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As always, we’ll be covering current events, including those weird news items that you may not have heard or read in the mainstream media accounts. Be sure to tune in!

Looks like Bernie supporters are moving over to the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. That's what happens when you lock a big chunk of your party out of the convention! AND... USA Radio News reporter, Jason Wert says what the media is reporting on the DNC is NOTHING like what's actually happening there! What mainstream...

Maryland AG Marilyn Mosby finally drops the cases against remaining Baltimore cops that she was just SURE were guilty. AND... Our mad black man from Baltimore, Corey Prez Duncan asks ... Marilyn Mosby, are you a prosecutor or an activist? Prosecutors don't get to decide what the outcome is supposed to be. AND...Corey says he...
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The protest the DNC doesn’t want you to see

After the silent protest, the Sanders supporters stayed for almost 90 minutes, speaking about why they feel they were cheated by the Democratic National Committee and why many of them are going to support Green Party candidate Jill Stein in November.
Mother and daughter speaking out at DNC

Hillary & DNC prove its OK to break the law!

Clinton not only supported the illegals in their law breaking but also set an example for the future. It is clear that Clinton has no regard for U.S. immigration laws. This sets a clear image of the types of policies she would enforce as president.
Kathy Barnette, Video Still

Islamist attacks AGAIN & our leaders are clueless… [VIDEO]

is it OK to simply place an individual with known terrorist activities on "house arrest"... with an ankle bracelet for tracking that allows them freedom to roam certain areas at certain times of the day, but requires them to be at home during certain hours?
Hillary Clinton

Democrats Caught Mocking America: Don’t Apologize, Blame Putin

The truth is this… Vladimir Putin and the Russians simply hacked the DNC. Putin didn’t promise a fair campaign and then simultaneously and secretly work to screw Bernie Sanders and help Hillary Clinton get nominated. Russia didn’t pay young voters to vote for Hillary in online polls, or to comment negatively against Bernie on those pages.
Palestinian Flag at DNC

How can we ignore that the Left is anti-Israel?

Bernie Sanders speaks out at Democratic Convention, endorses Hillary Clinton and urges party to "pull to the left". While Sanders has been called out for being anti-Semitic despite being Jewish, the convention had no American flags present, as progressives for Palestine held up theirs.
Approaching WW3

What the Left didn’t learn from Vietnam

Recalling the bloodbath in Vietnam, a Navy Seal critiques the continuous poor military strategies and the lessons that the Left didn't learn. He states "...war is here, you don’t have to find it.” Thanks, Liberals.
President Obama

Are we really “living in the most peaceful” era, Mr. President?

Apparently, the president lives in a different world than the rest of us. Because in this world, even though states are not fighting against each other, many countries such Germany, France, and Afghanistan were subjected to violent terrorist attacks this week alone.
Hillary Clinton

Next WikiLeak might get Hillary arrested

After all the information about Hillary's dirty dealings published on WikiLeaks, it is not surprising that she was so interested in prosecuting Wikileaks since the 2010 U.S. embassy cables scandal.
blue lives don't matter

Is justice served when Blue Lives Don’t Matter?

Doesn't this sound like the typical hypocrisy of the Left? It's "offensive" and not politically correct when all Muslims are to blame for radical Islamic terror. Yet, all cops are a reflection of a "broken" system?
Gang Member

Gang targets Trump Hispanic supporters

Who knows what impact the MS–13 could have on voters November 8th. These violent threats from the MS-13 gang only encourage the immigration policies that Trump wants to implement. Although some people may argue that they may be too drastic, if they can prevent criminals who threaten democracy from entering the country, suddenly they don't sound so harsh now... right?
Black And White, Kids Hands, Race, Racism

Ending racism starts with required diversity courses

By making diversity courses a core requirement, Hamilton College is placing these courses on the same level of importance as English and Mathematics...If the college is so concerned about promoting a loving, caring environment on campus, why not mandate school-wide prayer? Or is that forcing religion down people’s throats?
Lincoln University

Historically black school to ban History major!

The university is ultimately saying that a history major is useless…right…because it's not like John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, or George W, former Presidents of the United States, didn’t major in history!

Dating Preferences: Conservatives vs. Liberals

With such opposite standards for dating, no wonder the study also reveals that 50% of the users of this website claim that would not date someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum. Can you blame them?

How much Kool-Aid does it take?

All the major networks, NBC, CBS, ABC have been caught doctoring video and documents to make Republicans

Dems disdain for the law shines!

Obama, Hillary, Pelosi the swamp got worse under them. Obama has ignored supreme court rulings and set a new way of doing business for the government.
Syrian Rebels Behead Boy

US-backed Islamists brutally behead child in Syria

In the video, the Islamists taunt him with "sexual" touching and also abusive grabs of his hair, yanking his head back. In the full-length video, which I have personally seen, and originally posted by the "opposition" group, the Islamists are shown taking selfies while abusing the boy and tormenting him, and telling him that they are going to behead him.
See Something Say Something, Chicago, Billboard, Muslim, Pakistani

Muslim Brotherhood group discourages Muslims from talking to FBI

With this reaction and lack of support for The Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook, CAIR only confirms that they are a pro-terrorist association and that the FBI and US Attorney’s Office are right by naming it a Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas group.
President Obama

Obama: Police need to “Admit there’s a problem”

President Obama believes that there is something wrong with the police. It is disturbing that President Obama thinks that in order to speak against the criminal justice system, violence should be expected.


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