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Hillary's greatest hits. She says she's been as honest as she can be. That's not saying much. Even Obama, in 2008, said she'd say anything to get elected. AND... Writer and HausRules radio host Michael Hausam breaks down the DNC and declares Bernie Sanders the REAL winner. The things that Hillary had to say to...

If we can't disagree about politics and still have a civilized conversation, what does that say about us? AND... Elizabeth Warren denounces Republicans for taking Wall Street money, but when asked about Hillary taking that same money, she chokes. AND... Bernie Sanders supporters confronts Donald Trump supporters. AND... How do Christians justify joining a "club"...

Did you hear what Michelle Obama said about Hillary? AND... Has there ever been a person with a heartwarming story from the White House about Bill & Hillary? AND... Media mogul Xander Gibb recaps the DNC - Obama's speech and the number of celebrities in attendance at the DNC. AND... If you want to feel...
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Stay Home, Hillary Clinton

Useful non-voters

Hillary is very thankful for conservatives who stay home because of Trump.
DNC, Mothers Of The Movement

Did Hillary use mothers of gun violence victims as a campaign prop?

McBrath spoke against the criminal justice system, but her son’s shooter was convicted of first degree murdered. Does that show flaws in the system? Actually, it doesn’t. It reveals that the system does work and those who commit a crime face the consequences of their actions.
Blue Lives Matter rally

Why the Left doesn’t care about Blue Lives

Although the act is meant to be a reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement, it is important to note that the two acts should not negate each other. It is clear that both the black community and law enforcement have had tragedies in 2016.
Teleprompter with pledge, Dinesh D'Souza, DNC 2016

How unpatriotic can the Left be?

Photo posted on Twitter reveals a teleprompter with the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. Democratic delegates seem to not be able to recite their countries pledge. People quickly reacted on Twitter.
Josh Holt, Venezuela, Spy

UPDATED: Venezuela imprisons Utah man on charges of spying… on his honeymoon

Finding the love of his life, Josh Holt and his new bride went on a honeymoon June 30th to Caracas, Venezuela only to find himself jailed for spying. According to Venezuelan news agency Notisur24 the arrest came after Josh failed to stop for police. In a search of the room Josh and his bride were staying in, police say they found guns and a grenade!
Bike Cops For Kids, Mentoring

Black Lives Mentored: Reaching kids before they reach for guns

Being able to lead by example a life other than what these kids see daily on the streets, mentoring can bring results in only a few short years. A 10-year-old taught discipline with respect today will be more likely to exhibit these traits as a teen.
Donald Trump

Obama appointees… You’re FIRED! is important to change the civil service laws so appointees would not be able to keep their job in a new administration. Moreover, governor Christie explained how this has been a problem for past administrations: "It's called burrowing," Christie said. "You take them from the political appointee side into the civil service side, in order to try to set up ... roadblocks for your successor..." (Donald Trump)
Hillary Clinton

Are Facebook and Twitter controlled by the DNC?

It seems that some social media platforms are taking sides with the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton by not allowing their users to comment against her. So much for free speech and fair elections.
DNC, Silent Protest, Bernie Sanders, Media

The protest the DNC doesn’t want you to see

After the silent protest, the Sanders supporters stayed for almost 90 minutes, speaking about why they feel they were cheated by the Democratic National Committee and why many of them are going to support Green Party candidate Jill Stein in November.
Mother and daughter speaking out at DNC

Hillary & DNC prove its OK to break the law!

Clinton not only supported the illegals in their law breaking but also set an example for the future. It is clear that Clinton has no regard for U.S. immigration laws. This sets a clear image of the types of policies she would enforce as president.
Kathy Barnette, Video Still

Islamist attacks AGAIN & our leaders are clueless… [VIDEO]

is it OK to simply place an individual with known terrorist activities on "house arrest"... with an ankle bracelet for tracking that allows them freedom to roam certain areas at certain times of the day, but requires them to be at home during certain hours?
Hillary Clinton

Democrats Caught Mocking America: Don’t Apologize, Blame Putin

The truth is this… Vladimir Putin and the Russians simply hacked the DNC. Putin didn’t promise a fair campaign and then simultaneously and secretly work to screw Bernie Sanders and help Hillary Clinton get nominated. Russia didn’t pay young voters to vote for Hillary in online polls, or to comment negatively against Bernie on those pages.
Palestinian Flag at DNC

How can we ignore that the Left is anti-Israel?

Bernie Sanders speaks out at Democratic Convention, endorses Hillary Clinton and urges party to "pull to the left". While Sanders has been called out for being anti-Semitic despite being Jewish, the convention had no American flags present, as progressives for Palestine held up theirs.
Approaching WW3

What the Left didn’t learn from Vietnam

Recalling the bloodbath in Vietnam, a Navy Seal critiques the continuous poor military strategies and the lessons that the Left didn't learn. He states "...war is here, you don’t have to find it.” Thanks, Liberals.
President Obama

Are we really “living in the most peaceful” era, Mr. President?

Apparently, the president lives in a different world than the rest of us. Because in this world, even though states are not fighting against each other, many countries such Germany, France, and Afghanistan were subjected to violent terrorist attacks this week alone.
Hillary Clinton

Next WikiLeak might get Hillary arrested

After all the information about Hillary's dirty dealings published on WikiLeaks, it is not surprising that she was so interested in prosecuting Wikileaks since the 2010 U.S. embassy cables scandal.
blue lives don't matter

Is justice served when Blue Lives Don’t Matter?

Doesn't this sound like the typical hypocrisy of the Left? It's "offensive" and not politically correct when all Muslims are to blame for radical Islamic terror. Yet, all cops are a reflection of a "broken" system?
Gang Member

Gang targets Trump Hispanic supporters

Who knows what impact the MS–13 could have on voters November 8th. These violent threats from the MS-13 gang only encourage the immigration policies that Trump wants to implement. Although some people may argue that they may be too drastic, if they can prevent criminals who threaten democracy from entering the country, suddenly they don't sound so harsh now... right?


Was Sanders Screwed by the DNC

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