I don’t think a box of candy and flowers is going to make up for this one.

Quite possibly the worst Valentine gift ever… having your boyfriend post one of your least flattering photos on eBay and put you up for auction with the title of “Old Woman.”

Can anyone else top that? Keep it clean, please…

You can read more about it here.

Photo Credit MS Office ClipArt

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Tammy Messina
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    I have friends at church that I share work duties with. They are both elderly and in love like time stands still. When her first language vs English misses a word to explain a thought, see says, “Papa, how do you say….?” And he gentle says “…., Momma”. With love and tenderness for each other. I on the other hand a mere 70, would sell his golf clubs and he’d be happy I didn’t give his gun collection away.