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Angela Nelson joins Joe to discuss politics from a "younger" viewpoint

Joe and one of his pop culture “experts” will be on to discuss recent news events that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Tune in, you’ll be surprised at some of the weird news stories and what passes for news nowadays!

UC president Janet Napolitano’s official new policy, states that campus police are not allowed to cooperate with local, state or federal law enforcement agencies to “investigate, detain, or arrest individuals for violation of federal immigration law.” Maybe they should just hang the welcome sign for illegal criminals!
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Main stream media still spewing Trump trigger warnings

By the time the next president election rolls around in 2020, it is possible that the Washington Post will have gotten over its apoplexy that Donald Trump won the most recent election. Possible, though not probable.

George Lopez – arent you American born?

Many Mexicans boisterously boo our National Anthem at soccer matches played in the United States as they support a foreign country-Mexico-instead of the nation that feeds their families-the US.

President Obama: “Fake News” granted Trump victory

Since the moment Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, many government officials have not accepted the result and have tried to find a hiding reason for his victory such as cyber hacking. Even the current president, stated in a recent interview with the Rolling Stones magazine, argued that fake news played a key role in Trump’s victory.
Donald Trump, Merry Christmas, video still

Trump Christmas Parody: The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years

Goodbye Obama! Songwriter Dana Kamide performs vocals on This wonderful, hilarious Christmas song parody which says it all! - - Based on the song Andy Williams made popular in the 60's...
Asmaa al Assad, Syrian First Lady, video still

First Lady of Syria breaks silence after 8 years

I continue to be surprised at the lack of information the west receives about Syria--at how the propaganda has made some people believe Syria should be taken down... If you only watch five or ten minutes of this interview with Asmaa al-Assad, First Lady of Syria, you will learn so much about what Syria is fighting for and that it is not some backward, evil place.

The MSM’s treatment of presidents-elect: A study in crass hypocrisy

Voters say by a whopping margin of 59% to 37% that they are “optimistic about the next four years with Donald Trump as president,” according to an widely reported Quinnipiac University Poll released Nov. 22.
Aleppo, Syria, freedom, kid, peace, video still

The Freeing of Aleppo

After making a series of successful advancements over the last ten days, the Syrian Armed Forces were able to recapture and free six neighborhoods in East Aleppo from Islamist opposition forces. The Syrian Armed Forces, with the help of Russian troops, rescued and evacuated approximately 18,000 civilians to safety from East Aleppo to Syrian Army protected West Aleppo.

Fidel Castro was NOT a freedom-fighter!

Fidel is dead! Thank God! It’s sad that he didn’t get a chance to know the love of God while he was alive, but that was his choice. The Left is almost in as much mourning for Fidel as it was for JFK and MLK.
Jill Stein

Is Jill Stein raising money for election recount or something else?

Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee who is asking for an election recount, raised twice the amount she obtained during her presidential campaign. Is it all the money intended to expose “cyber” hacking” or to help Stein in another way?
Aleppo victory, video still

Citizens freed in Eastern Aleppo… FINALLY!

Eastern Aleppo has been freed! The Syrian Armed Forces, with the help of Russia, have finally been able to free its citizens who got trapped there when the Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda captured neighborhoods of Aleppo in 2012.
Free Syrian Army

Is Turkey invading Syria?

Turkish president Erdogan made a statement yesterday, November 29th, that Turkish forces were in Syria to take out Assad. This has left many people with the impression that Turkish forces only recently entered Syria to join the fight against Assad. I’ve received all types of questions on this, so here are the facts...

Trump Picks Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, Anti-Obamacare Price to Head HHS

Elections have consequences, as President Barack Obama has been so fond of reminding the nation at every opportunity in the last eight years. And the consequences of President “Pen and Phone” have been severe:
Syrian Islamist propaganda, Bana Alabed, Twitter

7-year-old Tweeting propaganda from Aleppo

I’ve received several messages on the newest propaganda story regarding the 7-year old girl from Aleppo. The story is pure propaganda. For the last ten days or so, the Syrian Army has rescued civilians from opposition-held neighborhoods and the army has gone door to door to fight the Islamists—they are not just bombing everything indiscriminately as the propaganda is trying to make you believe.

Beards are tooo masculine?

critics have argued that No-Shave November perpetuates “toxic masculinity” by imposing a one-size-fits-all definition about what it looks like, and means, to be a man.

Trump may not appoint a special prosecutor in the Clinton investigation

During his camping, the now president – elect Trump claimed that, if elected, he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate former Secretary of State Clinton’s misuse of her private email server and other allegations. However, now, CBS News reported that it seems that he is having second thoughts.
ISIS magazine Rumiyah

ISIS: Vehicles are like knives… easy to acquire & lethal

ISIS said in the latest issue of their new magazine Rumiyah: "Vehicles are like knives ... [a vehicle] is one of the safest and easiest weapons one could employ against the kufar, while being from amongst the most lethal methods of attack...
King Abdullah of Jordan

Attn: Trump, the King of Jordan is not your friend!

King Abdullah of Jordan is not who he appears to be. He is not a friend to the United States as well as American allies especially Israel. He is not out to fight terror but incite, encourage, and even supply terrorism. He is an enemy of peace and here is why.
David Weissman, Israel

Trump supporters around the world, time to unite and take a stand

I have never seen such a total lack of disrespect of the newly President elect. These protest which have become fatal, and violent in many cases need to end, if not then I will start protesting the protesters. Here is how.


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