Sunday, October 23, 2016


A Liberal says dismembering unborn babies is humane. In a Congressional hearing they're arguing over whether or not ripping limbs off a baby is a humane way to kill it. AND... Michael Hausam, Host of Haus Rules radio show and our resident Libertarian joins Joe to talk adoption, racism, the Alt-Right, and raising a mixed...

Getting gold stars at school for doing what you're supposed to do. Right or wrong? Is this part of the problem? AND... Joe will deal with the hypocrisies of both Obama and Hillary! Wikileaks documents show that even Hillary's inner circle are concerned about her character and inability to show remorse or apologize. AND... Obamacare...

Joe talks about the responses he gets when he wears his OMG (Obama Must Go) t-shirt. AND... Xander Gibb host of X-Rad radio show says, we're churning out the next generation of the most mamby-pamby, snowflake individuals with this false doctrine of safe spaces and microaggressions. AND... De Paul University, a Catholic college, allows BlackLivesMatter...
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Team Hillary Ridicules Catholics, Latinos, and Bernie Supporters in Latest Email Leak

But the Clinton campaign doesn’t just hate Team Trump- a new email leak reveals that Hillary’s team of progressive snobs ridicule anyone holding personal beliefs contrary to their political agenda.
The Clinton
President Obama

Obama Tells Trump to “Stop Whining” – REALLY?

“I have never seen, in my lifetime or in modern political history, any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place,” Obama added.

How the Clinton Machine Programs the Media Against Trump!

CNN leftist Brian Stelter lighted on a way to attack GOP nominee Donald Trump by insisting he is ruining the United States with his warning about massive Democrat vote fraud. Stelter maintained that Trump’s warning is “dangerous” to American democracy.

The Clinton-Kremlin-Qatar connection

Why would she do that? Does she realize there is no hope that she will prevail in the upcoming election and she and Slick are simply feathering their nest for retirement?
there's a planet in my kitchen

#MAGA3x: There’s A Planet In My Kitchen

"The Media is the message". McLuhan prophetically explained that the media itself affects our society. For example, a story on a news channel about any particular crime has nothing to do with the actual crime. Instead, the news story has everything to do with manipulating a change in public attitude towards the crime.
Silence, Free Speech, 1st Amendment

Another university limits students’ freedom of speech

James Madison University recently distributed to its student leaders a list of 35 phrases that students should avoid.
Blue Lives Matter rally

Officer victim of the war against police force

Although it is true that some police officers may abuse their authority, most of them risk their lives every day to protect their countrymen. It is terrible that are afraid of being judged as abusive officers and refuse to defend themselves from violent criminals. An officer and two colleagues were hospitalized, but how many more police officers must suffer because of the war against them?
I Stand with Planned Parenthood, Bryan Caforio, anti Steve Knight, Ad, Commercial, video still

DNC TV Commercials are bunk

There are and will be no bills before Congress which will outlaw or interfere with “women’s rights” on abortion. The Congress, in fact, has no legitimate constitutional authority to consider such laws. Nor does Congress have any influence on the appointment of judges who might influence legal outcomes.

The DEMS continue to try and twist History!

“Sean, Abraham Lincoln is long dead. Let’s talk about the current Republican nominee,” Reid said. “I think the reason African-Americans have civil rights is because African-Americans fought for them.”

Feminist “Being masculine is toxic”

Apparently feeling masculine leads to violence, REALLY!

Iowa state will decide whether its a religious activity!

Last Friday a federal district judge ruled that a new Iowa law that allows the state to decide what is a religious activity and what isnt for the purposes of human rights violations is legal....
RNC, Seal, Logo, GOP, Republican

Republican HQ firebombed

Just this weekend, a North Carolinian Republican headquarter was firebombed and vandalized. It is unfortunate that the freedom that characterized America is in jeopardy. When a party headquarter is attacked by its opponents it shows that citizens are no longer able to support a candidate or political party with liberty.

Ecuador stops WikiLeaks

“The Government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states. It does not interfere in external electoral processes, nor does it favor any particular candidate,”

Reporters Taking Marching Orders From Hillary Clinton!

The event was an April 10 cocktail party for leading news figures and top-level Clinton staff at the Upper East Side home of Clinton strategist Joel Benenson, a fully off-the-record gathering designed to impart the campaign’s messaging:
Saudi Arabia flag

Catholic Spring: Hillary’s war on our faith

Muslim Spring it is where the grass roots rise up to overthrow
Lies and tuth

Syria: Americans are being lied to… PROPAGANDA!

I’ve received countless messages regarding various media reports about Syria, asking me whether there’s any truth in them. Most are the same repeated lies and propaganda, so I'm answering the most frequent questions in one article.
Teaching Class

Change of Tennessee’s Education Curriculum Accused of Islamophobia

The Council on American-Islamic Relations recently (CAIR) says proposed new Tennessee education curriculum for the 2019-20 academic year is Islamophobic.
Syrian hospital, bombed, Al-Kindi

Hospitals are NOT being targeted by the Syrian Army

The Free Syrian Army are "terrorists" and should not be called "opposition". But Western media calls them "opposition" to mislead you into thinking they are the good guys -- that the West should support them.


Who won the final debate?

  • Chris Wallace (15%, 21 Votes)
  • Donald Trump (51%, 71 Votes)
  • Hillary Clinton (34%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 140

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