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Joe has prerecorded a Thanksgiving Day show just for you. Guests and Sponsors Join Joe to discuss Thanksgiving memories and what it means to them! I promise some feel Good stories!

David Fischer CEO Of Landmark Capital joins Joe to discuss Global markets

Since the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy, three theories have been forwarded as the involvement of Lee Harvey Oswald: that he was a lone assassin, as the Warren Commission claimed; that Oswald was a part of a vast, complex conspiracy to kill the sitting president, as those who reject the Warren repor
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SarahKSilverman, Tweet

PROOF: Civil discourse with Hollywood exists on Twitter! You can do it too…

But I would like to take this time to thank Sarah for a decent debate, and I encourage everyone to apply this tactic of consideration for others. You may be amazed how it turns out.

FBI Never Verified Trump Dossier, Still Went After Campaign

FBI Never Verified Trump Dossier, Still Went After Campaign

Pelosi opens mouth inserts foot – she is becoming an expert at this!

Nancy Pelosi Says Tax Cuts Never Create Jobs, Both JFK And Reagan Prove She Is Wrong

N.H. Democrats revel in 2017 victories at Kennedy-Clinton fundraiser!

N.H. Democrats revel in 2017 victories at Kennedy-Clinton fundraiser


America, and especially California, has done a great disservice to the many immigrants who come to America for opportunity by not properly teaching and requiring a use of our common language of English.

California’s Gun Control “Success”

California’s Gun Control “Success”

The Sardonic attack against Judge Roy Moore 

The enemies of Judge Roy Moore have proven themselves very adept at conflating the charges of enticement and harassment of one minor into an account of Judge Moore having had immoral relationships with three other young women.

RA claims Catholic school tried to make him promote LGBTQ Mixer

A group of universities recently joined up to host an “LGBTQ Mixer,” and at least one Catholic institution allegedly required resident assistants to advertise the event in their dorms.

Students attempt to annihilate Aztec mascot

The Native American Student Alliance at San Diego State University has attempted for the second time in six months to do away with the school's Aztec mascot.

Student op-ed: Outdoor clubs are too white

Student op-ed: Outdoor clubs are too white

Jerry Brown’s Climate Crusade: What A Nightmare For The Poor

Jerry Brown's Climate Crusade: What A Nightmare For The Poor

Moore accuser paid? Maybe!

Judge Roy Moore's accusers may have been paid off

Marijuana’s Enigma

Marijuana prices will climb in California due to taxes and demand... This will spawn a black market to circumvent the taxes levied on marijuana. History has that nasty tendency to repeat itself and look no further back than the moonshiners and revenuers for the unintended consequences. Taxpayers will foot the bill for these additional law enforcement costs. The politicians will not see the tax revenues that they expect to see.

Medicare Madness … there HAS to be a better way

I believe it’s time for America to provide health care for every tax paying citizen. No forms or bureaucracy, just a health care card and access to any doctor, hospital or wellness clinic. Government will NOT be the solution, as it’s a major part of the health care problem.
Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Hillary Clinton

Is U.S. backing Saudi Prince bin Salman who just made himself dictator and is...

At Trump’s mid-east summit, Saudi Arabian speakers repeatedly made Iran out to be the ultimate villain and ultimate supporter of terrorism, but Saudi Arabia is equally a villain and also a massive supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism worldwide.
Sean Hannity

Media Matters: Stop with the bully tactics trying to silence Hannity

Liberals have overly used the Nazi label, but if you do the proper research, you will see that it was Nazis who censored the media. That's something to think about as you try to silence Mr. Hannity's voice on the air.

Dont throw away those nude pictures of yourself!

Facebook Wants You To Send The Company Nude Pictures Of Yourself For “Safety”
Bernie Sanders

Hows that Socialism working out in Venezuela Bernie?

Hey, Bernie, Who's The 'Banana Republic' Now? Venezuela's Inflation Rate Over 2600%.


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Tonight we are going to discuss JFK's assasination from a "Conspiracy " and a non Conspiracy perspective ... Did Oswald act alone of did he have LOTS of help! and Some pre-Thanksgiving greetings from guests and sponsors.... ... See MoreSee Less

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