t that really help us come together as a country and a people? No, not really.

Their argument is losing steam. Americans are starting to do their own homework.

By the way, as a point of fact, it was the Left, the progressive Democrats, the “big tent” party that started, supported, and funded the KKK. I guess the easiest way to get out of an uncomfortable situation (or history) is to deflect and blame someone else. They are very good at it.

In my 3 days at CPAC, I found out that over 50% of those in attendance were students! (Not old white guys!) About half of “Radio Row” were “Other than White” (did I just create a new classification “OTW”?) As I looked around the room when Sarah Palin was speaking, was it a majority “white” yes. Was there a sea of OTW’s? Yes!

When Ben Carson, Al Cardenas, Ted Cruz, John Barraso, Bobby Jindal, Tim Scott and the many panels that had OTW’s on them, the same sea of people was there. That really confused me. For a group supposedly made up of old, white, bigoted, homophobic racists who exclude anyone who isn’t like them, there sure was a lot of OTW’s there to address the crowd! And they were well-received! Shocked? I wasn’t.

You see the reality is that we don’t care. We don’t care what color you are, who you sleep with, or where you came from. When I got on the plane I didn’t check to see if the pilot was black, homosexual, gay, straight, or even a Christian. I only cared that he could fly the plane.

Conservatives care that you can do the job and that you are adhering to our laws. We want you to have been given the same opportunities that everyone else has and expect that you will respect my freedom as much as you want me to respect yours. We also expect that you will take responsibility for your own errors and missteps, and work to make them right.

Be a good American… black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight, short, tall, large, small… we don’t care. Just do the right thing.

America, you better wake up or lose your country.

  • sha49tn

    And don’t try to FORCE us to accept your beliefs & view points!

  • General “Black Jack” Pershing

    The homosexaI presence is way over rated, the 2010 census proved that the homosexuaI community is only at best half a percent that is 0.55% of the population. One estimate is only 0.37%, and if the embrace the democrats, they may will soon be decimated with the institution of Shariah law that encourages the stoning of homosexuaIs. So if the vote left they are creating their own doom.

  • Wondering Woman

    Kudo’s! Well said, Joe.

  • DH

    “You see the reality is that we don’t care. We don’t care what color you are, who you sleep with, or where you came from.”
    I believe you when you say that, but I think those being elected may not have gotten the memo.
    Legislation and attempted legislation tells a different story.

  • Susan

    It is such a canard to think “Virtue” and Character doesn’t matter. Evil people should NOT be allowed to hold public office which requires Truth.

    You shouldn’t compare evil degrading “behaviors” to Race. Sodomy uses human beings as Objects which is always evil—-which is as dehumanizing as slavery. To “pretend” behaviors don’t matter—is saying—well, if you have slaves or have a thing for boytoys like Geffen—then we trust you with our little boys (like the harem boys in Afghanistan).

    Such BS to erase morality from a “Justice” (virtue) System—which created the greatest country in the history of man. Both parties are FLIPPING Good and Evil and ERASING CHristian Ethics—-the most Reasoned and most brilliant ideology on the face of the earth.

    I don’t mind Atheists if they believe in Natural Law (like Ayn Rand)—-The Design is Nature—even if they don’t believe in the Designer—they can still use Reason and Logic and understand Virtue.

    There is no Reason in sodomizing others. It is an irrational and creates arbitrary law which is unconstitutional. All Laws have to be Reasoned—and not based on base urges which destroy Reason and Natural Law (bases of US Legal system). Ejecting Reason is Rule of Man—–not Rule of Law. It is the slippery slope to Marxism and just using human beings as Godless animals–a “Means to an End”.