Wednesday, May 25, 2016


As always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream

Torching police cars isn't a's a riot! AND... David Goss from talks about his inspiration for dating along political lines. Trump isn't even president yet and he's already creating jobs! #Protesters!

Donald Trump's numbers are surging again. This time, a 36 point increase in the millennial vote. Why? AND... A British elementary school eliminates whistles for fear of "harming" children's sensitivities. What will the next generation need by the time they get to college?
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Beware of the Book, Book Bans

Oregon approved the new Franken-science that is Common Core aligned a couple years ago, after much objection from certain parents who were actually paying attention to what was happening. The new standards definitely push man’s role as being the driving force behind climate change. It also pretty much scares the devil out of kids, making them believe that the planet will spontaneously combust one day because they once used hairspray.
Clinton Crime Foundation

The Clinton Foundation has been nicknamed the Clinton Crime Family or the Clinton Crime Foundation because of the scandals surrounding the organization. How is this not on the nightly news? Remember when journalism was real and we held our leaders to a higher standard? That memory is quickly fading, covered by media bias and political agendas.
Confederate Flag

Now that the Confederate States Army Flag and “Dixie” are all but gone, that’s still not enough. The Citadel is being challenged again to take the flag down from the inside of the chapel or face the loss of federal funding for the ROTC program – at least that’s the request from US Rep. Jim Clyburn (Dem). In a statement Clyburn said:
Virtual Reality Headset, Samsung

So let's just boil this down... She was hoping to prove an association between "trait anxiety" (inherent fears and phobias) and resistance to accepting the social justice agenda. That didn't work out so well. No correlation. (Hey, we keep telling them it isn't a matter of fear!) But she did manage to draw a correlation between religious persons and social justice leanings.
Bill Clinton Sex Scandals, Donald Trump, Commercial

Donald Trump's numbers are surging again. This time, a 36 point increase in the millennial vote. Why? The new ad he posted on social media revisiting Bill Clinton's infidelities and Hillary's complicit coverup. Seems millennials have a moral compass. Nobody likes being abused or cheated on.

“Until Bethany Community Church and ‘Pastor Nick’ honors his commitment to stop carelessly harming us in this way, we are asking participants to think about the effects of consciously and deliberately harming our families and community through their actions,” the union wrote on an inflammatory poster titled, “What God Hurts Innocent People?”
Donald Trump, Bathing Suit, Bill Clinton, Girlfriends

NY Times attacks Donald Trump but ignores Bill Clinton’s indiscretions. Media bias? That's OUTRAGEOUS! Political cartoon by A.F.Branco at ComicallyIncorrect
Target Transgender Bathroom Policy, Flush Target Campaign, Video Still

The Minnesota-based “Flush Target” activist group dropped a devastating video ad against big-box retailer Target last week that did a terrific job educating Americans about the risks associated with the company’s absurd transgender bathroom policy. “Any man at any time could enter a women’s bathroom simply by claiming to be a woman that day...
Safe Space, University, College

Millennials. Coming soon to a workplace near you. Get ready. They will tell you what they are and how to speak to them. And if you offend them, you're probably going to need to give them a "safe space"... and I doubt the unemployment line will be an option because they will all be in a "protected class"!
Trump Supporters, Black Female, Executive, Lynn Patton, Video Still

Have you noticed that every single Republican presidential candidate is painted as a racist — and they almost never strike back to defend themselves? Well, they’re at it again — this time with Donald Trump. Here one of his staff speaking out...