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How is school choice a bad thing for kids? 160 black leaders slam NAACP, ‘civil rights’ group’s opposition to more school choice. How is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People AGAINST the advancement of colored people? AND... And why are they still using a name that references "COLORED People"??? I thought we...

Hey Never Trumpers... if you think gun laws in CA are bad, just wait until you allow Hillary in the Presidency. CA anti-gun laws will look like childs' play. AND... Did CA just pass a law that would make pedophilia easier and harm more children? Why, yes, I think they did! AND... Governor Moonbeam Jerry...
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Hofstra University, Presidential Debate

What you didn’t know about Hillary at The First Presidential Debate

What you see on television does not compare to the live action at the Presidential Debate. Here is what you didn't know...
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

U.S. Elections debate in Israel

It was United States presidential elections debate week in Israel. As you might be aware, there are over 300,000 American registered voters who live here in Israel and are looking very closely at this very important election. Israel has been a hot topic in the primaries and it was discussed in the debate that was held in Israel with a representative from both parties.

Polls Shmolls – Fox tells hosts to stop using!

fter Monday’s debate online polls conducted by Drudge, Time, and others reported that Trump was the big winner. While I would be ecstatic if they were true, online polls are what's known in the business (any business) as "crap."
Pro-Choice Supporters

Andy Richter only had to kill one child to be successful

Conan O’Brien’s sidekick Andy Richter, recently announced at a Los Angles Planned Parenthood fundraiser that he is “eternally grateful” for his girlfriend’s abortion in 1992 since it allowed them to live the lives they wanted. At least Andy only had to kill one of his children in order to be successful. I'm sure the others are also "eternally grateful."

Is Hillary’s health important?

Hillary has shown some concerning signs of poor health during her campaign that voters should pay attention to. After all, she could be the next president. It is high time that Hillary stop keeping people in the dark and release her medical records. ALL of them! We all know there's more than ONE PAGE!
handgun, holster, man

Is concealed carry the solution to preventing terror attacks?

Tim Schmidt, president and founder of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, suggests that, in order to decrease terrorist attacks, people should carry a concealed weapon since it will deprive terrorists of unarmed targets.

What Trump SHOULD HAVE DONE to win the big debate

If Secretary Clinton tries to back Mr. Trump into a corner by tossing accusations at him to bully him, he is in a bit of a spot. As a man, if he battles back too strongly, our very sexist society will turn it on him and paint her as the victim.
Hofstra Debate, Lester Holt, CSPAN, screenshot

Lester Holt, You have embarrassed the field of journalism

As a journalist, I’m tired of seeing people like Mr. Holt spit on my chosen career field and abdicate his responsibility to be impartial and to hold all sides of the political spectrum to truth. The glaring incident during the debate happened when Democrat Hillary Clinton made the statement that Republican Donald Trump’s campaign was founded on racism and the “birther movement.”
Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter

Muslim Brotherhood in America

Ever wonder how the liberals got so brainwashed regarding Islam? Or how Muslims gained so much control in America, most especially control over the media, and control over our politicians?

No Safe Spaces for the ANTI-Safe Spacers

This is the result of years teaching these kids that they are the only thing that matters. That the world revolves around them. And that if it makes them feel bad Mommy and Daddy will remove it! Great job getting your kids ready for the real world.
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Debate 2016, political cartoon

#RiggedSystem #DebateNight: Complicit Dinosaur Media Will Cover For @HillaryClinton If She Screws Up

If the evil old lady royally screws up, falls, has yet another coughing fit, gets confused (again), or gets exposed for one of her endlessly growing lists of lies and federal crimes, then of course the dinosaur media will say anything and everything to cover Hillary Clinton’s enormous ass. America hates Hillary Clinton. We always have. But the complicit dinosaur media has a job to do.
Kathy Barnette

Black People, we DON’T know REAL racism…

I don't know what REAL racism feels like. I don't know what it feels like to be bred, as a business strategy... WE ARE VICTORS, NOT VICTIMS. The Black Community has a debt to repay... WE ARE THE INHERITORS OF A GREAT INHERITANCE... and we are FREE! [VIDEO]
Muslim, Islam, Prayer, White House

Recruitment and radicalization within the Muslim American community

This report by the Committee on Homeland Security to the U.S. House of Representatives gives an abundance of information on the dangers of Somali–American recruitment to terror groups, and the high possibility of Homegrown attacks in America because of it. Keep in mind that this report was written in 2011 -- the escalation of terrorism has risen dramatically in the last five years.
Muslim Brotherhood Logo

US Intel Report: How the Muslim Brotherhood began controlling western media

I have wondered for years how mainstream media became such liars for the Muslim Brotherhood. And also, how the alleged “massacres” supposedly conducted by the Syrian government in the 1980’s could have possibly happened when all witnesses living in Syria at the time state that this was untrue.

John Kerry is a Liar

More than 20 "opposition" groups, including all of the US-backed groups, rejected the ceasefire on September 12, 2016, the morning that the ceasefire was to begin. An official "opposition" statement was issued on social media and also in a televised statement. There has been no "ceasefire". Yet John Kerry has been making daily statements that the ceasefire exists.
TransGender Bathrooms

Forcing transgender bathrooms on churches

Starting October 1st, Massachusetts new anti-discrimination law will focus on transgender people’s right in public places which may force, among other things, churches to allow transgender people to use bathroom according to their gender identity. This law means that changing rooms in public swimming pools, restrooms in movie theaters and locker rooms in gyms will be used according to people’s gender identity regardless “[their] physiology or assigned sex at birth.” It also would not matter whether people have undergone gender affirming surgery or not.

The Democrat Party is America’s Most Powerful Hate Group

the national Democratic Party has become America’s largest and most powerful “hate group”.

The Clintons Knowingly Stole $28K Worth Of Treasures From The White House. Surprised?

Snopes’s own decision to use the highlighted construction is a curious one insofar as gifts are not something one customarily thinks of as having to be “paid back.”

Who won the Hofstra Presidential Debate?

  • Trump (71%, 82 Votes)
  • Clinton (29%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 115

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