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Sunday, October 22, 2017


Are you going to the Social Justice Film Festival? AND... Evan Sayet says at a certain point, Liberals will start to lose people. We're at that point. Reducing HIV criminality and making CA a sanctuary state is only the beginning. AND... You've got to tip your hat to the women who tried to blow the...

Diapers, bubbles offend students at Kent State University anti-safe space event. AND... Underage illegal alien teen denied abortion in Texas without an adult sponsor. AND... Wayne Allyn Root discuss taxes, healthcare and more... Trump needs to assign a special prosecutor for EVERY single scandal. It doesn't matter how many there are.

California activists are trying to overturn the 145-year ban on prostitution. AND... Xander Gibb asks, where are the Conservative warriors on social media? We need backup over here! What are Conservatives saying that Facebook and Twitter don't want people to hear? When I was a Democrat and used to hear the term "gay Republican" I...
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College Professor gets it right!

College Prof Sends Epic Message To Class – ‘Get Out Of My Class And Leave America…’

Professor says women arent feeling the oppression enough!

Prof frets that female students don't feel oppressed enough

Are Smartphones REALLY killing us?

Amid a historic spike in U.S. traffic fatalities, federal data on the danger of distracted driving are getting worse.

Free speech toooo hard to enforce?

A recent survey of bias response team administrators reveals that the “need to balance protecting free speech with creating an inclusive campus environment” presents them with “conflicting interests.”
David Weissman, U.S. Army, Veteran, Soldier

US Army Veteran: Stop politicizing the Military!

Democrats, I am really getting tired of your games. Stop using the Military and Veterans to take down our beloved Commander in Chief who is doing more than any Democrats in office have done. Leave our men and women who selflessly serve so you have the freedoms that you have now out of your political games. They deserve so much more than that.
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There is a story… and… It starts off that there was an incredible piece of land connected by dirt, mountains and hills with 47 other...
Abortion On Demand Sign, Planned Parenthood

Pro-Choice supporters rip down Pro-Life signs of Catholic Campus

“Even though [Loyola] is labeled as a Catholic school, there are many faculty and students who are not welcoming to students who want to express their Catholic faith,” he said.

Its True there was Russian collusion! But it was Obama!

FBI Discovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama & Hillary Approved Nuke Deal with Putin-led Nation

OUT OF CONTROL – Marching Band leaves Field for Anthem!

SHAME! Marching Band Walks Off Field During National Anthem


The Democratic Party and many of its members, including Hillary Clinton, abound with liberal hypocrisy and yet are too blinded by their agendas to realize it.

Obama in Trouble? House Ramping Up Probe of Unmasking Scandal

Obama in Trouble? House Ramping Up Probe of Unmasking Scandal

NSA planted at Facebook?

Facebook decides it needs employees with national security clearances to spot trolls

I’m Guilty!

Bergdahl was facing desertion charges stemming from a 2009 incident in which he walked off his post in Afghanistan and was later captured by the Taliban.

No Christmas gifts for Kunis’ Kids! BUT I agree!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Won’t Be Putting Any Presents Under the Tree for Their Kids

Hooray for Hollywood: Celebrating sexual deviants for decades!

We have created an environment where immorality is no longer embarrassing and may even win you an Oscar. And saving yourself for your future wife or husband or serving your God is foolish and ignorant and you are ridiculed.

Michelle shouted “I’m Free” when she left the White House!

Here Are The 2 Words Michelle Uttered After Leaving White House For Final Time

Conservatives have NO RIGHT to free speech?

Princeton op-ed: Conservatives have no right to free speech

Democrat Billionaire wants to buy an election to impeach Trump!



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