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No more clapping in school assemblies. Instead... there will be "silent cheers." Why? AND... Jesse Watters asks people what they find offensive. How are we even supposed to have a conversation with these folks? AND... Writer & radio host, Michael Hausam says Donald Trump is from a different part of collectivist island than Bernie is...

The one thing Ivanka Trump said that's making Liberal heads explode. AND... Viral video of woman being arrested while claiming to be "an Article 4 free inhabitant" according to the Articles of Confederation. AND... Pollster Frank Luntz predicts Trump will pull ahead of Hillary by next week. What do you think?

Prayers go out to the folks in Munich, Germany who have been affected by the shootings at the Olympic mall. AND... Media mogul Xander Gibb shares his view of the RNC, thumbs up or thumbs down. And the shooting in Munich, refugees, and gays.
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Donald Trump, Smug Smile, I Got This

Rush Limbaugh’s explanation for Trump inviting Cruz to speak is classic

Trump used the opportunity to unite everyone behind him and give the audience a genuine opportunity to respond. And they did. As did everyone else.
Irans Deal Of The Century

More lies about the Iran Deal… yes, it matters, and you should be concerned

Obama's Iran Deal: n fact, this is the 3rd such hidden Truth that has unveiled itself. Focus people. Stop the in-fighting over ‪Cruz‬ or ‪‎Trump‬! That's done. ‪Hillary‬ will do exponentially worse than Obama to place us in harms way. Focus people. Focus!
Kathy Barnette

One thing they have in common… it’s Islam

Don't be silenced by political correctness. If you see something, or in this case, hear something... say something. If what someone is saying isn't true, you need to speak up. This is how you share truth with anyone. Don't allow others to keep spreading lies.
Donald Trump, Mike Pence

#TrumpPence16: It’s official!

It seems like it took FOREVER to get to this point where the Republican ticket has it's official Party nominee and running mate, Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence. As a bystander and interested observer, this was the longest and most painful primary I've ever seen. And I would NEVER have predicted this outcome.
Millenials, Safe Space, Campus, Combat

Local university students needs “safe space” from RNC & police officers

At some point, the university must have decided even the "safe space" was not going to be sufficient in preventing trauma to students and faculty, so they decided to shut down operations on campus. Oh, did I mention, the campus dormitories were being used to house all the extra law enforcement brought in to monitor the RNC? I guess a "safe space" just wasn't going to do it for these folks. Remember when having 100's of police officers around actually made people feel safer?
Thin Blue Line Flag, Firetruck

Firefighters forced to remove police flag to avoid inciting violence

And here we have another story that'll make you shake your head and say "What is happening to our country?" Since when does displaying a flag in support of police incite violence?? Apparently... since NOW!
Hate Cops, Call a Crackhead, Billboard

WHAT is happening to our country?!?! Hate cops… call a crackhead!

Muncie, Indiana resident says billboard is "vulgar," "discriminatory," and "dividing." What did it say? "Hate cops? The next time you need help, call a crackhead." Hmmm... I'm thinking she needs a new dictionary.
Police Force

Harvard Study: There Is No Racial Bias In Police Shootings

People need to remember that the police are here to serve and protect them. Police are not something to afraid of. In fact, many cops risk their lives to protect white, African Americans, Latinos, and the rest of the US population because All Lives Matter.
Gary Johnson

Is the threat of Radical Islam REALLY “overblown”, Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson, as many other political leaders, needs to understand that the cause of these attacks is Radical Islam. It is the common denominator that affects everyone, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.
Marsha Blackburn

Congresswoman Denounces Illegal Activities of the Clinton Foundation

The main objective of most foundations is philanthropy. And because their funds benefit the public, they can apply for a tax exemption. But Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Foundation seems to have a different objective.
Trump, ISIS Recruitment Tool

Trump ISIS

Hillary calls Trump ISIS’s best recruitment tool. Maybe so.
Sheriff David Clark, Don Lemon, CNN, Video Still

Sheriff Clarke: CNN Host can’t see connection between cop-killings & BLM

Sheriff David Clarke tries to explain to CNN's Don Lemon the connection between the recent rash of cop-killings and the Black Lives Matter movement. Saying it didn't go well would be putting it mildly...
Pastor Mark Burns, Harvest Praise And Worship Center, Video Still

RNC: GOP still puts God front and center

The Republican National Convention opened today with presentation of our National Colors, the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, and... a Rabbi opened in prayer asking God for guidance, before proceeding to the business at hand. In case you were wondering... the GOP still puts God front and center.
Rudy Giuliani At RNC, CSPAN, Video Still

Rudy Giuliani: What happened to America?!

Did you hear Rudy Giuliani's speech at the RNC? It was the most inspiring, fired-up speech I've heard in a LONG time! He asks "What happened to America?!" He left no stone unturned when it comes to National Security. Twitter lit up during and after.
Refugees Welcome, CodePink At RNC, CSPAN, Video Still

CodePink at RNC: Refugees Welcome

While it may seem like Republicans are against helping refugees, what they're really against is allowing a mass influx of refugees from terrorist harboring and terrorist training countries without properly vetting them. It's not a lack of compassion for fellow humans. It's a matter of national security. Our first priority is to secure Americans. Then we can judiciously accept those refugees and who qualify for entry and say... Welcome Refugees!
Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: An American in Israel plea – Please Unite Our Party, Support Trump!

We can't afford another 4 years of an Obama Administration. You know, and we all know, if Hillary Clinton gets in office, I truly feel there will be more Islamic terror attacks. Ted Cruz implore you to be the one to unite us all and help Make America Great Again.

It’s Black, White, and Blue!

Mr. Obama, if you don’t ratchet up your support for the police and call for your ”leaders” the Sharpton’s and the Jackson’s of the world to go out and denounce the violence then shame on you!
truck dash

Trucks Kill: We don’t need “weapons of war” on our streets

So whether it's the SUV, the gun, or the truck, they can never seem to blame the person. With SUV's, their agenda was to ban them due to size and fuel efficiency. With guns, they want an all out ban but can't quite say that out loud. Now we have the truck, America's lifeblood, acting out on it's own, or so it seems if you're sitting at a desk in an American newsroom.


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