Here's the latest assault on faith... Scientists seek to prove belief in God is caused by brain damage. I guess that means I'm in trouble! Socialist Venezuela is running out of food. How can that be? There's always plenty to go around in socialism, right?...

Wait?! Homicides are down? How can that be, with gun sales up? Obama fact-check. AND...Media mogul, Xander Gibb joins the convo talking current events, university brainwashing, rape culture, political parties, uncivilized discourse, ...

The problem with most churches in America is, they have no spine! God's Word doesn't change! God is pro-life. And... History is not the enemy, but it's under attack. Especially the Civil War. Now the museum is taking heat for a new weapons display....
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Crime on the rise in Europe - Is it because of...

  • crime is going up everywhere (8%, 11 Votes)
  • Bad policing (22%, 29 Votes)
  • Refugees (70%, 93 Votes)

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This weekend we remember the Presidents like Washington and Lincoln who came before us and helped establish our country. Some of us may also...
Bend Over America, Obama, protester

So, illegals illegally signed up for Obamacare and illegally took credits they weren't legally entitled to and received services they weren't legally entitled to and now our U.S. government is telling them it's illegal to keep that money and expect the illegals to give it back?
Bashar Al-Assad, President, Damascus, Syria

In the fatwa Assad is called a “Crusader”. This is because over the last several weeks, the Syrian Army has liberated several Christian villages from Islamists in northern Aleppo. Not only had the “opposition” been starving the people in those villages, but were conducting group beheadings in their churches, and forcing the villagers to watch. The “opposition” was also slow drowning villagers in buckets of water.
Bill Whittle, Political Insurance, video still

Need evidence that free speech is no more in the United States of America? Bill Whittle lays it out for us saying: "Our courts are apparently unable to read a single, declarative English sentence that has made this entire country possible in the first place." Are you outspoken enough to need "political insurance"? If not, why not?
Ted Cruz, video still

Yes, it’s true Cruz brought out the old Reagan Democrats in New Hampshire, but more importantly, he energized these voters by consistently standing for conservative principles.
Yazidi Women Fighters, Army

Your feel good story of the day! Former ISIS sex slaves turned warriors are out to extract some serious vengeance on the terrorist group! Prayers...
Stock Market Workers

If you’re a stateside investor or involved in any international affairs, you may be feeling anxious about the state of the China stock market....
Syrian Map

Over the last few weeks, Syrian Armed Forces have been liberating Christian towns from Islamist groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Jaish al-Fateh. The Christians in these towns have been going through hell. Their churches were used for beheadings, crucifixions, torture, and even drownings in buckets of water. These towns are near the Aleppo border crossing being shown recently in western media. So why isn't there an exodus of Christians?
Money Flag

Janet Yellen, Fed Chairman, talked about negative interest rates as an option to sustain and stimulate the economy. Can you imagine for a moment your bank charging you to hold your money? Would you do that? That is what a negative interest rate would do.
Egypt, US Relations, John Kerry, Secretary of State

Everyone in Egypt, including me, believes America caused the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt. And we watched as America interfered in Libya, resulting in the Muslim Brotherhood takeover there, too. Having borders with Libya means that many family members and friends went to Libya to work, so we are quite in tune with what happens in Libya. Now the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya have joined ISIS and ISIS has completely overwhelmed Libya. And because of this, Egypt faces attacks from ISIS coming from Libya.